Struggles of being the ‘Weird One’

If there was a ratio analysis between a normal mundane and the ‘Weird one’, what would it be? Some would say it is half of the other or some would find being weird as abnormal, so naturally the count for the abnormal or the ‘weird one’ would be more. Because everyone in this world is weird in their way. Being weird is not being abnormal. It is being the most random version of yourself. To you, it would be something you do in your everyday life, whether it is biting the end of a pencil or singing and using your hairbrush as a mic. It is the perspective of the other that makes you weird. The other person would look at your pencil and would probably not use it thinking ‘what a weird person would do something like this, or someone would walk in your room while you are singing with your hairbrush and judge you by calling you a ‘weirdo’. That’s when you realize I am the weird one.

The struggles of being the weird one is nothing but a simple complexity of your own doing. Being weird is the new normal. It is good to be a different person; a unique idea that makes you stand out in the crowd. But that’s when the word ‘weird’ gets you thinking. Not being weird is a task that you hold every day. It is difficult for the weird one to not get judged. People judge and criticize those but do not think that they too have the struggles of being the weird one.

Everyone has their own battle that they have to face, their own obstacles they have to overcome. In such times being weird is the only sane way out. Whether it is using your signature dance moves which only you can do or if it is reading the spoiler of the book before reading it entirely. That is the hit you get by considering weirdness. Sometimes or for some people most of the time being the weird one is a compliment. It is what makes them different from other human beings or even aliens for that matter. The most interesting fact about being weird is that it is original. It comes from within a human, it is not made up to live up to anybody’s expectations. It is yours and yours to keep. Every individual has their weird abilities and they have full copyright to let them be theirs.

So to all the weird ones out there, be whatever you want to be. Be the weird neighbor who listens to old classical music. Be the one who moonwalks but not in reverse. Be the one who wears unmatched outfits to their office. Be the weird one because the struggles of being a weirdo are not much as they seem. They are just mere distractions to not being yourself. The struggles of being the weird one are not just struggles, they are trophies of being the best version of yourself.



Good evening people

How are you all feeling ,I hope everyone are safe and doing well in this pandemic. 🙂 So today I am back with a new article .I will give you all a hint about my article ,just try to guess it , today’s article is upon a strongest personality who is otherwise called as the creator of people …..hmmm think think …yes absolutely correct today’s article is on the person who created us and that person is a WOMEN


  • Women are the sunlight, because they are born to light the world.
  • Women are the moonlight, because they shows us the way when the whole world is dark.
  • Women are the gift of god, because of them we are here o hear this lines.
  • Women are sacrificing themselves to make others happy
  • Women work to make us comfort, women pray for our well being, women entertain to make us entertain, women plays many roles in a very well manner.
  • As a Daughter      
  • As a Mother
  • As a Sister
  • As a Teacher

But why she is not being safe in this world ?

  • People pray to God Lakshmi for wealth
  • People pray to God Saraswathi for education
  • People pray to God Durga for strength

If they can pray these women Gods for happy life then why do they forget to understand that women who is as equal to the great god . A women , too fights for the family, educate people, work for family for a good wealth then why do people ignores the real God who is in front of them and still goes in front of their idols of goddesses for their well being .

A women faces lots of problems in those nine months and gives birth to the child. Still nobody cares for her. There is no safety for her. If she weare salwar  she is been raped , if she wear saree she is been rapes and if she wears jeans top she is been raped, then dude the problem is not with women it is  with the people who rape , it is the problem with the society who judges women for their grooming , it’s the problem with their mentality who cannot differentiate what is right or what is wrong. No other person is stronger than a women. A women is the idol of love she is the goddess of happiness.

Some men think that if a women is working instead of him then it bring disgrace to him. The society of some men can never understands the Worth of women . For those men women are just a human machine who should work day and night to others comfort. No one cares but the reality is that the whole world is dependent on women. So the society has to update their mentality because the women are not born to work only as a housewife , just try to give her the chance she will definitely bring glory to you as well for the country.

Women are made to be loved not to be surpressed. Women are the actual architect of the society .

“Women came out of a man’s rib not from his feet to be walked on and definitely not from his head to be superior but she is born to be his side equal and walk equally with her equal rights”.

“Respect and love to women is the direct way to respect God”.

Unity is Power

In today’s world where strife is rampant and everyone tries to get his way, very few people see the value of the proverb ‘Unity is power’. Again, this proverb is now complete in encouraging books and uplifting speeches. Therefore, very few people understand the importance and that is why it applies to their lives. But these people are really satisfied with the content in their lives that they actually use. Therefore, unity is an energy essay to understand the growing importance of unity in the lives of the world today.

This proverb also applies when it comes to relationships. People these days are so blinded by success and power that they want to be ahead of their colleagues, their relatives, and their friends.

So, they get into professional conflicts with themselves most of the time and therefore, they don’t realize that they can’t move forward and improve their skills, their knowledge, and help each other. So, when we argue with our colleagues and start competing with them in an office environment, then people from another group will benefit from this position.

Also, one reason here is that people often split up because of mistrust. This is especially true when it comes to the relationship between husband and wife. Also, here we often see couples always doubting. So they start asking small questions and then doubt them about lying or cheating.

Therefore, outsiders use these types of situations. Also, it breeds doubts and thus creates tension between the two in order to achieve their goals. Also, this will have a negative impact not only on the couple but also on the children. Therefore, if a husband and wife remain united and protect each other unless both of them can make a difference in the relationship.

Application of the Proverb – Unity is Power

The proverb has been used in various places since centuries. It derives its origins from the Dutch Republic where it was first used. Currently, the national military uniform in Haiti and Bulgaria has documented this.

