It took me a lot of trouble to become such beautiful!! Wear your pain as your pride!! – Butterfly

Never stop dreaming, Never stop chasing your dreams. Remember you are a treasure and one can never find a treasure that easily. Find yourself, Love yourself cause self is the one wolf that is not cunning in this world. Never show your pain to this world, Wear the pain as your Pride just like a butterfly.. Fly high and lead a colourful life!!


Life Savers

When you can’t praise them for what they do, then you can’t criticize them too..

Tired of hearing death news? Exhausted by listening to the news of Covid-19 cases? And the answer is YES! But where is the solution? No one knows except the super power above us. There are lakhs of people dying every day because of Covid-19 and there are a billion people who die out of starvation. There are people who die out of mental stress. People find life difficult without their loved ones, people move into depression, people hate life. Will this situation come to an end? If yes then when? If no then what is the solution? And we’ve got no answer! But there are people who sacrifice their lives to save their fellow humans. Have you ever thought how a doctor feels when the patient he treated dies? They try hard to save a life just because they came to a profession which is to serve people. How will the nurse feels when all her sacrifices and nursing fail at the end? They do have heart feelings and emotions. Just because they are doctors and nurses it doesn’t mean that their hearts are made of stone. Like a family they treat you with ease and like a friend they accompany you when your family and friends wants you to be in isolation. They give their life to save you even after knowing the cruelty of this virus, just because they value your life. It takes at least a week for them to come out of one death of a patient who is under their concern and when people die in thousands and lakhs just think of them. Even though they put all those aside and they move forward to treat another life. Have you ever asked a nurse or a doctor whether he/she had her food? But they do when they visit you in your wards. And that is what makes them life savers. Just because they smile at you it doesn’t mean that they are happy. They do have family and loved ones who are facing the same situation. And they undergo more than what we face. And the least we can do to them now is stop blaming them. We need to understand their situation too and they skip their meals and forget to sleep just to save one life. We don’t know how many of the criticizers now can leave their family and treat a stranger. Let us stop criticizing the noble people and let us encourage them, thank them and love them for their noble works. Let us lend our love to keep up their spirit. And when you can’t do this you have got no right to criticize them.

We Shall Overcome

Stay Safe

Stay Home Stay Safe is the phrase being heard every now and then these days. It’s not just a phrase it’s something that acts as an open secret to keep your life with yourself. People die and heal simultaneously. It seems like it’s time for the mother earth to take revenge on human beings. Other than humans all the other resources are really well. Being in lock down the air is not polluted, tourism places are not littered, the rivers, lakes and ponds are clean. All these are literally free from the nuisance caused by humans. Mother earth is healing all her resources. She has given so many chances for us to realize her importance, but we failed in keeping her resources safe and secure and finally she has got this only way, that is only if the mother earth punishes humans and keep them shut indoors all her other resources shall be in peace. As humans we failed to pay her debt and now it’s her time to take action on humans. The ratio of people dying is greater than those that heal. All of a sudden all that was valued as treasures before seems garbage now and oxygen is the most important of all. Where the world is heading to? None knows! At least by now realize that we are the only cause for this to happen to us. We dug our own with graves leading to this situation. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? But we still have today. Have some heart to save nature. Plant a tree beside your house, you may or may not benefit with it, but it’s a promise that our future generation need not suffer like we do. Don’t be haunting yourself with thoughts that depress you, instead do some gardening in your backyard, plant some veggies and green leaves that help you to eat healthy. Stay indoors, so that you may save your life and your loved ones. Life is unpredictable, so live your life worth within your time. To all those who lost you dear ones in this world, to those who are in sick bed, to all those who don’t know what life holds next for you, Stay positive, never let your worries overrule you. We shall overcome.

Curfew Vs Lockdown

Difference between curfew and lockdown:
Curfew is an order or law that commands people to stay indoors after a certain time at night. In a curfew the Police Commissioner and the Collector holds the power. In addition to the act 144 all the other things are shut even the essentials except from emergency services like hospitals. The essentials such as grocery stores, vegetables, milk shops, ATM’s will also be shut during curfew. The district administration is free from the action once the curfew is implemented. Only the cops and the administrative people are allowed to come outdoors. The police have got all the rights to arrest a person who violates the curfew.
Lockdown is under the control of the chief medical officer in a particular area under epidemic diseases act 1897. In a lockdown there should not be more than five people in closed quarters. All the essentials such as grocery stores, milk shops, ATM’s and vegetables will be open. In a lockdown the police don’t have the rights to arrest anyone who violates the lockdown, instead they can warn and advice the people to stay home. But if the person adversarial then the police have got all the rights to arrest the person under the section 269 and 270 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Be it Curfew or Lockdown please stay indoors. The world is facing the biggest crisis now and as humans we hold the greatest responssibility to save our own people. Amidst this pandemic people lend their helping hands just to save the fellow beings and keeping all these in mind and heart we should stay home. Stay Home Stay Safe..


Faced all the struggle
Together as a Couple
When something else Muddle
You move things Subtle
Even when problems Juggle
You bring each other Snuggle
Life is like a Puzzle
And you solve it with a Chuckle!.

“Love is like two people holding a rubber band on either side, Even if one leaves it will hurt the other one the most” This is a known phrase and it hits hard. There is nothing in this world greater than love and when it comes to marriage and family the couple in the family holds the most responsibilities. And when something turns up and when troubles come they should make important decisions in family. And this needs mutual understanding to solve everything that comes their way. Love is the base to live a beautiful life. Being a couple is not about one’s dreams and achievements to succeed but it’s the both of them. To lead a peaceful life the fundamental qualification is love and understanding each other. This comes with life’s experience and the things you face together.

