A Day to love and Hate

It’s just a day after a long wait
And I love it for what I had
But I hate it too
For what it took with itself
It’s a day of parting
I wish Let dis day to last long
And it will, in my hrt♡!!

Life is something that is really unpredictable. Sometimes in life there will be a moment that will heal you and simultaneously break you. Happiness and Sadness at the same time. Most probably that will be the day of giving up what you loved the most for the person whom you love the most. Giving up something you love the most can never be easy and it takes an immense amount of courage to make such decisions in life. Sometimes you have to give up something, to receive something else. Each and every single day in our life, life itself is being a great teacher teaching millions of lessons for life. It breaks and melts at the same time it fills and moulds. But behind all of these when you have someone to understand you is the most beautiful thing in life. Life cost’s much more than anything else in this world. No matter how much you earn or what you own, all that matters is how happy you are at present. The moment you own is yours, make that moment happier than before to lead a peaceful life.. Don’t just exist LiVe!!