Language is a very basic and important medium of communication . Different countries have a different and unique language which has its own rich heritage . But there are several languages have been forgotten about and nobody speaks it anymore , even though people still learn about it . Here are a few forgotten languages :

COPTIC – This was an Afro-Asiatic language which was spoken in Egypt from the 2nd century c.e . Coptic was used by Ptolemaic rulers after the spread of Greek culture . This language was divided into six dialects out of that, four were spoken in upper Egypt and two in lower Egypt . Coptic now exists in the liturgy of Coptic church in Egypt

SUMERIAN LANGUAGE – Sumerian is the language of ancient Sumer . Sumerians were well known for being the civilization to invent a system of writing . It was spoken in ancient Mesopotamia . As the Sumerian empire was on the brink of declining , citizens moved to north in search of fertile land and a better place to settle in . They merged with the Akkadians and so did their culture and language .

AKKADIAN – This language was spoken in ancient Mesopotamia from 3rd to the 1st millenium BCE .It was spoken in a vast area that stretched from the mediterranean sea to the Persian gulf This language could not stand the test of time either .

LATIN – Latin is an Indo-European language in the Italic group and is the most well known forgotten language . It is also the ancestor language of modern Roman languages . Latin was spoken by people living along the lower Tibet river . The Roman empire was the reason why the geographical areas that used Latin grew vast .Even though Latin is not spoken anymore , it sure has been assimilated in other languages like French , Spanish , Portuguese , Romanian and Italian .