Importance of Discipline

Discipline refers to the act of making people obey laws. In addition, it means adhering to certain accepted standards of conduct. Discipline is certainly a vital part of everyone’s life. An unruly life is a life full of chaos and confusion. Most importantly, discipline makes a person a better person. Discipline is a vital factor.

Why Is Discipline Important?
First, discipline helps a person to become more focused. In addition, the instructor tends to focus too much on his job, his activities, or his goals. Discipline, in turn, helps a person to avoid various distractions. A sense of sincerity and seriousness comes from discipline. As a result, high-quality focus is the result of discipline.

Discipline brings great honor to a person who is from others. A person who is disciplined by nature can take the respect of others. Bringing discipline into one’s life is a daunting task. As a result, people are drawn to such a person who is able to fill his life with discipline.

Another significant effect of discipline is good health. A qualified person has the right routine. Therefore, a trained person has a set time to eat, sleep, get up, exercise, work, etc. Moreover, such a person is very strict about his diet. As a result, all of these steps ensure the health and physical well-being of the person.

Self-control is a wonderful benefit of discipline. The disciplined person controls and controls his actions better. A person who has quit is careful not to use his words when talking to others. Moreover, such a person makes sure that his conduct is always honorable and appropriate.

Having more time is a valuable benefit of staying in education. A trained person will certainly have more time than an uncontrolled person. This is because a disciplinarian will not waste time on trivial or useless activities. In addition, a qualified person will not spend too much time on any one job. By following this method, people will have more free time with them. This free time certainly would not have happened if it had not been purified.

Time management is the most popular form of discipline. Time management uses time as a controller. In addition, time management uses a watchdog as a ruler. Most importantly, time management ensures that time management takes place in the right way. In addition, time management marks each task within the time limit. As a result, each task and task must begin and end at a specified time.

Load-based instruction is one way. In addition, this approach enables members of the organization to understand solutions to the problem. Load-based instruction includes placing instructions for changing performance in the future. Again, this happens by following good examples of respect.

Another important way to discipline is to punish someone. This method involves reprimanding, hitting, or hitting people. Most notably, this approach is helpful for schoolchildren. This is because; many students are rude and naughty. Therefore, small talk or instructions may not work with them.

In conclusion, discipline is a very important quality that we should have in all areas of life. Discipline is a stepping-stone to success. Moreover, discipline is beneficial for us. Most important, discipline keeps our bodies, mind, and soul in control.



Yoga is an art of ancient times which helps us to keep our mind at peace and our body fit. Yoga helps us to maintain control of our bodies and our minds. It is a good way to get rid of stress and anxiety. Yoga gained little popularity and is now spreading to all regions of the world.

The Origin of Yoga
Yoga is actually derived from the Indian subcontinent. It has been around since ancient times and is made from yogis. The word yoga comes from a Sanskrit word that translates primarily as association and guidance.

In the early days, the followers of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism practiced it. Gradually, it found its way to the West. From then on people from all over the world practice yoga to relax their minds and keep their bodies balanced.

Moreover, in the aftermath of this yoga revolution, India is known for its yoga worldwide. People around the world are beginning to see the benefits of yoga. There are several workshops and now there are even professional yogi who teach this ancient practice to people to learn about it.

Surya Namaskar in Yoga
Surya Namaskar is a series of tweleve exercises in yoga. In addition to strenuous physical activity, Surya Namaskar is also known to have excellent physical and mental effects.

There are tweleve different exercised in Surya Namaskar. You need to do these fixed twelve exercises everytime you do Surya Namaskar. In addition to good health, Surya Namaskar also offers the opportunity to express gratitude for the sun for sustaining life on this planet.

Benefits of Yoga
Yoga has many benefits if we look at it carefully. You will find relief from constant practice. As it keeps diseases in our mind and body. In addition, when we practice a number of asanas, it strengthens our bodies and gives us a sense of well-being and health.

In addition, yoga helps to shape our mind and our mental faculties. We can achieve the highest level of torture through yoga and learn to strengthen our emotions. It connects us with an unprecedented environment and improves our well-being.

In addition, you can improve your self-discipline and self-awareness from yoga if you do it regularly. You will gain strength if you do it consistently and help you live a healthy life without problems. Anyone can practice yoga no matter how old you are or whatever religion you follow.

June 21 is celebrated as World Yoga Day where people are informed about the benefits of yoga. Yoga is a wonderful gift for humanity that helps us stay healthy and maintain our health. You also have a higher level of patience when doing yoga which helps keep negative thoughts away. You get greater mental clarity and better understanding.

In short, yoga has several benefits. Everyone has to do it to keep his life safe and to benefit from it. It is the secret to a healthy and long life without the use of any artificial methods such as drugs or other shortcuts of any kind.

Save Electricity

Electricity is an important source of prosperity. It permeates our daily lives. Life without electricity would be impossible to imagine now. We generate electricity using coal or natural gas. However, people do not see the natural resources to act as limited and non-renewable. We need to save electricity so that we can save these resources.

In other words, electricity serves humanity very much. We must stop wasting energy. The earth will lose its light if there is no electricity. In addition, careless human behavior should be examined. We must understand the importance of electricity in order to save ourselves from the darkness.

The need for electricity
Electricity is needed in almost every area of life now. We need it to live a comfortable life full of all the resources and services. The earth will sleep without electricity. For example, all of our health and education facilities are electrified. If there is no electricity, the surgeon will not be able to perform the operation. In addition, students will not be able to access practical information.

Similarly, car mechanics in garages and factory engineers rely on electricity. In addition, passengers at the train station and at the airport can only travel safely through electricity.

In addition, the various modes of transportation depend on electricity only. Trams and metrics carry thousands of people every day. All of this is happening only because of electricity. Electricity enriches our modern life and helps to make it better.

How to Save Electricity
First of all, we must all understand that even a small step will be very helpful in saving electricity. For example, if everyone in each household turns on a fan when not in use, thousands of watts of electricity can be saved.

Similarly, if we use our air conditioners, heaters, ovens, refrigerators and so on properly, we can save a lot of electricity effectively.

In addition, try to use more natural light. Do not store unnecessary lights in the morning and in the afternoon. Do what is done with natural light as it is enough. We have to replace all our old equipment because it consumes a lot of electricity. In other words, we should strive to make our homes work harder.

In addition, always remember to turn off your electrical gadgets when not in use. These devices use at least 10% of electricity even when not in use. Therefore, take them out to save energy.

In addition, try to reduce the amount of time you spend watching TV. Encourage children to read and play outside instead. Similarly, try using laptops instead of desktops. Desktops use more power than a laptop. You should also turn off the fans when using your air conditioner, thus avoiding unnecessary waste.

Most importantly, installing solar panels can be extremely helpful. They are very economical and help save a lot of energy. Solar panels will help to consume less energy and economically. Similarly, industries that use megawatts should install generators. This can help to get cheap electricity by natural means.

Unity is Power

In today’s world where strife is rampant and everyone tries to get his way, very few people see the value of the proverb ‘Unity is power’. Again, this proverb is now complete in encouraging books and uplifting speeches. Therefore, very few people understand the importance and that is why it applies to their lives. But these people are really satisfied with the content in their lives that they actually use. Therefore, unity is an energy essay to understand the growing importance of unity in the lives of the world today.

This proverb also applies when it comes to relationships. People these days are so blinded by success and power that they want to be ahead of their colleagues, their relatives, and their friends.

So, they get into professional conflicts with themselves most of the time and therefore, they don’t realize that they can’t move forward and improve their skills, their knowledge, and help each other. So, when we argue with our colleagues and start competing with them in an office environment, then people from another group will benefit from this position.

Also, one reason here is that people often split up because of mistrust. This is especially true when it comes to the relationship between husband and wife. Also, here we often see couples always doubting. So they start asking small questions and then doubt them about lying or cheating.

Therefore, outsiders use these types of situations. Also, it breeds doubts and thus creates tension between the two in order to achieve their goals. Also, this will have a negative impact not only on the couple but also on the children. Therefore, if a husband and wife remain united and protect each other unless both of them can make a difference in the relationship.

Application of the Proverb – Unity is Power

The proverb has been used in various places since centuries. It derives its origins from the Dutch Republic where it was first used. Currently, the national military uniform in Haiti and Bulgaria has documented this.

Belgium adopted this as its motto after the 1830 Revolution. Other countries that have used this proverb as their motto in the past include Greece, the Netherlands, Canada, Georgia, the South African Republic, Malaysia and the United States.

In Communities and Nations
This proverb is also true when it comes to society and the nation as a whole. Communities and places where people stay united are loved by everyone.

Therefore, the people who live here meet and greet their neighbors with a smile, guard their neighbor’s house, help each other through difficult times, and so on. Also, they celebrate each activity together and run other social gatherings regularly. In today’s world, it is common for people to suffer from loneliness and depression, and this kind of neighbor can be a blessing.

Similarly, nations around the world are engaged in a vicious war to prove that they are the best. Thus, the entire nation is armed with nuclear weapons and many terrorist organizations have been formed. So, if we stop all these kinds of bad habits than the world becomes a better place to live.

Where There Is a Will, There Is a Way

Where there is a will there is a way in one of the most widely used proverbs to date. This proverb means a lot when we think about it. Its important meaning is that if you set your mind to do something, you can easily do it. In other words, it shows us the importance of the power of the will and how it can bring about change in one’s life. The power of will is the desire to achieve something. If you have the will to do something, then nothing can stop you from doing it. This proverb is applicable in almost every aspect of life. Similarly, it is very important in a variety of ways.

The Importance of the Proverbs – Where There Is a Will, There Is a Way
This proverb is very important in helping people to push their boundaries and achieve their goals more easily. It makes them more determined and focused on achieving their goal. Moreover, this proverb emphasizes the value of hard work and energy.

In other words, people who are willing to take risks, no matter how much they cost, will achieve their goals. If you dream and dream about something and do nothing to achieve it, you may fail and be incompetent. On the other hand, if you work hard to achieve your goals, you can find a way.

So, where there is a book there is a way we teach that we are more focused and work harder. Moreover, it shows us how people who follow this proverb have reached the heights of their lives.

