An untold story of a woman

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story within you – Maya Angelou

I was loved
When I was born
I was admired
When I began to crawl
I was adorned
When I started to walk
I was cherished
When I tried to talk
I was applauded
When I ranked top
I was treasured
When I was young
I was harrased
When I was still young
I was scared
When I wanted to tell
I was splintered
When being hunted
I was crumpled
When I was alone
I was priced
When I got married
I was shattered
When sent away from home
I was betrayed
When I had trust
I was veiled
When to be known
I was unmarked
When I had good marks
I was unnamed
When holding a surname
I was waitered
When serving food at home
I was bewildered
When facing troubles more
I was dejected
When in bedstead
I was admired
When I was missed
I was loved again
When I was dead!!