Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi-tribute

Mahatma Gandhi may be a well-known figure of peace everywhere on the planet. He was one of the foremost prominent figures to possess led the successful Indian struggle for independence. His peaceful teachings and non-violent methods of rights movements have inspired many movements of freedom across the planet. Born as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, he has conferred the honorific title of Mahatma which stands for venerable. His birthday is observed as a legal holiday in India and he’s lovingly mentioned as Bapu or the daddy of the state. he’s one of the foremost respected figures in India and therefore the Indian paper money has his image on all the denominations. His death day is additionally observed as Martyr’s Day in India.

Gandhi was born during a well to try to family in British colonized India and therefore the ancient Indian stories of peace, truth, and love had an excellent impact on him since his childhood. While he wanted to determine a practice firm, he found himself unable to cross-examine witnesses and criminals. He then moved to South Africa to figure as a lawyer for an Indian firm. South Africa exposed the planet of discrimination against the non-whites to Gandhi. He was often abused, beaten up, and was also thrown off by a primary-class train coach. Gandhi protested to all or any of those in a peaceful and non-violent manner and these events ignited a passion in him to fight against social discrimination.

Gandhi returned to India in 1915 and was dedicated to questioning the practices and therefore the injustice of the British Empire. His peaceful methods of demonstrations and his values of truth, love, and peace attracted a variety of individuals and shortly, almost the whole country was rallying behind him in support. He demonstrated and formed a variety of non-cooperative peaceful movements and was also recognized to be an eminent Indian leader by the British. After the wars as Britain looked to free its colonies, India gained its independence but was also weakened into India and Pakistan. This incident deeply grieved Gandhi but he couldn’t do much to prevent it from happening. After India’s successful independence, Gandhi was saddened to ascertain that folks were lusting for power which his vision had been diluted. In 1948, Gandhi was assassinated as he was thought to be the prime reason behind favoring a separate nation for Pakistan by the Hindu extremists.
Gandhi has always been extremely peaceful and has always adopted non-violent methods to oppose things. He has shown the planet tons in terms of peaceful demonstrations and he’s one of the foremost revered figures within the history of peace. You might find this topic boring because of history, but no matter what Gandhiji would always remain a leader for Indians. Gandhi- the man who fought for the country and devoted all his life to the freedom struggle. Every year, on his birthday at least try to study more facts about him and other freedom fighters as a tribute to their sacrifice. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi- a true devotee!

The world of journalism

The word journalism was originally applied to the reportage of current events in printed form, specifically newspapers, but with the arrival of radio, television, and therefore the Internet within the 20th century the utilization of the term broadened to incorporate all printed and transmission handling current affairs.

Concepts of the acceptable role for journalism vary between countries. In some nations, journalism is controlled by government intervention and isn’t fully independent. In others, journalism is independent of the govt but instead operates as a private industry motivated by profit. additionally to the varying nature of how media organizations are run and funded, countries may have differing implementations of laws handling the liberty of speech and many libel cases.

History and Professionalism of Journalism- While publications reporting the news to the overall public during a standardized fashion only began to seem within the 17th century and later, governments as early because the Han China made use of regularly published news bulletins. Similar publications were established within the Republic of Venice in the 16th century. These bulletins, however, were intended just for officialdom, and thus weren’t journalistic news publications within the modern sense of the term. England took the publication of newspapers towards the top of the 16th century. The daily newspaper sponsored by Defoe appeared at the start of the 18th century.

Modern newspapers developed with the invention of the telegraph which made the possible swift transmission of stories across the planet. Reuter, the famous press agency, started the work first. There are several sorts of journalism with diverse audiences. Thus, journalism is claimed to serve the role of a “fourth estate”, acting as a watchdog on the workings of the govt . one publication (such as a newspaper) contains many sorts of journalism, each of which can be presented in several formats. Each section of a newspaper, magazine, or website may cater to a special audience.

Journalism within the 20th century was marked by a growing sense of professionalism. there have been four most important factors during this trend:

(1) the increasing organization of working journalists,

(2) specialized education for journalism,

(3) a growing literature handling the history, problems, and techniques of mass communication, and

(4) an increasing sense of social responsibility on the part of journalists.

Journalism has many competitors today. Chief of all is that the radio and therefore the televisions which not only broadcast and televises but have the added advantages of arranging talks of prominent leaders of the society and establish visual contact with them. But they can’t supersede the newspaper. Remaining glued to Radio or TV at a particular time isn’t always possible.

Besides, coverage of stories by the radio and television is limited; items must be hampered to the minimum so that the time limit isn’t exceeded. But a newspaper is often read at any time, suiting one’s convenience. Its coverage is extremely wide, and its scope for improvement is unlimited. But the journalist should guard against this tendency for trivializing and fragmenting news items, imposing the editor’s opinions upon readers.

Choosing a career- a perk

A career is that the most vital part of one’s life. to place bread on your board, to realize respect from society, and for your self-satisfaction, an honest career may be a must. But the definition of a “good career” is vague and depends on people to people.

There is no such thing called as an honest career. A career path that’s good on my behalf won’t be necessarily good for others. Therefore, during this particular essay on career, we might wish to dig deep and understand what a career is and the way to settle on one to steer a cheerful and content life.
Each and each one among us has faced a particular junction or a cross-road at some point in our lives that has had a serious impact on our lives. this will be both knowledgeable crossroads or personal crossroads. But during this career essay, I might wish to mention the cross-road that we see in our professional careers. It’s not just the scholars who would have faced a dilemma choose a career, even employees past 30 years aged face this crisis.

When a student’s face it is called a re-stage crisis, yet when an employee 6 years down the lane faces enigmas career choices, then its usually called a mid-life crisis or mid-career crisis. Midlife crisis may be a term that refers to people that are having second thoughts about their career a couple of years down after working within the same. There could be many reasons for these several which can be an everyday monologue, fatigue, salary issues, professional growth issues, internal office dilemmas, etc. during this career essay, I’m getting to mention both the sort of career choices.

A student’s life is that the first crossroad that we face in our lives. By keeping certain factors in mind, there’s many career choice a student can choose between. a number of the favored career choices are engineering, medicine, arts, and commerce. Which career to settle on and on what terms are some things that each student will need to worry about. There are certain criteria to settle on a career, but the foremost important one that is consistent with us is;
Passion: The word passion sounds cliche, but it’s a crucial criterion to think about before choosing a career path. If everyone follows their passion and chose a career accordingly, then the concept of a mid-career crisis wouldn’t have occurred in the first place. all folks would have dreamt of something during our childhood. We all wanted to become a police, a cricketer, an actor, a doctor or an engineer. But not everyone follows and listens to the kid in them. We ultimately hand over on our passions and choose a secure career that can give us an honest salary. Risk-taking may be a part and parcel of life and nobody should regret not doing something 80 years down the lane once they are on their deathbed.
Choose your career wisely not under pressure or burden, it is your choice.