Real-life examples
History proves that humans who had great power would accomplish much good. It stands as proof that no matter how difficult things may have been, these people have not stopped finding their way.

First, we take the example of the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. This famous figure is a good example of this proverb. Gandhiji was determined to free India from the shackles of British rule, and he did. What made this possible? His will is always strong and diligent. He was very weak physically but his power of will was not there. He chose the path of nonviolence and was able to contribute to the liberation of India. Like him there were many freedom fighters ftom whom you can take inspiration and are a true examplw of this proverb.

Next, we see the same will for iron in Martin Luther King. This man was responsible for bringing civil rights to the black American people. His will and determination to eradicate prejudice have paid off. It taught us that even in prison, he never gave up. He continually fought to achieve his dream.

In short, where there is a will there is a way to teach us a lot about hard work and resilience. If we all follow this saying in our lives and make it our motto, nothing can stop it. It will make us better people and more successful in life.

Climate Change

Climate change refers to the changing global environment. Climate change has become a global concern in the last few decades. Besides, these climate changes are affecting life on earth in a variety of ways. These climate changes have various impacts on the ecosystem and the environment. As a result of this change, many species of plants and animals have become extinct.

When Did It Start?
The climate began to change long ago due to human activities but we finally learned about it a century ago. During the last century, we began to see climate change and its effect on human life. We started researching climate change and finally realized that global temperatures are rising due to the so-called greenhouse effect. Global warming is causing more ozone depletion, affecting agriculture, water supply, transportation, and a host of other problems.

The Reason for Climate Change
Although there are hundreds of reasons for climate change we will discuss natural and man-made (human) causes.

Natural Causes
These include volcanic eruptions, sunlight, tectonic plate movements, orbital diversity. As a result of these activities, the environment becomes very dangerous to life for survival. Also, these activities increase global warming to a great extent causing inequality in the environment.

Personal Reasons
Man because of his need and selfishness has done many works that harm not only the environment but also himself. Many species of plants and animals are disappearing as a result of human activity. Harmful human activities include deforestation, the use of fuel, industrial waste, various forms of pollution, and more. All of these factors adversely affect the climate and the environment. And many species of animals and birds became extinct or almost extinct as a result of hunting.

The Effects of Climate Change
These climate changes are having a devastating effect on the environment. Sea level rises, glaciers melt, CO2 emissions increase, forest and wildlife declines, and water quality is also disrupted by climate change. Besides, it is calculated that if these changes continue, many species of plants and animals will die out. And there will be significant environmental losses.

What will the future hold?
If we do nothing and things continue to go on right now then the day will come when people will be wiped off the face of the earth. But instead of ignoring these problems we start working so we can save the world and our future.

Although human error has caused much damage to the climate and the environment. However, it is not too late to start over and try to fix what we have done so far to harm the environment. And if everyone begins to contribute to the environment then we can be confident of our future existence.


Climate change poses a major and growing challenge in the Arctic and around the world. While these emerging concerns are important now, their effects are particularly significant for future generations who will inherit current actions or inefficiencies. Strong immediate action is needed to reduce pollution in order to change the future of human temperature. Action is needed to begin to adapt to the already warming and ongoing warmth. The findings of this preliminary study of the impact of climate on the Arctic provide a scientific basis on which decision makers can look at, make, and apply appropriate measures to respond to this important and broader challenge.


Hindus celebrate Janmashtami with the birth of Sri Krishna. The festival usually takes place in August. In addition, Hindus celebrate the festival at the Ashtami of Krishna Paksha. In addition, Lord Krishna is the most powerful person of Lord Vishnu. It is a happy Hindu festival. In addition, Hindus practice various rituals to please King Krishna. This is one of the most exciting festivals for Hindus.

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna was born on the 8th day of the Dark Ages in the month of Badon. Badon is a moon in the Hindu calendar. In addition, he was born about 5,200 years ago. He was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who was born with a purpose to defeat the evil.

As a result, he played an important role in the Mahabharata text. Also, Lord Krishna preached with good karma and the teachings of Bhakti.

Lord Krishna was born in prison. He was on the ropes when Kansa. But his father Vasudev gave it to his friend Nand to save him. Because he knew that Cancer had a bad heart. Moreover after the rescue the upbringing of Sri Krishna belonged to the Gokul family. Sri Krishna later became powerful. As a result, he managed to kill Kansa.

As a child I used to watch many shows of Sri Krishna. As a result, I know a lot about him. He was very fond of eating Makhan. As a result, he often stole from his mother’s kitchen. So his name was ‘Natkahat Nand Lal’. Sri Krishna was black. So she was always worried about her color. In addition, Sri Krishna had a friend named Radha. Radha was very important to Krishna. So he spent time with her. Radha was very good and unjust so King Krishna always felt difficult with color.

How is Janmashtami celebrated?
People celebrated Janmashtami at midnight. Because Lord Krishna was born in darkness. As Sri Krishna loved to eat the people of Makhan played this game.

According to the game, they tied a clay pot (matki). The match judge tied the mattress very high from the ground. In addition, one fills Makhan into cans. Also, what people do is build a human pyramid to break the matki. Since the matki is very high they have to build a tall pyramid. As a result, more people should participate in sports. In addition, there are other groups and they prevent them from breaking the matki. Equal opportunities exist for both parties. Each team gets a chance for some time. If a team can’t do it while the other team is trying. This is an exciting game that many people gather to watch this game.

In addition, the celebration is done in homes. People decorate their houses outside with lamps. Moreover, the temples are full of people. They perform various rituals inside the temple. As a result, we hear the sound of bells and mantras throughout the day.

In addition, people dance in a variety of religious songs. In the end, it is one of the most exciting festivals in the Hindu religion.



Christmas is a Christian holiday known in December, celebrated all over the world and known for its decorations and Santa Clause. Christmas means “the feast day of Christ”. An annual celebration that marks the birth of Jesus Christ; it is considered December 25 as a cultural and religious festival among many people around the world. Christmas is celebrated in all Christian lands, but there are differences in the way each nation celebrates it.

History After Christmas
The history of Christmas is one that goes back a long way; The first Christmas was celebrated in 336 A.D. in Rome. It played a very important role during the famous Arian controversies that took place in the 300s. During the early years of the Middle Ages, epiphany covered us.

Christmas was restored to light in about 800 AD when Emperor Charlemagne received a crown on Christmas day. During the 17th century, Puritans were not allowed to celebrate Christmas because it was associated with drunkenness and other immorality.

A suitable holiday was held around the year 1660 but was unpopular. About the early 1900’s, the Anglican Church of Oxford organized the Anglican Church, and this led to the revival of Christmas.

Christmas preparations
Christmas is a celebration of many traditions. It is a public holiday so people get a Christmas break to celebrate.

Christmas preparations begin early for many people so that the festivities begin on Christmas Eve. Christmas preparations involve many activities. People often buy ornaments, food, and gifts, especially from children of family and friends. Some families purchase matching Christmas costumes for everyone.

Typical arrangements include decorating the area with Christmas trees, lighting. Before the decorations begin, the house should be thoroughly cleaned. The Christmas tree brings the Christmas spirit home.

Gifts are placed under the Christmas tree in wrapped gift boxes and should not be opened until Christmas Day. The church is also decorated with this special event. A thorough cleaning of the churches was also done to bring in Christmas. Songs and drawings to be made on Christmas day.

People often spend a lot of money on Christmas so saving money for these programs should be the first preparation for all these things. Families also plan to travel to stay together during the festive season. Traditionally turkey is the most common meal in the world on this day. Cards are also written to friends and family to wish them a happy holiday and to show their love.

Celebrating Christmas Day
Christmas carols are played on radio and television to celebrate the day. Most families start by going to a church where songs and hymns are performed. Then, later, they join their families in exchanging gifts and celebrating with food and music. Merry Christmas is a wonderful time.

Traditional homemade cakes, cakes, and muffins are the special Christmas items. Children are given lots of presents and new clothes. They also meet ‘Santa Claus’, who is dressed in a bright red and white costume, who greets them with kisses and presents.

At Christmastime, we know that the birth of Jesus is the beginning of great things on earth. It is often an opportunity to reflect on nature and the reason for our existence. Christmas is such a celebration that people of all religions and denominations celebrate the world despite the Christian celebration. The theme of this very unifying ceremony.


Durga Pooja

Durga Pooja is a Hindu festival celebrating the mother goddess and the victory of the heroic goddess Durga over the demon Mahisasura. The festival represents the power of women as ‘Shakti’ in Space. It’s a Good over Evil Festival. Durga Pooja is one of India’s biggest festivals. In addition to being a Hindu festival, it is also a time of family and friends reunion, as well as a cultural festival.

The Importance of Durga Pooja
While the festivals bring a celebration of fasting and devotion for ten days, the last four days of the festival namely Saptami, Ashtami, Navami, and Vijaya-Dashami are celebrated with brilliance and splendor in India, especially in Bengal and overseas.

Durga Pooja festivals vary in location, culture, and beliefs. Things vary so much that in some places the festival lasts for five days, in some places for seven days and in some places for ten full days. The reunion begins with ‘Shashti’ – the sixth day and ends with ‘VijayaDashmi’ – the tenth day.

The goddess Durga was the daughter of Himalayas and Menka. She later became Sati to marry King Shiva. It is believed that the Durga pooja festival dates back to when King Rama worshiped the goddess to gain power over her to kill Ravana.

In some communities, especially in Bangal, the festival is celebrated by decorating the ‘pandand’ in the surrounding regions. On the last day, they go again to immerse the goddess in the sacred river Ganges.

Some believe that another story after the festival was that on this day the goddess Durga defeated the demon Mahisasura. He was called by the Lord of the trinity – Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu to destroy the demon and save the world at his feet. The battle continued for ten days and finally, on the tenth day, Goddess Durga cast out the demon. We celebrate the tenth day like Dussehra or Vijayadashami.

Traditions Performed During the Durga Pooja Time
The festivities date back to the time of the Mahalaya, when devotees asked Goddess Durga to come to earth. On this day, they made eye contact with the statue of the goddess during a beautiful ceremony called Chokkhu Daan. After erecting a statue of the goddess Durga in their place, they performed rituals to enhance her blessed presence in the images at Saptami.

