Unity is Power

In today’s world where strife is rampant and everyone tries to get his way, very few people see the value of the proverb ‘Unity is power’. Again, this proverb is now complete in encouraging books and uplifting speeches. Therefore, very few people understand the importance and that is why it applies to their lives. But these people are really satisfied with the content in their lives that they actually use. Therefore, unity is an energy essay to understand the growing importance of unity in the lives of the world today.

This proverb also applies when it comes to relationships. People these days are so blinded by success and power that they want to be ahead of their colleagues, their relatives, and their friends.

So, they get into professional conflicts with themselves most of the time and therefore, they don’t realize that they can’t move forward and improve their skills, their knowledge, and help each other. So, when we argue with our colleagues and start competing with them in an office environment, then people from another group will benefit from this position.

Also, one reason here is that people often split up because of mistrust. This is especially true when it comes to the relationship between husband and wife. Also, here we often see couples always doubting. So they start asking small questions and then doubt them about lying or cheating.

Therefore, outsiders use these types of situations. Also, it breeds doubts and thus creates tension between the two in order to achieve their goals. Also, this will have a negative impact not only on the couple but also on the children. Therefore, if a husband and wife remain united and protect each other unless both of them can make a difference in the relationship.

Application of the Proverb – Unity is Power

The proverb has been used in various places since centuries. It derives its origins from the Dutch Republic where it was first used. Currently, the national military uniform in Haiti and Bulgaria has documented this.

Belgium adopted this as its motto after the 1830 Revolution. Other countries that have used this proverb as their motto in the past include Greece, the Netherlands, Canada, Georgia, the South African Republic, Malaysia and the United States.

In Communities and Nations
This proverb is also true when it comes to society and the nation as a whole. Communities and places where people stay united are loved by everyone.

Therefore, the people who live here meet and greet their neighbors with a smile, guard their neighbor’s house, help each other through difficult times, and so on. Also, they celebrate each activity together and run other social gatherings regularly. In today’s world, it is common for people to suffer from loneliness and depression, and this kind of neighbor can be a blessing.

Similarly, nations around the world are engaged in a vicious war to prove that they are the best. Thus, the entire nation is armed with nuclear weapons and many terrorist organizations have been formed. So, if we stop all these kinds of bad habits than the world becomes a better place to live.