The present scenario, across the globe, is not at all appeasing. All of us are going through the most unexpected phases of our lives due to this global pandemic (COVID-19). Everyone is bound to stay in self quarantine in order to fight this situation and eradicate the virus. All the news channels and social media are consistently putting forward the updates of COVID-19 and hence we all are well acquainted with the statistics of positive cases of corona and deaths caused by it all over the world. There is indeed an universal widespread pessimism and hence there is necessity to spread pragmatic vibes. So, instead of getting caught by boredom and frustration we should think forward to utilize and enjoy this quarantine and make count. And hence, there is just need to emphasize on the second side of the coin.

In the midst of all these chaos, there are also some useful and incredible opportunities. These are; to look inwards and connect with ourselves, to discover some hidden aspects of our lives, to spend time with our families, and to do those things which we were unable to do earlier because of various reasons and mostly because of our busy lifestyles. If we will think positively, there are many ways by which we can make our quarantine interesting. Among several ways to enjoy this quarantine, the first and foremost is to relax as much as we can. During the engrossment in our daily lives, we urged to relax, but we were unable; hence this is the time when we can completely rest and set our mind free from all sorts of worries. We can fulfill all our left over hobbies; be it singing, dancing, painting, cooking, sewing, knitting, writing, reading, gardening, playing indoor games, learning instruments and many more which usually used to get neglected due to lack of pertinent time. So, this is the chance when we can do yoga and exercises, follow a balanced diet and stick to a perfectly healthy routine. The students have got a splendid opportunity to focus on their studies and gain more and more knowledge so as to leave their competitors behind. All the working people have got a golden chance to spend maximum time with their family members and relax. For all the senior citizens, it is a good time as they can cherish the company of their younger generations which used to be very rare in usual days.

And the most important fact is that in this era of social media, how can our lives get boring and futile? We can either silently enjoy things over there or we can even be a part of that. To site an example, I’m mentioning, nowadays different types of challenges and tasks are being viral on Instagram and Facebook, also many creative videos related to various aspects are being uploaded. Hence, social sites are the best cure to boredom and as well as can prove to be an auspicious platform for innovative and creative minds. People, these days, are creating their pages on social networking sites and gaining benefits by fulfilling their creative hobbies there; such as making memes and jokes, sharing new recipes and displaying other types of art and crafts and talents. If I talk about myself, I remain busy in this quarantine too. What I personally think is a person can do uncountable stuffs to keep oneself engaged. These days my family has chosen one of the best ways of recreation i.e. indoor games like cards’ game and board games (ludo, chess, carrom). And thus we don’t get time to get bored. We have also tried some activities which we never thought we could do; like I became my mother’s beautician and my brother performed barber’s job for my father. These are some of those rare memories which we will cherish forever. If a person opts to do all his/her desirable works then definitely 24 hours will also seems to be very less.

Of course, this situation is not favorable but it’s not worst as well. Although people are getting infected, losing lives, confined in their houses; the whole nation is locked down and daily lives has come to a standstill but still there should be a constant ray of hope for betterment. And the best we can do is to be sanguine and spread optimism. Because this mayhem is somehow the period where we can nourish our relationships with love and warmth, charge our mind and soul and gain more enlightenment. This is the time to grasp many lessons of life and gain enough strength and patience to deal with hardships. We should try to spend our quarantine in such manner that once it’s over we could be able to restart our normal lives with new zeal filled with heartening vibrance.

Here and now conclude my views by appealing to all that, stay home stay safe, spread love and happiness, be positive and make your quarantine interesting and worth; because maybe someday in future we gonna miss these days. So, make this nothingness productive and memorable.


What Is the Best Time to Post a Blog and How to Test it?

Are you wondering when should you publish blog posts? Do you want to hit that sweet spot where you get the most traffic, social shares, and comments?

If you’ve just written a great blog post and want it to go viral, then publishing time can play an important role.

In this article, we’ll show you what is the best time to post a blog by going through key facts. We’ll also show you how you can test the best time to take your blogs live.

Let’s kick things off with a look at…

Best Time of Day to Post a Blog for More Pageviews

As you start blogging, you’ll have many questions like what time of day should you publish a post. Or which days are best for getting the most traffic.

To answers such queries, different studies have been done where agencies and websites have gone through tons of data.

And among them is a study conducted by Shareaholic in 2011 that shows the best time to publish a blog post is early morning between 7 AM to 1 PM EST on weekdays.

The peak is between 9 AM and 10 AM, which shows when you can schedule or publish your posts.

Building upon the same point,

shows that 70% of users read blogs in the morning (during the AM hours).

&It makes sense as people starting their day would be going through emails, planning their week, and reading up on the latest news.

That said, people do read blogs throughout the day, so you can publish posts in the later hours as well. Now let’s see which days you should take your blogs live.

Best Days to Publish a Blog Post for Traffic

Along with time, different studies show that posting blogs on certain days can help generate more traffic. And which days are we talking about?

Shareaholic suggested that the best day to post a blog is Monday if you want more pageviews. Similarly, Kissmetrics also says that Monday is the best to publish a post and generate traffic.

What’s the Best Time to Post a Blog for Social Shares?

When it comes to engaging people on social media, you’d want to push your blog post when your users are active.

And to give you an idea of what’s the best day for getting social shares, consider a study by TrackMaven. They analyzed 65,000+ blogs and suggested that blogs published on a Sunday get

A possible reason for this could be that on the weekend’s people have more time to read through your content and then come up with a reply.

So, if you have a topic that wants user opinion or start a conversation, then this is the best time to post a blog.

