We all have big dreams , big aims and we all are working hard to achieve it . But if we are unable to do so , and somebody else does it before us , we are consumed with jealousy . It is definitely not a positive emotion , and can be harmful if it exceeds a limit , but a proportionate amount of jealousy can be your teacher , here’s how ,

JEALOUSY HELPS US UNDERSTAND OUR WANTS – When we get jealous of something someone has achieved, it actually helps to understand our true wants and desires that we are unaware of , or we are trying to suppress . Jealousy acts as an indicator to help us understand what we want . So next time you get slightly jealous of someone getting a promotion or a new job , try asking yourself is that what you desire ? Jealousy and fear come from the same place , and you can overcome that by trying to understand your jealousies .

JEALOUSY HELPS US UNDERSTAND OUR TRIGGER POINTS – We all have certain trigger points that really upset us but jealousy , helps us identify these trigger points . Your trigger points are caused due to your insecurities , beliefs and self doubts , and jealousy helps you identify them . If you are able to understand your trigger points , you are one step close to self awareness and self discovery which helps you become a better version of yourself .

JEALOUSY HELPS US IN FOCUSING ON OUR PATH- When we are jealous , we completely loose focus on our life and path , and expend all our energies focusing on what other have and what others have achieved . Jealousy can actually help you be focus on our path again . When ever you get jealous think about all the energy you are wasting by not focusing on your path and your life .

JEALOUSY ASSURES US ABOUT SUCCESS – Now , when others are succeeding and you still have an impending success you might feel jealous ,and all bitter , but if you look around and see so many people succeeding, it actually gives you an assurance and a proof that world is abundant and that there is room for everyone to succeed, we just need to be patient .

JEALOUSY CAN MOTIVATE US- When you start to feel the sting of jealousy in yourself , it can actually push you to work harder and help you find what efforts might be lacking . In stead of letting jealousy make you feel bitter , use it to work harder .