Stay Home, Stay Safe

COVID-19, the very word gives millions of thoughts. There are people pleading to stay indoors and as citizens each and every one of us holds the responsibility to keep our kinfolk safe and sound. Most of the people fail to do this by roaming out for unnecessary things. One will never know the value of something unless that precious thing is lost. This is matter of a billion people’s lives. There are people dying even without proper funeral. There is no cemetery to bury the dead and there are no places to cremate. In a night cremation places are built and people are cremated even before the place is dried. There are doctors who don’t even remember to eat food and sleep. Most of the doctors lost their lives by serving people. There are nurses and lab technicians who are risking their lives just to treat you. They fight with your life taker to give back your life by risking their life. They face so many life and death in a day, and it is not an easy thing for them to handle. They will never have people around them for comfort, the stay away from their family and they are humans too, they will have emotions and feelings. Most of the doctors lost their lives just to give back your life. Before coming out of your home just think about your family and loved ones without you. Just think about how people will suffer. Many people who aren’t even affected by corona lost their lives without proper first aid. Hospitals and doctors were busy taking care of corona patients and people with mild heart attack, stroke and fits passed away without proper first aid. All these happens in a blink of an eye, no farewell words, not even hugs to comfort the broken, not even a little more time with the soulless body. That pain is unbearable and one will never understand unless one undergoes such situation. There are still people who stay indoors without meeting their loved ones for years, just to keep them safe and their loved ones too. Hope everyone can be the same just to keep your kins safe. Is there an end to this? Is there any possibility to return back to normal life? Will students be able to enjoy their college life? Questions can be added like this. But possibly none can answer. Stay home, Stay safe. Wear masks and sanitizers now and then. Be safe and sound and lead a happy life with your loved ones.