Mithali Raj- Epitome of Grace

Mithali Raj (@M_Raj03) | Twitter

38-year-old Mithali Raj recently created a world record by becoming the first cricketer to overpass 6000 runs. However, she came a long way to trespass this journey; her tale encountered a lot of struggle and devastation. While girls of her age were clothing up their dolls, Mithali performed her first match when she was merely 11. Perfection in her preferred position notwithstanding, it is the transformation from Bharatnatyam to cricket; turns her remarkable story a compelling one. Information on the change from dance to cricket is going circulated since she cracked another world record. On 3rd December 1082, she was born in a Tamil family in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Acknowledged with the Arjuna Award in 2003, including the Padma Shri in 2015, Mithali is frequently called the Sachin Tendulkar of cricket.. Since she was a child, she was keen to become a dancer. However, fate appeared to have had different ideas for her. Her dad started observing Mithali at St John’s coaching grounds in Secunderabad since she was 10. After extreme hard work and devotion- Mithali emerged as a batwoman at 22 and gave a superb inning against England. Her mentor says that she had to make a lot of sacrifices. Working at the railway station was a tedious task, and she had to cancel her plans with friends and quit her social life. Mithali had always been an extrovert, minimizing her social life a difficult task. In 1999, she graced into the youngest ever ODI centurion during a debut match against Ireland at Milton Keynes, scoring 114 runs. However, Mithali did experience a slight orthodox mentality during her journey. But her will was strong; she believed in herself and continued working hard. It serves as an immense pleasure for the Indian cricket team to have her as a captain. Mithali Raj is one of the most sought-after idols for women who want to be victors in their adopted sport. Unfortunately, till now, not all women’s cricket matches are televised. Society sees cricket as a men’s sport; often, parents discourage their children who wish to play it. The difficulty is women cricketers are not addressed nor glorified while women are planting in equal efforts. They own inspirational stories to bestow and justify desire and gratitude as their male complements. The men in blue have overlooked the Indian cricketing industry for a great time, dominating the women executing the sport. Yet, the situation quo altered in 2017 when the Indian women’s cricket team shifted everything around in their favor. Their goal of winning the World Cup perhaps shattered, but the ladies took the middle stage in a community contrarily controlled by men. The Indian women did not rise triumphantly in the match, but they won millions of hearts. Whenever we say the word- cricketer, a man in blue-collar holding a bat comes to mind. Let us change the orthodox thinking of society and imagine a woman in a blue-collar holding a bat with utmost grace in our mind. We must realize that women empowerment is the key to a developed nation, we have to open-minded and liberal and accommodate every community.