wrong foot

At some point in our life, we all have wondered what exactly is wrong with societal upbringing. How can innocent children turns to drug using teenagers who are always on the edge and how can someone who was so pure hearted once is now getting involved in fights and possess egoistic anger? Well, there are many factors for this but do know the important one? Around in 70% families in our country, our parents don’t show love, respect and affection towards each other openly. Even their parents didn’t and this goes long back. This is evolutionary psychology. According to evolutionary psychology, our ancestors who had psychological advantages passed down these behavioral traits to future generations, resulting in a population of offspring that then had these adaptive behaviors. If you observe, our families find affectionate display as unethical. As the social norm goes – It affects young mind and doing so means crossing our cultural barriers. NO. Our culture is something we should be proud of. India in known for it’s rich cultural diversity. We are the ones to set the cultural barriers or societal norms. How can showing love ,affection and respect towards each other have a bad effect on our children? It’s the literal opposite if you think. Parents fights and scream at each other in front of their children and in some cases, there is even violence. How is that right? How is that okay? No one questions how will that affect their children. Here’s an example:

Scene 1– You are walking in a park with your 10-15 years old kid. You see a couple hugging on a bench near by. What will be your first reaction? What will you do? Will you act normal and pass by or will you quick turn in a different directions so your kid won’t see them? In most cases, people walk the other way to avoid.

Scene 2– You are going somewhere with your kid. You hear some violent screams and you move towards it. When you are getting close, you see there are few people gathered and two men are fighting and screaming at each other. What will you do? Because in most cases, people just go and watch them fighting out of curiosity about why are they fighting. They stand there with their kids and watch.

I personally think that we should be more cautious about the second scene. We should save our kids from violent nature which causes real and actual damage on the young minds. Not about affectionate nature in our house or in surroundings. You are responsible for your ward’s future and nature. Ask the right questions. This is not about bad-parenting, this is just a factor which could affect the future of your child as well as our country’s future. Small changes in your perspective will help your child be a better person and a responsible adult. After all, our Nature is our Future.





My family esteems are what I take so dear to my heart since they have made me what I am today and I plan on passing these extraordinary qualities to my kids in future. Each family has those things, acts and qualities that they hold in high regard and they value to such an extent. These vales have become a piece of them: most occasions, it is the thing that separates the qualities in every family and somehow or another it makes or damages the eventual fate of the relatives. Same applies to my family, we have some set qualities that has become a piece of us and it has made my life much better on the grounds that I have improved as an individual who isn’t simply important to himself yet additionally to the general public on the loose. I will be offering a portion of these qualities to you.


1. Trustworthiness:

This is a rule that is exceptionally ensured in my family. My father has this truism that, “genuineness is the best approach.” Ever since I was nearly nothing, my family has shown me how to be straightforward and the advantages that exist in. In some cases, my folks even test us in manners we were not expecting and an award is given to the individual that comes out legitimate. This is one of my family esteems that I appreciate so a lot and I am glad that it is the thing that my family hold in high regard.

2. Consideration to Others:

This is anything but a typical quality to all. My mother has this conviction that if the world and everyone in it gives love and grace to each other, there will be no contempt and wars will be annihilated. This is a family esteem that we treasure to such an extent. I figured out how to show love to everyone. In any event, when we didn’t have a lot, my folks will in any case provide for the individuals who are poor. My father says that the world resembles a waterway, we would in the end stream into each other later and you don’t have a clue about the future, the individual you assisted today with being help to you tomorrow.

3. Training:

This is a worth that has been passed from one age to another in my family. My father would say that training is the best inheritance you can provide for a kid. My family does everything in their ability for you to get a sound and profiting training. The securing of information is additionally very significant. We all attempt to acquire and more information since we as a whole have a family motto that says “information is power and that force makes me a saint.”

4. Dress and Appearance:

This is a strict worth we treasure in my family. My father would say that you are tended to the manner in which you dress. I would prefer not to be address wrongly and give out an off-base impression. Thus, our appearance truly matter a great deal to us and the manner in which we dress.


Every family has one thing or the other that they hold in high esteem and tend to pass on from generation to generation. This is what makes a family a united sect not because we are related by blood but because of we share the same values.

