How to avoid pimples from air pollution?

The air pollution index has reached the ‘severe’ mark in Delhi and neighbouring cities are enveloped in a blanket of smog. It is not easy to avoid skin problems like acne when surrounded by poor air quality. Lets have a quick lookout on how to save yourself from having pimples while traveling and working in such a harsh polluted environment.

1. Water is Life! For glowing skin, drinking a glass of water every hour is key. Try to consume eight to 10 glasses of water a day. This will remove toxins from your body, accelerating a healthy blood flow. This also helps in boosting metabolism.

2. Switch to eating healthy and clean! Keeping your skin healthy is as simple as eating right. Avoid oily snacks and trans-fat food. Adding fresh fruits, green vegetables, nuts and omega-3 fatty acids to your diet will help detoxify skin.

3. Don’t skip fitness! Don’t take fitness lightly. Regular exercise can help reduce stress and delivers the right amount of oxygen to the skin cells. Perspiring during workout will keep toxins away, and make your skin healthy and acne-free.

4. Skincare routine to follow! Avoid touching your pimples and breakouts as it triggers infection. Popping a pimple will cause skin irritated or inflamed resulting in swelling, scarring and redness. Wash hands regularly with anti-bacterial soap/hand wash before touching your face.
Apart from that, keep your face clean with facial scrubs, moisturisers and masks. Opt for an acne medication that has a potent pimple/acne reduction activity or the ability to prevent occurrence of pimples/acne.

5. Shavers beware! Make sure you thoroughly clean your razors, blade and electric shaver. Before shaving, always soften skin with lukewarm, soapy water.

6. Haircare is very important! It is extremely important to keep your hair clean and dandruff-free. Negligence can result in acne.
To protect your hair against pollution, always wear washed caps, headbands and scarves. When visiting a salon, avoid using another person’s towel as it may carry infections resulting in risk of acne, redness and skin inflammation.

7. Aiming for a minimal makeup look! Remove make-up before going to bed as this lowers the risk of breakouts. Also, go for the minimal make-up as it lets the skin breathe and look natural.
Essential oils help in treating skin inflammations and acne. A combination of various essential oils like tea tree oil, moringa oil, lemon oil, chamomile oil and lavender oil will treat the acne effectively.


”Normalizing Acne Problems”

Acne Positivity

Skincare industries have developed at a rapid speed in this past year. Everyone is keen to try on different products to achieve their skin goals. In this havoc, we tend to forget that acne is entirely natural. A person who is struggling with acne looks at him/herself with a look of disgust. They conduce to hesitate while posting their pictures on social media in fear of trolls. Society makes that person feel inferior and different. We have become vaguely inhuman. Imagine the pain of the person who deals with acne; people pointing out his/her pimples in the middle of parties or meetings and giving them advice. We stare at their faces until they feel uncomfortable. Gradually, he/ she start to cover it with makeup which even makes their acne worse. Visualize their agony; waking up every morning looking at their acne-prone skin and feeling utterly insecure. They have to sit and scroll through social media, looking at the perfect flawless skin of models. Alas, when the bars of their insecurities rise even higher, they stop going to parties and public meetings at transform into a wallflower. The craving for flawless skin has metamorphosed our hearts. We have overlooked the fact that acne is part of growing old, growing mature. Let us support skin positivity, not skin perfection. Why do skincare advertisements show models with faultless skin; why can we not show an acne-prone skin model? Why can not we approve having skin texture, pimples, dark circles, wrinkles, and cystic acne is perfectly normal? It great to see celebrities coming forward and posting their bare face picture to normalize acne. This initiative gives us hope that perhaps there shall come a time when our orthodox society would accept skin problems. Teach your children that acne is perfectly normal and stop them when they point out others. Furthermore, if you are suffering from acne-prone skin and want to feel better, here are some tips for you:-
1) Before you try any new product, remember you should never be embarrassed or insecure about your acne because it’s perfectly natural, and you’re stunning with and without it. Embrace it; acne doesn’t make you ugly!
2) Never be upset about your colleagues or friend’s remarks said about your acne, do not let them decide how you feel. Spend time with people who make you feel good. Do not let the negative vibes surround you; it will make your acne even worse.
3) Do not top you top up your face with hundreds of skincare products. Let it breathe; give it some time to heal. Remember, there is so such thing as instant results; give your skin time to renew.
4) Reminder that acne doesn’t make you ugly; a heart full of hate does.
5) Acne can be an issue for men and women. Hence, do not feel minor having acne as a man. Share your story with others and empower them. Arrogant people are going to comment anyway; do let them take over your mental health.
Lastly, ”do not measure your worth by the quality of your skin”.