Have you ever wondered why are birthday cakes round in shape and not rectangular , triangular or any other shape? And how and who came up with the idea of cutting cakes on your birthday ? It is believed that cakes originated in Germany in the 15th century at the festival of kinderfest , and the time period before that cakes were only used for weddings , not birthdays.

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Cakes could only be afforded by the wealthy before the industrial revolution and hence was a symbol of luxury . Tracing our steps back to ancient Greece , we can discover more about the history of cakes . Artemis , the Greek Goddess of Moon and the hunt was very much adored and respected . It is believed that people brought cakes in the temple of Goddess Artemis . The cake was round in shape as it represented the shape of the moon , and the candles that were placed on the cake represented the glow of the moon , and the smoke from the candles would carry wishes of the people up to the sky , where the Gods resided. That is why people are asked to make a wish !

Greeks were the first to put candles on cakes .The Egyptians are the ones who started the ‘birthday’ tradition . Ancient Egyptians believed that when Pharaohs were crowned , they became Gods . Hence their coronation day was their ‘birth’ day . Now that’s quite a story behind birthday and cakes !!! There is always a rich and intriguing history behind the most ordinary things , and that is bewildering !