These traditions are called ‘Pran Pratisthan’. It consists of a small banana plant known as Kola Bou (banana bride), which is taken to bathe in a nearby river or lake, wrapped in a sari, and used as a means of carrying the divine power of God.

During the festival, devotees offer prayers to God and worship him in a variety of ways. After the evening ritual of aarti is performed on the eighth day it is a ritual of traditional religious dance performed before the Goddess to please her. The dance is performed to the accompaniment of musical drums while holding a clay pot filled with a cover of a burning coconut and camphor.

On the ninth day, the worship is completed with Maha Aarti. It is a symbol of the end of great rituals and prayers. On the last day of the festival, the goddess Durga returns to her husband’s residence and the orders of the goddess Durga are taken for immersion in the river. Married women donated vermillion red powder to Goddess and tagged themselves with the powder.

The Conclusion
Everyone celebrates and enjoys the festival regardless of their age and financial status. Durga Pooja is a major public and theater festival. Dancing and performing rituals are an important part of it. Delicious traditional food is also a big part of the festival. Kolkata Street flourishes with stalls and shops, where locals and foreigners enjoy a mouth-watering meal, including sweets. To celebrate Durga Pooja, all workplaces, educational institutions, and business premises remain closed in West Bengal. Many non-Bengali cultural centers organize Durga Pooja in many parts of the UK, USA, Australia, France and other countries. Therefore, the festival teaches us that good always overcomes evil and therefore we should always follow the right path.

Holi – Festival of colours

Holi is known as the festival of colors. Holi is celebrated annually with enthusiasm and enthusiasm in March by followers of the Hindu religion. Those who celebrate the festival, look forward to it every year with the desire to play with colors and have beautiful dishes.

The people forget their problems and indulged in this celebration of brotherhood with joy and happiness. In other words, we forget our animosity and get into a festive mood. Holi is called a festival of colors because people play with colors and apply it to each other’s faces to color in the essence of the festival.

Holi’s history
Hinduism believes that there was a satanic king named Hiranyakashyap long ago. He had a son named Prahlad who was a great disciple of Lord Vishnu. He also had a sister named Holika who had the blessings that fire could cause no harm to her. It is believed that the satanic king had the blessings of King Brahma. This blessing meant that no one, animal or weapon could kill him. This blessing became a curse to him as he became very proud. He commanded his kingdom to serve him instead of God, not to leave his own son.

After this, all the people began to worship him except his son, Prahlad. Prahlad refused to worship his father instead of God as he truly believed in King Vishnu. Seeing his disobedience, the king of Satan plotted to assassinate Prahlad. She sat him on the fire with her son in her lap, where Holika was burned and Prahlad came out safe. This showed that he was protected by his Master because of his devotion. Therefore, the people began to celebrate Holi as a victory for good over evil.

Holi Celebration
People celebrate Holi with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm, especially in North India. The day before the Holi, people performed a ritual called ‘Holika Dahan’. In this tradition, people pile piles of wood in public places to burn them. It shows the burning of evil forces in the review of the story of Holika and King Hiranyakashyap. In addition, they gathered around the Catholic Church to seek blessings and to dedicate themselves to God.

On the next day people celebrate their joy with colours. The people get up early and offer pooja to God. After that, they put on white clothes and played with colors. They pour water on each other. Children run around the water colors using water guns. Likewise, adults also become children on this day. They dye each other’s faces and dip them in water.

In the evening, they bathe and dress appropriately for visiting friends and family. They danced all day and drank a special drink called ‘bhaang’. People of all ages enjoy the special taste of holi ‘gujiya’ vigorously.

In short, Holi spreads love and brotherhood. It brings harmony and happiness to the world. Holi symbolizes the victory of good over evil. This colorful festival unites people and removes all forms of neglect in life.

Diwali – Festival of Lights

First of all, to understand that India is a country of festivals. However, none of the festivals is Diwali. It is to be one of the biggest festivals in India. It is likely to be the fairest of them all, the festival of the world. People from different religions celebrate Diwali. The most notable of these is the festival signifies the victory of light over darkness. This also means that it is the triumph of good over evil, and knowledge, than of ignorance and is also known as festival of lights. It is, therefore, a clear light on the whole of the country during Diwali. In the essay on Diwali, you will see that the religious and spiritual significance of Diwali.

The Religious Significance of Diwali
The religious significance of this festival is different. It varies from region to region in India. This is a group of many deities, culture, and traditions of Diwali. The reasons for these differences are likely to be for the local harvest festival. So, there was a merger of the harvest festival in one pan-Hindu festival.

As per Ramayna this day is when Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya. The return was made after Rama defeated the demon king, Ravana. In addition, Rama’s brother, Lakshmana, and Hanuman came back to Ayodhya is to prevail in the end.

It is a popular tradition for the sole purpose of Diwali. Here is Lord Vishnu as incarnation of Krishna killed Narakasura. Narakasura was a demon. This victory brought with it the release of 16000 caught up to the girls.

In addition, this victory shows the triumph of good over evil. This is due to the most high, the Lord is good, and the Narakasura’s wrong.

The association of Diwali with Goddess

Lakshmi is the belief of many Hindus. Lakshmi is the wife of Lord Vishnu.

According to the legend, Diwali, it is the night of Lakshmi’s wedding. This is the night that they chose and wed Vishnu. In eastern India, and is Considered to be the associate Diwali with the Goddess Durga, or kali. Some Hindus believe Diwali is the beginning of a new year.

The Spiritual Significance of Diwali
Well, first of all, a lot of people are trying to get people to forgive, ” during Diwali. This is definitely a place that people are going to forget that one of the monitors. Therefore, friendships, and relationships are stronger during Diwali. People need to take away all the feelings of hatred from their hearts.

This is a wonderful festival and bring prosperity. The hindu traders to open an account with, this is a book to be discovered. In addition, they are also to pray for happiness and prosperity. People buy new clothes for themselves and for others.

In light of this, the festival will bring peace to the people. It brings the light of peace and love in your heart. Diwali is sure to bring peace of mind to the people. To share the joy and happiness is the spiritual benefit of Diwali. People visit each other’s homes during the festival of lights. And they’re doing it, communications, and eat well, and enjoy the fireworks.

Finally, to sum it up, Diwali, it is a great joy to be at the moment in India. It is one of the happiest and joyful festivals in the world.

Internet and our lives

We are living in the age of the internet. It is also a very important part of our life that we just can’t live without it. By the way, the internet is an invention of the high-end science and technology. Apart from the fact that we are connected to the internet 24×7. We also have a large and a small size of the messages and data being lost faster than ever before. In this paper, the Internet, and we are going to discuss about several things, when it comes to the internet.

The coverage of the Internet
It is very difficult to estimate, the area in which it is included. Also, each and every second, a million people are connected to each other in order to continue to have an issue or a question. Apart from that, as well as all of the things that the internet has had a number of good and bad effect on the lives of people. So, the first thing we need to do is learn about it, the good and the bad effect of internet.

Well, the good effects of the internet is to do all of the things that it is possible to do. Yes, these are the things that will make our lives easier and more reliable.

They are the bad effects of the internet is to do all of the things that we can’t do it, because that’s the internet. Even the things that are causing problems for themselves and for others.

You can also get access to every corner of the globe. It is very easy to use and manage. In today’s world, and we can’t imagine our lives without it.

The Use Of The Internet
From that time on, as it were, for the first time in her life, up until now, the internet has been on a long journey. During the trip, the internet has a lot of things, and it was becoming more and more user-friendly and interactive. By the way, all of the big and the little things are available and on the internet, and in the article or material you need, which can be downloaded from the internet.

Tim Berners-Lee, it may be referred to as one of the main father of the internet, which is where he invented/discovered in the World Wide Web (WWW), which will be used at each location. There are millions of pages and websites of the internet like it’s going to take years to go through all of them.

The Internet can be used to show different things that you can learn, to learn, to research, to write, to share, to receive, via e-mail, in order to explore and surf the web on the internet.

The Ease, Thanks To The Internet
As a result, the internet, our lives are becoming more and more useful compared to the times when we do not have access to the internet. We have already been in the queue in order to send an e-mail, letter), and, for the record, or by a deposit of money, or to book tickets, etc, etc., but the date of birth of the internet, all of these things are going to be very easy to make. Also, we don’t need to waste precious time standing in long lines.

The Internet has made a great contribution to the environment, and that many of the office buildings (public and private), and the school, and the school has been in the digital sector, as it will save you countless paper.

However, there is no doubt that internet has made our life more comfortable and convenient, but we can’t get away from it, in fact, that it has led to a lot of the major problems in the past. And with the speed we are getting dependent on it, there will come a day when you are going to be one of our basic needs.

Child Marriage

The practice of child marriage is common in many parts of the world. As the world is advancing at a rapid pace, there are a number of the region does not seem to be up with the times. What’s sad is the dark reality of being a child of the marriage, it is not to be considered as it is often. The practice of child marriage is, in reality, it is a formal or an informal wedding, a child-with or without their consent, who are not at least 18 years of age. In most cases, it’s a boy or a man who is older than the age of the child. As a child, a marriage, a term paper, we will shed some light on this issue.

The causes and consequences of child marriage
The practice of child marriage is not to be less than that of the operation of the act. In almost each room, the child must be at least 18 years of age or older in order to be allowed to marry. So, the marriage, the children prior to the age of the exploitation of their rights.

One of the most common reasons for child marriage is a tradition that has been in practice for a long period of time. In many places, ever since a girl is born, they see her as someone else’s property.

The elders would like to work on their addition to the family, so that they can get married with the young pigeons, to the characterization of their state. And, more importantly, to the poor of the people, and the practice of child marriage, in order to get rid of the loan, the taxes, and, own,, and more.

The consequences of child marriage, it can be life-changing for children, especially little girls. The responsibility is going to fall on the babies. They are not mentally or physically prepared for that, but that’s on them.

So much so that people have come to expect, it is the smaller of the boys to carry the financial responsibility of, the girls are expected to look at the house and the family. The freedom to learn and to play, has been removed.

In addition, their health is also at risk due to the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV / aids, and more. Especially the girls who got pregnant at a very young age, it will harm both the mother and the baby.

