Greek Mythology has the most interesting set of stories , be it revenge , punishment , love , repent , they literally have it all in the most intense form. Here are few of my picks ,

THE FALL OF ICARUS – Daedalus was a very skillful architect and inventor , who had a son named Icarus . He was the creator of the infamous labyrinth , which he had made for the king of Crete , Minos . This labyrinth was so complex that even Daedalus failed to find a way out , which made King minos angry and he and his son were hence condemned to live in the labyrinth for the rest of their lives . Being the ingenious inventor that he was , he came up with an escape route – a pair of wings . He built 2 pair of wings with wax and feathers . Daedalus gave his son clear instructions – not to fly too close to the sea and nor to fly too close to the sun . Once Icarus had his wings on , he felt euphoric , and started flying too high . The wings gave him so much freedom , he felt invincible , and became completely unaware of his father’s warnings . And as he flew higher , the sun’s heat started melting the wax , and he tragically plunged into his death , in the ocean below .

PROMETHEUS – Prometheus is the titan God of fire . Zeus had ordered him to create man with water and earth which he successfully did , but as a result he started getting found of immortals and did not care much about the Gods anymore . Zeus did not want humans to have any extraordinary powers , but prometheus very much did . He decided to steal one of the powers Zeus was very sensitive about – fire .Prometheus was know for his wit and intelligence and he came up with a plan to steal fire in no time . He targeted the Goddesses , he threw a golden apple into the courtyard which had the words “for the most beautiful goddess “engraved . This created a huge rift between the goddess , and while all of them were busy here , he sneaked in Hephaestus’s workshop and stole fire , and then gave it to the humans . Zeus was infuriated , he had forgiven him plenty of times , but not anymore . He made Hephaestus chain Prometheus on Mount Caucasus , where eagles would eat his liver .

PANDORA’S BOX – Pandora was created as a punishment , because Prometheus had given the humans fire after stealing it from the Gods . She was the first woman created on earth , and was created by Gods who each blessed her with a gift . Hephaestus created her from clay , and shaped her perfectly . Goddess Aphrodite gave her femininity , while Goddess Athena taught her crafts .She was given a special box ( pithos), by the Gods . They told her that this box contained special gifts from them , but she was not supposed to open the box , not under any circumstance . Pandora was very curious ,and unfortunately she gave into her curiosity and opened the box . She was completely petrified as she saw evil spirits coming out , which were basically all the illness and hardships that the Gods had put in the box. She tried closing the box as fast as possible ,and while doing so hope remained in the box .