Bhagat Singh- Untold Hero

No one gets the liberty for free of charge . It comes at the value of lives and struggle. Independence isn’t gained by one soldier and one insurgent , but many lives struggled for it. These are the such Inspirational Short stories of Freedom Fighters, who lost their lives for a thought of a free country.
Saheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh, he sacrificed his life for his country India, he happily kissed the noose and hung himself for the liberty of his beloved Bharat, merely, at the age of 23 years and 6 months.

He died the death of a martyr. Following the day of 23 April 1931, the supporters and followers of Bhagat Singh regarded him as a “Shaheed” (martyr).

Bhagat Singh could have asked for mercy but he refused. He wanted his death to ignite a robust fire at every nook and cranny of the country and wanted each and each citizen to participate within the struggle for freedom.

His dream was to ascertain India as a free country and may even die for his dream.

Bhagat Singh doesn’t believe violence from his childhood. His family believed within the Gandhian ideology of non-violence

And for a short time , he was also the supporter of the Gandhian philosophy but there have been the two incidents which shifted his heart faraway from Gandhi .

The incidents of Jallliawala Bagh massacre and therefore the Chauri Chaura.

Even at the top of their life, they weren’t frightened of the death and consulting the ways with the Britishers, they need to die. Such may be a brave heart.

It is said that they proceeded quite cheerfully towards the gallows while chanting their favorite slogans-Inquilab Zindabaad.
Bhagat Singh’s name is synonymous with the revolutionary movement that contributed to India’s freedom struggle. Celebrated for his gusto and courage to face up to British rule, Bhagat Singh was born in 1907 and gave his life for the country when he was sentenced to death by execution at the ripe age of 23 along side his associates Rajguru and Sukhdev on the fees of assassinating British policeman John Saunders, who had ordered brutal military action on independence movement leader Lala Lajpat Rai.
Bhagat Singh lay hungry in jail for 116 days. Even during this point , he completed all his daily work including reading and writing books, visiting court a day and even singing.
He escaped to Kanpur, When his parents put pressure on him about marriage. He told his parents, “if i will be able to marry in colonial India, where British Raj is there, then my bride are going to be my death. Therefore, there’s no rest or worldly desire which will lure me now’.
It is believed that when his mother had come to go to him in jail, Bhagat Singh was laughing loudly. Seeing this, jail authorities were shocked considering he was so on the brink of death.
He was hanged an hour before the official time on March 23, 1931. it’s said that Bhagat Singh was smiling at the time of hanging. The britishers did took one of the greatest hereos from us but they can not take his legacy.