How To Eliminate The Practice Of Child Marriage
Ending the practice of child marriage is the need of the hour. At the end of this social evil in all of us, from individuals to the leaders of the world, and the challenge of traditional norms. In addition, we are in need of some ideas to enhance the girls are less than boys.

We need to ensure that children, especially young girls, to be their own agents of change. In order to achieve this, they should have access to high-quality education, enabling them to take their studies so that they are able to live an independent life later on.

Safe spaces are important for children to be able to express themselves and to let their voices be heard. Therefore, it is of vital importance for the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women, in order to ensure that all have equal value, and protection.

In short, this is a wedding should be a sacred union between the adult and it is not a logical approach, and put at risk the future of our children. This issue needs to be addressed at the root level, which begins with an end to poverty and lack of education. In this way, the will of the people is to learn to be better and do better.

Child Labour

This is a word you might have heard of in the news or in the movies. It is a crime in which children are forced to work at a very young age. It is to be expected that the children will be to carry out responsibilities such as working and fending for themselves. There are some guidelines, restrictions, and limitations of the work.

The average age for a child to be appropriate, in the work are considered to be at least fifteen years old or more. Children at this age will not be allowed to enjoy any kind of work is very impressive. Why do we do this? As a child, taking away the children from having a normal childhood, a good education, and the physical and mental well-being. In some countries, it is illegal, but in the end, it’s a long way from being completely wiped out.

Causes of child labour
Child labor, for a number of reasons for this. While a few of the reasons as to why this may be used in some countries, there are a number of reasons that are specific to certain regions and territories. However, if we look at the root causes of child labour, and we’re going to be in a position to fight, the better it will be.

First of all, it is the countries with high rates of poverty and unemployment. If a family does not earn enough, and they are the children of the family, so that they do not have enough money to survive. However, as the adults in the family, the unemployed, and the young people who work for them.

In addition, if people do not have access to education, they are going to have on their children to work. The manual only care about the profit, in the short term, and this is the reason why they have to do things so that they are able to survive in them.

In addition, it is save to save the setting out of different industries, which is one of the most important causes of child labour. They are the children, since they are then they will have to pay less for the same work, but as a grown-up. As children, more than adults, and even fewer wages, they prefer children. They can easily influence and manipulate them. They only see their profit and this is the reason why you have to involve the children in the factories.

The abolition of child labour
If we want to eradicate child poverty, and we need to make some of the most efficient and effective solutions that will save our kids. It will also help to improve the future of the country are dealing with these social problems. To begin with, there could be a number of trade union organizations, who are working to prevent the occurrence of child labor. This should help a child to engage in this work, the punishment of those who are with them.”

In addition, we need to keep parents in the loop as they learn the importance of education. If we, free of charge to the education, training and awareness, in which we are going to be able to educate more and more children do not have to do with the child. In addition, in order to make the people aware about the harmful effects of the use of child labour, it is a must-have.

In addition, to the family of the control measures that must be taken into account. This will help to lessen the burden so you have fewer mouths to feed, and her parents are going to be enough to get them to work, rather than a child. In fact, each and every family in need of in order to get a promise of a minimum income to the government in order to survive.

In short, the government and the people need to come together. Of the jobs that could be given to those who are in abundance, so that they are able to earn a living, rather than having to put their children to work. The children are the future of our country, and we can’t expect them to be, in order to maintain the economic conditions of their families, instead of having a normal life.

Global Warming

Global warming is a term that we all are aware of. However, the significance of this, it is still not clear to most of us. Let us start with knowing what global warming actually is. Global warming means the increase in the Earth’s temperature gradually because of greenhouse gases. There are a number of different activities, which will increase the temperature gradually. Global warming, melting of ice from glaciers up quickly. This is very damaging to the earth, as a human being. It is very challenging to control global warming, but it’s not going to be a difficult one. The very first step in solving a problem is to identify the root cause of the problem. Therefore, we need to first understand what the root causes of the global warming of the earth, and that will help us to continue to deal with them. In this paper, the global Warming of the planet, we must find the causes and solutions of global Warming in the face of the earth.

The causes of global Warming
Global warming has become a serious problem, and needs serious attention. It didn’t matter that may occur as a result of a single cause of action, however there are a number of reasons. For these reasons, both natural and man-made. The natural causes include the release of the greenhouse gases that are not in a position to move away from the earth, causing the temperature to rise.

In addition, the volcanic eruptions were also responsible for the global warming of the earth. That is to say, these eruptions release tons of carbon dioxide, which contributes to the global warming of the earth. Also, methane is also a major concern, and are responsible for the warming of the earth.

After that, the excessive use of cars and burning fossil fuels, which results in an increase in the levels of carbon dioxide. In addition to his activities as a coal mining and cattle-breeding are very harmful to the environment.

So, that is one of the most important sources for the absorption of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, it’s just going to go away, and it is going to be something to take care of is the gas. Thus, it will result in an overall warming of the earth. These steps need to be taken in order to halt the global warming of the earth, and the earth well.

The Global Warming Solutions
As mentioned above, it can be a challenge, but it’s not out of the question. Global warming can be stopped, if there’s a concerted effort. For private persons and the authorities of both the action to be taken in the direction of achieving it. We should take steps to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in the environment.

In addition, they will monitor the use of the fuel. Switching to a hybrid car, as well as to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. In addition, people can opt for public transport or a car together. Then you are recycling should be encouraged.

For example, if you are going to buy, carry your own bag. Another step you can take in order to reduce the consumption of electricity, in order to prevent the release of carbon dioxide. For the government to be a part of it, they’re going to be in the control of industrial waste and the emission of harmful gases into the air. Deforestation should be stopped immediately, and the planting of the tree of life, and should be encouraged.

In short, each and every one of us should be aware of the fact that the earth is not a good sign. It’s going to be treated, and we are able to help with the healing. The current generation needs to take responsibility to stop the global warming of the earth, in order to prevent the suffering of future generations. It is, therefore, in every step, no matter how small, is a great deal of weight, and it is very important to stop the warming of the earth.

Health is Wealth

Growing up, you may not have heard of the concept of “Health is Wealth”, but in the core it is still not clear to most people. Generally, people get confused in a good health and free from any kind of diseases and illnesses. Even if it is a part of the event, and it is not at all a good health, it’s all about. In other words, it’s hard to live a healthy life, a person needs to be healthy and beautiful, both physically and mentally. For example, if you’re constantly eating junk food, but you don’t have a disease, it does not make you healthy and fit. You do not have the consumption of healthy food, which is, of course, means that you are going to stay fit and to stay alive. Therefore, in order to really live, not just survive, you will need the basic necessities of a healthy lifestyle.

It Is The Most Important Component Of A Healthy Lifestyle:
If you would like to obtain a healthy life style, you’re sure to be a few changes in your life. How to maintain a healthy lifestyle requires a consistent practices and a disciplined approach to life. There are lots of habits you might want to take, such as a regular exercise program to maintain your fitness level. It also affects your mental health, and if you are looking to improve your self-confidence, it will automatically be updated.

In addition, it helps in the prevention of obesity, and in order to help you to burn extra fat from your body. After that, it’s a well-balanced diet is of the utmost importance. If you are taking the right amount of food, vitamins, proteins, calories, and much more, your immune system will be strengthened. This, in turn, will help you to fight against the disease, and the strong, resulting in a disease-free life.

In particular, the health and safety standards, which play an important role in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. Your well-balanced diet and regular exercise, it will be completely useless if you’re living in an unhealthy environment. You need to always maintain the cleanliness of their surroundings, in order to avoid the risk of contracting an infectious disease.

The Benefits Of Having A Healthy Lifestyle:
So it’s clear, now, in good health is a luxury that everyone wants to be, but some of them are not going to be able to afford it. This is the point in and of itself, the member states of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. If a person leads a healthy lifestyle, he or she will be relieved of the stress of seeking medical attention, and from time to time.

On the contrary, if you are in poor health, most of the time, you are able to spend your time spent in the hospital, and the bills are going to take away your peace of mind. Therefore, having a healthy lifestyle means that you will be able to enjoy your life. Likewise, if you have a relaxed mind all the time, you will be able to keep your loved one happy.

In addition, a healthy lifestyle that will push you to do better in life, and motivate you to achieve higher goals. What usually happens is that people who are very wealthy in terms of money, is in good health. This just proves that all the riches in the world will do you no good, when there is a lack of a healthy lifestyle.

In short, a healthy lifestyle, which is the highest blessing that should not be taken for granted. It is indeed the source of all happiness. Money can buy you all of the luxuries in the world, but it cann

Importance of Trees

From childhood, we’ve heard that trees are our satisfactory pal however in realistic existence, we didn’t see anyone who treats trees as their pals. Even though they may be the most treasured existence supply on the earth. They benefit each life form in a direct or oblique way. And the earth is connected to them to maintain a herbal balance. In this essay on store trees, we are discussing the reason why our buddies want saving.

They nourish us and defend us in lots of approaches. Additionally, they keep our environment inexperienced and smooth. So, it becomes our duty to pay off them for the matters they do for us by way of saving them. Except, massive timber are extra useful than small ones due to the fact they capture greater carbon, seize greater water, combat the heat, clear out greenhouse gases, offers refuge from warmth and daylight, and so on. So, it may be stated that we depend on them extra in preference to they on us.

Benefits and significance of trees
As we have mentioned the advantages of trees in quick however right here we’re going to speak about them in element. Flora and bushes fight the climatic modifications which might be destroying the earth. In addition they clear out the air that we breathe and soak up all the damaging chemical gases and odors from the surroundings. Additionally, they soak up the damaging carbon dioxide and offers out oxygen.

They may be true for the diversity of flora and fauna. They give us meals, safe haven and many more things that we can’t matter. Besides, they in no way demand something from us and also save you soil erosion, water evaporation. Peculiarly, they manage and manipulate the consequences of wind, sun and, rain.

Why should we save trees?
The human has turn out to be aware and severe about this problem and started doing the nice they are able to do to store bushes. The woodland departments and authorities have banned the unlawful slicing of trees. And they are going virtual as a way to shop paper for you to reduce the range of trees reduce down for making paper.

