If you are a fan of history and love to go back in time , way back , then you will surely love movies and tv shows based on history , or famous classical novels . Here are a few of them that you can watch :

THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL – This 2008 released period drama is based on the the life of King Henry the VIII th . The novel and movie were both inspired by history and are fictional events , but this doesn’t make this movie any less fantastic. It is available on Netflix.

MARIE ANTOINETTE – This 2006 movie is based on the actual life of Marie Antoinette , who was an Austrian archduchess , married to a French Royal . This movie is mesmerising , fun to watch is historically accurate . This movie should be added to your list . It is available on Netflix.

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE – This 2006 drama is based on Jane Austen’s literary classic novel – pride and prejudice . It is almost impossible for people to not know about this movie . You can watch it a thousand times , and still not get bored . It is a must watch and is available on Netflix.

BECOMING JANE – Released in the year 2007 , this bibliographical drama is based on the life of the writer Jane Austen and her romance with a young Irishman . This movie is really inspiring and is worth a watch , especially if you love reading Jane Austen’s novels.