There are a lot of painting by famous painters that were stolen and never found , till date . Here are a list of a few stolen paintings ,

HARLEQUIN HEAD – This abstract painting was made by the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso . The painting was stolen in the year 2012 from Kunsthal Museum in Rotterdam .

THE CONCERT – “The concert ” was painted by the famous Dutch Baroque painter Johannes Vermeer . It was stolen from Isabella Stewart Garner Museum located in Boston in 1990 .

POPPY FLOWERS – This magnificent painting was made by Vincent Van Gogh . It was stolen from the Cairo Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Museum situated in Cairo , not once but twice . The painting was retrieved back , only to be stolen again in August of 2010.

LANDSCAPE WITH COTTAGES – This painting was made by the Dutch painter , Rembrandt Van Rijn . It was stolen from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in 1972.

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