Domestic role of the Husbands

Gender Equality – A much relatable term these days. Gender Equality signifies that all men and women are equal, having the same duties towards the society, in no way one is superior than the other and is equal in all other aspects. This is the literal definition for Gender Equality. Earlier, girls had absolutely no scope to pursue higher educations, were forced to marry at a very young age and they were basically the home markers and treated as care- takes of the Family, and that was a normalized situation that time. Is this the Reality even now? Or do we see emerging mindsets supporting Gender Equality around us? Or is it just preserved in bookish terms. Till this era, our core believes hasn’t changed much. We show ourselves as cool or modern every time, but what about the man-made rules or superstitions of local people? The Hypocrisy tells us that women should cook food for the family, look after the child and is bound to perform much more household chores, even if she is a Chartered Accountant or the IPS Officer. Now why this biasness? The Patriarchal society makes the norms that husbands shall perform the duty of “an earning member” or as “head of the family”. Why is that the female has to be a ‘home maker’, In spite of having a degree or proper education? Just for the sake of the family? or the child? or the society? These customs portrayed long back, cannot be revolutionized in just one day. These are the loopholes of our systems, and we need to identify these as soon as possible for the betterment. Days are changing, the women are going to work outside their homes, they are becoming corporate officials manager, along with being a wife. They are fighting for their freedoms throughout. They are earning for family as well, balancing both the duties. If a woman can do so much why is that a male member just has to earn to contribute to the family. “Gender- assigned” roles should not be followed anymore, The responsibilities shall be shouldered equally. It is not just the headache of the woman to be in charge of the Family. The husband can take his time out to help, to cook for the family, not just for a couple of days, but as a routine. Work should be divided and shared, the husband shall also perform his tasks to support the wife. This will increase the love and affection for the family, ensure that peace and harmony prevails. These are smaller steps taken against the never-changing prejudices of the society. It shows the maturity of the male members to serve their counterparts, the husband shall find happiness from these household chores, and this is the perfect “gentleman” trait. Nothing is impossible on this earth. This small step taken is capable of making a drastic change of things a lot in the long run and is inspiring for the upcoming generations. If the husband starts assisting his wife, all the workings becomes 10times easier, as the burden is not just on one in this case. Suppose, both the parents are working, the wife has to reach her office within a fixed time, she cannot head out before once she is done with family duties, or may even her child could be late for school. In this situation, the concept of being “late” is considered as unprofessional. Maybe she won’t be in a position to pack her own tiffin, which is so much wrongful. If she has her husband as an helping hand, she never has to sacrifice her time or food. Also, the child will also reach his school within a fixed time, really the best solution for any Family. The Child especially looks up to the Father as the Role Model. Not just for the wife, the male member can also do domestic tasks to help their parents, or sister or they can sit down to teach the child. There is no harm in doing something for the family, this will definitely strengthen the bond between all the members of a family.

Staying fit in lockdown

Corona virus disease which was first identified at Wuhan, China has caused a massive spread all over the world as because this is an infectious ailment, our country has adopted the method of Lockdown to tame down the vulnerable situation of Covid 19. This circumstance is becoming a lot more serious over the days when Corona virus is creating a dreadful impact worldwide. Lockdown basically is a very effective process to ensures the security of people by isolating the positive cases. Government has taken up this solution to break the chain of Corona Virus. Lockdown will help in the reduction of death rate as face to face interactions nowadays is to be avoided. The policy of staying separated from one another is also known as Quarantining oneself. This is relatively a new term which signifies that people should not get much exposed to the contagious disease. World Health Organizations has termed Covid 19 as a Pandemic. Hence, all the other places like Shopping malls, Cinema Halls, Restaurants which provided entertainment to the common folks after a strenuous busy day have been closed down. Also, school, colleges, universities has declared to be shut off till the Graph of Covid spread goes down. Hence it is much crucial for all of us to take proper measures and precautions to protect ourselves at this time. Usage of Masks and Sanitizers has become compulsory as declared by the Government which is undeniable and is the best rule to be followed for the protection of every one around, preventing the spread of Virus. Those who are breaking such regulations are to be strictly punished by the cops. Other than that, Few below mentioned steps can be followed for a happy living:-

1) Mental Health of a person needs to be taken care of and known just as we do to the physical Health. Mental Health is not much talked about and not many considers this as a significant issue. This requires serious treatment too. Mental Health is a time span when the afftected one faces a lot of trauma, starts gets negative feelings and lose all hope of living. A large no. of people commits suicide on a regular basis due to depression. If someone seeks help he should be talked to often or will mandatorily attend a psychiatrist. Understanding the depth of such an ailment in India is practically impossible as they don’t know how to communicate regarding this to another. due to this Covid situation Mental Health is getting hampered as because People are social beings, it is a torture of them to caged down for a very long tenure.

2) As because the Gyms are closed, you cannot skip on your exercises. Exercises are a must for your body, it releases stress and motivates you to get back in shape and keeps away ailments. Even a little bit of working out, or running around would help a lot. Exercising is the best way to work on yourself, plank for 30 seconds, arm and leg stretch is indeed a must. If someone has never been to a gym, this is the best time to indulge yourself in working out at home.

3) Talking to family is a very relaxing idea as it takes away all the boredom of your life and opening up to them is essential for your growth. Family is the foremost place which knows you thoroughly and understands you better no matter what. Spend your leisure time by chit chatting with them or playing indoor games like Chess, Ludo, Cards together just like we did in our child hood days. Family bond makes you feel and live much better. Use this ample of time to strengthen your connections, which was previously lost due to shortage of time by getting closer to your family.

