Good evening people

How are you all feeling ,I hope everyone are safe and doing well in this pandemic. 🙂 So today I am back with a new article .I will give you all a hint about my article ,just try to guess it , today’s article is upon a strongest personality who is otherwise called as the creator of people …..hmmm think think …yes absolutely correct today’s article is on the person who created us and that person is a WOMEN


  • Women are the sunlight, because they are born to light the world.
  • Women are the moonlight, because they shows us the way when the whole world is dark.
  • Women are the gift of god, because of them we are here o hear this lines.
  • Women are sacrificing themselves to make others happy
  • Women work to make us comfort, women pray for our well being, women entertain to make us entertain, women plays many roles in a very well manner.
  • As a Daughter      
  • As a Mother
  • As a Sister
  • As a Teacher

But why she is not being safe in this world ?

  • People pray to God Lakshmi for wealth
  • People pray to God Saraswathi for education
  • People pray to God Durga for strength

If they can pray these women Gods for happy life then why do they forget to understand that women who is as equal to the great god . A women , too fights for the family, educate people, work for family for a good wealth then why do people ignores the real God who is in front of them and still goes in front of their idols of goddesses for their well being .

A women faces lots of problems in those nine months and gives birth to the child. Still nobody cares for her. There is no safety for her. If she weare salwar  she is been raped , if she wear saree she is been rapes and if she wears jeans top she is been raped, then dude the problem is not with women it is  with the people who rape , it is the problem with the society who judges women for their grooming , it’s the problem with their mentality who cannot differentiate what is right or what is wrong. No other person is stronger than a women. A women is the idol of love she is the goddess of happiness.

Some men think that if a women is working instead of him then it bring disgrace to him. The society of some men can never understands the Worth of women . For those men women are just a human machine who should work day and night to others comfort. No one cares but the reality is that the whole world is dependent on women. So the society has to update their mentality because the women are not born to work only as a housewife , just try to give her the chance she will definitely bring glory to you as well for the country.

Women are made to be loved not to be surpressed. Women are the actual architect of the society .

“Women came out of a man’s rib not from his feet to be walked on and definitely not from his head to be superior but she is born to be his side equal and walk equally with her equal rights”.

“Respect and love to women is the direct way to respect God”.