But what if these times don’t work for your website? How can you find the best publishing day and hour for your content pieces? Let’s find out.

How to Test the Best Time to Post a Blog?

The researches we’ve shown you in our article provide a benchmark but in reality, there’s no best time to publish blogs.

That’s because these studies use their own samples of websites to provide a generalized conclusion. And most of them are very old, going back to 2011.

A better way to find the best time to post a blog is by doing your own testing. By monitoring which days and time you get most visitors and engagement, you’ll know the optimal time of publishing.

And the best tool to help you out is MonsterInsights. It’s the leading WordPress plugin for Google Analytics and makes decision making easy by providing insights about your site’s performance with detailed reports inside your dashboard.

MonsterInsights makes it super easy to set up custom dimensions on your website and start tracking custom data of your choice in Google Analytics.

With the help of its Custom Dimensions Addon, you can exactly see what’s the best time to post a blog. Not only that, you can set up custom tracking of individual authors, post types, category and more.

You can follow our complete guide to custom dimensions in Google Analytics for configuring tracking of best publishing times.

Mental Sickness

Covid-19 has shaken the entire world. Even though Major Pharma companies have developed vaccines intending to end the pandemic. we are still struggling to find an end to this pandemic. One of the issues that India faces is the delay in immunizing the population again Covid-19. The delay is partly due to overpopulation. And If the vaccines are not effective against the new variant, it needs to be redesigned to combat the new variant, prolonging the pandemic.

Due to covid, our country has to suffer Major economies struggle to cope with the health care burden as millions of infected people need hospitalization for several days, depending on the severity of the disease.

No one knows when lockdown will be enforced again to control the situation. Many are losing their families and not allowed to attend the final rites due to strict quarantine and lockdown measures. Along with these major problems This disease has seriously created mental health issues, and it may take years to recover from such mental health conditions. Governments have to set up a separate budget to manage increasing mental health issues. The freedom to move around has now been crippled by Covid-19, and most people in lockdown are confined in a small space, limiting them to have face-to-face interactions with their dear ones and friends. It has affected people from all walks of life and has led to mental health issues. It is hard to find a common solution to all as mental health issues differ from person to person. Students are the worst affected community as Many schools and colleges have resorted to online teaching, which isn’t as good as a regular session. 

The digital screen has now become our portal to communicate with the outside world. Many children have lost their parents in this second wave in India and have become orphans since then. There were several appeals to the Government of India requesting to support the children who have lost their parents/guardians/adopted parents. In such a drastic situation people are feeling alone. The best thing to overcome negative thoughts is by performing regular meditation and yoga, listen to music, news, recall sweet memories, watch favorite movies, plays, and read books. Only by overcoming our negative thoughts we can overcome mental sickeness.




The coronavirus family causes illnesses ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), according to the WHO.
They circulate in animals and some can be transmitted between animals and humans. Several coronaviruses are circulating in animals that have not yet infected humans.
The new coronavirus, the seventh known to affect humans, has been named COVID-19.


  • Common signs of infection include fever, coughing and breathing difficulties. In severe cases, it can cause pneumonia, multiple organ failure and death.
  • The incubation period of COVID-19 is thought to be between one and 14 days. It is contagious before symptoms appear, which is why so many people get infected.
    Infected patients can be also asymptomatic, meaning they do not display any symptoms despite having the virus in their systems.


  • China alerted the WHO to cases of unusual pneumonia in Wuhan on December 31.
    COVID-19 is thought to have originated in a seafood market where wildlife was sold illegally.
  • On February 7, Chinese researchers said the virus could have spread from an infected animal to humans through illegally trafficked pangolins, prized in Asia for food and medicine.
    Scientists have pointed to either bats or snakes as possible sources.


The WHO recommends basic hygiene such as regularly washing hands with soap and water, and covering your mouth with your elbow when sneezing or coughing.

Maintain “physical distancing” – keeping at least 1 metre (three feet) between yourself and others – particularly if they are coughing and sneezing, and avoid touching your face, eyes and mouth with unwashed hands.
Avoid unnecessary, unprotected contact with animals and be sure to thoroughly wash hands after contact.


Why unemployment occurs?

Being 2nd in terms of the population can seem a curse to our country especially in terms of employment. The competition that youngsters face these days is because of this population. Even those who get a job didn’t get the desired salary. Most employees are not paid in proportion to the work that we put in. What’s more, this is not a new problem or one that has been created by a single government. In our country, low monthly incomes are a norm – across all states, and as a consequence, wage inequality remains high. Wage growth significantly trails economic growth in the country. The sluggish growth of our GDP has led to a rise in inequality and widened the economic divide between rural and urban India.

The sad part is that India’s unemployed are mostly the higher educated and the young. And those who have jobs are not satisfied enough. If you believe that only a few people at the top are getting huge paychecks, think again. Because data suggest that we aren’t creating too many high-paying jobs either. And even though labor productivity has risen in India, growth in remuneration has remained slow. The sad part is statistic, graphs of unemployment are still the same. The new jobs and opportunities are nothing in front of our population. This problem needs to review and can be to some extent need to be solved through bargaining power. Skilling, sometimes, multi-skilling at all levels is the most effective way to fight the wage crisis and the coming job crisis -the crucial designation before talent can be matched with demand. If the skilling exception isn’t corrected, job seekers will end up in the bad job trap. Skills produce productivity, and productivity brings with it higher pay.

