Different shades of foundation

liquid foundation

Liquid foundation is one of the most popular options for foundation, liquid foundation, is just what it sounds like—foundation that has a liquid formula. In liquid foundations there’s are different skines shades like oily,dry etc

Cream foundation. 

This type of foundation has a creamier, thicker consistency. It’s also usually a great option for those with dry skin

 Powder foundation. 

If you have oily skin, you may find yourself turning to a powder formula. While you can layer on the powder formula, they generally offer lighter coverage

. Serum foundation

A trendy foundation type, serum foundation is a variation of your standard liquid foundation. Its formula contains a serum, making it a skin care and makeup hybrid.

Water-based foundation. 

Those with acne-prone skin may find themselves turning to a water-based foundation. Another liquid foundation option, this foundation includes water as its main ingredient and is generally free of oils.