Belgium adopted this as its motto after the 1830 Revolution. Other countries that have used this proverb as their motto in the past include Greece, the Netherlands, Canada, Georgia, the South African Republic, Malaysia and the United States.

In Communities and Nations
This proverb is also true when it comes to society and the nation as a whole. Communities and places where people stay united are loved by everyone.

Therefore, the people who live here meet and greet their neighbors with a smile, guard their neighbor’s house, help each other through difficult times, and so on. Also, they celebrate each activity together and run other social gatherings regularly. In today’s world, it is common for people to suffer from loneliness and depression, and this kind of neighbor can be a blessing.

Similarly, nations around the world are engaged in a vicious war to prove that they are the best. Thus, the entire nation is armed with nuclear weapons and many terrorist organizations have been formed. So, if we stop all these kinds of bad habits than the world becomes a better place to live.

True friends

“Good friends care for each other…close friends understand each other, but TRUE FRIENDS stay forever…beyond words, beyond distance, beyond time…!”

Many of us have friends in our lives over the years. Some friends we make as children and then lose contact as we grow older. Other friends we make as adults and stay in touch with as long as we are in close proximity to and it is convenient to keep in touch but then over time one moves away or busy schedules slowly pull us apart and we start to lose touch.  Those friendships fall into the “good friends” or “close friends” as the opening quote cites. But then there is that last group of friends – those we call true friends – they are those we have a mutual caring about, and we understand each other’s hearts, and where bonds are formed between us that span any distance in proximity and where the bonds run so deep that no amount of time apart or lack of words will change the way we feel about that friend. These are our true friends, and when one comes into your life cherish it!

As a child our family moved often and so I was constantly making new friends each place we moved. Often the contact was lost with friends in past locations, although my memories of them were treasured. As an adult it is often harder to find the time to form those deep friendships outside your immediate family members because we are all trying to juggle a million balls in the air with work and church and service and community all while trying to give our greatest attention to our own children and spouses  where it rightfully belongs. And as a single mother for many years of my life it was even more difficult to make time for friends because playing the role of two parents by yourself while also being the sole support of your family was overwhelming to say the least.

But even during those challenging years there were individuals during that time who came into my life that I consider my truest of friends. They are individuals who saw me through tough times and who always saw the best in me despite any of my shortcomings. They picked me up at times I was down. They stood by me when I felt alone. They taught me things about life and about myself with patience and understanding. They lifted my children’s spirits and made them laugh when they were going through tough times of their own. They forgave at times when I was grumpy or obstinate. They loved me without judgment and without expectations. They gave me hugs, even at times that I may not have deserved one.  These true friends were individuals who were there for me…maybe not always in person or in word every time, but always in heart…and knowing that helped me through incredible challenges throughout the years.

True friends just do that – they help us grow and change for the better.  They support us in good times and bad. They can make us laugh when all we want to do is cry. And no matter how far apart time and distance may cause us to grow from one another, and even if death takes one of them from this world to the next, we always have the comfort of knowing that these true friends are still there for us, even if only in spirit, cheering us on and wishing us the best, because that is what true friends do for each other.

“A strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversation, doesn’t always need togetherness as long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends will never part…”

When someone is genuinely your true friend they leave an impression on your heart that will never go away…not with time and not with distance. True friends secure a place in your heart forever.  I am forever grateful for the true friends in my life, both those who are alive and those who have passed away, thank you so much for being my true friends!

Selfless Care – A Invisible Bond

What is Selfless Care? A care without any condition. We are living in the 21st century and here it is too difficult to be with someone without any reason, condition and motive.

There are three types of people:-
• The one who are self – centered
• The one who be with you for any motive
• last but not the least, the one who loves you selflessly.

In this world, it is more easier to find the above two types of people but it’s very difficult to find selfless people. In this era where money matters the most, just imagine when someone gives you their own meal and sleep with empty stomach- yes, only our parents can do this.
We meet different types of people during different phases of life and gather a lot of experience with each passing days. Sometimes some people hurt us but on the other hand we form bond with some people. Apart from parents, friendship is the only unconditional relation that can never ditch us no matter what condition. Now let’s talk about those people who taught us a lesson and made us stronger day by day.
• Just think about that friend who left you when he/she is done with you.
• Remember the day when a person hurted you so badly, so that you are unable to trust anybody.
• On the other hand, think of the day when your mom slapped you and made you smile after  5 mins.

One day you will be thankful to all of them who made you realize your worth, your ability, your capacity and on the same day, you will hug the people who stand by you all the time.


Humanism is a rational philosophy informed by science, inspired by art, and motivated by compassion.          -AmericanHumanist              Association
Humanism is a philosophical way of thinking about the world. Humanism is one which is basic to every human being. When something worst happen people say what an act without even humanity. Humanism is some set of ethics or ideas that how people should live and act. Every living creature needs respect. Humanists strongly believe in this and they don’t put their trust on superstitious beliefs. Humanism teaches that every human should be treated equally with respect and dignity. All human beings are born with moral value and each one holds the responsibility to help one another to live their lives best. It also includes freedom and independence to humans. Humanism is very individualistic, every person is important and they have their own rights to make decisions for themselves. Humanism emphasizes science over scripture that is the religious texts and traditional beliefs. Humanism believes that one should believe in individual power than accepting the truth of scriptures. The main idea of humanism is give respect and take respect. Self-respect is the most valuable thing one can hold and humanism teaches that one should respect another as his or her own self. Humanism is helping others and treating others with equal respect and care without expect anything in return.