Other than that, the wooded area area after reducing of bushes need to be replanted with new ones. Also, we must train our youngsters to plant trees and ask them to pass it on their pals and buddies.

The least that we will do is to plant a few pots in our home rooftops or lawn and ask our neighbor to do the same. Additionally, if we see the removal of a tree then we ought to inform the neighborhood authority approximately it to create consciousness. Specially, strict laws have to be made for people who illegally or without permission reduce those trees for his or her personal blessings.

The numerous existence form is able to live to tell the tale on this planet because of flora. If we dispose of plant life from the earth even for sooner or later then the survival of guy turns into difficult.

Besides, they’re the supply of water and clean oxygen on the planet. Cutting of trees will lead to destroying the human existence on the earth. So, the time has come that we to be aware of the problems we will be facing due to large deforestation and we should start taking preventive measures to stop it.

Independence Day

Independence Day which is celebrated on 15th August ecery year is the national holiday of India. India most effective has 3 national gala’s that are celebrated by using the whole state as one. One being the Independence Day (fifteenth august) and the opposite being republic day (twenty sixth january) and gandhi jayanti (2d october). After independence, India became the largest democracy in the international. We fought very difficult to get our independence from the britishers.

History of our Independence Day
The Britishets ruled India for around 200 years and the citizen of our country at that time suffered plenty because of these oppressors. British officials deal with us like slaves until we manipulate to combat again against them.

We struggled for our independence tirelessly and selflessly under the steering of our leaders Jawahar Lal Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi, Chandra Shekhar Azad, and Bhagat Singh. Some of those leaders choose the course of violence while some pick non-violence. But the ultimate goal of these was to pressure out the britishers from our country. Another reason is to consider the sacrifices and lives we’ve misplaced in this war. Except, we celebrated it to remind us that this freedom that we revel in is earned the hard manner.

Why do we celebtate Independence Day?
Independence Day is celebrated as the matk of independence our country got from the harsh and cruel rule of Btitishers. Our leaders and many people sacrificed their lives fighting for our independence from the rule of Britishers for a period of more than 200 years.
Aside from that, the joy and proud wakes up the patriot internal us. Together with celebration, the young generation is acquainted with the struggles of the people who lived at that point.

Activities on Independence Day
Schools, offices, societies, and faculties rejoice this present day by using organizing diverse small and big activities. Assemblies are conducted in the school, one day before the Independence Day to celebrate the independence our country got after so many sacrifices and years of struggle. People hoist flags in their societies, home, schools, public places, etc. and sing National Anthem.

Each year on the Red Fort Prime Minister of India host the national flag. In the honor of the event, 21 gunshots are fired. That is the begging of the principle occasion. This event is later on accompanied through an navy parade.

The faculty and schools prepare cultural activities, fancy get dressed competitions, speech, debate, and quiz competition.

Importance of Independence Day
Every Indian holds a specific point of view approximately indian independence. For a few, it’s a reminder of the long struggle while for kids it stands for the honour of the country. Exceptionally, we see the feeling of patriotism across the whole country.

The Indian’s rejoice Independence Day with a sense of nationalism and patriotism across. On this day each citizen echoes with festive feeling and pride within the diversity and solidarity of the humans. It’s not simplest a party of independence but also of the cohesion in range of India.

Teachers’ Day

A teacher is someone who acts as a manual and concept to people, be it young or old. He/she is charged with the responsibility of creating focus as well as opening the mind of people through instilling values, morals, and ethics. Instructors efforts are diagnosed during the teacher’s day. They form minds, and we yearly have fun their contribution to the development of society inside the form of teachers’ day the world over. But, we have a good time the worldwide teachers day on october fifth annually.

Teachers’ day in India
Teachers are respected and venerated for their important contribution in shaping individuals. Teacher’s Day is celebrated on September 5. This is really the birthday of the former president of india, dr. Sarvepalli radhakrishnan.

Why techers day is celebrated?
The contributions and efforts made through teachers in no way go omitted. This brought about the inauguration of the trainer’s day which seeks to celebrate the efforts made by means of the academics. In india, we have fun the trainer’s day on the birthday of dr. Sarvepalli radhakrishnan who become referred to as a man of many splendid traits and attributes.

Teachers play many jobs in universal development consisting of:

They manual children and students to leadership capabilities
They instill subject into young people molding them into destiny
Also, they offer their college students with religious and emotional steering.
Instructors also stumble upon numerous challenges in their everyday activities which include the unappreciative subculture via the community in addition to dealing with disciplinary problems in their students.

What can we do on teachers’ day?
A thank-you can pass a long manner. In our busy lives, we’ve got come to forget expressing gratitude. Many studies have come up explaining the blessings that gratitude could have on the only who expresses it and on the one who gets it. We can take this possibility as a day to thank our teachers and explicit our love and take care of them.

We will endorse and provide help with the aid of making use of the skills that we’ve discovered over those years.
Additionally, we will supply them a go to on this day and share with them our studies. This could for positive lead them to satisfied and happy with their efforts.
We are able to gift a small token of appreciation, something that they could keep as a memory like a pen or a planner or something that would be beneficial for them.
We have to also are seeking their advantages and let them realize that we’re continually there for them after they need us.
Students can together gift them books and other substances and prepare a get-together specially if the elegance has graduated.
Time spent with them and gratitude expressed could be a excellent gesture to make teachers glad and proud. It’s miles very vital to recognize their contribution to molding our personality.

Teachers play an vital position within the development of any country. This is why it is critical to set aside an afternoon whilst the academics are given the recognition they deserve. We have a good time instructors’ day to honor the contribution of instructors in our lives. Duties undertaken by using instructors within the upbringing of children is great and for this reason being recognized with instructors’ day is a step in the direction of recognizing the profession and the function they play in society.

Mobile Phone – Good or Bad?

Cellular telephone is often also called “mobile smartphone”. It is a tool especially used for a voice call. Currently technological advancements have made our existence clean. These days, with the assist of a cellular smartphone we can effortlessly talk or video chat with all and sundry throughout the globe by just transferring our fingers. Today cellular phones are available in various shapes and sizes, having extraordinary technical specifications and are used for some of functions like – voice calling, video chatting, textual content messaging or sms, multimedia messaging, internet surfing, e mail, video video games, and images. For this reason it’s miles called a ‘smart smartphone’. Like each device, the cellular cellphone additionally has its pros and cons which we will discuss now.

Benefits of mobile smartphone

1. Now we may be related to our buddies, loved ones at any time we want thru many apps. Now we can communicate video chat with whoever we want, through just working your mobile phone or smartphone. Apart from this cellular also keeps us up to date about the entire world.

2. These days mobiles cellphone has made our life so easy for every day life activities. Today, you can investigate the live site visitors scenario on mobile telephone and take appropriate decisions to reach on time. Together with it the weather updates, reserving a cab and many extra.

3. With the improvement of cellular era, the entire entertainment world is now beneath one roof. Each time we lose interest with habitual paintings or in the course of the breaks, we are able to concentrate to music, watch movies, our favourite indicates or just watch the video of 1’s preferred song.

4. In recent times mobiles are used for lots kinds of legitimate paintings from assembly schedules, sending and receiving documents, giving shows, alarms, job applications, and many others. Cell phones have become an vital device for every running human beings

5. In recent times mobiles are even used as a pockets for making bills. Money will be transferred nearly instantly to buddies, family or others by using cell baking in the phone. Also, you will effortlessly access his/her account details and recognize past transactions. So it saves quite a few time and also trouble-unfastened.

Hazards of cellular telephones

1. Now day’s human beings have come to be hooked on mobiles. Even if we don’t want to cell we surf the net, play games making a actual addict. As cellular phones have become smarter, humans became dumber.

2. Extensive utilization of mobiles has resulted in less meet and talk more. Now human beings don’t meet bodily as a substitute chat or touch upon social media.

3. It is a primary challenge now of losing one’s privacy because of an awful lot cell usage. Today anyone should without problems get entry to the statistics like in which you stay, your pals and own family, what’s your career, in which is your property, etc; by using simply easily browsing via your social media account.

4. Because the usefulness of mobiles has improved so their costing. Nowadays human beings are spending a lot amount of cash on buying smartphones, which can alternatively be spent on more beneficial such things as schooling, or other useful things in our lifestyles.


A cellular telephone ought to each be superb and poor; relying on how a person uses it. As mobiles have become part of our lifestyles so we ought to use it in a right manner, carefully for our better hassle-unfastened life as an alternative using it improperly and making it an endemic in life.


As we look again in our ancient instances we see so much improvement inside the world. The world is complete of devices and machinery. Machinery does everything in our environment. How did it get viable? How did we come to be so modern? It was all viable with the help of technology. Technological know-how has performed a chief role inside the improvement of our society.

As i have mentioned earlier science has got many adjustments in our lives. First of all, transportation is less complicated now. With the help of technological know-how it now less complicated to journey long distances. Moreover, the time of touring is likewise reduced. Various high-pace automobiles are to be had these days. These motors have completely changed. The phase of our society. Technology upgraded steam engines to electric powered engines. In earlier times humans have been touring with cycles. But now all of us travels on motorcycles and cars. This saves time and effort. And that is all possible with the assist of science.

Secondly, technology made us attain to the moon. But we by no means stopped there. It additionally gave us a look at mars. This is one of the finest achievements. This became most effective possible with science. These days scientists make many satellites. Because of which we’re the use of excessive-velocity net. Those satellites revolve around the earth each day and night time. Even with out making us aware of it.
Science is the spine of our society: Technology gave us so much in our gift time. Because of this, the instructor in our schools teaches science from an early age.

Technological know-how as a topic
Technology taught us approximately our solar system. The solar system includes 9 planets and the sun. Most noteworthy was that it also tells us about the starting place of our planet. Chiefly, we can’t deny that technology facilitates us in shaping our destiny. However now not only it tells us approximately our future, however it also tells us approximately our past.

When the student reaches magnificence 6, science receives divided into 3 extra subcategories. These subcategories had been physics, chemistry, and biology. First of all, physics taught us approximately the machines. Physics is an thrilling concern. It’s miles a logical challenge.

