It is really easy for facts and myths to get mixed up , especially if we have been listening about it ever since we were kids . Over the years there has been a lot of events, and theories that we believed were facts , but they were either exaggerated or were myths , here are a few of such myths we still believe in.

BATS – We have read about bats being blind in our textbooks , heard about it , but this is one big myth . Bats are not blind and can see. They have do have small eyes with sensitive vision which helps them see in pitch black conditions . Bats do not have colourful visions like humans , but they can see three times better then us humans .

SALT AND BOILING WATER – It is believed that if we add salt to water , it boils faster , but this is a complete myth as well . Putting salt in the water will make a negligible difference .

ALBERT EINSTEIN – It is commonly believed that Albert Einstein was terrible at mathematics and that he failed his grade school maths . Well , this rumour is just a rumour . Einstein himself denied this and said that he did not fail in maths and by age 15 he was at the top of his class .

CHAMELEON – Most of us believe that chameleon change colours to blend with their surroundings , but this is not true . Yes , they have the ability to change colours , but they do so to regulate their body temperatures and to communicate with other fellow chameleons .