wrong foot

At some point in our life, we all have wondered what exactly is wrong with societal upbringing. How can innocent children turns to drug using teenagers who are always on the edge and how can someone who was so pure hearted once is now getting involved in fights and possess egoistic anger? Well, there are many factors for this but do know the important one? Around in 70% families in our country, our parents don’t show love, respect and affection towards each other openly. Even their parents didn’t and this goes long back. This is evolutionary psychology. According to evolutionary psychology, our ancestors who had psychological advantages passed down these behavioral traits to future generations, resulting in a population of offspring that then had these adaptive behaviors. If you observe, our families find affectionate display as unethical. As the social norm goes – It affects young mind and doing so means crossing our cultural barriers. NO. Our culture is something we should be proud of. India in known for it’s rich cultural diversity. We are the ones to set the cultural barriers or societal norms. How can showing love ,affection and respect towards each other have a bad effect on our children? It’s the literal opposite if you think. Parents fights and scream at each other in front of their children and in some cases, there is even violence. How is that right? How is that okay? No one questions how will that affect their children. Here’s an example:

Scene 1– You are walking in a park with your 10-15 years old kid. You see a couple hugging on a bench near by. What will be your first reaction? What will you do? Will you act normal and pass by or will you quick turn in a different directions so your kid won’t see them? In most cases, people walk the other way to avoid.

Scene 2– You are going somewhere with your kid. You hear some violent screams and you move towards it. When you are getting close, you see there are few people gathered and two men are fighting and screaming at each other. What will you do? Because in most cases, people just go and watch them fighting out of curiosity about why are they fighting. They stand there with their kids and watch.

I personally think that we should be more cautious about the second scene. We should save our kids from violent nature which causes real and actual damage on the young minds. Not about affectionate nature in our house or in surroundings. You are responsible for your ward’s future and nature. Ask the right questions. This is not about bad-parenting, this is just a factor which could affect the future of your child as well as our country’s future. Small changes in your perspective will help your child be a better person and a responsible adult. After all, our Nature is our Future.

Teacher’s Day

When and Why teacher’s Day is celebrated?

Teacher’s day is celebrated on 5th September every year, because of the Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, who was the former president of India and he was born on this day.So to honour the memory of India’s first President and to commemorate the importance of teachers in our lives this day is celebrated every year.

About Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan

He was born on 5th September 1888. He was a great person, having many qualities in him ,he was a philosopher, educationalist, humanist as well as a religious thinker. He also wrote some of the books and out of them many were written on religion and philosophy topics .He is remarked as one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century ,and he is also remembered for introducing western philosophies into the Indian society,he was also appointed as a Spalding professor of Eastern Religions and Ethics at the University of Oxford which is a great achievement,not only this he was nominated 16 times for the Nobel Prize in Literature, and another 11 times for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Importance of teachers

“If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher.” – Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.With this wonderfully written quote we can see that teachers hold the same position as our parents have. We learn many a things from teachers not only about studies but also moral values, social etiquettes and what not , they are the most important building block of our personality .In success of every person’s life teacher play a very important role.

How do children celebrate this day?

Children in schools organise numerous of activities on this day ,to thank their teacher for playing such an important role in their life effortlessly. They thank them by giving Thankyou cards, by organising music and dance competitions,also giving speeches in order to make teacher’s feel special .


Therefore ,the teachers day is celebrated to convey a message that every teacher is important, and without them we cannot attain anything in our life.So this day work as a realisation day for every student or person who neglect their teacher’s opinion or efforts to make them feel how relentlessly a teacher do his or her job.