Moreover, the second situation changed into chemistry. Chemistry is a subject that offers with an detail observed inside the earth. Even extra, it enables in making diverse merchandise. Products like medicinal drug and cosmetics etc. Bring about human advantages.

Ultimate however now not least, the problem of biology. Biology tells us about its various elements. Furthermore, it even teaches the scholars about cells. Cells are found in human blood. Technological know-how is so superior that it did let us recognise even that.

Main scientists inside the discipline of science
Sooner or later, many scientists like thomas edison, sir isaac newton had been born in this global. They’ve accomplished remarkable innovations. Thomas edison invented the mild bulb. If he did no longer invent that we would live in darkish. Because of this thomas edison’s call marks in records.

Any other famous scientist was sir isaac newton. Sir isaac newton informed us approximately gravity. With the help of this, we were capable of discover many different theories.

In India scientists like A.P.J Abdul Kalam turned was there. He contributed lots towards our area studies and defense forces. He made many advanced missiles. These scientists did super work and we will always do not forget them.


The contemporary-day pc has end up an crucial a part of our day by day existence. Also, their usage has extended tons fold over the last decade. In recent times, they use the pc in each workplace whether or not personal or authorities. Mankind is the use of computers for over many a long time now. Also, they may be used in many fields like agriculture, designing, machinery making, defense and many greater. Certainly, they have got revolutionized the entire international.

Records of computers
It is very difficult to locate the precise beginning of computer systems. But in line with some professionals pc exists at the time of world battle-ii. Also, at that time they were used for preserving data. But, it become for most effective government use and not for public use. Principally, in the beginning, the computer changed into a totally large and heavy device.

Working of a pc
The computer runs on a three-step cycle specifically enter, manner, and output. Additionally, the laptop follows this cycle in every process it become asked to do. In simple words, the manner can be explained on this manner. The information which we feed into the computer is enter, the paintings cpu do is technique and the end result which the computer give is output.

Additives and varieties of computer
The simple pc basically consists of cpu, screen, mouse, and keyboard. Additionally, there are hundreds of different laptop parts that can be connected to it. These other parts consist of a printer, laser pen, scanner, and so forth.

The laptop is labeled into many different sorts like supercomputers, mainframes, non-public computers (computer), pdas, laptop, and so forth. The cellular telephone is also a kind of pc because it fulfills all the standards of being a laptop.

Makes use of of laptop in numerous fields
As the use of pc accelerated it have become a need for almost every area to apply computers for their operations. Under we’re mentioning some of the essential fields that use a pc in their daily operation.

Medical field
They use computers to diagnose illnesses, run tests and for finding the cure for deadly diseases. Additionally, they’re able to discover a therapy for lots illnesses due to computer systems.

Whether or not it’s medical research, area studies or any social research computers assist in all of them. Additionally, due to them, we’re able to keep a check on the environment, space, and society. Area research helped us to discover the galaxies. While clinical research has helped us to locate sources and various other useful resources from the earth.

For any u . S . A ., his defence is most crucial for the protection and safety of its human beings. Additionally, laptop on this discipline facilitates the united states’s safety organizations to come across a chance which can be harmful in the future. Above all of the protection enterprise use them to preserve surveillance on our enemy.

Threats from a computer
Computers have grow to be a need additionally, they have got grow to be a danger too. This is because of hackers who thieve your non-public information and leak them on net. Also, anybody can get admission to this data. Apart from that, there are other threats like viruses, spams, computer virus and plenty of different issues.

The pc is a completely critical system that has emerge as a beneficial part of our lifestyles. Also, the computer systems have dual-faces on one facet it’s a boon and on the opposite side, it’s a bane. Its makes use of completely depend upon you. Aside from that, a day inside the destiny will come whilst human civilization won’t be able to live on with out computers as we rely on them an excessive amount of. Until now it’s far a splendid discovery of mankind that has helped in saving hundreds and tens of millions of lives.

Plastic bags and its effects on environment

Plastic bags are a main reason of environmental pollutants. Plastic as a substance is non-biodegradable and as a consequence plastic bags continue to be in the environment for hundreds of years polluting it immensely. It has come to be very essential to prohibit plastic baggage before they destroy our planet completely. Many nations around the world have both positioned a ban at the plastic bag or levi tax on it. But, the problem hasn’t been solved completely due to the fact the implementation of those measures hasn’t been as a success.

Issues due to plastic baggage
Right here are a number of the troubles as a result of plastic bags:

Plastic baggage are non-biodegradable. For that reason, eliminating the plastics is the most important project. T

Deterioration of environment
They may be destroying nature because of their dangerous impact. Plastic baggage have grow to be the primary reason of land pollution nowadays. The plastic bags getting into the water bodies are a first-rate cause of water pollutants. Therefore we are able to finish that those are deteriorating our surroundings in every feasible way.

Harmful for animals and marine creatures
Animals and marine creatures unknowingly consume plastic debris together with their meals. Research suggests that waste plastic baggage were a major purpose for untimely animal deaths.

Cause of infection in people
The production of plastic luggage releases toxic chemical substances. These are the main motive of great contamination. The polluted surroundings is a main reason for diverse diseases which are spreading effortlessly in human beings.

Clogged sewage
Waste plastic baggage are the primary motive for trapping the drains and sewers, especially at some stage in rains. This could result in a flood-like scenario and disrupt the regular lifestyles of human beings.

Motives to ban plastic luggage
There are numerous reasons why the government of numerous nations has come up with strict measures to limit the use of plastic baggage. Some of those include:

Waste plastic baggage are polluting the land and water immensely.
Plastic luggage have end up a threat to the lifestyles of animals dwelling on this planet as well as in water.
Chemical substances launched by using waste plastic bags input the soil and make it infertile.
Plastic baggage are having a poor impact on human health.
Plastic luggage result in the drainage hassle.
Public assist for plastic bag ban
Despite the fact that the indian authorities has imposed a ban on the use of plastic baggage in many states. However people are still sporting those bags. Shopkeepers forestall providing plastic bags for few days simplest in the starting.

It’s time while we all should contribute our bit to make this ban a fulfillment. As a consequence we the knowledgeable lot of society need to take it as our responsibility to prevent the use of plastic baggage. On this manner, we are able to assist the authorities in this campaign.

Some contributions that may be made through people are as follows:

Maintain a tab
That allows you to achieve success on this assignment, we need to hold reminding ourselves approximately the harmful results of the plastic luggage on our nature and preserve a tab on their use. Regularly, we becomes recurring to doing without those bags.

Are seeking for alternatives
There are numerous green alternatives to plastic luggage like reusable jute or fabric bag.

We ought to reuse the plastic baggage we have already got at home as commonly as we can before throwing them away.

Spread cognizance
Even as the government is spreading consciousness approximately the harmful effects of plastic luggage, we can also unfold consciousness via word of mouth.

Although plastic is becoming a huge danger for absolutely everyone, nonetheless this problem has regularly been neglected and underestimated. This is because humans do not look at the long term effect of these small, easy to hold baggage they use in their everyday lifestyles. Except all of these human beings keep using baggage due to their convenience. But now all people has to absolutely stop the usage of the plastic bag to save our surroundings and earth.


Terrorism is an act finished by means of an man or woman or a set of people to threaten the lives of fellow people. It creates an air of worry and anxiety inside the air as people are continually worried approximately their lives and their cherished ones. The folks that dedicate these acts are called terrorists. They perform many acts like shootings, bombings, kidnapping, murders, and many others.

There are kinds of terrorism. The primary kind of terrorism is political terrorism. You can outline political terrorism as the one that creates a large scale of panic among the people. Another type of terrorism is crook terrorism. It’s far related to while humans are abducted for ransoms.

Political terrorism is a higher diploma of terrorism. The reason for that is that it’s far performed via educated specialists who will visit any extent to carry out the act of terror. It is difficult for the regulation-imposing organizations to arrest and system these terrorists.

Terrorism is not constrained to the countrywide limitations of the u . S . A .. The branches of terrorism extend toward global obstacles as well. Local terrorism is the most dangerous one. Those human beings which are dying are scared, and you’ll go to heaven if you dedicate these acts of terror and die. They’re inclined to do something to go to heaven. One-of-a-kind terror agencies have distinctive ideologies.

Every act of terror has a purpose behind it. There are many reasons of terrorism. One of the main reasons of terrorism is the availability of arms and ammunition in vital characteristics. The supply of weapons of mass-destruction is quite simply available to the terrorist-like atomic bombs, guns, hydrogen bombs, missiles, and so on.

There are numerous motives why humans motel to terrorism. One of the reasons is dissatisfaction with the humans walking the united states, the u . S . A .’s monetary problems, lack of education, racism, monetary inequality, and differences in linguistics. Terrorism is one manner those individuals and corporations try to prove their points and justify the same.

The after-effects of terrorism are massive. One act of terrorism leaves a tremendous effect on an individual on my own, and as a network, the impact is more good sized. It leaves the humans in a consistent kingdom of worry and insecurity. Terrorist attacks take the lives of lots of people, and thousands and thousands of products are destroyed.

Some other great impact of terrorism is that it leads to the disbelief of the people in humanity. While people’s disbelief increases, it leads to extra people believing that violence is the answer to human beings’s troubles.

Terrorist attacks aren’t confined to india, it’s miles some thing that it’s friends and the other international locations across the world face and try and take care of it. One of the most substantial terrorist attacks within the global became in september 2001 on the exchange middle. The terrorist leader answerable for the attack on the world’s maximum effective united states of america became osama bin encumbered. This assault at the tallest building inside the world brought about the loss of life of hundreds of people and tens of millions of causalities.

Save Water

“Water is everywhere, however not a drop to drink.” you need to have heard this word many times on your existence. Even though there’s water all round us, in earth’s oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, and many others., maximum of it isn’t drinkable water! The oceans cover up extra than 70 percent of all of the earth’s floor, which is why it’s miles very smooth to raise the question – then why will we say that there’s a shortage of water? It is because the water inside the oceans is so salty that it isn’t always secure to drink it.

