Prominence of education

Education is the act of discovering things around us. And so the prominence of the education in a person life. To discover the real meaning of life. We need to educate not ourselves but our environment also. Education helps us to easily recognize and deal with any difficulty and makes balance throughout the whole life in every aspect. Education is the first and foremost right of every human being. And therefore we have the right to education in our constitution. Without education we are incomplete and our lives are useless. Education helps us to set a goal and go ahead by working on that throughout life. It improves our knowledge, skill, confidence level, and personality. It empowers us intellectually to interact with others in our life. Education brings maturity and teaches us to live in a society with changing environment. For adaptability, education is a must. It is the way to social development, economic growth, and technological development. For being a proper social person we need to educate ourselves.

Education plays a great role in everyone’s life by building personality, improving knowledge and skill, and providing a feeling of well-being for a person. Education has been divided into three categories in our country as Primary education, Secondary education, and Higher Secondary education. It develops our analytical skills, character, and overall personality. Education plays a pivotal role in nourishing his present and future by ensuring aim of the life. 

Every child must to go school at his/her appropriate age as everyone has equal rights to education from birth. The growth and development of any country depend on the quality of the education system set for young ones in schools and colleges. However, the education system in every area of the country is not the same so the proper growth and development of the people and society vary according to the weak and strong education system of the particular region. The future of our country is the youth and the more our youth will learn more advanced our nation will become.


World Photography Day

The term “Photography” goes hand-in-hand with ‘camera’ and ‘pictures’. Photography is actually an artistic form of work which demonstrates clicking pictures of any objects, place or thing with details. Capturing a picture is not as easy as it seems, being a good photographer is really a task as one has to keep in mind the angles, focus, light etc. Several cameras and phones support a good quality of photography i.e., a person who clicks pictures, August 19, every year is celebrated as the World Photography Day to cherish the custom of Photography as to cherish the craft and uniqueness around each and every photographs. Earlier, taking aa photograph was considered as a bigger issue as it was expensive. Photography was not a matter of Entertainment those days, it was made to hold the moment forever at look at it again and again in the long run. Not many people had so much access to it as the availability of cameras or smart phones were of a luxury those times. Most of the common people were not in a position to afford them. The concept of Photography was of Black and White format, and no shades of colors were being used. The first picture was taken by French inventor Joseph Nicephore Nicepe in 1826, 1827, taking a click of the view outside Window in Burgundy. Later on, The Concept of Photography evolved and after generations we are clicking pictures on ever possible minutes, frequently too. After colored photos came into being, we saw the ‘portraits’ and ‘landscapes’ formats of Photography. “Portrait” is taking human photograph, and “Landscape denotes scenery. It is a must for all of us to capture the beautiful mountain or sea when we go out for a journey, just to reminiscence regarding it, later on. Photographs are till only still memories of a person. We often scroll down the gallery of our smartphones to look at the picture to recollect the moments we have shared with our family, friends o the close ones. Pictures are reflections of us other than the mirrors. The images remind us of all the good nostalgia and gives us positive vibes. People take up Photography as a hobby as well, like they want to go on with this activity during free times which gives them the feelings of immense pride and satisfaction. We have renowned photographers across the world who are expert in clicking pictures of models and eminent celebrities. Also, some take up photography professionally, as a source of income. We actually love to click selfies, as a part of the latest trends for the popularity of social media, as we just want to upload them on these platforms, just to show a glimpse of our lifestyle and share them with our friends. Many bloggers who take pictures of their crafts to showcase their talent on social media platforms, making their job a lot more easier. “Practice makes a man perfect”, the more a person clicks nice pictures, the more he develops himself. We can tell a lot more about any person, by looking at the body language he represents in the pictures. There are several courses out there for a person too know this skill or learn more about Photography, if he wants to take that up later on as his profession. Newspapers have Photography as a very important part of their work, to let the readers know about an incident, showing the pictures helps anyone to understand the level of occurrence, of an incident. Pictures reveals a lot more than what we say or do. Pictures are a proof of everything real, as the Detectives or Police officers tend to keep pictures or use pictures for interrogation. Photography needs editing as well, which is also a different skill, and serves as a profession or hobby as well for many. Editing is basically much related o photography, as editing is done to make the photo look prominent removing any errors. Nowadays, many pictures can even be edited and made use of wrongfully, making it a criminal offence.

