Medicinal plants

Medicinal herbs have been used around the world since ancient times to treat diseases. These have been found to be used not only by humans but also by animals.It is known that in case of diarrhea, allergies, etc., the tiger does not look for prey but only certain plants and fasts until it is exhausted.

Traditional Indian medicine, Siddha, Ayurveda, Chinese and Tibetan medicine have given priority to medicinal herbs. The basic premise of all traditional medicine is how food is created for the needs of living things in the world, as well as medicines for the diseases that can cause them.

Before using these herbs directly, you need to know some details.

In Siddha and Ayurvedic systems, not only the characteristics of the plants, but also the ‘transcendental forces’ embedded in these plants according to the planetary position at certain times are considered to be the most important attribute. Therefore, the timing of collecting these plants for medicine, the body cleansing of the collector, the internal cleansing, the things to be pronounced while collecting and preparing the medicine, etc. should be known by the selected specialist.

Before receiving the benefits of many herbs, the antidote must be removed so that those benefits can be obtained directly in the required amount. For example, pepper is something we normally use in our diet. But before using it for medicine, the pepper should be soaked in fermented whey for 3 hours and dried to remove the antiseptics (according to the medical – toxic).

Herbs are usually free of side effects. We also use many herbs in our daily diet. But since there are many subtleties to be followed when using in medical methods, it is best to follow the guidance of the chosen expert to achieve the full benefit of the herbs.

Some of the medicinal plants we are using in our daily life:


This is also a good tonic to stimulate appetite and reduce bile. Cures fever, colds, coughs, by the way, arthritis, neurasthenia. Reduce blood sugar and cure high blood pressure, gallstones and epilepsy. Mental strength is great. Peace of mind, giving sleep. Reduces bad breath, toothache and gingivitis.

Curry leaves

Good tonic, diarrhea, sputum, fever, irritability, liver disorders will disappear. Relieves bile and heats the body. Curry leaves are also good for stimulating the mind. Curry leaves can cure nausea, diarrhea caused by diarrhea and chronic fever. Curry leaves help to cure insanity caused by excess bile.


Good tonic will cure urinary problem, indigestion, fever. Excellent laxative. Mint greens also contain water, protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, phosphorus, calcium, iron, vitamin A, nicotinic acid, riboflavin and thiamine.


The best cough medicine. If you eat 5 leaves as it is, nasal congestion, dry throat and cough will disappear immediately. Acts as quickly as the famous cough medical. Good tonic, eliminates all ailments. Ideal for jaundice, ulcers, leprosy, elephantiasis, diarrhea, neurasthenia, memory etc. Ten leaves at a time is enough.


Good for relieving neurasthenia, clearing bronchitis and skin diseases. Ten leaves at a time is enough to make it the best tonic for children’s brain development and memory development. Messenger is also good for deafness, itching, relaxation, etc.

These are the traditional medicinal plants that ar used by us for our good health.