Whether you live in a big country or a small town , you must have come across certain beliefs or ideas which people abide by , without actually having any reason behind such beliefs . Do you consider yourself superstitious ?

BLACK CATS – This majestic black furred animal is unfortunately associated with bad luck and death. You must have come across people saying that it is bad luck if a black cat crosses your path . This superstition has its roots going back to the medieval times , when animals with dark fur were believed to signal death . It is considered a bad omen if a black cat is spotted during a funeral procession . But in Egypt Black cats are symbols of good luck , and in Ancient Egypt black cats were really respected as they resembled the Egyptian goddess Bastet. In some parts of the world black cats are considered be lucky and in other parts they are considered to be a bad omen .

TRIMMING NAILS AT NIGHT – In India , Turkey and South Korea , trimming nails at night is believed to bring bad luck, and could invite evil spirits at home . Before the the invention of light bulbs , in ancient times it would be dangerous to trim nails at night as because of the absence of a light source , also the fact that sharp tools were used to trim nails which might cause injuries . This is where this superstition allegedly,comes from. In Japan , there is a superstition that states that trimming nails at night could lead to premature death .

SITTING AT THE CORNER OF THE TABLE – In Russian , Hungarian , Polish and Romanian cultures , it is widely believed that sitting in the corner of the table is bad luck , and the person sitting in the corner might never get married .

BROKEN MIRRORS – It is believed that if a mirror is broken , it brings seven years of bad luck. The Romans manufactured mirrors from polished metal surfaces and believed that the Gods monitored and observed souls of the people through mirrors . Thus , it was considered disrespectful to break mirrors , and people started believing that the Gods might unleash bad luck on them .