Law and order is important for every country . It is what helps countries be in discipline , lower crime rates , help the country develop and be a safe place for it’s citizens to live in . But there are some countries with really weird laws that will surely surprise you :

SWITZERLAND – This is by far the weirdest law I have heard . Switzerland has a curfew on flushing toilets after 10 pm at night. Though you won’t be put in jail for doing so , you sure would be yelled at . It is consider courteous if you abide by this .

AUSTRALIA – In Australia , it is completely prohibited for a person to disturb weddings and funeral services . If someone does so , they will be banned from attending any such events completely , and be fined with the hefty sum of $10,000 and could also be put in jail for upto 2 years

EGYPT – There are really some tight laws regarding voting in Egypt . It is mandatory for citizens who are eligible to vote , to give their votes , if not they can be charged with heavy fines , and even a prison sentence .

JAPAN – In Japan there are really strict postal laws that protect all postal properties . Putting an ice cream in a mail box is seriously punishable , as people can be heavily fined or put in jail to serve a sentence lasting upto 5 years . Putting ice cream in a mail box might be a funny prank , but not in Japan .