The problem is that the business power of workers in India is low and getting more worse. Wage changes are also a result of changes in the way of production. Throughout the last few years, production has become more capital intensive or less dependent on labor in nearly every manufacturing industry in the organized and unorganized sectors. This is true, if to a lesser extent, for agriculture and services as well. While technical know-how and increased use of machinery is a change that needs to be welcomed since it translates to increased productivity, in labor surplus economies like India, the enhanced productivity does not automatically translate to higher wages for employees. Therefore need of the time is to cope up with the desired need of the institutes and became more high tech by learning more digital skills.

Life of poor during pandamic

The Covid-19 pandemic caused a major setback in the economic growth of India. Many graduates lost their jobs and finding hard to run their family in this critical period. Despite this, there is a large population of daily wagers in the nation who receive INR 100 per day as wages. They eat with the wages what they earn everyday. The Production sector of the nation strucks in this lockdown. Many factories stopped their production. Some runs with a restricted count of labours. In this situation, the daily wagers are standing helpless. Not only them. Farmers,small shop owners, carpenters,mechanic shop owners and many like them are in the same situation.

So what is the solution? Has the Government left them without caring? The obvious answer is no. They are giving free ration products and offers relief funds for the poor. But the question is, is that enough for them to survive? The director-general of the World Health Organization said the lockdown to limit the COVID-19 transmission had “unintended consequences for the poorest” and “most vulnerable”. According to the World Bank’s 2015 estimates, India has 176 million people living in extreme poverty and like Uke, who earn less than $1.9 a day. The United Nations’ 2019 Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI), a more holistic measure of poverty that looks at deprivation through the lens of nutrition, health indicators, schooling, sanitation and access to essential amenities puts the number of poor in India at 369 million.

The thing to worry is that over 380 million people in India are employed in the informal sector. How will they manage their needs in this pandemic without going to jobs? How will they pay their debts? The loan lenders, indeed humans with humanity, should understand the situation that the country is facing. They should give some time for debtors to pay off their loans. Many lenders here don’t think the same. There are lenders who employ men to beat debtors and take money from them in an improper way. Government is taking action on them. This is really a good move,which will help the poor.

The struggles and work done by the government for years to abolish poverty in the nation were now gone in vain in just few months time. There are people dieing of hunger than the Covid-19. Though everything is against us, there are our frontline workers fighting their lives for us standing brave in the battle-ground. We must respect them and be safe inside our homes until the sireousness of the situation comes down. That is the only way we can support them and serve the nation today. Many youngsters are coming forward to volunteer to serve the poor. They consider that feeding the poor is equivalent to serving the God. The abled citizen should get inspired by them and come forward to serve the poor in this situation.

We must take a pledge not to go out and make this situation even worse. Let’s be home,be aware,be safe. If we unite by minds and distanced by bodies, we can through away the pandemic in near future.

How do you maintain a cheerful and upbeat mood when on lockdown?

Even if we’re closed, we believe it’s as vital as ever to stay connected, motivatad, and supportive of one another. We enter an area where we  can really reflect as everyone of us is  influenced by the present health issue. We all had our aspirations and  ambitions, as well as plans for the  remainder of the year, not long before  the coronavirus outbreak. Nonetheless, it appears that life has been put on wait indefinitely. Some of us have  acclimated to our peculiar circumstances, while others may feel lonely or  demotivated.

Some of us may have assumed the  pandemic would be over by  mid-summer, but Covid-19 cases are  still being reported over the world, particularly in India, and many  businesses have been forced to file for  bankruptcy.

After months and months of trying to  be positive, it may sound clichéd at this time, but honestly, what other option do we have? Should we fold, stop, or give up?

To assist you get through these trying  times, we’ve put together some mental health and well-being advice that we  hope will help you continue to look  after yourself:

1. The importance of routine cannot be overstated.

Set short-term goals that aren’t too demanding but will get you going, such as a 14-day challenge to run 30 minutes every day.

If you want to stay happy and motivated, you need a routine.Making a thorough schedule is a good habit to get into. This way, even if you fail to complete a task on your to-do list, you can always keep track of what needs to be completed and delegate it to the next day.

Revisiting your milestones so you may assess your progress at regular intervals and appreciate any successes you achieve This is an excellent moment to fine-tune, get everything running smoothly, and enhance aspects that you may have neglected when at full sail.

When the horizon seems too far off, shorten the distance by setting achievable goals.Set attainable goals to shorten the gap between you and the horizon when it feels too far away.

2. Health is wealth.

Always remember, like the ancients did, to treat our bodies with the highest respect.

Fitness, in my opinion, is essential for being positive and optimistic. Regular exercise can help you enhance your mental health and mood, which I’ve discovered can make you feel more optimistic and happy about things.

Taking care of yourself physically and mentally also allows you to develop and realise personal goals. Consider doing some backyard push-ups and sit-ups, as well as purchasing some at-home gym equipment. Set weekly goals, break them down, and gradually increase them as your skills improve.

Good diet is essential for good health, especially when the immune system is under attack. Sugar, salt, and fat should all be consumed in moderation. Consume an adequate amount of fibre. Make fresh food a priority. Take advantage of meal delivery choices if you want to eat out.

3. Pay close attention to your emotions.

It’s important to remind ourselves that it’s okay to feel bad every now and then. We’ve all had them because they’re an unavoidable part of life. After all, we wouldn’t know joy if we didn’t have pain. Make contact with your loved ones.

Limit your exposure to media coverage, as it might cause worry and panic. Choose precise times of the day when you’ll receive updates, and make sure they’re from reputable sources.

If necessary, get additional assistance: You can call some support lines to get answers to your questions or to request assistance. You don’t have to be afraid or embarrassed to contact one of these organisations. Keep in mind that the most important thing is to keep healthy!

4. Keep yourself occupied.

Because we are always so busy, time has become a valuable commodity. Now that we have more time on our hands, we should make the most of it.

