Independence Day

Independence Day which is celebrated on 15th August ecery year is the national holiday of India. India most effective has 3 national gala’s that are celebrated by using the whole state as one. One being the Independence Day (fifteenth august) and the opposite being republic day (twenty sixth january) and gandhi jayanti (2d october). After independence, India became the largest democracy in the international. We fought very difficult to get our independence from the britishers.

History of our Independence Day
The Britishets ruled India for around 200 years and the citizen of our country at that time suffered plenty because of these oppressors. British officials deal with us like slaves until we manipulate to combat again against them.

We struggled for our independence tirelessly and selflessly under the steering of our leaders Jawahar Lal Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi, Chandra Shekhar Azad, and Bhagat Singh. Some of those leaders choose the course of violence while some pick non-violence. But the ultimate goal of these was to pressure out the britishers from our country. Another reason is to consider the sacrifices and lives we’ve misplaced in this war. Except, we celebrated it to remind us that this freedom that we revel in is earned the hard manner.

Why do we celebtate Independence Day?
Independence Day is celebrated as the matk of independence our country got from the harsh and cruel rule of Btitishers. Our leaders and many people sacrificed their lives fighting for our independence from the rule of Britishers for a period of more than 200 years.
Aside from that, the joy and proud wakes up the patriot internal us. Together with celebration, the young generation is acquainted with the struggles of the people who lived at that point.

Activities on Independence Day
Schools, offices, societies, and faculties rejoice this present day by using organizing diverse small and big activities. Assemblies are conducted in the school, one day before the Independence Day to celebrate the independence our country got after so many sacrifices and years of struggle. People hoist flags in their societies, home, schools, public places, etc. and sing National Anthem.

Each year on the Red Fort Prime Minister of India host the national flag. In the honor of the event, 21 gunshots are fired. That is the begging of the principle occasion. This event is later on accompanied through an navy parade.

The faculty and schools prepare cultural activities, fancy get dressed competitions, speech, debate, and quiz competition.

Importance of Independence Day
Every Indian holds a specific point of view approximately indian independence. For a few, it’s a reminder of the long struggle while for kids it stands for the honour of the country. Exceptionally, we see the feeling of patriotism across the whole country.

The Indian’s rejoice Independence Day with a sense of nationalism and patriotism across. On this day each citizen echoes with festive feeling and pride within the diversity and solidarity of the humans. It’s not simplest a party of independence but also of the cohesion in range of India.