Eternal Love

Can somebody love you more than the sand on the seashore?
Can somebody love you more than the waves in the sea?
Can somebody love you with all your imperfections?
Can somebody love you with all your flaws?
Can somebody love you even if you hurt that person?
Can somebody love you even if you hate that person?
Can somebody love you without any expectations?
Can somebody love you until their last breath?
Finally I have found that somebody
And that somebody is nobody
None other than my best buddy
Called as MOM.


To all the selfless mom’s in this selfish world… Happy Mother’s Day

To be the support system for me
You have sacrificed much of what you need
To be the best mom in the world
You have struggled more to bring me up
To keep me blooming
You lost your health
To make me the superlative
Yoy did not mind losing ur time with a relative
To put me in peak on my life’s graph
You went through troughs in your life
After all that you have been doing for me
I could give you in return is this alone
The guardian angel of our family
Thank you for what you are..

Joy of Writing

You can make anything by writing. -C.S.Lewis

The most amazing feeling is penning our feelings into paper. Have you ever done that? If not try it out and you’ll be relaxed. It’s the hardest thing to an extent and the most beautiful thing to another extent. If you really angry on someone try penning it down, pour all your feelings into the paper and later when you finish your piece of work you’ll be happy and relieved. When you are sad you might feel it hard to pen it down but once if you have the courage to do you’ll make the best of your works. “Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on” says Louis L’Amour. Writing is an art that refuses to be efficient. It’s not the liability of writing but its strength. You must write in order to say what you wanted to tell, no matter how sure you are when you begin. Writing fosters one’s ability to explain what he/she wanted to tell. This process also preserves memories and ideas. When you had a lovely day try to put all your feelings into the pen and paper, and later after some years when you read it you’ll have the same happiness and joy even after years. That is the reason most people have their personal diaries where they feed it with all their happiness, joy, sorrow, anger and pain. Be it good or bad you’ll smile when you look at it after years. Isabel Allende says “Write what should not be forgotten” Writing what you feel makes you mentally strong. To write what you feel is the most courageous thing you can do. Many can write what makes them happy but when something worries you and writing what makes you feel bad is really good and that will make you feel relaxed at the other end. Just leave all your worries with that full stop (.) on your paper. And when you raise your pen above the paper you’ll feel like rising above the storm and that gives you strength to overcome the troubles that comes your way. Martin Luther King says “If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write” Write as much as you can, there’s no limit for what you write but what you write should be revised a multiple times. The more you revise your work the more better you work will turn into. Not every first draft can be the best, but it doesn’t matter how the first draft looks but what matters is how your final draft is. C.J.Cherryh says, “It is perfectly okay to write garbage as long as you edit it brilliantly” this may sound funny but this is the truth that makes every writer stronger than before. Just put all your emotions into paper with the flow of your pen.


Life teaches us to make good use of Time,
While Time teaches us the value of Life.

Time never runs fast or slow but according to our mindset we say time ran so fast. Punctuality is such a small quality which holds a greater strength like a small chisel that turns a stone into a sculpture. Time management is the chisel and the sculpture is life. Manage your time perfectly and the rest will be perfect. As the proverb sounds “Time and Tide waits for none”, time is precious because once you lost you can never regain it in life. Time is the most valuable thing in this world and hence one should use in the most possible way which is good for us and people around us. The most possible way of utilizing time in perfect way is making schedules before you start up the day. Set long and short term goals to make use of time in a most effective manner. Time is the only thing in the world that is limitless. As William Penn quotes “Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” Time has the ability to make one richer or poorer according to how you make use of it. Our whole life revolves around time and we don’t know when the time ends for us in this world. It is just a matter of second that many lives passed away from this world. So make use of your own time when it is available and wasting now and regretting later is of no use. There is another saying that goes like this Time is a created thing. To say, “I don’t have time” is to say “I don’t want to”. If you have a heart to do you’ll find time to do. Time is one thing where you make use of it properly, it will reward you in the best way. None knew how much time he/she have got in this world full of twists and turns, make sure you use the given time wisely in the most useful way. People usually say time changes things, but one should change to change for his/her self. There is a quote by Haruki Murakami which says “Time expands, then contracts, all in tune with the stirrings of the heart”. Use time wisely and enjoy the rewards of victory by it.

Dr.Ida Scudder

Only those who can see the Invisible
Can achieve the Impossible”
             -Dr.Ida Scudder

