Being happy is something that we struggle with holding on to. We feel that our happy moments just slip away without us realizing. Most of the time we don’t even know what we do when we are extremely happy. But at the same time, when we are going through a hard time, we feel like time just doesn’t go forward. We take notice of everything that happens around us, and that happens to us.

Photo by Rebecca Zaal on Pexels.com

Why this change of attitude when we have no control to what is going to happen to us and when the future is uncertain? It is the perception and the ability to embrace our opportunities that differs from person to person. That doesn’t mean that we should try to be happy when we are arguing with our friends, or due to the death of a loved one. Those things happen to everyone, and it is our will to look for the light in the darkness.

It is extremely difficult to believe in something so bleak when the whole world crumbles down around us. We didn’t think this virus would take such a nasty turn, and we feared so much, but through the hard work of the medical technicians and caution from us, we are gearing through this together. At this point of time, we should focus on the positive note that our recovery rates are increasing and people are getting vaccinated tremendously.

It is like the classic experiment of “Half Empty, Half Full” mentality. The ability to look at grateful things in our life is what keeps us at peace, if not happy. If we have a roof over our head, food three times a day, decent clothing, then we are the most richest people on earth. We all would have seen the kids who are malnourished, without proper clothing, people who have lost their lives fighting the battle with Covid-19. Compared to them, we are much blessed in life.

Children worry about their exams and homework, fathers worry about earning money, mothers worry about the well-being of her family. This is common. We all might have at least one situation in which we felt where we thought the world is going to end because something didn’t go according to plan and everyone or everything fell apart. But looking back at that particular incident years later, though it might have been a bitter one, that would have what would have molded us today.

Happiness is such a petty thing. It is available in very little things like seeing a child happily playing, feeding the strays, watching mama bird feeding her babies, even watching the sunset, or feeling beautiful while looking in the mirror. It is the million little things that keep us going and keep us going through. Life is like a graph, with its ups and downs. As much as we need ups to keep us happy, we need the downs to be wise and experience. Just like we wouldn’t realize the worth of light without darkness.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

So starting from today, try to see the tiny sparks around you daily that you failed to notice, hug your family because you feel grateful for them, and be satisfied with whatever you have. Life will be blissful!