Painting, drawing, attempting a new dish, or writing may all be very calming ways to express yourself creatively.” There are a plethora of methods to be present – after all, painting is a type of meditation.

Keep your cool by reading a book or listening to a podcast. Because it allows you to multitask, a podcast is a wonderful alternative to reading.

5. Be optimistic and spread positivity.

Negativity, I feel, depletes energy, whereas positive generates it. And right now, you, as well as your family and friends, need all the positive you can muster.

This, too, will come to an end. We shall overcome these adversities and emerge stronger and better than we are now. Let’s make this our objective. Let’s hope for the best. When you’re positive, I believe you have something to give. Positive thinking can help you stay motivated while also motivating those around you. Is there any land on the horizon? No, not just now. However, I am confident that it exists, and I am more motivated than ever to achieve it.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” ―Nelson Mandela

Covid triggered Unemployment

The covid – 19 pandemic has triggered the common issue of unemployment in our country. The real danger is this crisis will eventually increase the poverty and economical inequalities and will have an impact on our economy for years to come.

The government has imposed lockdown to control the spread of corona virus. As a result, it has impacted on the economic and commercial activities of our nation and effected into job loss and migration of migrant workers which trembled the entire nation.

This Job crisis shows no sign of slowing as the impact of corona virus continues to batter almost every sector now.

The economy has hit hard by this pandemic particularly the informal economy. Around 20 crore 12 lakh people lost their job in April 2020 as per CMIE (Centre for Monitoring of Indian Economy) and 74 lakh people lost their jobs in April 2021 as per CMIE. Apart from job loss the household incomes have also fallen down sharply. The CMI has also said that 97% of households has seen fall in income as a result.

India’s Unemployment has increased from 7.97% in April to 11.9% in May. While unemployment is high, future too isn’t looking very bright. Our traders who were looking forward to recover from last year’s shutdown didn’t got the relief due to Lockdown 2.0. While big businesses are suffering losses whereas the small ones are permanently shut down.

The present constraints are majorly predominant in urban India, where most of the salaried jobs are. According to employment data from 2019-20, urban India accounted for 58 % of all salaried jobs in the country. The job loss in urban India during 2020-21 was, however, only 38 % of the total job loss of 9.8 million, as per the CMIE report. This means that urban India will observe further salaried job loss over the course of the year.

Migrant and labor forces:

Migrant workers constitute one of the weaker sections of the society and this pandemic has rubbed salt to their wounds. Due to lockdown, daily wage workers are left with no work. Besides job losses, the migrant workers are facing another reality – hunger. Unemployment in 2020 had left these labors and workers with little or no savings, and now jobs are scarce and living costs have gone sky high.

Farmers and primary sector:

Farmers are crucial part of the food value chain in India. They are the most significant element of the global food system. This pandemic has brought new risks which have threaten the livelihood and food security. Every year, Indian farmers face risks such as low rainfall, price volatility and rising debts. But risks from the COVID-19 pandemic are putting new challenges in front of a sector that is already under threat.

Women and Youngsters:

According to reports, women saw a larger decline in job losses in India than men. Covid also created turmoil in Young people’s lives by taking their jobs away. The youth share of total employment loss was 15-18 times greater than their share in total employment. This is pathetic. The pre-crisis challenges are now amplified due to covid – 19 hit.

Reference –


We Shall Overcome

Stay Safe

Stay Home Stay Safe is the phrase being heard every now and then these days. It’s not just a phrase it’s something that acts as an open secret to keep your life with yourself. People die and heal simultaneously. It seems like it’s time for the mother earth to take revenge on human beings. Other than humans all the other resources are really well. Being in lock down the air is not polluted, tourism places are not littered, the rivers, lakes and ponds are clean. All these are literally free from the nuisance caused by humans. Mother earth is healing all her resources. She has given so many chances for us to realize her importance, but we failed in keeping her resources safe and secure and finally she has got this only way, that is only if the mother earth punishes humans and keep them shut indoors all her other resources shall be in peace. As humans we failed to pay her debt and now it’s her time to take action on humans. The ratio of people dying is greater than those that heal. All of a sudden all that was valued as treasures before seems garbage now and oxygen is the most important of all. Where the world is heading to? None knows! At least by now realize that we are the only cause for this to happen to us. We dug our own with graves leading to this situation. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? But we still have today. Have some heart to save nature. Plant a tree beside your house, you may or may not benefit with it, but it’s a promise that our future generation need not suffer like we do. Don’t be haunting yourself with thoughts that depress you, instead do some gardening in your backyard, plant some veggies and green leaves that help you to eat healthy. Stay indoors, so that you may save your life and your loved ones. Life is unpredictable, so live your life worth within your time. To all those who lost you dear ones in this world, to those who are in sick bed, to all those who don’t know what life holds next for you, Stay positive, never let your worries overrule you. We shall overcome.