Dr. Ida Sophia Scudder was a third-generation American medical missionary who came to serve people in India. The first and second generation of the Scudder family served as medical missionaries in India and Ida as a young girl wanted to spend a lavish lifestyle in America. Her parents were working as medical missionaries in India and once Ida happened to visit India to meet her parents. That night there came a man knocking her door and he pleaded to operate his wife who is going to give birth. Ida said him that she is not a doctor but her father who is a doctor can help him. But the man refused saying that no men is allowed to operate his wife. She was shocked by his answer. Then came another man for the same reason and he refused saying the same. She felt very bad in her heart for the women of this nation. Then came the third man and refused because the doctor is a male. Later on Ida heard that the three women died. She felt so bad and she decided to finish her studies and come and serve the Indian women for the rest of her life. That was her life-changing experience and she dedicated the rest of her life for the plight of Indian women and the fight against bubonic plague, cholera and leprosy. She started a tiny medical dispensary for women at Vellore, Tamil Nadu. She knew that it is impractical to go on alone, so she opened The Mary Taber Schell Hospital in 1902. For the betterment of the South Indian women she decided to open a medical school for girls only. There were 151 applications on the first year in 1918. In 1928 ground was broken for the “Hillsite” medical school campus on 200 acres at Bagayam, Vellore. That year Mahatma Gandhi visited the medical school. She travelled to America numerous times to raise funds for the college and hospital, raising a total in the millions. In 1945 the college was opened or both men and women. In 2003, the Vellore Christian Medical Center was the largest Christian hospital in the world, with 2000 beds and its medical school is now one of the premier medical colleges in India. CMC Vellore has brought many significant achievements to India by starting the first nursing college in 1946 and by performing the first reconstructive surgery for leprosy in the world (1948). CMC Vellore performed the first successful open heart surgery in 1961, performing the first kidney transplant in India (1971), performing first bone marrow transplantation in 1986 and the first successful incompatible kidney transplant in India in 2009. Dr. Scudder won Elizabeth Blackwell Citation from the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary as one of 1952’s five outstanding women doctors. Dr. Ida Sofia Scudder died on May 23, 1960 aged 89 in her Hilltop bungalow in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu.


Is being happy a Sin? Happiness is something that each and every human needs and it is the most demanding thing in this universe. Sometimes we are hurt and we when we find our happiness missing, that will be the saddest part of human life. Happiness is the only thing that can expand your life span. But people now a days are dying at thirty’s and forty’s because of heart attacks and other sudden incidents. Peace gives you more birthdays’s in earth. Lead a peaceful life in this earth. There is only one life and we don’t know who cherished our birth and we’ll not know who cries on our death. Meanwhile there is this thing called life and we meet different people at different occassions. Just give them love and do something to add a smile on their faces. What you may do is a small help but because of that if someone receives a priceless reward called happiness then don’t ignore to keep them happy. Happiness is something that most people don’t receive because of their surrounding. The most happiest period is childhood and sone kids don’t even receive that because of broken families. Some lose their happiness among their co-workers in work place. Learn a simple principle in life, You are going to lose nothing by making others happy, by adding smile to someone else. Just make someone happy and you will know how happy it is to make someone else happy.


The purest form of love!

When I was a child
I remember the special way you smiled
When people showed me only anger
You are the one who is my anchor
When people points out only my mistakes
You alone are the medicine for my heartaches
When people said you are good for nothing
You strengthened me that “you can do everything”
When the whole world is fake
Your love alone is pure for my sake
Even the whole world is against me
I know you’ll be beside me
For all the great things you’ve done
I’ll be grateful to you till the end.
He is my love and my world
He is my dad.


To the one who is assiduous, 
Who makes students studious..
To the one who is diligent,
Who brings up children intelligent..
To the one who is earnest,
Who always gives the best..
To the one who is determined,
Who give rise to pupils with great mind..
To the one whose charm is unmatched,
Who gets everyone enthused..
To the one who mould clays into pots,
Wishing you a life that lasts long!!.

Teachers always play an important role in the future of countries, because they mould young minds into better citizens. A teacher is one who gives impact over the lives of his/her students. Teachers are also called as second parents as they take a vital role in disciplining the children. Children being young and innocent believe and trust their teachers with all their heart and mind. Teaching is the most sacrificial profession and the best part is this is the only field in which one can gain by yielding. They don’t keep anything for themselves instead they give all the knowledge they received. Sometimes a student can be more attached to a teacher than his/her family. A teacher is someone who can read the minds by looking at their face, and some teachers are like saviour for some children. There are teachers who support the families of needy children and there are teachers who take up the expenses of their students who cannot afford their educational fees. To some they are second parents and to some they are the God fathers and God mothers. Teachers have the responsibility of making up a better society. Huge thanks to all those teachers who gave sacrificial doctors, social workers, and people who work for the public amidst this pandemic. It’s a part that belongs to those teachers who gave brighter students with such good mind and heart.

Child Abuse

Childhood is a period of life that every human life enjoys the most. That is the most carefree period of life where one never need to bother about what’s next? Probably most of the people wants to return to childhood in their forty’s and sixties and some even in thirty’s, and that is true. But not all people wish to return to childhood, because they never had a sweet and carefree childhood life. There is a saying “Children are the gifts from God” but there are many children suffering without a family and basic needs. Some children are abused and treated like servants just because they are adopted. Just because they don’t have anybody else in this vast and wide world they sacrifice their most valuable period of time to the so called “parents” who just need them to do their chores. And there are children who are stuck in between mother and father and sometimes they feel like, its better they don’t have one such family. It’s not their family that is broken but it is the hearts and dreams of those little kids. Child abuse is usually done by the parents or guardians who are frustrated with their situations. People say God lives in a child but some people without understanding this they abuse kids and ruin their future. Child abusing is a crime and it leaves a lasting imprint on the young minds forever. However hard they try to forget some incidents still remain as a scar in the mind. Child abuse is done to an extent of raping a kid at a very young age and that brings her a sense of fear and she holds that within her until the end of her life. There are also children working in factories and restaurants as child labors. Every employer should know that you cannot have children below 18 years of age as workers. One should keep in mind that we should abolish child labor and child abuse from its very roots. A famous line goes like this “There is no greater inhumanity in the world than hurting or belittling a child”.


In a dark night
You shine so bright,
Inspite of your height
You make me delight,
When I'm in plight
You're out of my sight,
And its a fullmoon night
You're here to make my heart lite!!.