Thus, we must depend on the alternative sources of water that the earth presents us, from the rivers that come from glaciers. However, we ought to additionally understand that this water is limited, and could exhaust some a long time down the road. Therefore, it’s far very crucial to apply this water responsibly and do the whole lot we are able to to avoid losing it. Whilst there is lots of water now, if we hold on the use of water for pointless things or losing it, there gained’t be an awful lot left round the world.

What if the water inside the international finishes? Aquatic life such as fish, coral reefs, seahorses, and many others. Will not be able to continue to exist, because they will lose their habitats. We people will now not survive due to the fact our our bodies are made from 70% water, and without it, we can’t preserve ourselves. All of the plant life and animals around us will become extinct too. The earth, which is a planet characterized via its capability to residence life, will no longer be what it is now.

There are numerous approaches to save water, and they’re very easy to inculcate in our daily lives. We need to not depart the tap water running while we are setting cleaning soap while washing our fingers. We can use buckets to take a tub in place of use the bathe, no flushing of the toilet unnecessarily, always completing the water in our glasses in place of throwing it away, and so on. There are numerous greater approaches to shop water, too, however those are simply a number of them for us to apprehend the little things that may be carried out.

It is a common pronouncing that there’s electricity in numbers, this means that that if absolutely everyone get collectively and do our small components in saving water, we are able to genuinely be capable of achieve this together. At the same time as individual acts of saving water can do little, if anybody waste much less water, or more judiciously eat water, it’s going to all upload as much as a extra effort.

Hence, water’s importance is worthwhile in our lives and the lives of all of the species that exist on the planet. It’s far our duty to take care of our planet, and saving water in any way that we are able to is one of the high-quality methods to do this. We ought to always remember that the earth is our home, and we ought to always take care of our domestic and maintain it smooth and peaceful to live in.

Importance of Health and Fitness

One must constantly prioritize his or her health. The word health implies the state of being loose from contamination and offers the concept of being properly. Fitness and health each move hand in hand. Being healthful has a number of blessings, and there are ways of being healthy and healthy in simple terms being wholesome and healthy approach taking desirable care of the frame. A healthful mind endures best in a in shape and healthy frame. A glad thoughts and a healthy body assist you preserve the electricity to obtain success in lifestyles. All people ought to purpose excessive to obtain healthful fitness.

We stay in a global in which our life is stressful. We ought to visit faculties, prepare for checks, tuitions, and so forth. And for maintaining this each day ordinary, we want a healthy mind and focused mind. As time is going on, we’ve got modified, our lifestyle has changed, and we are greater prone to eating junk in place of ingesting healthy domestic food.

Dangerous ingesting may be harmful and can lead to special illnesses. We should eat excellent nutritious meals that’s rich in proteins and nutrients. It’ll help in frame boom, give electricity, and enhance our immune system. Healthy food behavior assist in preventing diverse illnesses. Having natural or food containing fiber enables in cleansing the inner body. Pulses, culmination. Veggies need to be a daily food regimen for a healthy frame. Daily sports are also critical. Gambling diverse outdoor games allows the frame to hold health. Normal morning stroll to maintain you fresh as well as suit. Consuming water is likewise an essential a part of having a suit and healthful body.

The general public often make mistakes with the aid of skipping food or by way of doing immoderate exercise if you want to shed pounds. Eating drug treatments, a cup of soup, or just one meal in a day will not help keep a healthy body. It’ll sluggish down your metabolism and lead to gaining more weight, with a view to make you feel tired and pressured. An dangerous and unfit life-style also outcomes in untimely demise. Obesity and absence of physical health set the stage for diabetes, heart disease, and different serious health troubles.

It is very critical to eat right meals at the suitable time. We will even get help from a dietitian or a nutritionist who can help us with the good enough amount of food we need to consumption in our regular routine. They can investigate, diagnose, suggest, and treat various scientific diagnoses and dietary problems by and large on one-on-one. This can assist us to keep our body suit and wholesome.

Green leafy vegetables have to be eaten. A balanced weight loss plan is important. A right amount of fiber, protein, and diet ought to be taken, and we must do normal fitness workout. Everyday sporting activities are critical as it enables to reinforce up your energy to keep running. Suitable wholesome meals and day by day sports will assist you to live healthy and healthful.

We have to maintain being suit as well as having wholesome food. In some unspecified time in the future in time, our schedule or the disturbing lifestyle hampers our food plan and physique. Therefore we ought to locate change ways to hold ourselves healthy. We are able to stroll using stairs rather than lifts or walk to nearby places in place of taking a automobile. Preserving a proper slumbering hour is likewise very vital in forming a wholesome way of life. Faculty-age kids or teenagers must sleep for at the least nine.Five hours, and adults ought to get 7-9 hours of sleep.

But, staying healthy also helps in the usage of our most strength ability. No longer a unmarried day have to be skipped for making efforts to hold bodily and mental fitness. Staying healthy does assist no longer best physically however additionally emotionally. Proper intellectual fitness paperwork while there may be no pressure and right airing of emotion. Folks that are not mentally suit or have issues letting out feelings frequently have an effect on their health, which leads to panic assaults or every other health issues.

Consequently health results in accurate health. A healthy man or woman can triumph over diseases and can result in an energetic and strain-unfastened lifestyle. Therefore we ought to concentrate on our fitness, have accurate nutritious food, sleep well, and workout often.


Pollution is the system in which unwanted toxic contaminants contaminate our environment like air, water, soil, and so forth. It’s far growing unexpected changes within the atmosphere, that is immediately on circuitously leaving detrimental results at the lives of humans, animals, and plants. It creates an imbalance inside the natural machine. Many stuff that are making our lives easy are harmful to the environment. For example, cars leave gases that pollute the air. Industries and family garbage pollute each water and air.

Every residing being in the world depends on air and water. While those matters get polluted, all the lives on earth come at a chance. It’s far visible that urban areas get more polluted than in rural areas. Though rural areas also get polluted through harmful insecticides utilized in farming lands. Due to pollution, many new illnesses appear day by day, which might be extremely risky for the fitness of residing beings. It has now end up a critical hassle globally. Global warming is now the purpose of headaches for all humans international. It’s miles the pollutants this is indirectly affecting the trade inside the climate. This worldwide trouble wishes immediate action. Otherwise, it will likely be difficult to lead a wholesome way of life.

Forms of pollution

There are numerous types of pollution round us. Here, we can speak greater at the forms of pollution.

Air pollution: it’s far every so often visible like we can see polluted air left by using the cars on the street due to its unique colour. In maximum instances, it isn’t always visible. Polluted air especially influences the eyes and lungs of people as well as animals. It may even kill a residing creature within a few minutes. We recognize about many incidents in which dangerous gas leakage has killed humans. Even herbal failures could make the air toxic. Like volcanic eruptions produce harmful gases that affect human health and other natural assets as properly. Vehicles and factories produce dangerous gases that, in reaction to sunlight, creates thick fog. Air pollution additionally contributes to acid rain. It is able to ruin water existence, forests, etc.

Water pollution: identical like water, one sort of water pollutants is seen like muddy water, water with garbage, and so on. On the identical time, a few visibly smooth water can contain chemicals which are dangerous to our health. Drinking polluted water can motive serious health troubles. A number of human beings die global by means of ingesting infected water. It could additionally circuitously have an effect on humans and animals. Like if we consume a fish from a polluted river or sea, we additionally take in the ability pollution. Natural fuel and oil can also make a contribution to the pollution of water. Liquid wastes from factories additionally pollute the water. Strong wastes disturb the drainage gadget. Sewages, agricultural waste, acid rain are important causes of water pollution.

Soil pollution: stable wastes from factories and families pollute the land. Harmful chemical compounds blend inside the soil thru the insecticides used in agriculture. Pollutants from landfills blend inside the ground and pollute it. While we eat flowers that have grown within the polluted land, we not directly eat contaminants harmful to our health.

Noise pollution: whilst the sound turns into illiberal and reason of disturbance, it’s miles noise pollutants. The sounds of cars, mike, loud song, or equipment motive noise pollution. It causes critical fitness problems like migraine, depression, hypertension, aggressive behavior, and so forth. To humans. It additionally immediately impacts the fitness of animals. It every so often becomes the reason for his or her loss of life.


Many people and animals are dropping their lives or experiencing intense fitness troubles due to the extended level of pollutants. This vital problem wishes instantaneous attention. Most of the causes of pollutants are human activities. So, we have to control such sports that contribute to pollutants. It can at the least decrease the severity of its results.

Importance of Education

Education is a powerful weapon that will help the person to survive the difficulties of life, and to overcome the social stigma such as poverty, fear, and status, in order to be successful. Education is the hope for the development of the Third World, and the world of dominion lands. Compulsory education creates the right conditions for the proper growth and development.

The role of the education system in India

The education sector has the potential to be a revolution for the people, of course, with a skilled and well-educated young people. The nation provides a higher rate of achievement of the objectives of economic growth, and the competition is known as a developed nation. The well-trained people reject all the obstacles that are holding back the growth, and strive hard in order to achieve sustainable development.

The education system in India refers to the process of education, training of human resources in colleges and universities. The government of india reflects some of its economic policies, with an emphasis on the importance of education in India.

The factors that contribute to the significance of education in India:

It is designed to eliminate the volatility of the unemployment rate

An important consequence of the presence is the “unemployment rate”. The unemployment rate is impeding the progress of the nation, which in turn leads to a decrease in the standard of living, and an increase in the crime rate.

In India, it is to be stuck in a critical situation, with almost 58 percent of the jobless graduates, and 77 per cent of the households are deprived of a permanent income tax. About 67% to receive an annual income of about 1.2 lakhs per anum.

In these circumstances people will not be able to afford a good quality of life aand it will take them to a life of poverty and unemployment.

Eliminates Poverty

India is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies in the year 2020, the poverty rate in the country is high and it is one of the greatest evils of illiteracy.

In India, nearly 70.6 million people still live in extreme poverty, and a way to break out of the vicious cycle of poverty is through Education. Education provides high level of skills, resulting in greater access to the labour market, which, in turn, allows for better living.

To eliminate the cabinets

The caste-system is the longest in the social hierarchy in the world and has remained in India. Caste discrimination has been tearing up the path, the path of sustainable development in India. As a company that discriminates on the basis of caste, religion, race, religion, color, continue to be entangled in the bonds of hatred, poverty, and lack of resources.