Racism-An exceptional agony

It is exceptional and good to see people coming forward and talking about race and color. But it is equivalently important to learn about their history as it is fighting for their rights. The unfortunate incident that happened to George Floyd was a turning point in history. A man named George Floyd was murdered by a policeman, begging for his life. The policeman strangled him to death just because his skin color was too dark. The USA was a country of slaves. It is no lie that black people were packed in ships and bought there to do slavery. This fact holds a significant place as many of us are deprived of the fact that how black people were treated in late history. I know it is frustrating to know that at some point people were exploited to death just because of their skin color. Consequently, many people started to realise that this was sinful and unjust. That’s when leaders like Abraham Lincoln came forward and talked about fundamental human rights. For a long-drawn time, they fought laboriously, protesting and covered with bloodshed just for their rights. Finally, slavery was abolished; it was ruled out for good. However, once it was abolished black people remained to be the lowest rung of the society. Why? once slavery was abolished people found out a less tedious task to exploit black people- segregation. There was a mental imbalance in the mind of people. They failed to comprehend that people who were a second ago your toilers are, in a flash, equal to you. All this imbalance led to segregation. Black people were given separate drinking wells, separate movie theaters, schools, and whatnot. Every public resource was segregated as people were so disgusted by the fact that black people could now walk and run almost white people. Again the history repeated itself; black people fought for their rights; shed blood and tears to abolish segregation. At last, segregation was abolished. Yet, the hatred amongst the hearts of the people did not cease. Out of anger, black people were dragged out of their houses and were hanged. Yes, literally; it is so complex to believe this. The hatred led to another civil rights movement. The famous incident where Rosa Parks, refused to give her seat to a white man and spoke for her right was a part of this movement. At last, at least a fraction of them apprehended the pain of black people. Racism is very much alive, but the good thing is that a large majority of people now talk about black people’s rights. Moreover, it is good that we celebrate their culture but is very relevant to study their deep-rooted history; their unforgotten agony. We owe them so much, and we perhaps will fail to repay it, yet we can try our best. This article does not mean to spread enmity; the primary goal was to enlighten you upon their grievous history and what they have undergone. If you are out there willing to support and uplift them, here are some black authors who would mesmerize you with their writings- Deesha Philyaw, Yaa Gyasi, Jasmine Mans.


As we all are familiar with today’s ongoing situation….we have faced a horrific lock down time….but that was essential for us… freak out is very risky even in today’s situation…
We have seen that how we had spent that time of lock down even while we had everything…. food on our dining table… hopefully no one was suffering from COVID….. clean water to drink…. by the blessings of GOD …but think about those who had nothing to eat…who hadn’t the purified water…..even they were struggling for their EK TIME KI ROTI…
When we were in our home due to the fear of corona there was some people who were fighting to corona for us on front foot…….they were not only fighting…. they were also get injured but they were still fighting with corona….
We had given a name to them ….yes everyone knows….WE CALLED THEM CORONA WARRIORS…

There is list of corona warriors who not only helped us as well as they provided the best ever possible facility to us in the tough time……

So from here the list starts…….

DOCTORS- We all compare doctors with GOD as they save lives… and in this pandemic we have seen that doctors are really just like GOD…
They provided us the best possible treatment by put their lives on risk. Just suppose how a person can remain in ppe kit all the time in this sunny season, just suppose how they feel… they were the front foot fighters and today they are the front foot fighters…..

NURSES & OTHER HOSPITAL STAFF- If doctors are the fighters then nurses, ward boys, & other hospital staff are their helpers….they support the doctor in every case without them even doctors can’t work efficiently….nurses and other staff were also risking their lives ….they also provide service like doctors even they have to clean all the waste ……just think about those corona patients who faced disgusting behavior from their own family members….these nurses and other staff are taking care of them…. they are motivating them that they will get well ….

POLICE- Police always kept its image of a fighter ..and no doubt they are really a fighter….but in this pandemic we have seen the another side of police and that side was of a caretaker of needy people …… they are always ready to help public in any time…either delivering ration to the homes or awaring the public by different ideas just to keep them safe…..police have their families too…so just thin k how their family feels when a member of their family is remain outside by risking his / her live.
FARMERS- In India we call farmers as ANNADATA.. and they are …in this pandemic when there was no working in the whole world….there were frames,… who were providing us food….and always whatever the situation is they always do their duty without complaining…….

MEDIA- Media is also corona warrior because they have done reporting in many hotspots….they updated us every minute of the day about the world’s situation…they are also risking their lives ….we don’t have any idea about their efforts ….they have to do reporting in very serious condition places….it is easy to comment about anyone but ask them… what they are paying for their duty…

VENDORS- Yes, vendors are also corona warriors…they provide us vegetables and fruits at our home so that we don’t have to go anywhere……they are also risking their lives….don’t know which type of people they met every day in which circumstances they have to do their work ….

DAILY NEEDS SHOPKEEPERS- When there was lock down in the whole country then there was the daily shopkeepers who were providing us every daily need things just like vendors don’t know how many different-different types of people they meet but they keep their service on…..