Ever tried speaking with the moon? Moon is one best friend whom you can rely in solitude. It can bring calmness and peace within you. Sometimes you can feel the warmth of being around someone who cares about you for real. And sometimes you can feel the person whom you miss the most in this world replying you from a far place just to keep you company. And it really feels awesome to have such experience. Mostly people see their loved ones who expired in this world in moon. Sometimes when you don’t see the moon ‘cause of some scientific reasons and still we feel like playing the person who kept company is abandoning you, and sometimes we see the clouds moving and the moon is just like playing hide and seek with us. And that feels great and it is the best companion one could ever get. Sometimes I feel moon is just possessive over the people whom it loves, because only when you are in silence and calm environment you can feel the warmth of its love. The world at present faces a crucial situation and it will be great if each human cherishes the little things around him/her. There are families broken and people dying unexpectedly. One will never know what the next second holds in his/her life. But cherishing the little happiness which nature provides in free of cost will help greater to overcome the struggles. Just because all, these are free of cost we don’t know the value of them. There is only one life, don’t miss such amazing and fabulous things which the nature yields.


Break the sheath
Emerge from the ground beneath
Raise above the storm
To flourish and bloom..

Self-Confidence is the most valuable thing one can hold. Even if you earn billions if you lack self-confidence you are not worthy enough to be called as perfect. This is one virtue one can stick on to the entire life and the one who lacks self-confidence probably can never succeed in life. Life is the greatest teacher who can teach valuable lesson during its course period called life. And the best thing it teaches is self-confidence and self-motivation. Motivation to your self can lead you to higher achievements and greatest success in life. This is the stairs to victory. Climbing up these stairs is not an easy task without self-confidence and self-motivation. Self-love is the truest love one can hold on in this earth. If you can’t yourself then you can never love anybody else truly. As every single person on this earth knows that life is not a bed of roses, life is filled with ups and downs. But that is not permanent either up or down your level will be changed for sure and nothing can help you overcome except for self-confidence. Being confident in yourself is like plucking a rose amidst the thorns. Once if you cross the thorns and reach the rose, the rose belongs to you. But if you deny going through the thorns you will never reach the rose. Life is filled with thorns and you must have confidence in your own self to reach greater heights. Success comes to those who believe in their abilities. A person with self-confidence is one who is hardworking, optimistic, independent and meaningful in nature. Just believe that you can do anything and everything. Motivate yourself in different ways to keep your mind away from disappointments. Learn from failures, Overcome Struggles, Raise and Shine.

An untold story of a woman

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story within you – Maya Angelou

I was loved
When I was born
I was admired
When I began to crawl
I was adorned
When I started to walk
I was cherished
When I tried to talk
I was applauded
When I ranked top
I was treasured
When I was young
I was harrased
When I was still young
I was scared
When I wanted to tell
I was splintered
When being hunted
I was crumpled
When I was alone
I was priced
When I got married
I was shattered
When sent away from home
I was betrayed
When I had trust
I was veiled
When to be known
I was unmarked
When I had good marks
I was unnamed
When holding a surname
I was waitered
When serving food at home
I was bewildered
When facing troubles more
I was dejected
When in bedstead
I was admired
When I was missed
I was loved again
When I was dead!!


Feminism is not about blaming men but it is all about the equality of men and women in social economic and political arenas. Feminism believes for equality and opportunity. It is often misunderstood as a hostile movement. The dictionary defines feminism as “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes”. Feminism does not deny the biological differences between sexes but it denies the superiority of genders. Feminism was coined by a French Philosopher and a utopian socialist, Charles Fourier in the year 1837. Women by feminist campaign achieved in owning their rights such as, right to vote, right to public property, right to employment, right for education etc. Feminism believes in a women’s right to sexual autonomy. It is not essentially a woman’s movement but a movement for all genders. #ME TOO Movement is an organ of feminist movement. The ideology of feminism is a movement started in 19th century appealing for the rights on the grounds of equality of sexes. The notable feminists are Virginia Wolf, Emma Watson and Malala Yousufzai. The ideology of feminism varies and it has a vast spectrum of action. The kinds of feminism are:
Liberal Feminism: This focuses on women’s individuality and independence. Freedom is the key to development and this demands equality and liberty.
Radical Feminism: Radical feminism believes that male chauvinism is the major reason for the oppression of women. This is a part which arose from the civil liberties movement of 1967-68.
Marxist and Social Feminism: this incorporates and extends Marxist theory. This says women’s liberation can be achieved only when the capitalist system in which they contend much of women’s labor is uncompensated.
Cultural Feminism: this is the recent transformation of radical feminism. This is an attempt to create a change in society and it persuades to increase its acceptance.
Eco Feminism: Eco feminism believes that the exploitation of patriarchal resources is the best solution for women’s liberation which is more of spiritual ideology
The movement is distinctly divided into four waves and the first wave was the movement that led to the voting rights for women, the second wave is a civil liberty movement, then the third one focused on individuality which paved way for the black feminism and interracial feminism. This focused on individuality and personal liberty. The fourth and the most important recent movement is addressing on sexual harassment and rape cases. Feminism is a basic human right movement in today’s world.

Happy Birthday to the one in Hevean

The Angel’s frosting cake
For your First B’day in paradise..
The heavenly choir’s anthem
With joyful songs for you..
Your special day in heaven you celebrate
And in earth we comemorate..
Mind denies to accept your abscense
Heart longs for one last time!
To hear what you have come to say before years
I never knew you would leave us this sooner!
Leaving behind pain and guilt to me for a lifetime
I wanted you to leave me all those days..
But I never wanted you to leave this world
I didn’t love you then..
But I have never hated you, I swear..
I hurted you when you came with love
But I never expcted this as the punishment..
You knw what I went through then
And what I am going through now!!
Sorry, I couldn’t put into better words
What I really feel!
I just belive dat you look down upon me
And read this unsent letter to heaven

Return If Possible!!

