Apart from the very intriguing stories from Greek Mythology , Greece has also been the pioneer of many inventions and discoveries . The Greeks have been crowned with the title of being the fathers of science , zoology , medicine and many more . Here are few of their discoveries and findings :

ALARM CLOCKS – Alarm clock was invented by the Greek engineer , mathematician and Physicist Ctesibius , who lived in Alexandria . But it is also believed that the Greek philosopher Plato had made his version of alarm clock way before Ctesibius did . Plato was very displeased with his students for being late to his classes due to over sleeping , so he came up with a solution – yes , an alarm clock . Though , alarm clocks have definitely evolved and now its in our smart phones ,but this genius invention roots back to the Greeks .

ODOMETER – Odometer is an instrument that measures the distance travelled by a wheeled vehicle. It is believed that Archimedes was the inventor of the odometer , while some people also believe that Heron of Alexandria invented it . The odometer helped The Greeks and Roman revolutionise the building of roads accurately .

GEOMETRY – There were many Greek mathematicians and geometers that contributed to the development of Geometry .Thales of Miletus is regarded as the father of geometry , proposed a number of rules that were based on true reasoning .

OLYMPICS – The first modern olympics that was held in 1896 , was actually inspired by ancient olympic held in Greece . The first olympic games was held in approximately in 776 BC in Olympia. This was held every four years in Olympia during a religious fest to honour Zeus .