Voice of a Lab Technician

Where positive is storm and negative gives calm
We test urine and stool, to make the patient cool
While dealing with fluid, we fail to dial the cupid
We always multi task and cover with a mask
Perfect with a sample, Even when we’re trampled
Even in our pain, we have to work with stain
No matter what we suffer, Have to prepare a buffer
And with the pippete, we don’t miss a snippet
Rbc we screen to detect the antibody clean
We also use the centrifuge to avoid the subterfuge
Bacteria and virus we fight ,without even a little fright
Social Media is How? and Culture Media we love
Bomb may explode, still we don’t forget colour code
To safe guard your kin, dispose only in the bin
Our life is full of tests, And we always give our best
It’s not a lap to rest, But a lab to test..