4) Eat properly, take proper vitamins and minerals which are prescribed by the doctors globally. Taking medicines time to time is very essential these days. In taking Junk foods are absolutely a big No No for your health right now. Food should be consumed at regular intervals, Seasonal fruits shall be consumed daily for removing body toxins and it also keeps the body hydrated.

5) Many people can start pursuing their lost passions once again, utilizing this time for your benefit is the best option. Hence those who couldn’t earlier manage time to continue with their likings because of the work pressure can restart by cooking new dishes, gardening, painting, singing, dancing, writing e t c. All these are a part of self care which would enhance your skills once again.

6) Children are getting time to spend with their parents which is in turn a boon for them because both the parents work for a lot of time and do not get the scope to speak to their children, also the children spends a lot of time in Schools. After a busy day, no body has the energy to communicate with each other making the child lonely and irritated. Parents must take the initiative to engage the child and watch a movie or t v shows all together or read out a book to them which will increase their moral values and they will become comfortable while exchanging views.

7) Youngsters should help their parents out with household domestic chores which in turn is going to make the difficult and boring work ten times simple. Also, Teenagers should spend time with the grand parents, hear out their stories of experiences which also serves as a healing therapy both ways. Also they can associate themselves with new Learning courses online which will enhance their knowledge.

The practice of Domestic Violence all over India should be stopped immediately as this will hurt both ou and your loved ones.

World Cousin’s Day

On 24th July every year we celebrate National Cousins Day. Cousins are the relatives having common forefathers. This is the day to mark the irreplaceable bond between the cousins of a Family. A bond which defines the sweet and salty relationship between the Cousins. Right after birth, a child gets to know about his Family, here he grows up slowly and steadily. Family is the foremost belongingness of a child. He gets his emotion and basic moral values from his parents. He gets to understand how to deal with the surroundings around us. Now, the awareness of friendship is served by the cousins. Friendship is the core element which joins the cousins together. Cousins are our first friend. Having such a friend as a family member is a blessing from God. When a child takes the first step towards growing up, he celebrates his birthday after inviting all his cousins and blows the candles. He starts enjoying and that sense of association helps him to prosper. As because concept of Joint family is rare nowadays, the cousins come from abroad or from another state to join the festivities. Also, during the get together, they spend the best family time together. Sharing foods, toys, clothes becomes an integral part of this special bond. This also strengthens the relation between the cousins and links them together. Sometimes, the elder ones tend to irritate the younger ones more and they become oppose of each other. All these are the humorous parts of childhood. The elder ones not only annoys them but also helps them in best possible ways. A cousin is your friend, philosopher and guide. Often the elder ones, helps and guides the younger ones in the in their home works. Cousins gets scolding from their mother together. There is no bond on earth as selfless and innocent as the love for your cousins. As the child blooms, it becomes the responsibility of the cousins to guide him in the best ways possible. Elders performs this duty to make him understand the reality of outer world and show him the right path. It is so nice to have someone so close to you. Many a times, our friends betray us, leaves us, abuses us but along with your cousin you stand strong. He will stay with you forever. Your cousins won’t be expecting anything from you. No family gatherings are special without the presence of your cousins. They make the family complete. We all have that one WhatsApp group where we share all the memes and crack jokes along with our cousins. Cousins will realize if you are in any kind of trouble and will make sure you don’t suffer all alone. Cousins are the best replacement of siblings. Things can go somewhat wrong with siblings but it never gets wrong with the cousins. The age of Cousins do not vary much, just a few years of difference. You can talk to them the hole night, watch a movie together. It won’t ever get boring. The best part is our cousins knows all the family secrets as much as we do. During holidays the cousins coming down to visit you home is constant for all the ages and this routine won’t ever change. Getting excited about when they are coming with how many gifts during summer or winter breaks is the funniest thing.

A the child tends to become a teenager, he faces a lot of difficulties in sharing the problems with parents, hence cousins then becomes more easy going. Cousins knows you the best and provides you a lot of inspirations within no time. Cousins influences to become better also punishes you for wrong doings. They listen to you without judgements, share their own experiences, and motivates you all the time. Your misdeed reminds the of all their mistakes and makes sure you don’t repeat them. You can always trust them no matter what, they won’t harm you in any ways. They can pass your thoughts to the parents so you don’t feel embarrassed. All needs to work nowadays hence gets a very less time to unite, hence arranging family gatherings more often will help you to get social and feel nostalgic once again. Never hurt your cousins or fight with them, they are your personal rare attachments, never lose them. Hence, Lets do something special this day, make sure to call your cousins or drop a message, just remind them they are important and mean a lot to you. Show them you are grateful for all their love and support throughout. Also, love the children of your cousins as much as you can, they are dearest to you.