Education changes a person’s view of caste discrimination. This is what makes it a distinct caste-neutral, with a progressive mindset, which aims to make a constructive contribution to the nation.

Economic stability and growth

Education is an important tool that helps in the achievement of economic growth and stability. Providing education to young people and adults to reveal the hidden potential that could put India on the path of development.

Improvisation is in the health & hygiene

In countries with a high level of illiteracy is associated with poor health and hygiene conditions. India has gone through decades, millions of lives have been lost as a result of diseases caused by a lack of medical supplies and poor sanitation.

In order to improvise, the country’s health-and the health of the sector programmes, such as the “Mission Swah Bharat”, “Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Instagram, etc. are the attraction to the people to be secure under the state university. With the right person, you will get the knowledge about health and hygiene products.

Education is very important for every person in the country as it helps them to increase their knowledge and skill and develops their ability to compete with other people. Thus, it helps to provide them with good quality of life and higher standard of living and at a wider scale contributes in the growth and development of the country.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

What is Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)?

A Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is a form of investment to get controlling ownership in a business in one country by a business or entity based in another country. Generally, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) takes place when an investor is establishing business operations or is acquiring assets in a foreign company. The investment can be of two types:
1) Organically- by expanding the operations of the existing business in another country.
2) Inorganically- by buying the company in another or target country.
It refers to building a new facility and the investing business or entity should have control over 10 percent or more of the voting rights of the business or firm in which it has invested. However, this definition is flexible, as there are instances where the control can be less than 10 percent of the business or firm’s voting shares.
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is the summation of the following:
1) Sum of equity capital
2) long-term capital
3) and short-term capital as reflected in the Balance of Payments (BOP).

History of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Three quarters of the new Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) was acquired by the United States during the period of 1945 to 1960. Since then Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has grown a great importance as a global phenomenon. It no longer remained the exclusive preserve of OECD countries.
After 1945, global FDI flows recovered from depression and war, but there was a transformation in the geographical pattern of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). In 1945-80 most of the investment flow took place within and between the developed countries.
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has grown its importance in the global economy and it accounts a great share in the global GDP. In the early 1900s two third of the world FDI was flowing into present developed countries (which were developing countries at that time). But now FDI is flowing more in the developing countries.
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to developing countries in the early twentieth century was mainly for the exploitation of the natural resources present in the host country. But now government is opening up more areas for the private sector for the development of their country.
Economic liberalization started in India after the 1991 economic crisis and since then Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has gradually increased, which subsequently generated more than one crore (10 million) jobs. Since then many changes are made in FDI policies to attract more foreign investors to invest in India. The new FDI policy does not restrict markets.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) by direction

Inward FDI
Inward Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is encouraged by different economic factors. These include loans, tax breaks, subsidies and the removal of restrictions and limitations. These factors determine the growth of FDI in the country.
Outward FDI
The outward Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is backed by the government for all types of associated risks. This form of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) involves tax incentives, subsidies and risk coverage provided to the domestic industries.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) by target

Greenfield Investment
In Greenfield investments a company operates in other countries by investing n sites, plants, offices, etc. and acquires control over its activities.
Horizontal FDI
It means when a business or fir duplicates its home country based activities at the same value in a host country through Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).
Vertical FDI
It takes place when a business or firm through Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) moves upstream or downstream in different value chains.

Benefits of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Advantages to the investor:
1) Market diversification

The diversification strategies are developed in order to reduce the risks perceived by investors. The investors can diversify their business by investing in various stocks of foreign companies, mergers and acquisitions, investing in already established companies or firms, etc. This helps them to diversify their business and their market in various foreign companies.

2) Tax incentives

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) provided by the foreign company helps the company which it has invested in to provide them with expertise, technology and products. Therefore, the foreign investor gets tax incentives that are useful for their select area of business.

3) Low labour costs

The foreign investor gets skilled labour in developing countries like India at very cheap rates which results in increasing their profits by cutting down their costs.

Advantages to the host country:
1) FDI leads to economic development

It results in opening of factories and businesses in the host country for which labor and other sources are utilized. It also increases employment rate in the host country because of the large scale employment that takes place in a newly established business or firm.

2) FDI increases employment opportunities

The service and manufacturing sectors of the host country receive a boost which results in a large scale creation of jobs. People are employed for these jobs created and now they have a source of income.

3) FDI helps in development of human resources

The employees are known as human resources. They are provided with adequate training and skills required for the respective jobs, which help to boost their knowledge. As more and more people are trained, they can train others also which will be beneficial for the economy.

4) FDI helps in development of backward areas

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) enables the transformation of backward areas of the host country into industrial centers. The people employed in the industrial sectors get job which increases their standard of living.

5) FDI leads to creation of a competitive market

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) creates a competitive environment in the host country for the already existing domestic firms. A healthy competition pushes these domestic industries or firms to continuously enhance their products and services.

Investment Risks

1. Economic Risk

This type of risk refers to the country’s ability to pay back its debts. The economies which are stronger and have stable finances provide more reliability for investments than the economy which is weaker and has unstable finances.

2. Political Risk

This type of risk refers to the political decisions made in a country that might lead to unanticipated loss for the investors. Political risk is associated with the willingness of a country to pay off its debts.

3. Sovereign Risk

This is the risk that a foreign central bank will change its foreign exchange regulations which could result in nullifying or reducing the value of its foreign exchange contracts.

Market Size

According to the Department of Promotion of Industry and International Trade (DPIIT), Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) equity flow in India stood at US$ 521.47 billion between April 2020 and December 2020, which indicates that the government’s efforts to improve the ease of doing business in India and relaxing FDI norms lead to very good results.
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) equity flow in India stood at US$ 521.47 billion in 2020-21 (between April 2020 and December 2020). The data for 2020-21 indicates that the top four sectors which attracted the highest FDI inflows were:
• computer hardware and software sector – US$ 24.39 billion
• construction (infrastructure activities) – US$ 7.15 billion
• Service sector – US$ 3.86 billion
• Trading sector – US$ 2.14 billion
Highest Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) equity inflows from other countries in India in 2020-21 (between April 2020 and December 2020):
• Singapore – US$ 15.72 billion
• United States (US) – 12.83 billion
• United Arab Emirates (UAE) – US$ 3.92 billion
• Mauritius – US$ 3.48 billion
• Cayman Islands – US$ 2.53 billion
• Netherlands – US$ 2.44 billion
• United Kingdom (UK) – US$ 1.83 billion
States that received highest Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) equity inflows in 2020-21 (between April 2020 and December 2020):
• Gujarat – US$ 21.24 billion
• Maharashtra – US$ 13.64 billion
• Karnataka – US$ 6.37 billion
• Delhi – US$ 4.22 billion

Flow of FDI in India over the years (2010-2019)

From the graph it is visible that the FDI inflows from 2010-2019 kept varying year after year.

• India’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) for 2019 was $50.61 billion, a 20.17% increase from 2018.
• India’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) for 2018 was $42.12 billion, a 5.38% increase from 2017.
• India’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) for 2017 was $39.97 billion, a 10.01% decline from 2016.
• India’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) for 2016 was $44.46 billion, a 1.02% increase from 2015.


FDI flow into an economy benefits the economy in terms of investment capital, technology transfer, management skills, and job creation. It also improves the standard of living of the people and encourages domestic firms to improve themselves in product specialization and have the ability to withstand competition from other firms.
We have seen in the report that in many sectors flow of FDI has increased over the period of time, but there are still some sectors in which 100% FDI is not allowed. We saw the performance of various sectors over the years. In recent years, FDI inflows have increased in the Education, Non-Conventional Energy, Hospital and Diagnostics sectors. Like them many other sectors are also performing very well. However, Hotel and Tourism, Construction, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals are among the sectors receiving inconsistent FDIs annually.
We also saw a consistent increase in annual FDI inflows over the decades. This was only possible because of the measures taken by the government on the fronts of FDI policy reforms, investment facilitation and ease of doing business have resulted in increased FDI inflows into the country over the years due to which India is getting very high FDI inflows as compared to previous years and we hope the same to continue for a long period of time.
FDI is not only an alternative to domestic investment, but can also improve the host country’s balance of payments. It is one of the major stimuli to economic development of the developing countries, like India.

Why “INTERNSHIP” is important?

First, we need to be clear about what is an internship. An internship is the position or opportunity for a student or a trainee to work in or for an organisation. The trainee or student is paid or sometimes not paid, but the sure thing is he/she gets the work experience, acquires new skills and establishes connection with a great number of people. And, training is the part of internship in which the trainee gets the teaching to acquire a particular skill.

Now the question is why do we need to do an internship? So, there are many reasons why should you do that. First, you get to apply your knowledge, what all you have learnt in your classroom, there will be a practical implementation of all that in the internship. Doing an internship helps you to gain experience in the market of the career you want to pursue. Despite of gaining experience it provides you an edge over other candidates applying for a job and you also get the confidence to work for that job as you already know what is expected from you in that particular job position as you have already worked for the same in your internship. It also helps in increasing your network. You get to interact with the officials in the field in which you want to pursue your career as well as you form connections with the other people who have same interests as you. And trust me, having connections surely improves your chances of getting selected for a job. You also acquire professionalism in your work. You also acquire skills such as communication, leadership, problem-solving, etc. while working in an internship. You get to know about how organizations work in real, how work is done in reality, how you have to meet up to the expectations of the particular internship by training and developing the required skills. You are aware of the workplace culture which no textbook can help you with unless experienced while working in reality. You get to build your resume. Believe me, your resume will look much stronger if you have done an internship in the field you are applying for a job. You get a professional feedback in the form of certificates and letter of recommendation (LOR) from the employer or organisation you worked under during your internship. You get to learn a lot from others working around you. You can learn from both the positive and negative qualities of the other person. You get to know what you like and what you don’t like to work for before getting a job.

At the end, I will ask you all to do an internship. Do as many internships in different fields which intrigue you. At present you can see almost everyone around you doing some kind of internship or training. You don’t want to fall back and be that person who does not have skills which other people at the same position as yours have. So, the conclusion is train yourselves hard to gain the skills required to stand the competition of the present rapidly growing world.