Bhagat Singh- Untold Hero

No one gets the liberty for free of charge . It comes at the value of lives and struggle. Independence isn’t gained by one soldier and one insurgent , but many lives struggled for it. These are the such Inspirational Short stories of Freedom Fighters, who lost their lives for a thought of a free country.
Saheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh, he sacrificed his life for his country India, he happily kissed the noose and hung himself for the liberty of his beloved Bharat, merely, at the age of 23 years and 6 months.

He died the death of a martyr. Following the day of 23 April 1931, the supporters and followers of Bhagat Singh regarded him as a “Shaheed” (martyr).

Bhagat Singh could have asked for mercy but he refused. He wanted his death to ignite a robust fire at every nook and cranny of the country and wanted each and each citizen to participate within the struggle for freedom.

His dream was to ascertain India as a free country and may even die for his dream.

Bhagat Singh doesn’t believe violence from his childhood. His family believed within the Gandhian ideology of non-violence

And for a short time , he was also the supporter of the Gandhian philosophy but there have been the two incidents which shifted his heart faraway from Gandhi .

The incidents of Jallliawala Bagh massacre and therefore the Chauri Chaura.

Even at the top of their life, they weren’t frightened of the death and consulting the ways with the Britishers, they need to die. Such may be a brave heart.

It is said that they proceeded quite cheerfully towards the gallows while chanting their favorite slogans-Inquilab Zindabaad.
Bhagat Singh’s name is synonymous with the revolutionary movement that contributed to India’s freedom struggle. Celebrated for his gusto and courage to face up to British rule, Bhagat Singh was born in 1907 and gave his life for the country when he was sentenced to death by execution at the ripe age of 23 along side his associates Rajguru and Sukhdev on the fees of assassinating British policeman John Saunders, who had ordered brutal military action on independence movement leader Lala Lajpat Rai.
Bhagat Singh lay hungry in jail for 116 days. Even during this point , he completed all his daily work including reading and writing books, visiting court a day and even singing.
He escaped to Kanpur, When his parents put pressure on him about marriage. He told his parents, “if i will be able to marry in colonial India, where British Raj is there, then my bride are going to be my death. Therefore, there’s no rest or worldly desire which will lure me now’.
It is believed that when his mother had come to go to him in jail, Bhagat Singh was laughing loudly. Seeing this, jail authorities were shocked considering he was so on the brink of death.
He was hanged an hour before the official time on March 23, 1931. it’s said that Bhagat Singh was smiling at the time of hanging. The britishers did took one of the greatest hereos from us but they can not take his legacy.

Facing trouble in starting a new business?

Starting a little business is that the best thanks to gain freedom. Although this statement is disputable, it’s sense.

Why do people plan to become entrepreneurs? they’re looking for independence. Small business helps one manage his time within the way he wants. He can produce the products and services he likes. Finally, he’s ready to attempt to be responsible and artistic . Small business is extremely important for the economy of each state. Small entrepreneurs contribute into the state budget tons . it’s possible to mention that the complex of small and middle firms provides the country with an equivalent profit as business does. In simple words, a prosperous state cannot survive without small business. it’s impossible to defeat poverty without small business. Thus, if you’ve got any genuine and uncommon ideas concerning the assembly of useful goods and services, establish your own small firm.

Starting up isn’t easy
Starting alittle business isn’t a simple thing. Whether you’re doing something as simple as business paper writing as a business or as grand as running a construction company building skyscrapers, you ought to be psychologically and financially prepared to numerous challenges. Moreover, it’s vital to understand something about business, management and marketing.

You should also study the market so as to find out about the products and services that are required by consumers. This factor is that the crucial one. once you discover that folks demand an item but nobody has produced it yet, you’ve got the simplest chances to overcome the chosen sector of the market. Secondly, you need to believe the worth and quality of your product.

There are two options. The foremost one is that the production of high-quality and expensive goods which will serve long. The second option is said to consumerism. You produce poor-quality cheap goods and attract clients with the assistance of rock bottom prices.

Create a business plan
Then, you ought to create your own business plan which will contain the whole information about the functioning of your firm. believe the target groups of consumers , production, logistics, storage and retail.

Apparently, you ought to produce and store your goods somewhere. Then, you’ll meet with such issues as revenue and expense. you’ll got to hire a couple of employees to run your business rewardingly. doubtless , you’ll need to be selective, demanding and attentive so as to recruit the proper people into your firm. Finally, you’ll meet the matter of rent, taxation, etc. A firm resembles a household. you ought to concentrate to the slightest problem, question and misunderstanding if you would like to extend your income and develop your small firm into something bigger.

The ups and downs
As could be expected, starting alittle business has many advantages and drawbacks . the foremost solid strong side is independence. you are doing not need to work for somebody else. you’re employed for your own profit. You possess the liberty of choice and actions. If you’re not respected and appreciated at work, you’ll embody your original and amusing ideas in your own business.

Ambitious people always attempt to start alittle business if they receive such a chance . you are doing not got to hear the instructions and threats of your boss once you are late. At long last, you’ll earn extra money . you’re the boss and therefore the entire profit is yours.


Smriti Mandhana – Female Yuvraj Singh

Mandhana’s dream of batting alongside her idol, Mithali Raj, came straight in 2014 when she and Raj led India to their first Test win in eight years during a tense run-chase in Wormsley. But, it had been only during the 2017 Womens World Cup when the 23-year-old left-hander shot into fame.

Mandhana struck a match-winning 90 and followed it up with a swashbuckling hundred within the next game. aside from the runs, what struck everyone was Mandhana’s strokeplay and particularly her backlift. Few likened her comparisons with Sourav Ganguly for her off-side play. a replacement star had been born. Social media was trending with Mandhana’s name. Fans were googling her cricket profile; some girl next door’ images.
Mandhana had become the talk about social media, Indian cricket, and therefore the whole country, for that matter. But International cricket is brutal. In fact, sport is brutal. it’s demanding, unrelenting and super competitive. Oppositions work you out over a period of your time and if you only sit back resting on your past laurels, the sport can expose you to the hilt. it’s exactly what happened with Smriti Mandhana.

Following a 90 and a century, Mandhana’s suffered an enormous slump in her form. The left-hander could just manage 26 runs in her next seven World Cup innings with the opposition bowlers exposing her inability to figure the ball towards mid-on was exposed to the hilt.
Down in her dumps, Mandhana quickly visited the drafting board once she came to India. Assisted by her coach, Anant Tambwekar, Smriti made a couple of technical changes; the foremost profound of them being her twiddling with an open stance, that allowed her the liberty to play shots on the leg-side, and what followed was mayhem.

The southpaw, together with her new stance, lit up the 2018 Kia Super League, scoring 421 runs at a mean of 60.14 and a strike-rate of 174.68 for the Western Storm franchise, paving her sides’ thanks to the finals. Mandhana’s strike-rate- 174.68- was the very best for any women cricketer within the KSL or the ladies BBL, and couple it together with her astounding consistency, the thing was clear; we were certain Mandhana 2.0.

