The present scenario, across the globe, is not at all appeasing. All of us are going through the most unexpected phases of our lives due to this global pandemic (COVID-19). Everyone is bound to stay in self quarantine in order to fight this situation and eradicate the virus. All the news channels and social media are consistently putting forward the updates of COVID-19 and hence we all are well acquainted with the statistics of positive cases of corona and deaths caused by it all over the world. There is indeed an universal widespread pessimism and hence there is necessity to spread pragmatic vibes. So, instead of getting caught by boredom and frustration we should think forward to utilize and enjoy this quarantine and make count. And hence, there is just need to emphasize on the second side of the coin.

In the midst of all these chaos, there are also some useful and incredible opportunities. These are; to look inwards and connect with ourselves, to discover some hidden aspects of our lives, to spend time with our families, and to do those things which we were unable to do earlier because of various reasons and mostly because of our busy lifestyles. If we will think positively, there are many ways by which we can make our quarantine interesting. Among several ways to enjoy this quarantine, the first and foremost is to relax as much as we can. During the engrossment in our daily lives, we urged to relax, but we were unable; hence this is the time when we can completely rest and set our mind free from all sorts of worries. We can fulfill all our left over hobbies; be it singing, dancing, painting, cooking, sewing, knitting, writing, reading, gardening, playing indoor games, learning instruments and many more which usually used to get neglected due to lack of pertinent time. So, this is the chance when we can do yoga and exercises, follow a balanced diet and stick to a perfectly healthy routine. The students have got a splendid opportunity to focus on their studies and gain more and more knowledge so as to leave their competitors behind. All the working people have got a golden chance to spend maximum time with their family members and relax. For all the senior citizens, it is a good time as they can cherish the company of their younger generations which used to be very rare in usual days.

And the most important fact is that in this era of social media, how can our lives get boring and futile? We can either silently enjoy things over there or we can even be a part of that. To site an example, I’m mentioning, nowadays different types of challenges and tasks are being viral on Instagram and Facebook, also many creative videos related to various aspects are being uploaded. Hence, social sites are the best cure to boredom and as well as can prove to be an auspicious platform for innovative and creative minds. People, these days, are creating their pages on social networking sites and gaining benefits by fulfilling their creative hobbies there; such as making memes and jokes, sharing new recipes and displaying other types of art and crafts and talents. If I talk about myself, I remain busy in this quarantine too. What I personally think is a person can do uncountable stuffs to keep oneself engaged. These days my family has chosen one of the best ways of recreation i.e. indoor games like cards’ game and board games (ludo, chess, carrom). And thus we don’t get time to get bored. We have also tried some activities which we never thought we could do; like I became my mother’s beautician and my brother performed barber’s job for my father. These are some of those rare memories which we will cherish forever. If a person opts to do all his/her desirable works then definitely 24 hours will also seems to be very less.

Of course, this situation is not favorable but it’s not worst as well. Although people are getting infected, losing lives, confined in their houses; the whole nation is locked down and daily lives has come to a standstill but still there should be a constant ray of hope for betterment. And the best we can do is to be sanguine and spread optimism. Because this mayhem is somehow the period where we can nourish our relationships with love and warmth, charge our mind and soul and gain more enlightenment. This is the time to grasp many lessons of life and gain enough strength and patience to deal with hardships. We should try to spend our quarantine in such manner that once it’s over we could be able to restart our normal lives with new zeal filled with heartening vibrance.

Here and now conclude my views by appealing to all that, stay home stay safe, spread love and happiness, be positive and make your quarantine interesting and worth; because maybe someday in future we gonna miss these days. So, make this nothingness productive and memorable.

Self-help books and novels

Are you bored of this lockdown? Then this article is just for you. Let us make your quarantine productive and remarkable. The perfect way to achieve it is by reading novels and self-help books. Here are some books that would make you cherish reading.
1) The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides- if you love watching thriller movies, then this book is just for you. This book is going to make you feel tons of emotions and will leave you awestruck.
2) Looking for Alaska by John Green- this is one most beautifully written books. You would fall in love with every single line of this book. It is full of mystery, misery, and adventure. This book will surely leave you in pieces.
3) The Fault in Our Stars by John Green- This was hands down one of the best stories ever. This book is beyond a 5-star rating; it will surely make you believe in love.
4) Pursuit of Happyness by Chris Gardner – This is one of the best self-help books. You would fall in love with this book. It will teach you that even when life seems to get worse, never give up, always put yourself out there, don’t expect things to always come out of nowhere, and this is what this book’s story tells. It will make you believe in yourself and would make you stronger.
5) How to Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee- This book is a timeless classic that explores perspectives behind racial prejudice and small-town identity. The characterization of the children Jem and Scout Finch is outstandingly crafted. Every page would make you relish reading.
6) Percy Jackson and the Lightning Theif by Rick Riodarn- If you love the fictional world then this book is the perfect match for you. Believe it or not, you would fail to put this book down once you start reading it. You would drag yourself to sleep and put down this book.
7) The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins- One of the greatest effective thrillers to be penned. It deals with compelling themes while knitting the story into a heart-stopping tale of mania and madness. You can’t help but get reeled into the chaos of it all, questioning yourself. You would beg to sell your soul to read this book for the first time again.
8) Angels and Demons by Dan Brown- the most exhilarating piece of writing you will ever read. It will take you on an immersive and remarkable range of ups downs, ultimate plot twists, and surprising discoveries of ancient facts, tales, and legends. Moreover, it is well examined and beautifully written, with high vocab words, terror, holy insights, and an epic, intensely distorted storyline. This book will make you fall in love with science fiction.
These eight books will change your perspective of how you view the world. These eight books will gift a new foresight and will improve your vocab. The love for reading is going to benefit you in every way; start your reading journey today.