The most difficult task to do , is probably making a decision . Now , we are afraid to make decisions as we are worried about it’s consequences . The whole process of deciding is an ordeal .We become indecisive . But indecision is also a decision . Here are a few ways to stop being indecisive ;

THERE NO WRONG OR RIGHT CHOICE – The main reason why we are so miserably indecisive , is because of us labelling our choices as good or bad . We are so afraid to make a wrong choice that it makes it impossible for us to make a decision as we fear our ‘wrong ‘ choices will have lethal consequences . But the truth is , there is no wrong choice . We make decisions in accordance to the level of information available to us at that particular place and time.All we need to do is , re programme our brains into thinking that each decision that we make , will be give us valuable lessons to learn form . This can seriously help us become more decisive .

TAKE YOUR TIME – When required to make a decision , we must take our time to do so . It is often believed that decisiveness means taking quick decisions , but thinking a decision through is really important . While making a decision we must take time to analyse it . So , take your time .

DON’T OVERTHINK IT -Another reason why we find it difficult to make decisions is our overthinking it’s consequences . We keep thinking about all the possible outcomes of our decisions without realising how unpredictable the future is , and that there is no point pondering about it . Just confidently make a decision and know that it will all make sense in the end .

DO WHAT SCARES YOU THE MOST – While making a decision , you must go for the one that scares you the most . If you don’t take the leap of faith , and get out of your comfort zone , you won’t grow . So if something scares you , take that as a good sign and choose that to get the best outcomes .