Having hobbies is not just a fun past time but it can be very beneficial for personal growth . Here are reasons why developing and inculcating hobbies is good for you ,

MITIGATES STRESS – Life can be pretty stressful and challenging and dealing with stress can be overwhelming , but having a hobby can help you with that . Having a hobby can help you uncoil your stress and channelise it in a healthy way .

EXTRA INCOME – You can monetise your hobbies to earn extra income . It is not a compulsion though , but it is a great form of a passive income .

BENEFICIAL FOR MENTAL HEALTH – If you practice your hobbies it can help in producing chemical reactions that can be beneficial for your mental health . It also helps in improving your self esteem .

KEEPS YOU ACTIVE AND FIT – Having a hobby actually helps you in being fit and active as you are constantly keeping your brain active .

IMPROVES CAREER – Having hobbies helps you in improving your skills that can in turn for your job and career .