Spirulina Supplements

Spirulina is derived from sea algae which hold numerous minerals like copper, magnesium, manganese, protein and vitamin-B. Since there are many brands introducing Spirulina supplements one should mark out the best product.
Now Food Spirulina Tablets
The most recommended number one product in India is Now Foods Spirulina tablets. This is a blue-green micro algae which contains proteins, minerals and Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA). This is an organic certified product which contains no excipients, binders or additives. This is a complete dietary supplement certified by FASSAI. Vegetarians can put all their trust in this product because this is 100% vegetarian product and it does not contain any harmful filters that cause irritations or allergies like gluten or soy.
Himalayan Organics-Organic Spirulina
This is also a dietary organic vegetarian supplement which contains plant based nutrients that helps to fight against allergies. This is also a stress buster and it boosts stamina. This is useful in detoxification of body aid and to reduce fatigue. This product contains good amount of Spirulina and its capsules are made of natural ingredients. But still this product has its own limitation that is the product has gluten which is not good for allergies.
Parry’s Organic Spirulina
Parry’s Organic Spirulina is the third one which is cultivated naturally and 100% vegetarian super food. This is enriched with proteins minerals and nutrients that help in metabolism. This also improves bone health. This product is made from only Non-GMO ingredients. It is free from gluten soy or milk. But still it is not recommended for people with sensitive skin and it does not cost much for its price is much affordable.
Sunova Organic-Organic Spirulina
Sunova organic is rich in iron and improves hemoglobin levels. This contains more nutrients and photo nutrients. It comprises of 60-65% proteins. This is an organic product whose price supplement is quite low. This is approved by FSSAI, and so no need to have a second chance to buy it. It yields a lot of energy and power – boosting supplement in which all the micro-nutrients are available in natural form.
Naturz Ayurveda Spirulina-Green Food Supplement
This is a multi-nutrient supplement rich in vitamins and powerful anti-oxidants, essential amino acids and beneficial enzymes. This is a budget-friendly product and this is free from gluten and other allergic substances. It helps in building immunity and this is a FASSAI tested safe product to consume. Its drawbacks are it is not 100% natural product and it shows its result much later than the previous products.


Found a true love? Just cling to that Love which can take you higher than the sky and deeper than the ocean♡

Each person in this world believes that there is a supreme power above them and some name it God and some call it Fate. But the thing is each and every life in this earth is controlled by this supreme power and it decides the life span of every life. Each and every person in this universe is destined to fate and fate decides everything in life. People usually say one can never change the fate that is written in their life and every single incident in their life happens according to the fate. That seems true and the fate can never be decided as we wish. Most of the times people question, is there any God? And some others question don’t God have eyes? And some sighs with a phrase, what can change the fate? There are so many questions that can be added but there is no specific answer for it. People fail to cherish one another when they live in this world and they regret after their life on earth is over. One will never know which moment the supreme power will take away their life, so learn to cherish people in life. Live life to its fullest ‘cause life is once and that can never be destroyed. Show some love to people around you so that all their worries can be disappeared. Not everybody in this world needs money but each and every person in this world needs love to survive. Sometimes some fear to be happy just because their happiness never lasted long. Sometimes happiness seems like an illusion in life and life is just unfair. Nothing can heal such situations in life except love. If someone loves you value their love, when someone can love you with all your imperfections just stay beside them and live the life to its fullest. Only a very few can love you to such extent in this world full of selfishness. The only thing you should do is, trust the person who loves you and cherish every moment of your life with them. Sometimes we feel, “when everything is fake, why the pain alone is real?” and such situations can be well handled by the person who loves you for real. Love is just a word until someone comes into your life and defines it. That person may be your mom, dad, brother, sister, best friend, in laws, lover, beloved or spouse. Just cherish each and every moment with them and lead a beautiful life. It’s hard to find a love that can truly love and can do anything to have you and just you. Once if you find such people just keep them with you and lead a peaceful life.

Decroly Method

Decroly method is a program which is based on centers of interest and educative games. This method is named after Oride Decroly a Belgian pioneer in the education of physically disabled children. He was aphysician and then became involved in school for disabled children and in consequence became interested in education. Decroly contributed home like atmosphere in schools which helped the students to achieve better and compatible educational output than able students in regular schools. Decroly method of teaching was based on three processes, (1) observation (2) expression and (3) association of space and time. Unlike Montesorri’s children, Decroly children worked with real things drawn from everyday life. According to Decroly the universal needs of a child are: food, protection against danger, endurance for frustrations of life, work, play, self-evaluation and self-discipline. Environment is an important aspect to Decroly’s teaching method and children should be encouraged to pursue activities based on observation, association and expression.


Words are the most powerful weapons used to stab and to heal. Words are like double edged sword. People say think before you speak because words once spit out can never be taken back. It takes a fraction of second to hurt someone by words, but its takes a longer period to heal. The phrase of Longfellow goes like this, “A torn jacket is soon mended; but hard words bruise the heart of a child”. There are people who longs for some kind words and there are people who waits for a chance to hurt others. It’s easy to treat a wound in body but a wound in heart takes its own time to heal. Words are our strength and our weakness. Your words can inspire and influence people, and it can also entertain others. Words can evoke people’s emotions either it is good or bad. Words are the means of communication and it differs from people based on their understanding level of what you speak. We live in a world where with people from different situations. Neither a child nor old man can get hurt when one hears harsh words. Irrespective of age people get hurt. Think twice before you speak. Let’s stay united and heal this world. The greatest feeling one can receive is the power of being loved and this can be done only with kind words. Spread love wherever you go, be kind with your words. Let’s be the change that we need in this world. Let us not kill with words let’s heal.