Stay Home, Stay Safe

COVID-19, the very word gives millions of thoughts. There are people pleading to stay indoors and as citizens each and every one of us holds the responsibility to keep our kinfolk safe and sound. Most of the people fail to do this by roaming out for unnecessary things. One will never know the value of something unless that precious thing is lost. This is matter of a billion people’s lives. There are people dying even without proper funeral. There is no cemetery to bury the dead and there are no places to cremate. In a night cremation places are built and people are cremated even before the place is dried. There are doctors who don’t even remember to eat food and sleep. Most of the doctors lost their lives by serving people. There are nurses and lab technicians who are risking their lives just to treat you. They fight with your life taker to give back your life by risking their life. They face so many life and death in a day, and it is not an easy thing for them to handle. They will never have people around them for comfort, the stay away from their family and they are humans too, they will have emotions and feelings. Most of the doctors lost their lives just to give back your life. Before coming out of your home just think about your family and loved ones without you. Just think about how people will suffer. Many people who aren’t even affected by corona lost their lives without proper first aid. Hospitals and doctors were busy taking care of corona patients and people with mild heart attack, stroke and fits passed away without proper first aid. All these happens in a blink of an eye, no farewell words, not even hugs to comfort the broken, not even a little more time with the soulless body. That pain is unbearable and one will never understand unless one undergoes such situation. There are still people who stay indoors without meeting their loved ones for years, just to keep them safe and their loved ones too. Hope everyone can be the same just to keep your kins safe. Is there an end to this? Is there any possibility to return back to normal life? Will students be able to enjoy their college life? Questions can be added like this. But possibly none can answer. Stay home, Stay safe. Wear masks and sanitizers now and then. Be safe and sound and lead a happy life with your loved ones.

India to begin COVID-19 vaccination drive from January 16 and frontline, healthcare workers to get priority.

India to begin COVID-19 vaccination drive from January 16, frontline, healthcare workers to get priority

     The COVID-19 vaccination drive in India will commence on January 16, 2021. The decision of starting the largest vaccination drive was taken in a meeting on January 9 during which PM Modi also reviewed the status of COVID-19 in India.

On 16th January, India takes a landmark step forward in fighting COVID-19. Starting that day, India’s nation-wide vaccination drive begins. Priority will be given to our brave doctors, healthcare workers, frontline workers including Safai Karamcharis. 

Prime Minister also reviewed the preparedness of UTs and states for vaccination against the deadly disease. After the detailed review during the meeting, the decision was taken that in the view of upcoming festivals including Makar Sankranti, Lohri, Magh Bihu, Pongal, etc., the vaccination drive will start from January 16.

As per the release by PMO, priority will be given to the frontline, healthcare workers who are estimated to be around three crores. They will be followed by those who are above 50 years and under 50 population groups with any form of co-morbidities. Their number is around 27 crores.

During the meeting, PM Modi was briefed about the centre’s preparedness status of the drive-in collaboration with UTs and states for the rollout of the vaccine. He was also apprised of the government’s CO-WIN Vaccine delivery management system.

While reviewing the vaccination drive status, PM Modi was informed of the three phases of dry run by the government having been conducted all over the country.

• As per the release, the vaccination drive has been underpinned by the principles of participation by people (jan bhagidari), the Universal Immunization Program, and utilizing the experience of elections.

• The drive will not compromise the existing healthcare services, especially primary healthcare and national programmes. It will be underpinned by no compromise on regulatory and scientific norms and smooth and orderly implementation driven by technology.

• A crucial pillar of the vaccination drive will be comprised of the vaccine administrators and vaccinations. During the meeting, their training process was also detailed out.

• Around 2,360 participants were trained during the national-level training of trainers. It included cold chain officers, immunization officers, development partners, and IEC officials.

• For the drive, more than 2 lakh vaccinators, 61,000 programme managers, and 3.7 lakh team members have been trained. They are trained as part of training at district, state, and block levels.

• The unique digital platform will be providing real-time information on vaccine stocks, the vaccine’s storage temperature, and the tracking of beneficiaries of the vaccine.

• The platform will also be assisting the program managers at all levels for pre-registered beneficiaries. There will also be assistance for their verification and for the generation of the digital certificates on the successful completion of the vaccine schedule.

• On the platform, more than 79 lakh beneficiaries have already registered.

The National regulator granted the emergency use authorization for two vaccines in India- COVAXIN, and Covishield. Both the vaccines have established immunogenicity and safety during the clinical trials.



It was started in the year 2019 end but no one knows who is first person and where it started officialy. Probably all the countries and telling about China has orginated but no one have solid evidence about origin of covid now it took peeks in some country.


In United Kingdom (UK) , they have less population around 60 million population as for 2020,in that they submitted highest peek of around 40,000 people, it seems that they are facing another generation of covid -19 already they said we are in second wave in September 2020 and now the UK research council said that we are only research about covid by checking human RNA and most of the country . They have sperated their country as zone as India seperated 3 different zone as cases reported.


UK has seperated in 3 zone and they are in strict lockdown ZONE 1 : Should not go to any where including near store what ever, guess they are can’t celebrate the Christmas itself it was their bad time how ever thay have to manage if they have to live. ZONE 2 : They can move with in their street or among 3 neighboring houses obviously they are also indange they should be very careful. ZONE 3 : They have slight relax compared to other zones


UK research council said that they have many research centre to check human RNA function and they were caution about it. They said it was seems to it affecting like South African affected like. What they are going to do? No one knows.


Even in South Africa people also affecting next generation of virus. around 14,000 people affected in one day. The curve again goes up.

It reported last week that scientists have found a new genetic mutation which might be responsible for the recent surge in Covid-19 cases in South Africa

This South African variant is more transmissible than the UK variant, British health secretary has said, as this variant has mutated further than the UK variant. South African Health Minister Zweli Mkhize tweeted on Twitter

Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Israel and Mauritius have banned flights from South Africa.The new variant ie…Spreading in South Africa has been named as 501.V2.

Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Israel and Mauritius have banned flights from South Africa.The new variant ie…Spreading in South Africa has been named as 501.V2.

People suffering a lot but till we didn’t get any proper vaccine till now how much month or year to get vaccine and people will go as their wish, the answer for it is “? ” When it end..