As we know that we got our independence by sacrificing a lot….
There were some heroes (we call them freedom fighters ) who made the independence possible by their efforts…. today we are free from the chain of restrictions which were applied by the British rulers on that time…..and now we can breathe under the sky of freedom.

India’s history is fully filled by the stories of great people and I am talking about one of them.

Today I want to talk about a queen ,a warrior of our country who made a remarkable image of her in the pages of history… even today’s women are getting inspire with her journey.. With her soul..
I am talking about the RANI LAXMI BAI……..JHANSI KI RANI….

Her remarkable efforts, sacrifices.. Made her immortal…. Let’s start the journey of JHANSI KI RANI…..

The rani Laxmi bai was born to a high-caste prominent Brahmin family in Banaras (now Varanasi) on November 19, 1828. Formally named Manikarnika, she was called “Manu” by her parents. Her mother, Bhagirathi, died when she was 4. Under the care of her father, Moropant Tambe, she grew up. Her father worked for Peshwa Baji Rao II of Bithoor district. The Peshwa called her “Chhabili”, which means “playful”. Her education included horsemanship, fencing and shooting.

Laxmibai contrasted many of the patriarchal cultural expectations for women in India’s society at this time

Manikarnika was married to the king of Jhansi gangadhar rao in 1842 And was afterwards called Laxmibai in honor of the Hindu goddess Laxmi and according to the traditions. She gave birth to a boy, later named Damodar Rao, in 1851, who died after four months. The Maharaja adopted a child called Anand Rao, the son of Gangadhar Rao’s cousin, who was renamed Damodar Rao, on the day before the Maharaja died. The adoption was in the presence of the British political officer who was given a letter from the Maharaja instructing that the child be treated with respect and that the government of Jhansi should be given to his widow for her lifetime.

After the death of the Maharaja in November 1853, because Damodar Rao (born Anand Rao) was an adopted son, the British East India Company, under Governor-General Lord Dalhousie, applied the Doctrine of Lapse, rejecting Damodar Rao’s claim to the throne and annexing the state to its territories. When she was informed of this she cried out “I shall not surrender my Jhansi” (Main apni Jhansi nahi doongi). In March 1854, Rani Laxmibai was given an annual pension of Rs. 60,000 and ordered to leave the palace and the fort.

When the entire country was already fighting the first war for Independence, Rani joined the wagon after Sir Hugh Rose demanded the complete surrender of Jhansi.

She was further supported by great warriors like Gulam Gaus Khan, Dost Khan, Khuda Baksh, Sunder-Mundar, Lala Bhau Bakshi, Moti Bai, Deewan Raghunath Singh and Deewan Jawahar Singh among others. To strengthen her defence, Rani also had an army of women. She decamped to Kalpi with a few guards, where she joined additional rebel forces, including Tatya Tope. They occupied the town of Kalpi and prepared to defend it. On 22 May British forces attacked Kalpi; the forces were commanded by the Rani herself and were again defeated.

They came to Gwalior and joined the Indian forces The Rani was unsuccessful in trying to persuade the other rebel leaders to prepare to defend Gwalior against a British attack which she expected would come soon. General Rose’s forces took Morar on 16 June and then made a successful attack on the city.

It is said that she fought the British bravely with her infant son Damodar tied to her back and swords in her hands. After giving a tough fight to the Britishers, she was killed on 17 June 1988, following which troops whisked away her body so that her last wish of not being captured by the British could be fulfilled.

In the British report of this battle, Hugh Rose commented that Rani Laxmibai is “personable, clever and beautiful” and she is “the most dangerous of all Indian leaders”.

Today Rani Jhansi Museum in the Fort of Jhansi is home to some of the weapons used by Rani Laxmibai and her fellow warriors throughout the Rebellion of 1857. The museum houses a collection of archaeological remains of the period between the 9th and 12th centuries AD.

There is a famous poem on JHANSI KI RANI…


There are also some poems which are written on the great JHANSI KI RANI…

As we have read above the story of RANI LAXMI BAI we see that how many challenges she faced but she didn’t compromise with her self-respect and she just fought, fought and fought with the British rulers…..

There are a lot of people born daily…. a lot of people die daily… but.. there are only few people who made their remark in history …only few become immortal in history…….we should learn.. form them…