Life is about becoming the best version of ourselves .In doing so we must inculcate healthy habits in our everyday routine , and concentrate on yourselves . It’s not an easy journey , but by practicing healthy habits each day without fail it can be all worth it. Here are a few habits that can help you be a better YOU :

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MEDITATION – Meditation has a plethora of benefits for the human body . It helps in concentration , reduces stress , helps to get clarity in thoughts , increases self awareness, increases patience and tolerance also increases creativity. Meditating even just for 5 – 7 minutes in the morning can be beneficial.

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JOURNALING – Writing down your goals and thoughts have more benefits than that you know of. It allows self reflect , helps in boosting memory , makes our goals and visions clear , mitigate overthinking , it also improves our communication skills and reduce stress and anxiety. Journaling everyday either after waking up or before going to bed should be inculcated in our routine.

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EXERCISE – It is important to exercise or engage in any physical activity everyday as it helps to keep our mind fresh and hence it functions better. It can be walking , going to the gym , swimming , dancing . Making this a daily habit can make you healthy and fit .

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HAVING HOBBIES – It is really important to have hobbies as it helps in building character and is also a great stress reliever . Having a hobby can also help you find out what your true passions are and also help you find your life goals. It can be painting , drawing , playing an instrument or just about anything.