Friends are those who are boon companions. They are the ones who stand by whether it’s thick or thin. The dictionary’s definition of a good friend is a person who is attached to one another by feelings or affection or personal regard. A good friend is something difficult to find in this world filled with betrayals and back stabbings. One who holds a good friend leads a peaceful life, because when you have true friends, you don’t need to face any hardships alone in your life. A quote by William Shakespeare says “A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have been and still, gently allows you to grow”. Friends help each other in many ways without expecting anything in return except love. The depth of friendship can never be defined by the number of years but it’s by trust, love, care, loyalty and by the sweet and bitter experiences they came across together. There is a saying “quality is better than quantity” and the same way the one who is true is far better than a thousand fake friends. They are the ones who’ll know how to make you smile even in your hardest time, and they give the courage and strength to face anything that comes on your way. Most of the times they are friends come family. More than one’s own family we love to spend time with friends because they don’t jdge you, you can share anything and everything under the sun only with friends. Sometimes even without our knowledge they will be our life savers and they don’t want you to know just because you’ll feel more grateful to him/her. This is something that happens in every circle and once they find something fishy they follow up secretly and pop-up’s in the crucial point of your struggle. Vladimir Lenin’s famous quote says that “Show me who your friends are, and I will tell you what you are”, and in the same way friends define who you are and what you are. Friends are the ones who will know us better than anybody else. One can never live without friends in this world and it’s hard to find people who don’t have a friend, because friends are the ones who will never leave you when you are in trouble. No matter how big the trouble is they will solve it for you before you suffer to death. Cherish your friends just by loving them more everyday than the day before, and this world will be at peace.


Main charm of college life is
Entering into a hostel
Best part in hostel life is
True world of fun and freedom
Imperishable happiness is
Panorama of enjoyment
Memorable days are
Holiday trips with friends
Catchy memories are
To get caught by the warden
Unforgettable moments are
Late night chats during exams
Indelible experiences are
Saved money for something but paid fine
Unhappy part is
Counting months to leave hostel
Remarkable incident is
Ending up in quarantine
And counting days to get back to hostel…


Humanism is a rational philosophy informed by science, inspired by art, and motivated by compassion.          -AmericanHumanist              Association
Humanism is a philosophical way of thinking about the world. Humanism is one which is basic to every human being. When something worst happen people say what an act without even humanity. Humanism is some set of ethics or ideas that how people should live and act. Every living creature needs respect. Humanists strongly believe in this and they don’t put their trust on superstitious beliefs. Humanism teaches that every human should be treated equally with respect and dignity. All human beings are born with moral value and each one holds the responsibility to help one another to live their lives best. It also includes freedom and independence to humans. Humanism is very individualistic, every person is important and they have their own rights to make decisions for themselves. Humanism emphasizes science over scripture that is the religious texts and traditional beliefs. Humanism believes that one should believe in individual power than accepting the truth of scriptures. The main idea of humanism is give respect and take respect. Self-respect is the most valuable thing one can hold and humanism teaches that one should respect another as his or her own self. Humanism is helping others and treating others with equal respect and care without expect anything in return.


Where Life had no value Death had its own price!!

Death is something which is unbearable and unacceptable. The truth about death is the suffering is not for the person who dies but for the people who loved the person dearly. The very word death skips a heartbeat. Losing someone whom we love the most is the most painful thing in this life. One will never know which moment the heart beat stops. Life holds many twists and turns and one such thing in life is death. The situation is really pathetic and the hardest part is holding on to their memories. You can neither remember nor forget, all those moments you laughed will be replaced with tears, all those unfulfilled promises still breaks you more and a part of your heart really longs for the person to return back with some magic elements. Sometimes all that you hold might be only memories and even after years pass the feelings never fade away. People might say time heals and memories fade, but neither time heals nor memories fade. Even after decades the pain will be fresh and new as if everything happened the day before. Heart will be filled with void when you look at that special person from your heart is resting beneath. Sometimes we may feel “like rise up and say that you made a drama” but then when reality strikes it’s even more painful. This is the only problem that has no solution and a wound that can never be healed. The life that was lived by the person will be praised in the funeral and burial sermons but still all that we want is the person to return back. Most of the times R.I.P doesn’t mean Rest in Peace but it mean Return if Possible, the impossible wish made by the loved ones. Some believe in next life and some believe in eternity but nothing can bring them back in this life is the miserable truth that is hard to accept but a mandatory fate for every life. Every person in this world knows that each of us should die someday, but none knew which day it is and that is the boon and bane of life.