May be , it ha possible because people are migrated from UK to India particularly states like Maharastra, Karnataka, Thelungana, Tamil Nadu, Goa, Gujarat, West Bengal, Punjab. Totaly 9 states so be aware and take precautions now it is snow or winter⛄ season . Be careful But India does not afffect much compare to other country, but be careful.



What a crazy game God we are suffering a lot it was affecting for both poor and rich without any partiality, it slows but again it gets up where it going to end or get perfect vaccine in suitable for all climate in different countries


The Changing Landscape of Education During COVID-19

illustration by Sara Gironi Carnevale

Learn about the impact on children due to COVID-19 that has forced the schools to adapt with online education.

Imparting online education to children amid the COVID-19 crises has emerged as the go-to solution for schools looking to resume the classes amid the need to continue social distancing till a vaccine for the pandemic is found. Conducting online classes is helping education institutions across the world to beat the coronavirus lockdown and push ahead with the academic calendar. 

However, this trend has raised numerous concerns among the educational experts, at the United Nations Children’s Emergency Funds (UNICEF) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). While some of them have expressed alarm about the potential dangers of internet exposure for young kids, others say they are scared that this digital shift may alienate the economically disadvantaged students who lack access to the technology needed to attend the digitally conducted classes. 

The internet exposure puts children at high risk of online sexual exploitation and grooming, as predators look to exploit the coronavirus pandemic. Online grooming is a worrying product of the internet and social media age, in which predatory adults builds online relationships with gullible children and trick or pressure them into sexual behaviour. 

Moreover, under the shadow of COVID-19, millions of children’s lives have temporarily shrunk to just their homes and screens of devices. It is high time we should adapt ourselves with the current situation and help our children to navigate this new reality. 

According to a report issued by the UNESCO, ‘Half of the total number of learners, about 826 million students kept out of the classroom by the pandemic, don’t have access to a household computer or a smartphone device. While 43 percent have no internet at home when the online based distance education is being opted by the schools and educational institutions to ensure continuity of academic year for students in different countries of the world.’ 

Challenges of Online Education 

There are many challenges when it comes to imparting the online education: 

Students who reside in small towns and villages struggle to get a good internet connection speed and mostly are unable to attend the online classes. This will especially prove disadvantage during the exam time as half the students will fail for sure because they will not to connect due to bad internet connection. 

Many of the students don’t have the devices, smartphones and laptops or money to keep the internet connection while also paying the school fees. These are the real challenges which hinder the process of the online learning. 

Not just students, some school teachers and educators are also struggling to get a hang of the technology. The school wants them to make PowerPoint Presentations (PPTs), record the video lectures, and take online classes through different apps and online platforms, but they aren’t instructed clearly as to how this should be done. This is more common among adults of 60 years and above who find the online medium to impart education quite challenging due to lack of hands-on experience with the latest technology.

The lack of real-world interaction among the students and teachers is another challenging factor that could have a negative impact on their relationships compared to regular classes. 

A New Reality

 As the security concerns of the video conferencing apps such as Zoom emerged in the early days of lockdown with regards to conducting online lessons, meetings and private appointments, most schools have started searching for alternatives to keep the academic year 2020-21 going and not suffer much with disruption owing to coronavirus pandemic. 

The COVID-19 has spawned up an unprecedented dependence on technology that keep up the operations running across different sectors and its potential long-term impact on the economy and lives of people across the world. Studies are been conducted on the increasing dependency on the gadgets among the children and adults to monitor its impact on mental health. 

Now it is more vital to provide child protection services to ensure they remain open and active throughout the pandemic, by ensuring that the devices they use have the latest software updates and antivirus programs for precautions against cyber attacks and threats. 

Additionally, UNESCO has advised the use of television and radio broadcasts as an alternative to reduce the already existing inequalities among students seeking to continue their education with the online classes.

Impact of Corona virus on Education in India

Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Education

Coronavirus pandemic has significantly disrupted various sectors in India including oil and gas, automobiles, aviation, agriculture, retail, etc. We can’t ignore that hardly a sector would remain unaffected by the crisis. The impact may be more or less. Same is with the education sector in India. Let us find out the impact of coronavirus on education in India with some possible solutions.

As we know that due to coronavirus pandemic the state governments across the country temporarily started shutting down schools and colleges. As per the present situation, there is an uncertainty when schools and colleges will reopen. No doubt, this is the crucial time for education sector because entrance tests of several universities and competitive examinations are held during this period. Along with them how can we forget about board examinations, nursery school admissions, etc?

The immediate solution of coronavirus is necessary or if like these days pass then closure of schools and colleges does not even have short term impact in India but can even cause far-reaching economic and societal consequences. Let us tell you that due to the closedown of educational institutes it is estimated to affect around 600 million learners across the world. Remember here we are talking about the school going students.

First, let us see what all educational institutions are doing to fight against COVID-19.

Measures taken by the educational institutes are as follows:

– Closed schools

– Postponed or rescheduled the examinations

– Cleaning and sanitisation of premises.

– Consideration of long term uncertainty etc.

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Education sector: Impact and concern during COVID-19

– As discussed above, all major entrance examinations are postponed including engineering, medical, law, agriculture, fashion and designing courses, etc. This situation can be a ringing alarming bell mainly in private sector universities. Maybe some faculties and employees may face salary cuts, bonuses and increments can also be postponed.

– The lockdown has generated uncertainty over the exam cycle. May be universities may face impact in terms of a slowdown in student internships and placements, lower fee collection that can create hurdles in managing the working capital.

– Another major concern is that it can affect the paying capacity of several people in the private sector, which is catering to a sizeable section of the students in the country.

– Student counselling operations are also affected.

– Several institutions may pause faculty hiring plans for existing vacancies which in turn affect quality and excellence.