Smriti’s consistency and therefore the elegance of her stroke-play, whether it’s her inside-out hit over covers, or the pristine cover-drives or square-cuts and to not forget her backlift [That backlift], made the whole world get up to her amazing talent. Some likened her to Adam Gilchrist, some to Sourav Ganguly and a few to Yuvraj Singh. But Mandhana’s wasn’t looking to become the second someone, she was committed to carving out her own identity, to become the primary Mandhana and her performances within the succeeding months ensured it to the hilt.
n a card that has been mired by inconsistency, controversies, underperformance, and whatnot, Mandhana has emerged because the bedrock. within the 2018 World Twenty20, the left-hander scored 178 runs across five games and was one among the few Indian batters who looked comfortable on the dual-pace wickets of the Caribbean. Mandhana continued her propriety on the tour of latest Zealand, leading India to a 2-1 series win in ODIs, scoring 196 runs in 3 ODIs then followed it up with another impressive show within the T20s- 180 runs at a strike-rate of 146.34.

Sustainable brands of 2021

The Skin-Care Ingredients You Shouldn't Mix

Are you finding it hard to contribute to the environment in times of the pandemic? If yes, then this article is just for you. Sustainability is the key to a better future. But it is not possible to achieve it unless the brands stop using non-biodegradable material in their packagings. It is no lie that brands tend to invest a lot of money in their advertisement and spend very little money on their packaging. In this situation, we must research brands that are eco-friendly and care about the environment. The call of nature is to create innovations to our expenditure patterns and embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. The first and the most significant, deliberate measure that we can do is shift to ethnic fashion brands and eco-friendly brands that will help us contribute. Here are some brands that you can invest in-
Fashion brands-
1) Maati by Neha Kabra- is a modern womenswear start-up from Udaipur, supported by PETA. A portion of its material is up-cycled, and they use naturally sourced dyes; they use plastic-free packaging. Their mere and casual profiles are timeless.
2) InSom- is a natural and up-cycled attire label that ensures 100% zero-waste creation. It is incredibly fashionable and comfortable; the brand converts leftovers, imperfect and extra stuff from large-scale natural fabric production industries and converts them into wearable.
3) Mix Mitti by Ms. Shivangi Bajpai- is a business accessory label giving a variety of products from bags to journals. In addition, a part of its earnings gets donated to protect wildlife and fundamental habitats.
4) Nicobar- is an up-to-date lifestyle label that offers clothing, home decor, and trip accessories. Encouraged by the Indian Ocean and a comfortable island aesthetic, their outlook of integrity in timeless goods designed to last and influenced by natural design and materials gets echoed in their beautiful stores.
5) Doodlage- is a sustainable clothing mark that makes circular fashion mainstream. They produce garments, accessories, plus home products made out of fabric scraps sourced from large manufacturing units in India. These fabrics otherwise add to landfills or go into incineration.
Skincare brands:-
1) Bathing Culture- They make a range of zero waste skincare refill stocks. The ingredients give this vegan zero waste skincare product a cocktail of antioxidants, amino and essential fatty acids.
2) The Earth Rhythm- one of the very few businesses that are 99% plastic-free. From dispatching to packaging, the brand is committed to its choice. Their employees consist of women from weaker sections of society and individuals with autism/down-syndrome. Their zero-waste practice is very excellent and stands testament to their brand value.
3) Ren- Between its sustainably sourced ingredients, reclaimed ocean-plastic packaging, and refill scheme, the brand appears well on course to accomplishing its zero waste aim by the end of 2021.
4) Davines- Before environmental awareness was even on the radar of the wider beauty industry, there was Davines. The brand has been carbon-neutral since 2018 and is now focusing on obtaining net-zero emissions by 2030.
Make your skin dewy and closet aesthetic, and contribute towards sustainable goals at the same time.
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Mithali Raj- Epitome of Grace

Mithali Raj (@M_Raj03) | Twitter

38-year-old Mithali Raj recently created a world record by becoming the first cricketer to overpass 6000 runs. However, she came a long way to trespass this journey; her tale encountered a lot of struggle and devastation. While girls of her age were clothing up their dolls, Mithali performed her first match when she was merely 11. Perfection in her preferred position notwithstanding, it is the transformation from Bharatnatyam to cricket; turns her remarkable story a compelling one. Information on the change from dance to cricket is going circulated since she cracked another world record. On 3rd December 1082, she was born in a Tamil family in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Acknowledged with the Arjuna Award in 2003, including the Padma Shri in 2015, Mithali is frequently called the Sachin Tendulkar of cricket.. Since she was a child, she was keen to become a dancer. However, fate appeared to have had different ideas for her. Her dad started observing Mithali at St John’s coaching grounds in Secunderabad since she was 10. After extreme hard work and devotion- Mithali emerged as a batwoman at 22 and gave a superb inning against England. Her mentor says that she had to make a lot of sacrifices. Working at the railway station was a tedious task, and she had to cancel her plans with friends and quit her social life. Mithali had always been an extrovert, minimizing her social life a difficult task. In 1999, she graced into the youngest ever ODI centurion during a debut match against Ireland at Milton Keynes, scoring 114 runs. However, Mithali did experience a slight orthodox mentality during her journey. But her will was strong; she believed in herself and continued working hard. It serves as an immense pleasure for the Indian cricket team to have her as a captain. Mithali Raj is one of the most sought-after idols for women who want to be victors in their adopted sport. Unfortunately, till now, not all women’s cricket matches are televised. Society sees cricket as a men’s sport; often, parents discourage their children who wish to play it. The difficulty is women cricketers are not addressed nor glorified while women are planting in equal efforts. They own inspirational stories to bestow and justify desire and gratitude as their male complements. The men in blue have overlooked the Indian cricketing industry for a great time, dominating the women executing the sport. Yet, the situation quo altered in 2017 when the Indian women’s cricket team shifted everything around in their favor. Their goal of winning the World Cup perhaps shattered, but the ladies took the middle stage in a community contrarily controlled by men. The Indian women did not rise triumphantly in the match, but they won millions of hearts. Whenever we say the word- cricketer, a man in blue-collar holding a bat comes to mind. Let us change the orthodox thinking of society and imagine a woman in a blue-collar holding a bat with utmost grace in our mind. We must realize that women empowerment is the key to a developed nation, we have to open-minded and liberal and accommodate every community.