Love and Life

The greatest feeling in this earth is to love and to be loved

Somewhere between birth and death each one of us goes on a journey called life. No one knows when the journey ends. But all that we care while we live in this world is about what? Each one holds different dreams and goals to achieve. Every person in this world is unique in some or the other way. Life is unpredictable. I don’t know my life span. But I can do something that is worth in this lifetime. What is worth? Each one will have different answers but mine is to love the people who love me. Not everybody in this world can love you, because we live in a world where betrayal is the most common suffering many undergoes. “The beauty is unless and until it is done by your so called trust worthy it’s not called as betrayal”, there are people who suffer with heart breaks more than heart attacks. Love is something that can be built but cannot be broken, and if it’s broken then there is no love. Break up can never be in love but it can be in a relationship where there is no love. Sometimes everything seems to be imperfect and it feels like “When everything is fake why the pain alone is real”, but the thing is not everything is fake but the reality is that hurts us. What made you smile was unreal and what breaks you later is the reality. When there is true love and affection one dare not hurt you, but when the love fades they don’t care about how you feel. Life is only once and LIVE just don’t exist. “One can never hate love and one can never love hate” and none can oppose this. Give love to people as much as you can. May be that can save a billion people’s lives. Earn more love than any other thing in this world because tears are the final valuable gifts that every human being takes back. To hate a person is easy and to love a person is hard ’cause in love you should have trust and love. Love the very word is just simple which fails to be defined by words. It’s a feeling that can never be felt by the ones who don’t treasure it. Love with all your heart and you’ll get back your reward for it. All that people need is love and to be loved and that is the greatest comfort one can have in times of difficulties. Love yourself and love your loved ones too to lead a happy and peaceful life.

Stay Home, Stay Safe

COVID-19, the very word gives millions of thoughts. There are people pleading to stay indoors and as citizens each and every one of us holds the responsibility to keep our kinfolk safe and sound. Most of the people fail to do this by roaming out for unnecessary things. One will never know the value of something unless that precious thing is lost. This is matter of a billion people’s lives. There are people dying even without proper funeral. There is no cemetery to bury the dead and there are no places to cremate. In a night cremation places are built and people are cremated even before the place is dried. There are doctors who don’t even remember to eat food and sleep. Most of the doctors lost their lives by serving people. There are nurses and lab technicians who are risking their lives just to treat you. They fight with your life taker to give back your life by risking their life. They face so many life and death in a day, and it is not an easy thing for them to handle. They will never have people around them for comfort, the stay away from their family and they are humans too, they will have emotions and feelings. Most of the doctors lost their lives just to give back your life. Before coming out of your home just think about your family and loved ones without you. Just think about how people will suffer. Many people who aren’t even affected by corona lost their lives without proper first aid. Hospitals and doctors were busy taking care of corona patients and people with mild heart attack, stroke and fits passed away without proper first aid. All these happens in a blink of an eye, no farewell words, not even hugs to comfort the broken, not even a little more time with the soulless body. That pain is unbearable and one will never understand unless one undergoes such situation. There are still people who stay indoors without meeting their loved ones for years, just to keep them safe and their loved ones too. Hope everyone can be the same just to keep your kins safe. Is there an end to this? Is there any possibility to return back to normal life? Will students be able to enjoy their college life? Questions can be added like this. But possibly none can answer. Stay home, Stay safe. Wear masks and sanitizers now and then. Be safe and sound and lead a happy life with your loved ones.


Music is the rhythm of life. Music plays an important role in dealing with one’s emotions. There are different types of music where people listen to it according to their mood. Music is played indifferent occasions such as marriages, reunions, birthday parties, bachelor parties and in family functions. It spreads happiness and joy in a person’s life. Music helps one to connect with soul and life. Not only in joy music helps but in fragile it heals. Music comforts in times of disaster and it soothes a person in hardships. One of the greatest musicians Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart quotes that, “The music is not in notes, but in the silence between”. Not only man composes music but it’s also the nature, the whistling of wind, buzzing of bees, sound of rain and the chirping of the birds that heals one when in solitude. Everything that has rhythm is music. Music has the power to heal diseases like depression, insomnia and anxiety. It also helps in concentration of young minds. Music is considered to be the powerful form of worship to God and to connect with the soul. Music is the language of soul and it is called as universal language because it knows no boundaries.

Voice of a Lab Technician

Where positive is storm and negative gives calm
We test urine and stool, to make the patient cool
While dealing with fluid, we fail to dial the cupid
We always multi task and cover with a mask
Perfect with a sample, Even when we’re trampled
Even in our pain, we have to work with stain
No matter what we suffer, Have to prepare a buffer
And with the pippete, we don’t miss a snippet
Rbc we screen to detect the antibody clean
We also use the centrifuge to avoid the subterfuge
Bacteria and virus we fight ,without even a little fright
Social Media is How? and Culture Media we love
Bomb may explode, still we don’t forget colour code
To safe guard your kin, dispose only in the bin
Our life is full of tests, And we always give our best
It’s not a lap to rest, But a lab to test..

Online Learning

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever” – Mahatma Gandhi

Lockdown is not meant to countdown days. Staying indoors can never stop someone from learning what they need. Learning a skill can help an individual to achieve his/her dreams. There are too many online platforms that can help one to master a skill of their choice. Owning a skill which can help you in taking higher levels in career is better than wasting time and making minds idle. As the proverb goes “an idle mind is a devils workshop”, it’s better to learn something which can build you stronger than what you are now. Online classes are now more interesting and interactive. In this rapid advancement of technology, online learning is a part of many institutions.it also offers the perks of attending classes from one’s dream university in abroad. One can even socialize with even in this social distancing and curfew through online mode. Live face to face interactive sessions are really interesting that it helps an individual to be more attentive in the class than the lecture hours. Taking an online learning program one will be an officially registered student in the institution and have access to the same resources such as an on-campus student like digital library and student union membership etc. As a ship without a captain is like a bird without wings, there are captains and mentors to guide students in online learning. An essential way observing a large amount of information in a relatively short amount of time, lectures are a staple of online and computer based learning, one can attend lecture from any place. As online student one can choose to access any course information and complete the assignments anytime. This allows a student to fit study time in and around his/ her work, family and other commitments. This also helps students who wish to work while continue studying need mot put their careers on hold and get the best of both student and employee worlds.

