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Us humans have a common enemy , that is fear . A human is born with just 2 fears – the fear of heights and fear of loud noises , and all the other fears are developed over the years . A normal amount of fear is good , it acts as a driving force and pushes you to do your best , but an abnormal amount of fear can be harmful as it prevents you from moving forward . There are ways to overcome these fears , here’s how :

IDENTIFY YOUR FEARS – The most important part of overcoming fear is actually identifying them . Knowing what exactly is causing so much fear helps you in becoming more aware about it . Once you know the root cause of your fears , it will be easy confronting it . Write down about in and sit with it for a while . Once have identified and being familiarised with your fear , you will be one step closer to overcoming and mastering your fear.

USE YOUR POWER OF IMAGINATION – When in a state of fear , we use our imagination to visualise the worst possible outcomes which inevitably leads to us being pushed deep into the labyrinth of negative thoughts . Instead of visualising the worst that can happen , try visualising the best possible outcome . This can help you resort to a state of calmness and prevent panicking .

FEAR CAN BE YOUR MOTIVATOR – Fear is actually your biggest motivator as it does not let you be in a state of complacency . Its the excess fear that is harmful . Your fear can actually lead you to the exact path you are supposed to be in. Stop viewing fear as a threat , view it as your guide that helps you in your life journey . Changing your mindset can really be beneficial .

NO MORE WHAT IFs – We humans have a tendency of complicating our lives by thinking about alternative outcomes. We have this ‘what if?’ question in our head , what if i lose ? what if this turns out to be horrible ? what if i fail? what if i hadn’t taken that step ? . Stop doing that , it’s not helping as what’s done is done , and we can never predict the future . So refrain from asking the what ifs as it gives fear more space in your head . Just let it be , let it go , just take action.

TALK TO SOMEONE – Talking about your fears with a friend , your parents or anyone in general can mitigate it and help you relax a bit . Ask for help if you need and discuss about your fears. It is very helpful as it helps you rationalise your fears and prevent it from spiralling out .

Master your fear , don’t let it have control over you .