World Asteroid Day 2021

Asteroid to Make Closest Flyby in History

Of late, there have been several stories about asteroids hurtling past Earth; let us first understand what asteroids are in mere words. Asteroids are the little rocky remains that orbit around the Sun. Chiefly, they are among the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, except some have more unconventional orbits. Therefore, we can tell that asteroids are rocky-metallic celestial objects which extend in size from approximately the extent of pebbles to about 600 miles across. They are small; therefore, we do not acknowledge them as planets, yet they revolve around Sun. Asteroids are also known as the remaining material of the Solar System. Do you know that numerous hundred thousand asteroids are known to endure in our Solar System, plus multiple of them are yet to get found? Some asteroids are so tiny that they are hard to detect. In December 2016, the United Nations General Assembly took a resolution to observe 30 June as world asteroid day every year; it might seem that this day does not hold much significance, yet, the roots of the history behind this day lie in great depth. Through this article, let us try to understand its importance in mere words. 30 June marks the centennial of the Tunguska impact; it was a cumbersome explosion near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River. According to NASA’s estimations that the asteroid penetrated the Earth’s atmosphere at a pace of roughly 33,500 miles per ampere-hour. This event is considered the world’s most massive asteroid impact on the Earth in recorded history. The aim behind this was to raise awareness about the consequences of Asteroids at an international level. As aimed, the organizations worked promoted awareness and provided knowledge to the general public about the importance of asteroids in the universe and the role they play in our solar system today. There is an organization called B612 that strives towards shielding the Earth from asteroid collisions, acquainting and advancing extensive decision-making on worldly defense issues. Every year, multiple performances are arranged all across the world. These functions are at NASA and other space bureau facilities, libraries, planetariums, multiversities, and many more. This year it is going to celebrate digitally. The previous year many people got to know some mind-blowing facts about our universe during the webinar. In brief, International Asteroid Day World Asteroid Day dignifies consciousness regarding the devasting impression of an asteroid meanwhile it crashes to the Earth. How the supplies can get utilized in the future, how asteroids provide the means for future investigation, and how we can preserve our planet from the consequences of asteroids. It is essential to note asteroids’ uncertain impacts. So, World Asteroid Day is observed over the globe to teach people about asteroids and their results. Make sure you discuss our solar system with your teachers and parents. You will get to know many facts about the asteroids and many other celestial bodies. It will give you immense pleasure to learn these facts and would make your day productive. If you go through social media, you would come across some interactive webinars taking place.

Bismillah Khan- Shehnai God

Bismillah Khan - Wikipedia

Ustad Bismillah Khan- came into the world on March 21, 1916, in the Dumraon region as the second next son of father Paigambar Khan and mother Matthan. He was initially called Qamaruddin to rhyme with Shamsuddin, his brother. His ancestor, Rasool Baksh Khan- pronounced “Bismillah later gazing at the newborn. Therefore, he was called Bismillah Khan. His forefathers were official musicians and handled to play in Naqqar khana in the regal regions of Bhojpur, presently in Bihar. His dad was a shehnai professional in Maharaja Keshav Prasad Singh from Dumraon Estate. Despite his popularity, Khan’s life grasped its traditional Benaras charm. His main mode of transportation remained the cycle rickshaw. A fellow of tenderness, he supposed in remaining private; and that players are supposed to be heard and not seen. He was a pious Shi’a Muslim and, like many Indian musicians notwithstanding of faith, a follower of Mother Saraswati. He oftentimes performed at various temples and on the shores of the river Ganga near Varanasi, besides operating outside the great Vishwanath temple in Varanasi. He endured his training supporting his uncle, the late Ali Baksh, a shehnai player connected to Varanasi’s Vishwanath Temple. Khan signified perhaps single-handedly accountable for making the shehnai a well-known classical apparatus. He induced the shehnai to the core stage of Indian musicology with his performance at the Calcutta All India Music Conference in 1937. People started to consider Bismillah and the shehnai are nearly synonyms.
Khan is one of the best musicians and one of the best representatives of Hindu-Muslim unity in India. His theory of music was exquisite, and his foresight, excellent. He formerly remarked, “Even if the universe ceases, the melody will yet persist, and he often said, the art of music has neither caste nor religion. He has played in Afghanistan, Iran, Europe, Bangladesh, Iraq, Iran, Canada, West Africa, the USA, USSR, Japan, Hong Kong in nearly every capital town over the world.
Khan had the unique honor of performing at Delhi’s Red Fort on the night of India’s Independence in 1947. He also played the song Raga Kafi from the Red Fort at India’s first Republic Day ceremony on January 26, 1950. His recital had almost become a cultural part of the Independence Day Celebrations telecast on Doordarshan every year on Independence day. On August 17, 2006, Khan got ill and got admitted to the Heritage Hospital in Varanasi. He expired after four heydays on August 21, 2006, owing to a cardiac arrest. He was ninety years old. The Government of India announced one day of public mourning for his loss. His body was concealed on Fatemain’s funeral ground of gray Varanasi below a neem tree including a 21-gun tribute from the Indian Army. His life story inspires each person to make efforts and spend his life relishing their hard work. Bismillah Khan taught us that art and tradition have no boundaries; it acts as a binder to unite the different commodities and spread love. Khan’s demise was a shock to every person, but his story would always live in our hearts.

Artificial Intelligence- future of the country

Artificial intelligence: I think therefore I am?

It is a well-known fact that Artificial Intelligence is developing at a rapid rate. Artificial Intelligence would take over 90 percent of the jobs in the future. It is no lie that we see Artificial Intelligence applications frequently in our everyday life- net banking, speed cameras, face recognition, etc. Soon, knowing artificial intelligence would become a must to get selected in a job. In a developing country like India, technology becomes a necessity. Therefore, it is the right time to learn and explore it. This article would guide you to become an amateur even though you are tech-savvy or not.
1) So the first step should be to contact your teacher if you are in school and inquire about the artificial intelligence courses. Even if you are in college, you would be able to join a ai course
2) However, if your school and colleges are not offering any courses, try searching online. You can find free interactive courses on Udemy and Guvi.
3) Once you are through the basics- machine learning, deep learning, and neural network, you can go for advanced paid courses.
4) If you feel like you have accomplished well, you can go for internships on Internshala and let’s intern.
This self-learning would not require more than two months if you put in your full efforts. In case you are still not sure that why you should invest your time. Perhaps this might help you.
1) Studying AI soon can provide you with a career as a software engineer studying neural networks, human-machine interfaces, and quantum artificial intelligence.
2) Cramming artificial intelligence presents a life of opportunities. At a fundamental level, you will adequately explain the systems and tools that you associate with daily. And if you adhere to the subject and study more, you can help create cutting-edge AI applications, like the Google Self Driving Cars. In the field of artificial intelligence, the possibilities are truly endless.
3) The use of Artificial Intelligence is capable of creating, transforming, and improving many facets of human life. For example, farming in the United States has been made easier with Farmlogs, a software that provides farmers with information about the weather and soil as well as tracking plant growth to achieve better profits. Some countries are even implementing AI in improving environmental planning, disaster management, and crime prevention.
Here are ten people who made their career through Artificial Intelligence:-
1) Elon Musk
2) Anita Schjøll Brede
3) Jürgen Schmidhuber
4) Fei-Fei Li
5)Dorian Selz
6)Richard Socher
7)Demis Hassabis
8)Rita Cucchiara
9)Anders Hardebring
10)Robin Li

You can be one of them. It is considered that all AI regularities are complex. Yet, like several human-based rules and traditional software, some AI systems are manageable and straightforward to explain. AI explainability is developing as a rich area of study that gives insight into why a particular system works positively and helps in improving the clarity of decision-making. In a lockdown, many students have lost the track of their career, Artificial Intelligence can help you to get on track. You are the future of the nation, so is AI.