– Structure of schooling and learning includes teaching and assessment methodologies and due to closure, it will be affected.

– Technology may play an important role in the lockdown period like study from home and work from home. In India, some private schools could adopt online teaching methods. Low-income private and government school may not be able to adopt online teaching methods. And as a result, there will be completely shut down due to no access to e-learning solutions. In addition to the opportunities for learning, students will also miss their meals and may result in economic and social stress.

– Higher education sectors are also disrupted which again pave an impact on the country’s economic future. Various students from India took admissions in abroad like the US, UK, Australia, China etc. And these countries are badly affected due to COVID-19. Maybe there is a possibility that students will not take admissions there in future and if the situation persists, in the long run then there will be a decline in the demand for international higher education also. Isn’t it!

– Another major concern is employment. Students those have completed their graduation may have fear in their minds of withdrawal of job offers from the corporate sector due to the current situation. The Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy’s estimates unemployment shortage from 8.4% in mid-March to 23% in early April. In the urban unemployment rate is 30.9%.

We can’t ignore that technology plays a crucial role in the educational system and the demand for the current situation is this only.

Possible alternatives or solutions for interrupted education during COVID-19

– With the help of power supply, digital skills of teachers and students, internet connectivity it is necessary to explore digital learning, high and low technology solutions, etc.

– Students those are coming from low-income groups or presence of disability, etc. distance learning programs can be included.

– To provide support for digitalisation to teachers and students.

– The necessity to explore digital learning platforms.

– Measures should be taken to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on job offers, internship programs, and research projects.

– EDtech reform at the national level that is an integration of technology in the present Indian education system.

We can’t ignore that at this time of crisis effective educational practice is needed for the capacity-building of young minds. Central Government and State need to take some measures to ensure the overall progress in the country. Time never wait, this tough time will also pass. Till then stay safe, stay at home!

How Agri-tech startups can help farmers?

Farmers are facing a bad time in this pandemic. As per IBEF(Indian Brand Equity Foundation) more than 58% of India’s population is dependent on agriculture for livelihood. The reverse migration of migrants due to covid-19 will also lead to more people being dependent on agriculture as a source of income. The government has come up with some reforms that can help farmers. Now, the question is whether agri-tech startups become a ray of hope for farmers and make their lives better.

Farmers have long been exploited by the present system of APMC. They have earned less due to the presence of middlemen. Thus, farmers are left with fewer returns. Farmers require more than policies and this where agri-tech startups come to their rescue.

Ways in which agri-tech startups can help farmers

Removing middlemen

The major problem that farmers face is of middlemen. This increases the cost per transaction which is mostly 2-3% in case of offline transactions. However, this cost can be upto 0.5% in case of online transactions. This is the same as online stock market investments, where people used to pay a lot per transaction before startups like Zerodha came into the market. The result of this reduction in cost is more profit in the hands of farmers.

Health of Crop

India loses around 30-35% crop due to pests. Also, attacks by insects is a major threat to farmers. The recent attack by locusts have created fear among many farmers. Agri-tech apps can help a lot in such situations. They can help in monitoring the health of crops with the help of AI. One such startup is Plantix which is a Hyderabad and Berlin-based startup. It helps farmers to identify plant diseases, pests and nutrient deficiencies. This is done with the help of AI.

Increasing crop productivity with the help of data

Agri-tech startups can store data and measure the performance of crops. With the data, farmers can identify in which conditions the crop yielding is good. These apps can study the history of land and also comment about the fertility of the soil. This data can also be used by other companies who produce agri based products and can lead to newer developments.

Easy availability of finance

The farmers have faced a lot of problems because of non-availability of finance from banks. This led them to borrow money from unorganised sectors at very huge costs. With these apps, the farmers can maintain their data regarding stock sold and inventory. This will help banks in monitoring their performance and thus banks will be more willing to provide money to farmers.

Challenges that can be faced by agri-tech startups

These startups can definitely help farmers but there are some challenges in their way. Their growth depends on the following factors:

  • Support from government.
  • Faster data penetration.
  • Strong financial support from private investors.

These are some of the technical and legal challenges that these startups may face. Apart from these challenges, the acceptance of these apps by farmers is also a challenge. As many farmers are not tech savy, these startups will have to make farmers comfortable with technology. Even with these challenges, agri-tech startups are likely to change the life of farmers.


In these pandemic situations,  students, workers and jobbers have a bad effect on their careers. No one is allowed to work at the offices or study at the schools during lockdown days due to the huge break out of corona virus (covid19) worldwide. It has been more than two months since the prime minister has announced the 1st stage of lockdown in India. This decision has a brutal impact on not only country GDP but also careers (of youth especially).


Career of a student depends on the quality of his education and the good quality education can be given through practicals, labs, experiments apart from classroom teaching. Better equipped labs, qualified staff can result better quality education. When the educational institutions are closed how can the students learn anything related to academics?

Apart from students’ career, many employees lost their jobs, new jobbers, who are going to start their professional career, have been locked at home. Government is providing few bacis necessities but what about their career life? This was the major problem arised during 1st stage of lockdown.


There are few beneficiary ways for students to make their lockdown days useful and productive. Many institutions have started provided classes through online with the availabe resources ( online applications, softwares and websites). Though they cannot provide best education as in school premises but it is atleast useful for some extinct. Besides there are few youtube channels which teach online courses for free. But if they feel like not appropriate then there are few sites which offer online trainings and teachings ( paid and unpaid ). How to prove to any company or organisation that we have learnt such a course? Yes, the websites provides certificates either physical or softcopy for those who finished the course.

