Naruto: Review

Naruto is one of the most popular and best anime of all time and is known as big 3 of anime industry along with One Piece and Bleach. It is written by Masashi Kishimoto and hats off to him for writing such a great master piece. It was first aired on Oct 3, 2002 on Tokyo TV and is animated by Studio Pierrot.

Watching Naruto Uzumaki the protagonist of this series grow from a naughty, hyperactive and knuckle headed ninja into a more mature, responsible and determined Teenager and eventually Becoming the Hokage and completing his childhood dreams was one hell of an adventure. Naruto will shake you up to the core while watching it, the plot twists, the back stories of characters, the world development and powers are all perfectly illustrated in the series. The Naruto Series is divided into two seasons, which are Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. While the first season Naruto revolves around the childhood story of the main protagonist Naruto Uzumaki, his friends and adventures. The Naruto Shippuden takes place after he comes back from a long time training with a legendary Ninja, “Jiraiya Sensei”.  

Now the story takes place in shinobi world, where our protagonist Naruto Uzumaki goes to a ninja academy in order to become a ninja. He is an orphan and lives alone. Nobody in the village he lives want to talk to him and go near him nor do they want their children’s to go near Naruto and talk or play with him. Naruto clearly struggles to find his place in the village. Things are like this because, some moments prior to birth of Naruto Uzumaki, a huge demon known as kyuubi or Nine-Tailed Fox attacks the hidden leaf village (the village where naruto lives). The village struggles to stop the rampage of the nine tailed fox. So, in order to put an end to Kyuubi rampage, the leader of the village, the fourth hokage sacrifices his life and uses a forbidden technique on the fox and sealed the beast inside the newly born Naruto.

So, the first season revolve around Naruto making friends, passing form academy, learning different techniques and train under his Sensei Kakashi Hatake and Jiraiya Sensei and their missions and adventure. The first Season finishes like this.

The First Season is all about knowing the world in Naruto learning about other villages like the Mist Village, Sand Village and various events and history of Leaf Village. All of the character development is done in this season, villains and dangers to the world and village are introduced. Writer was successful in creating a base for a story and attract the viewer’s towards the story and create an emotional connection with the viewers, and has successfully evoked interest in minds of lot of Anime Viewers. The BGM used in Naruto is just great and fits right with scenes also the show opening songs are great and have its own vibe. The animation is also good, considering it is a show form 2002. But apart from these things, some things just didn’t felt right like, this season was not that well organized as there were a lot of fillers and we had to skip a lot of episodes, straight away. Also, the story development sometimes feels off track and at some point’s, one may even lose their interest and get bored of Naruto. Some people might also not like the animation as it is old and not that good. But believe me, complete it once and you will never once regret giving your time, watching this series.

Now, the 2nd season continues after Naruto coming back to leaf village from 2.5 yeears training with Jiraiya Sensei. Naruto has become more confident and responsible towards fulfilling his dream of becoming Hokage and getting recognised by village as someone who protects and maintains peace. This season is where things get interesting and the story takes you on rollercoaster of emotions. Where you will laugh, cry, become motivated and a lot of things will happen. Previous Villains will emerge as Heroes, protecting everything from the shadows. An organization named Akatsuki will be on move to destroy leaf village and we will get a deep dive into back story of characters such as Pain, Back Story of Uchiha Clan Slaughter by Itachi Uchiha and why was Sasuke Uchiha his little brother only was left alive among Uchiha’s? Things like this will get disclosed, and there will be start of 4th Great Ninja War, where we will see a lot of God Level characters like Madara Uchiha, Hashirama Senju (both regarded as God of Shinobi) and other previous Hokage’s in action. Tailed Beasts, Sage of Six Paths and there history will be disclosed. The real villain lurking and controlling everything from shadows will appear and our Team 7 will be reunited to fight them. Also, I would like to honourably mention some characters like Itachi Uchiha and Pain (Nagato). These are some characters whose powers and story will send Goosebumps to your bones. Dialogues like “We are pain, We are God”, and the level of fight and action are just amazing. After watching such characters I realised one thing that the villains in Naruto are not villains, they are just the previous heroes, who got their heart broken due to certain reasons and lost faith in the world. All these peoples just wanted to maintain peace, the only thing different was their meaning of peace and their method of attaining peace. Although, till the end of the story, Sakura will still remain useless. Except that all other characters grow and become mature and more powerful.

So, finally I would like to suggest you to watch Naruto strongly, because it’s just great series to watch. Like, you don’t have to be mature to watch this series, you will become mature after watching this series. The supporting characters like sasuke, sakura, shikamaru, gara, etc, are well developed and their involvement is greatly illustrated. Again the sound track of Naruto Shippuden does a great job and I really liked the opening song Blue Bird. Before starting Naruto one might think that spending 300 episodes to explain a 2 day war might not be great, but I must say that that’s why Naruto is great.

Well, something’s still remains which may irritate you like the fillers, there again a lot of fillers but that can be skipped with help of resources from internet. But if you want to deep dive into series you should watch fillers as well, because via fillers you get to know more about characters and their bonds. Apart from this Sakura is still there to keep you irritated throughout series. So, just stop thinking and start watching the show, Enjoy Watching!!!