The Unforgettable King- Milkha Singh

Milkha Singh, India's 'Flying Sikh' ace runner, dies at 91 of Covid  complications

We all remember watching the movie – Bhaag Milkha Bhaag when we were young. We all fancied Milkha Singh; we used to dance to the songs; act like him; gradually, he became a hero for us. Today in the tribute of this unforgotten hero, let us revise his past life. His endurance concurred with a new nation locating its foundation and slowly gaining wheels and rising to full glory after heart-trenching bloodshed. Milkha witnessed the terrifying situation during the partition and escaped death with a minor margin. Milkha Singh rose likewise India from the ruins of a turbulent partition of the country to mature into the most celebrated legends. Milkha Singh belonged from a small village of Gobindpura which, is now in Pakistan. Milkha’s forefathers hailed from Rajasthan. Milka Singh was the second youngest child in the family; he lost his 14 siblings to poor health as his family failed to afford medical care. Milkha Singh led a life of poverty and grief. Two days after the partition, Milkha’s parents and only brother got murdered by the rioters. Milkha’s heart shattered in pieces; he had lost all his hope and passion. He survived the year on two-square meals and stealing rations from government trains. This struggle brought his enthusiasm back. On his third effort, he finally joined the Army. After completing 4th at the 1956 National Games, he performed it to the Melbourne Olympics, achieving the last qualification. In 1958, Milkha won 400m and 200m gold medals in Tokyo Asian Games. He broke Asian record holder Abdul Khaliq finishing in 200m, clocking 46.6 seconds. He was extremely popular during the 1960 Rome Olympics. Gradually, his simplistic entry would make the crown yell in glee. However, Rome saw the association of top athletes, yet no amateur could induce as much acknowledgment from the masses as Milkha Singh. He is a genuine inspiration because he related to a period when no coach gave him training, no award for any accomplishment, and no job security to keep him going. Milkha ran for himself, his nation, his beloved family, and that is what matters. He represented India in three Olympics from 1956-1964. He got the Padma Shri- India’s fourth-highest civilian honor, in recognition of his sporting achievements. The one thing that we all admire about him that he was a common man, from an ordinary child to a representation of our nation- Milkha came a long way. He inspired us to believe in ourselves; all heroes rise from dust and ashes. Even after becoming the Flying King, Milkha led a life of an ordinary man with his wife. His majesty sparked in his heart, not in his lifestyle. Even when he is gone, his story would be an inspiration for thousands of lost and broken souls. The world would never succeed to forgot this legend, gem of our nation. Remember to give it time, maintain discipline, and it will be all worth it. Milkha’s demise is a shock for the whole nation; let us honor him by learning something from his life story.

Self-help books and novels

Are you bored of this lockdown? Then this article is just for you. Let us make your quarantine productive and remarkable. The perfect way to achieve it is by reading novels and self-help books. Here are some books that would make you cherish reading.
1) The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides- if you love watching thriller movies, then this book is just for you. This book is going to make you feel tons of emotions and will leave you awestruck.
2) Looking for Alaska by John Green- this is one most beautifully written books. You would fall in love with every single line of this book. It is full of mystery, misery, and adventure. This book will surely leave you in pieces.
3) The Fault in Our Stars by John Green- This was hands down one of the best stories ever. This book is beyond a 5-star rating; it will surely make you believe in love.
4) Pursuit of Happyness by Chris Gardner – This is one of the best self-help books. You would fall in love with this book. It will teach you that even when life seems to get worse, never give up, always put yourself out there, don’t expect things to always come out of nowhere, and this is what this book’s story tells. It will make you believe in yourself and would make you stronger.
5) How to Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee- This book is a timeless classic that explores perspectives behind racial prejudice and small-town identity. The characterization of the children Jem and Scout Finch is outstandingly crafted. Every page would make you relish reading.
6) Percy Jackson and the Lightning Theif by Rick Riodarn- If you love the fictional world then this book is the perfect match for you. Believe it or not, you would fail to put this book down once you start reading it. You would drag yourself to sleep and put down this book.
7) The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins- One of the greatest effective thrillers to be penned. It deals with compelling themes while knitting the story into a heart-stopping tale of mania and madness. You can’t help but get reeled into the chaos of it all, questioning yourself. You would beg to sell your soul to read this book for the first time again.
8) Angels and Demons by Dan Brown- the most exhilarating piece of writing you will ever read. It will take you on an immersive and remarkable range of ups downs, ultimate plot twists, and surprising discoveries of ancient facts, tales, and legends. Moreover, it is well examined and beautifully written, with high vocab words, terror, holy insights, and an epic, intensely distorted storyline. This book will make you fall in love with science fiction.
These eight books will change your perspective of how you view the world. These eight books will gift a new foresight and will improve your vocab. The love for reading is going to benefit you in every way; start your reading journey today.

Body Positivty Movement

Body positivity leads to the assertion that all people justify having a confident body image, despite how community and culture aspect perfect appearance, size, and shape. This orthodox mentality gave a spark to the body positivity movement. Influencers started posting about their insecurities. It converged on disputing how the culture views the body shape and promoting every body type. The people healed each other to be self-sufficient and accept their bodies. Influencers labeled the unreal body standards. Body positivity is not just about questioning how society views people based on their natural shape and size; however, it also acknowledges that comments are often made based on nationality, gender, sexuality, and inability. Having a wholesome body picture plays a role in how people feel about their presence and even how they estimate their self-worth. Research advises that having a negative body image is associated with an augmented risk for mental conditions like depression and eating complications. Body positivity helps to nurture acceptance and endure your body, but it can be a conflict that computes another portion of pressure and impossible measures to live. Body positivity teaches you to change the way you feel about your body; the movement encourages you to flaunt your insecurities and embrace yourself. Solely directing people to accept themselves and be rebounding in the face of the barrage of images elevating the thin model can be hazardous. Telling people to overlook the imperious beauty ideal is not sensible. It can generate more trouble for somebody who is already feeling anxious, uneasy, and devaluated. Society tells oneself that they are full of flaws; yet directs that they must have a positive attitude. Not feeling confident about your body can then lead to disgrace and guilt. It does not imply that you should not say kind things or think assertive thoughts about yourself. But utterly covering up negative thoughts with positive advice may be harmful. A better approach would be to work on replacing negative thinking patterns with further practical ones. Whether or not the body positivity journey speaks to you, there are beliefs from this program that may benefit you to feel better about your body and petty obsessed with ousting “perfection.”
It’s okay to reveal that you do not certainly admire everything about your body. It’s okay to feel vague or even neutral about your body. Your value does not lie in your size or your shape, or any other features of your appearance. Body perception does perform a part in self-concept, but believe it or not- it is not everything.

