The Unforgettable King- Milkha Singh

Milkha Singh, India's 'Flying Sikh' ace runner, dies at 91 of Covid  complications

We all remember watching the movie – Bhaag Milkha Bhaag when we were young. We all fancied Milkha Singh; we used to dance to the songs; act like him; gradually, he became a hero for us. Today in the tribute of this unforgotten hero, let us revise his past life. His endurance concurred with a new nation locating its foundation and slowly gaining wheels and rising to full glory after heart-trenching bloodshed. Milkha witnessed the terrifying situation during the partition and escaped death with a minor margin. Milkha Singh rose likewise India from the ruins of a turbulent partition of the country to mature into the most celebrated legends. Milkha Singh belonged from a small village of Gobindpura which, is now in Pakistan. Milkha’s forefathers hailed from Rajasthan. Milka Singh was the second youngest child in the family; he lost his 14 siblings to poor health as his family failed to afford medical care. Milkha Singh led a life of poverty and grief. Two days after the partition, Milkha’s parents and only brother got murdered by the rioters. Milkha’s heart shattered in pieces; he had lost all his hope and passion. He survived the year on two-square meals and stealing rations from government trains. This struggle brought his enthusiasm back. On his third effort, he finally joined the Army. After completing 4th at the 1956 National Games, he performed it to the Melbourne Olympics, achieving the last qualification. In 1958, Milkha won 400m and 200m gold medals in Tokyo Asian Games. He broke Asian record holder Abdul Khaliq finishing in 200m, clocking 46.6 seconds. He was extremely popular during the 1960 Rome Olympics. Gradually, his simplistic entry would make the crown yell in glee. However, Rome saw the association of top athletes, yet no amateur could induce as much acknowledgment from the masses as Milkha Singh. He is a genuine inspiration because he related to a period when no coach gave him training, no award for any accomplishment, and no job security to keep him going. Milkha ran for himself, his nation, his beloved family, and that is what matters. He represented India in three Olympics from 1956-1964. He got the Padma Shri- India’s fourth-highest civilian honor, in recognition of his sporting achievements. The one thing that we all admire about him that he was a common man, from an ordinary child to a representation of our nation- Milkha came a long way. He inspired us to believe in ourselves; all heroes rise from dust and ashes. Even after becoming the Flying King, Milkha led a life of an ordinary man with his wife. His majesty sparked in his heart, not in his lifestyle. Even when he is gone, his story would be an inspiration for thousands of lost and broken souls. The world would never succeed to forgot this legend, gem of our nation. Remember to give it time, maintain discipline, and it will be all worth it. Milkha’s demise is a shock for the whole nation; let us honor him by learning something from his life story.