And what about the employees and jobbers? Few companies provide online working facilities but thousands of employees lost their jobs. Some of them searching for online jobs ( part time or full time ) and internships. They may not be much satisfying for the employees but atleast they got something to work.


Strategies to help you stop spiralling this quarantine season

The COVID-19 pandemic can stressful and incredibly frightening for some people. It may involve fear and anxiety about the disease which can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in both children and adults. This is why it is crucial to take care of your mental health now more than ever. 

The following four solutions can be enacted in different ways, depending on your surroundings. 


Writing about the problems you are facing is a good start to getting through them. Start maintaining a journal or if you’re more electronically inclined even a new note on your phone would do. When you’re faced with a problem, write how it makes you feel, its ideal outcome, even if that counts as the worst-case scenario, and then write the possible solutions.

Don’t worry about maintaining grammar. When sentences start pouring out of you, your brain works to solve whatever’s going on. Later you might want to read it over and see if any possible solutions jump out at you; or don’t, if this act of writing was enough to make you feel better about the situation. 


When you’re alone: You might find it helpful to write a letter about everything you are feeling about the situation addressed to the person who caused it. If the problem is caused by a situation or circumstance rather than a person, address it to your feelings, the Universe, some higher power you believe in or even to yourself. The11 simple act of writing can lend you an immense amount of clarity and/or relief.

With your family around: Since everyone’s at home and on their phones, all the time, pulling yours out and pretending to send a text won’t draw any extra attention. Breathe and vent in your notes. Nobody will be the wiser.

METHOD TWO: Making Art 

Maybe after you start writing you immediately start self-editing and judging your own feelings. You might even be worried that if you put your feelings down on paper, someone could find and read them, and you will have to suffer the consequences. Instead, how about you grab magazines, crayons, paints, brushes, a sketchbook, or whatever medium you want to go for, and start making something tangible? Art offers a safer means of expression for people concerned with invasions of privacy by parents or relatives.


When you’re alone: Go for it! Get every craft supply you own out of that cupboard and make a giant mess. You could start a long-term project that you can get back to whenever you’re not feeling great. You don’t have to be Van Gogh to benefit from this. The mere act of scribbling all over a piece of newspaper and going letting loose will make you feel a little better.

When you feel unsure of yourself, temporarily refocus your attention on making something that helps you resurface, like picking up a pen and scrawling aimless loops on a piece of paper. Your version doesn’t have to revolve around drawing or painting: Try paper-maché or do origami. 

With your family around: Acknowledging where you are and what you’re doing can quickly recenter you if you start to panic or dissociate. Draw the street you live in; the person at the table next to you; the contents of your fridge. Focusing largely on the details of what’s physically real can take you away from intangible feelings and can bring you back into yourself. If your family is artsy too, try craft tutorials or paint some old jeans- anything that distracting enough and gets your creative juices moving.


Sometimes spiralling makes you want to shut every thought you’ve ever had away in a safe, never to be seen or heard from again. Sometimes when you’re already doubting your judgment, sharing your thoughts with someone, even a trusted friend, can feel icky. But if you’re capable of surpassing those feelings, even temporarily, sharing your thoughts and experiences with someone you trust— whether that’s your someone in your girl gang, parent, sibling or a twitter pal—can result in having fresh set of themes to help you work on what’s bothering you.

If your problems involve experiencing violence at home or you’ve been abused or assaulted, the legally mandated 

lockdown can present unprecedented challenges that are unfamiliar territory. If you are experiencing abuse, reaching out to the ones you trust is crucial. 


When you’re alone: Just start talking out loud. Try and suspend your feelings- with just enough practice, you can become your companion this way. This act of speaking your problems instead of bottling them can give you some cognitive distance from the issues bothering you. When you spill what’s on your mind in a space where no one around is there to hear you, it can lead to major realizations. 

With your family around: The only thing harder than opening up is figuring out who you can trust. If I have a family member whom I love dearly but who makes sure to tell me everyone else’s gossip, maybe they aren’t quite the right confidante when you’re already feeling unstable. The kind of confidante you’re looking for here is someone who will sit and listen, then ask the right questions-what have you tried so far? what do you need? how can I help?

If you aren’t up for face-to-face contact with a family member nor a call to your trusted friend, but you still want to talk to someone about facing any mental health issue due to the ongoing lockdown, call one of the many helplines designed to support people experiencing unpleasant feelings. The government has launched a crisis hotline which can be reached at 08046110007


If you need a temporary distraction to process your thoughts and feelings but an art project and poetry just isn’t doing it for you, try going for a long walk on your terrace, flailing around your bedroom wildly to ‘Starboy’, giving Pilates a shot or even practicing headstands until your hair permanently stands on end? 

Physical activity will reduce stress and fatigue and eventually help you to feel more alert. It doesn’t matter what kind of exercise you do- it’s all about moving your body in ways that feel great and work for you. It doesn’t have to be a giant commitment. Just set small goals.


When you’re alone: This is a good time to experiment and find out what kind of physical activity works best for you. You could follow stress-reducing yoga videos, a zillion of which can be found on YouTube, If you’re feeling something which is more high-energy, the internet is filled with amazing dance tutorials available as well. Working out with your confidante over video call can also be an effective alternative, you’ll both get to blow off some steam and clear your heads, which is a great place to be in if you want to ask for advice or even spill your guts.

With your family around: Pick an activity that the family likes, yoga or hula hooping- the family favourites or any other and get going! High-energy activities like planks, push-ups, squats can be difficult, but rewarding, and doing it with another person makes it into a fun challenge

Union health ministry toll-free helpline for mental health issues: 08046110007