None of this stuff is easy. It takes eternal effort, and in the majority of events, it is not something you can flawlessly accomplish. There will be times when you feel frail, when you condemn appearances of yourself, and when you associate yourself with others people. The solution is to keep aspiring to discover different routes to dodge the neutralizing thought models that offer poor body perception. Remember to be calm and give it some time. It can take a year, but once you achieve the goal- you will realize that it was all worth it.

Rapes and Rapists

Bangladesh to introduce death penalty for rape - BBC News”While a murderer devastates the physical frame of the victim, a rapist deteriorates and defiles the soul of innocent life. ”
Sexual assault on women is a frequent happening in our country. Under sexual assault comes; molestation, eve-teasing, child sex abuse, marital rapes, domestic violence. Rapes are one of the worst crimes; ironically, the most common one. According to Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code, Rape means illegal intercourse done by a man with a woman without her valid consent. Rape outrages a woman’s modesty. After a rape incident, a woman lives a pathetic life saturated with fear, depression, guilt complex, suicidal action, and social stigma. In recent times, Rape incidents have increased manifold. According to statistics, two women are raped in the country every hour. In addition, according to the statistics, every 10 hours, a girl age 1-10 is being raped in India. It appears that rapists are not scared of laws. The recent incident which shook the nation was the gang rape of a 23-year-old medical student in a moving bus on the streets of Delhi. The cruelty which was shown towards the girl by the rapists filled every Indian with wrath. Thousands of people came to the streets to demand justice for the young lady.
The protests compelled our leaders to sit up and think, and now amendments to the laws concerned with sexual assault on women are underway. Every day the newspaper reports of rape incidents. In the majority of rape cases, the victim knows the rapist. Some events are a rude shock to humanity. One of them was when a man raped her 5-year-old neighbor. Reports show that the rapist brutally destroyed her internal organs beyond cure. Some cases have come to light wherein teachers have raped their students. The question which arises when we talk of rapes is what causes rape. Why are rape cases increasing at an alarming rate? The first and foremost cause of increasing rape cases is the lack of public safety. Women are not safe outside their homes, and why only outside they are not safe even inside their homes.
Several cases have come into notice wherein the guilty has committed the crime in the very house of the victim. Rapes in moving vehicles raise a question on the effectiveness of the traffic system of our country. Another prominent reason is the sluggish court system of India and few convictions. India’s court system is painfully slow, and for rapes that do get reported, the conviction rate is not more than 26%. As the accused do not get any trial, others think that they can go around freely and rape whosoever they like. Stigmatizing the victim and encouraging the victim to compromise gives a further impetus to this horrendous crime. In many rural areas, the victim is forced to drop charges against the guilty and is encouraged to marry their rapist by telling them that nobody will marry them now and it will bring shame to her family. In recent times, prominent leaders and experts have blamed women’s clothing for increasing rape cases. No clothing is an invitation to rape.

Toxic masculinity: A glance

In present-day society, people often address toxic masculinity to express excessive masculine traits that many cultures have widely believed or glorified. This evil concept of masculinity also places significant importance on ‘manliness’ based on- power, lack of emotion, self-sufficiency, dominance, and sexual virility. According to mythical toxic masculine values, a male who does not display enough of these traits may fall short of being a ‘real man.’ Overemphasis on these features may lead to harmful shortcomings in someone trying to live up to these expectations. One example of this includes telling another person who reveals emotions to man up. This example depicts how some people view sentiment or vulnerability as ‘unmanly.’ Another example is the saying, “boys will be boys.” This expression refers to reckless, hostile behavior in young males; rather than teaching them about efficiency and owning up to their blunders. These views can cause infliction and adorn the concept of masculinity, leading to an even more toxic approach toward these acts. The origins of what many people view as masculinity emerged thousands of years ago. When early homo sapiens used might, for example, to exert dominance or take administration. The most prosperous male homo sapiens were those who could struggle and hunt. In those times, the most popular traits would likely have included hostility, ruthlessness, and physical strength. These practices continued for centuries. Throughout history, powerful male rulers have gained power by conquering others.
This model survived unaltered until the 1980s and 1990s when these ancestral male behaviors became conflicting with the views of modern society. However, because present society has led to such a shift in perspective toward these male operations, and because it no longer proclaims these obsolete views of manliness, several groups still fall sufferer to these ‘conventional norms.’ It is when masculinity can become ‘toxic.’ It is this demand for certain men to be in a particular way as commanded by an ideology. If a male supposes they are not matching these artificial traits or not aligning with these narrow views, they may feel they are falling short. It may result in a demand to lash out these traits to re-establish their ‘nobility.’ Some people consider that toxic masculinity is critical because it restricts a person’s adulthood. When a boy or adult male sees the world through a narrow lens, they may believe that they will only win acceptance by living up to these traits. Some theories register that toxic masculinity plays a role in physical health; it may limit some men from seeking out help for possible health issues and other potential problems. For some males, asking for help may lead to feelings of inadequacy, weakness, and perceptions of being ‘less of a man.’ Eliminating or changing toxic masculinity will not happen overnight. On a personal level, it may be easy enough to educate ourselves about their attitudes towards masculinity and hold space for others to help change their definitions. Inviting a friend to share their emotions or feelings about the topic, and openly discussing them without judgment or criticism can be a good way to move forward. Moving past toxic masculinity begins with redefining what it means to be a man. Each person should aspire to find a healthy definition of their individuality and work towards achieving it. Holding space for others to openly discuss their feelings about the issue may help people re-shape their definitions as well.

”Normalizing Acne Problems”

Acne Positivity

Skincare industries have developed at a rapid speed in this past year. Everyone is keen to try on different products to achieve their skin goals. In this havoc, we tend to forget that acne is entirely natural. A person who is struggling with acne looks at him/herself with a look of disgust. They conduce to hesitate while posting their pictures on social media in fear of trolls. Society makes that person feel inferior and different. We have become vaguely inhuman. Imagine the pain of the person who deals with acne; people pointing out his/her pimples in the middle of parties or meetings and giving them advice. We stare at their faces until they feel uncomfortable. Gradually, he/ she start to cover it with makeup which even makes their acne worse. Visualize their agony; waking up every morning looking at their acne-prone skin and feeling utterly insecure. They have to sit and scroll through social media, looking at the perfect flawless skin of models. Alas, when the bars of their insecurities rise even higher, they stop going to parties and public meetings at transform into a wallflower. The craving for flawless skin has metamorphosed our hearts. We have overlooked the fact that acne is part of growing old, growing mature. Let us support skin positivity, not skin perfection. Why do skincare advertisements show models with faultless skin; why can we not show an acne-prone skin model? Why can not we approve having skin texture, pimples, dark circles, wrinkles, and cystic acne is perfectly normal? It great to see celebrities coming forward and posting their bare face picture to normalize acne. This initiative gives us hope that perhaps there shall come a time when our orthodox society would accept skin problems. Teach your children that acne is perfectly normal and stop them when they point out others. Furthermore, if you are suffering from acne-prone skin and want to feel better, here are some tips for you:-
1) Before you try any new product, remember you should never be embarrassed or insecure about your acne because it’s perfectly natural, and you’re stunning with and without it. Embrace it; acne doesn’t make you ugly!
2) Never be upset about your colleagues or friend’s remarks said about your acne, do not let them decide how you feel. Spend time with people who make you feel good. Do not let the negative vibes surround you; it will make your acne even worse.
3) Do not top you top up your face with hundreds of skincare products. Let it breathe; give it some time to heal. Remember, there is so such thing as instant results; give your skin time to renew.
4) Reminder that acne doesn’t make you ugly; a heart full of hate does.
5) Acne can be an issue for men and women. Hence, do not feel minor having acne as a man. Share your story with others and empower them. Arrogant people are going to comment anyway; do let them take over your mental health.
Lastly, ”do not measure your worth by the quality of your skin”.


