4 Reasons to choose Jobs over Business

Job vs Business has been a hot topic to talk about always. Many people who advise you to choose business over jobs forget that being your boss is not everyone’s cup of tea. There is no denying businesses that have their perks of not getting fired, being the boss, having people to work for you, etc.

Following are 4 reasons to choose Job over business:

  1. Jobs offer you more security. People usually choose Jobs over Business because jobs offer more security. By losing one job or getting fired one can still assure themselves of getting another one. However, the business loss comes with a lot of risks and sometimes unbearable.
  2. Stable Income. The business has there own profit and loss. They are never stable as they keep fluctuating from time to time. But Jobs assure you a steady income every month without having a fear of loss.
  3. Work fewer hours. Working under someone comes with 9-5 working hours and weekends off and not to forget the bonuses you get. While being a boss is getting flooded with work calls and being swamped.
  4. You cant lose your house if your get laid off or fired. When your business experiences a fall or loss you risk your assets too. Whereas your job offers you no such risk. One can still enjoy on savings they have.