A Day to love and Hate

It’s just a day after a long wait
And I love it for what I had
But I hate it too
For what it took with itself
It’s a day of parting
I wish Let dis day to last long
And it will, in my hrt♡!!

Life is something that is really unpredictable. Sometimes in life there will be a moment that will heal you and simultaneously break you. Happiness and Sadness at the same time. Most probably that will be the day of giving up what you loved the most for the person whom you love the most. Giving up something you love the most can never be easy and it takes an immense amount of courage to make such decisions in life. Sometimes you have to give up something, to receive something else. Each and every single day in our life, life itself is being a great teacher teaching millions of lessons for life. It breaks and melts at the same time it fills and moulds. But behind all of these when you have someone to understand you is the most beautiful thing in life. Life cost’s much more than anything else in this world. No matter how much you earn or what you own, all that matters is how happy you are at present. The moment you own is yours, make that moment happier than before to lead a peaceful life.. Don’t just exist LiVe!!

Importance of Education

As the saying of B.B.King goes like, “The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you” education is the most important wealth one can hold in this universe. Education is the only thing that moulds a person into a human. Proper education is very important to every human being. One can be educated anytime despite of one’s age, gender, colour and creed. Education is the process of achieving knowledge, values, skills and moral habits. It determines the quality of an individual’s life because it helps people become better citizens of the society, it lends one a better job and a good lifestyle and most importantly it helps one to know the difference between good and bad. Education provides the stability for life and it makes you self-dependent. Education is important for each and everyone as it improves knowledge, way of living, social and economic status as well to prove Benjamin Franklin’s quote “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. Getting good education is one of the basic rights to every human because education is the only solution for social and personal problems. Education transforms a person completely by changing one’s mind and personality. Education connects you with stories and cultures of one’s everyday life. Education is the first step for people to gain knowledge, critical thinking and empowerment and skills they need to make this world a better place. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela.

Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard

Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard was published in 1751. Thomas Gray began writing this poem in 1742 shortly after the death of his close friend Richard West. This Elegy is noteworthy that it mourns the death not of great or famous people but of common men. It’s Gray’s masterpiece and it’s emotional and philosophical at the same time. The beauty of the poem lies in simplicity. Poet brings out the ultimate truth about life and death.
 UNIVERSALITY OF DEATH: The central focus of Gray’s elegy is the inevitability of death and how people from different social class are remembered. In this elegy Gray meditates on death as it relates to the rustic commoners who populate the village and the country churchyard. Gray’s opening salvo in this contrast between two vast social classes emphasizes death’s universality; just as the poor and the common people are subjected to death, the paths of the rich and glory lead to grave as well. Death is the ultimate which is blind to mankind’s social class and destruction.
 SOCIAL CLASS AND VALUE: Gray’s meditation on how the wealth and the poor are remembered allows him to explore social class and value. The poem suggests that an individual’s value should not be tied to social class. The poem asks whether the rich and the powerful can be brought back to life by “storied urn” or “animated bust” any more effectively than the poor whose graves are marked by “no trophies”.
 IMPORTANCE OF LOVE: Despite their humble lives the dead enjoyed simple pleasures in life. One of these is the love of their families and friends. A clear image of children greeting his father when he came home from the fields is shown. The lively picture of family is full of joy. Gray identifies family and friends both simple pleasures as the greatest joy in life
 THE QUALITY OF MORTALITY: Within the odes and elegies of gray we find him questioning towards the very concept of morality and what it really means to say when one exists.

Journey of the Magi

Journey of the Magi

Journey of the Magi is a poem by Thomas Stearns Eliot. This is an allegorical poem and it speaks more generally about pains of letting go of the one way of life, faith and acknowledging the birth of another. T. S Eliot is an American born British Poet known as the leader of modernist movement in poetry.
The Journey of the Magi is an allegorical dramatic monologue as it inhibits the voice of one of the Magi. The theme of this poem is Journey. It is a religious poem and also a mystic poem. The first stanza speaks about the types of trials difficulties faced by the travellers. It was freezing cold and they travelled at the worst time of the year, and it took ages. The path were difficult and the weather was horrible and it was a brutal winter. Camels were in pain and unwilling to go on. They lay down in the snow. The Magi missed their old days, the summer places on slopes, the terraces and the silken girls bringing drinks to them. The camel drivers were cursing and grumbling and some ran away wanting their liquor and women. The villages they went were filthy and lodging was expensive. They decided to travel throughout the night and sleep when they could.. They heard their voices saying all this was folly.
The second stanza is about The Recovery of Faith. One morning the Magi arrived at a pleasant valley. It was damp but not snowy and full of plant life. There was a stream and a watermill beating the darkness, and three trees on low sky. They saw a white house in a nearby medeow. Then they came there to a tavern with nine leaves over the lintel. Six hands at an open door were dicing for pieces of silver, none of them gave any useful information, so they continued along their way. That evening they finally got to Bethlehem. It was wellsatisfactory. The final stanza speaks about acknowledging the birth. Jesus’s birth didn’t feel like a positive development, but something full of pain like it represented their own death. After returning to their place they felt like they did not belong there anymore, in the old ways. Their people seemed foreign to them, with their false idols. He says that he would be happy to encounter another death..