A Guide for your Mental Health

Many teenagers have developed a well-known problem amidst the pandemic- anxiety. It is no lie that many of us spend our time sitting idle in our rooms, just wondering over things and overthinking about life. Gradually we start to sense an uneasy aroma around us. We begin to get overwhelmed about stuff and commence to screech at petty things. However, this is not the main problem; the pain arouses when we begin to grieve over our behavior. We have no choice but to stumble down due to weighing bars of grief. Gradually, teenagers endure panic attacks, anxiety disorders, and perhaps OCD. Hence, let us examine we can deal with it by taking mere footsteps. While the topic of mental health awareness has recently made its way to social media, the origins of mental illnesses operate deep into history. Therefore, our foremost step becomes to study more about it rather than being ashamed of it. It is a common cliche that knowledge is one of the most vital resources, so why not examine mental health disorders? Invest your valuable time in productive activities. Try spending some time listening to cheerful music, watching birds, artwork, reading valuable books, and playing board games with your family, and yoga. Besides all these things, you need to have a good diet and enough sleep. Also, try eating healthy food like salads, fruits, chapatis, etc. Perhaps this may sound challenging, but seek help from your friends and family. Communicate your enigmas through unshamed conversations. This step will help to lay of weighing insecurities. You can always seek help from the experts in this criteria. Numerous emotional factors significantly affect our fitness level, like depression, aggression, negative thinking, anxiety, frustration, etc. Yet, these factors could be avoided with consistency in your routine and faith in yourself. Try making mere changes in your lifestyle today for a vibrant tomorrow. We can not deny the fact that it will take time, maybe a year but keep going. Several people with mental illnesses are now striving to raise awareness of disorders like depression and anxiety, and some claim that the best way to educate about mental illnesses is to teach about them in schools. Hence, schools and colleges should host interactive sessions to discuss the importance of mental health. Via educating about mental illnesses in schools, activists hope to build understanding about the topic and limit teenagers who have mental illnesses from feeling abandoned. This step has the strength to reduce teenage suicide rates. Remember, man; is entirely deemed superior to other animals because of his highly advanced brain. Hence, a person needs to keep both his body and brain fit and well. Both mental health and physical health go hand in hand and are evenly significant for optimum performance and quality of life. Never be ashamed of what you are feeling, do not let your emotions bottled up. “One small crack does not mean that you are broken, it means that you were put to the test and you didn’t fall apart.” — Linda Poindexter.

Racism-An exceptional agony

It is exceptional and good to see people coming forward and talking about race and color. But it is equivalently important to learn about their history as it is fighting for their rights. The unfortunate incident that happened to George Floyd was a turning point in history. A man named George Floyd was murdered by a policeman, begging for his life. The policeman strangled him to death just because his skin color was too dark. The USA was a country of slaves. It is no lie that black people were packed in ships and bought there to do slavery. This fact holds a significant place as many of us are deprived of the fact that how black people were treated in late history. I know it is frustrating to know that at some point people were exploited to death just because of their skin color. Consequently, many people started to realise that this was sinful and unjust. That’s when leaders like Abraham Lincoln came forward and talked about fundamental human rights. For a long-drawn time, they fought laboriously, protesting and covered with bloodshed just for their rights. Finally, slavery was abolished; it was ruled out for good. However, once it was abolished black people remained to be the lowest rung of the society. Why? once slavery was abolished people found out a less tedious task to exploit black people- segregation. There was a mental imbalance in the mind of people. They failed to comprehend that people who were a second ago your toilers are, in a flash, equal to you. All this imbalance led to segregation. Black people were given separate drinking wells, separate movie theaters, schools, and whatnot. Every public resource was segregated as people were so disgusted by the fact that black people could now walk and run almost white people. Again the history repeated itself; black people fought for their rights; shed blood and tears to abolish segregation. At last, segregation was abolished. Yet, the hatred amongst the hearts of the people did not cease. Out of anger, black people were dragged out of their houses and were hanged. Yes, literally; it is so complex to believe this. The hatred led to another civil rights movement. The famous incident where Rosa Parks, refused to give her seat to a white man and spoke for her right was a part of this movement. At last, at least a fraction of them apprehended the pain of black people. Racism is very much alive, but the good thing is that a large majority of people now talk about black people’s rights. Moreover, it is good that we celebrate their culture but is very relevant to study their deep-rooted history; their unforgotten agony. We owe them so much, and we perhaps will fail to repay it, yet we can try our best. This article does not mean to spread enmity; the primary goal was to enlighten you upon their grievous history and what they have undergone. If you are out there willing to support and uplift them, here are some black authors who would mesmerize you with their writings- Deesha Philyaw, Yaa Gyasi, Jasmine Mans.

Education system of India


Our country India has always been renowned for gaining education since the Vedic period. Education is one of the most vital resources which shapes the child’s future. The contradictions and debates upon the education system have been going for ages. These discussions have helped to expose the loopholes present in our education. Let us talk about those loopholes and their solutions.
1) We all know about the shuffling process that certain schools tend to follow. The purpose behind this was to enhance the social skills of the child. However, this creates instability for both students and teachers. We never get to experience an understanding bond between a teacher and a student. After studying from a particular teacher, a student gets familiar with the teaching manner; he/she can grasp the concept instantly. Yet, when this bond comes to an end, it affects the studies of the student. In addition, the student finds it challenging to make new companions to whom they can turn to comfort. The solution is quite clear; his process of shuffling needs to conclude.

2) Most of the students have trouble finding an opportunity where they can showcase their creativity. The reason behind it is that there is less room for practical knowledge. The students learn and give examinations based on their textbooks. We need to increase the space for creativity by inventing new events and competitions.

3) In addition, the schools tend to focus more on studies than moral values. As a result, the student fails to respect the dignity of others. We should make them learn how to respect and stop pointing out other’s flaws. An ideal student should be able to lift other’s morale and persuade them to flaunt their flaws. An excellent way to this is by organizing interactive life skills sessions.

4) Furthermore, we all have felt weariness while sitting in the class due to lack of interest. It is a very general problem; faced by all the students. The reason behind this lack of curiosity. We need to wonder about teaching techniques to generate interest amongst the students. This will make the classroom sessions more interactive and fun.

5) Another problem that arises is a lack of inauthentic learning. The students fail to understand the obstacles of life. They are not taught about income tax or salary. The bookish knowledge perhaps fails to help them overcome the real problems in life. The teaching methods should be shaped in such a way that moral values and practical knowledge are considered more significant. For this, we need to adapt to modern teaching methods and analyze the best way students grasp their concepts.

6) The major downside of the current system of education is that it is not simply affordable. Nowadays, more than 37% of people are living below the poverty level. Hence, they cannot afford education even at the primary level

Moreover, India is a developing country; the present scenario of the Indian education system stands a chance to be renewed. The sole step to be taken is to boost ourselves. The answer lies in the question.- How to improve the quality of education? The answer is “Education”. The vital way to improve education is education.

The Forgotten Identity


The books have always taught us that we youngsters are the future generation of India. According to research, this fact is not entirely true. We youngsters do not represent the entire generation in India. There is another commodity, living far away from the reach of the powerful media. They are the rich generation of India’s Adivasi (tribal) communities. Adivasis make up eight percent of India’s population. They stand as an unknown identity of our nation altho their rich culture has always contributed to the diversity of India.

The tribes in India form a significant part of the total population. As the new technologies emerged and India took a step forward to development, these tribes started drowning in the crisis. The law ignores that they are the citizens of our country; there are numerous contradictions about reservation, yet there is no answer that will improve their condition. The tribals are facing several serious problems. The major among these are poor economic conditions. Most of the tribals lead a life of poverty and hardships. As they lead a

nomadic life, their children don’t get formal education. Most of the tribal people do not have adequate money to start their ventures. The banks are not prepared to lend them because they keep moving around from place to place. The other major problem faced by our tribals is that they do not live at proper places where they have access to water, sanitation, transportation, and other facilities necessary for their growth. Apart from the financial loss during this lockdown, brutal acts against humanity have come into notice. A 13-year-old girl from tribal-dominated Sundargarh district in Odisha, on a fine day, decided to go and visit a nearby fair in the Biramitrapur area on 25th marc. A sudden lockdown got announced, and the fair got canceled, and the little girl left stranded in the area wanting to go home but no reasonable means to do so. After some while, she was spotted by patrolling police. She was brought to the police station by the cops. She got raped by the very inspector in charge of the police station Anand Chandra Majhi. Since that day, she was repeatedly summoned to the police station and raped again and again. The girl got pregnant, and the cops with her stepfather conducted an abortion at a local community clinic. A protection officer filed a complaint against the officers, the doctor, and the stepfather. The inquiry is still pending; as usual, it was difficult to find this detailed report of this barbaric crime which was supposed to be the national headline. Also, a disturbing video of a tribal girl brutally thrashed, by her family members, allegedly for eloping with a man from her village was found on social media. In the viral video, a man is holding both the hands of the girl, while two other men thrash her repeatedly. MS Bhabhor, Superintendent of Police, Chhota Udepur district told that the victim was a 16-year-old woman, a resident of Rangpur village in the district. Local news reports confirmed that the incident was from Chhota Udepur district in Gujarat and that the girl belongs to a tribal family. The reports further said that the teenager was beaten in public by her family members for allegedly eloping with a man from the village.

If you are wondering why you should contribute towards their development, Here is why-The first and the most important reason is that dignity of all communities should be respected and no community should be living in such harsh conditions like these tribes. Secondly, the tribal communities have consistently contributed to the diverse culture of the country. They are experts in wildlife and nature conservation, know various sustainable agriculture and living practices ethnomedicine, and have a rich culture of stories, literature, art, and dance forms. So why not protect our culture?

Also, they help to protect our environment. fight climate change and build resilience to natural disasters. These people have continued to experience extreme acts of inhumanity mentioned above. The contradictions continue to evolve for ages, yet no significant improvement has come into notice. Gandhiji coined a term for them – Harijans yet we treat them like they are the lowest rung of the society. Remember when you bestow respect for the tribal communities you offer honor towards your nation.

Plastic- Inseparable part of our lives

Imagine thousands of plastic bags floating around you forever

Inventions and discoveries lay a tremendous impact on the human race and development. Yet, few human creations can metamorphose into a curse. Nearly a hundred years ago, humanity created the most durable and cheap material -plastic. In a flash, plastic reached the deepest trenches, in the air we breathe and even in our stomachs. Barely 10% of the plastic we produce gets recycled whereas, the rest of the plastic contributes to climate change. Today these estimations may seem ordinary numbers, yet incautious measures can lead to the extinction of our race. Unbelievably we produce 3,000,000 plastic bottles in just 60 seconds; how horrifying is that? Our irrational use of plastic has affected the abundance of the entire ecosystem. The fishes are floating at the brink of extinction. We are the ones to condemn; hence it is our responsibility to wonder about potential solutions. Binish Desai-the recycle man has that solution. Amidst the Covid pandemic, the masks and PPE kits have made their way to the oceans. Binish Desai came up with an extraordinary idea to make eco-bricks out of them, recently introducing ‘Brick 2.0’. Furthermore, hundreds of women have started using menstruation cups to limit the plastic waste created by sanitary pads. Therefore, together we can beat plastic pollution. The story of our ecosystem is a tale older than ours. The majesty and abundance of the creatures out there are beyond our foresight. Each creation is unique and a mystery for us. Yet, our reckless management of plastic and other resources has affected the entire ecosystem. Our environment would collapse before we get a chance to know everything about it. Hence, together we need to think of solutions. We know that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; only be transformed. Similarly, nothing is a waste in nature; scrap produced today can be transformed into something productive tomorrow. Together we can build a sustainable future if we start recycling now. A very efficient way to cease plastic pollution is brand audits and cleaning drives. They help to collect plastic and hold the brand guilty of who created the plastic waste in the first place. The most generous aid we can give to the ecosystem is minimizing plastic usage from our surroundings. We can switch to a bamboo toothbrush and go for a waterless car wash. In addition, social media gives us a platform to contribute even in this pandemic. Social media let us share and debate upon solutions in an efficient way. Furthermore, we need to consider that we are genius at planning; however, we fail to execute our solutions. Discussing the solutions will only help us when we work upon them. Hence, always try to buy products of brands that believe in sustainability. Together let us unwrap the layer of plastic we laid on our mother Earth. Remember tsunami of throwaway plastic is awaiting us tomorrow if we stop recycling. “Only when the last tree has died, the last river has flourished, we will realize that we cannot eat the money”. Your contribution matters!