National Handloom Day

Handloom is a type of Loom which is made manually, without the use of electricity. The products woven out of Handloom are especially known as Khadi. Handlooms are our country’s own property. It is a man-made process done using a spin wheel which was originally started by Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi i.e., our beloved Bapuji. At the time of Civil Disobedience Movement, before India gained Independence, Bapuji wanted to flourish something very Indian, hence he gave this idea of spinning handlooms and so Indians strongly opposed to foreign goods. Hence, centuries later on Handloom industries came into being, providing several options like Textiles, Clothing, Handloom Decorative e t c. August 7th is the official National Handloom Day, the Concept was launched by the Prime Minister of India on 2015, and celebrated to inspire the wavers and workers to support their hard-work and creativity. This was done also to let everyone know about the exceptional talents we have around the Nation. Handloom is widely accepted and loved all over the world, leading to a lot of Exports. Thus, it is beneficiary for India. Handloom Industries are basically run by the Weavers and Workers who crafts the Handloom materials into proper outcome. The Legacy of Handlooms is to be continued for generations. Bapuji forecasted that we shall not take inspirations from foreign every time, but instead do something of our home. Handloom as an industry is tremendously popular inn village areas, as of the most families contribute to country by spinning Handlooms and selling them into markets. Though expensive, Handloom products ensures excellent qualities. A huge sections of village workers earns their livelihood through these Handloom industries. Not just the men, but the women also get to work for these Industries, so Handloom Industries serves as an employment for both men and women. Handloom industries are preferred by all those who wants something extraordinary yet unique and original. Over 4.3 million people are some way or the other engaged into Handloom Productions. Handloom industries are popular especially in the rural areas as not many people get access to proper education due to low rate of literacy, hence most of them prefers to work from an early age, to sustain their regular needs. The raw materials are initially process and made use of properly, before taking the work of production any further, then the Infrastructure comes which is basically the use of products or machinery or the hand-work. The better the infrastructure and working conditions, better will be the productions. Then the theory of wages comes which means the amount of salary provided to those who contribute to the successful making of Handloom items. It must be ensured that these people gets maximum benefits from productions. The next concept is of the budget which is the exact sum of expenditure which consists of all the money need for procurement at least the minimal budget should be stated. The next step is the Patent, which signifies who shall own and have authority over the outputs been made. This is the second largest employment provided for the rural populations. Exclusively, these markets tend to infuse modern design, creating a trend. This process is much loved by the youth, because of its texture or class. Handloom industries promotes diversity and prosperity of Indians. This industry is particularly known for its distinctiveness. According to the Integrated handloom Development Scheme, The Government of India has introduced a new scheme IHDS. here, following Four components are included with assistance will be provided to Handloom Coop. Society, APEX body and Corporations.

1) Clusters, having Handlooms in the range of 300-500 per cluster.

2) Group approach for development of Handlooms.

3) Assistance to Handloom organizations

a) Marketing incentive b) Strengthening of Handloom Organizations.

4) Others like innovative ideas and publicity, Monitoring, Supervision, Training and Evolution of the Scheme.


Transgender is the Third Gender basically, who is not a male type or a female type. Transgender is defined as denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal. Identity and gender do not correspond with their birth sex. A Transgender is a person who is unable to fit himself in any of the two categories specified beforehand, a Transgender right also comes under the concept of Gender Equality. They very much belong to our society, to our lifestyle, but the fact here is they are not widely accepted yet. People literally hate them or harass them for choosing their own likings over the “society norms” created. They also are human beings, just like us, nothing inferior. It is just that they practically loves themselves just the way they are, they shall be strong enough to be proud of their own skin. It is our duty to stand by their virtue, no matter what. It has been seen that they face a lot of social difficulties everyday. They do not get to live by common people, they are isolated from their residence and they had to form a separate community of their own for survival, especially known as LGBT Community. Right from birth, they are not treated as “Normal” and are repetitively pressurized to choose one amongst the two genders. People yet, in this generation aren’t ready to believe that there can be a third gender as well. But fitting into somewhat stereotyped categories is a must for the people, especially in India. They were not allowed to have proper sanitization, worst thing is that they do not have a separate washroom. They aren’t being taught in schools on colleges, hence education for them is a luxury. They do not even get proper food to sustain themselves. We can see the “transgender” begging for food, it is so heartbreaking to see that how much sorrows they face, yet holds smile on their face. No person has control over their choices, earlier as well several paintings has depicted the onset of “transgender” people. Sadly, they haven’t got their recognition yet and fighting day and night for their freedom. They just seek a life where they won’t be judged, or questioned or made fun of being a transgender. But we, the educated class of people disagree and contest against their liberty. Their privilege are snatched away by the ‘commoners’ around them. They do not get enough opportunities to pursue their talents. The most traumatic experience they face is regarding work places. It is rare that a transgender is working as an official even if that person is competent enough. Transgender community should not be deprived of their own equity or justice. It is so difficult for third-gender child to confess his inner feelings to his family of that sort because the family isn’t in a position to realize his situation, moreover try to brainwash the child for worse. The parents do not remain as a support system to them anymore, they just feel upset and betrayed of the “choice” the child has made. Secondly, choosing aa partner for one self is really difficult, because taking about this on the society is treated almost as a ‘crime’. That person is basically termed as “spoiled” and suffers a lot from loneliness and depressions. It is no way his “Fault”.

Sec 377 in IPC states that, whoever voluntarily has carnel intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal shall be punished with imprisonment for life, or with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ten years or with a death penalty, and shall also be liable to fine.According to The Times of India, The Supreme Court of India on September 6, 2018 decriminalized Section 377 making Gay Sex legal. The SC in its verdict mentioned that consensual sex between adults in private places which is not harmful to women or children, cannot be denied as it is a matter of individual choice. The apex court partially strikes down Section 377. “Section 377 results in discrimination and is violative of constitutional principles. Consensual Sex between Adult homosexuals in private is not an offence”, said by Supreme Court in its verdict.

National Youth Day

United Nations celebrates International Youth Day as on 12th August every year. Youth – this term signifies the blooming faces, ongoing adolescence who are capable for bringing a change for any particular country. A country is actually based on the power of the Youth. It has been said that, if you can educate the youth and the women, you are educating the country. A man goes through the younger stage of his life, this is the time when he holds supreme power to revolutionize. If the younger generations of a country aren’t sorted enough, the country cannot develop. The “youth” sectioned are actually the ages between 15-24. According to the definitions of United Nations – “Youth is best understood as a period of transition from the dependence of childhood to adulthood’s independence. That is why, as a category youth is more fluid than other fixed age groups. Yet, age is the easiest way to define this group, particularly in relations to education and employment, because “youth” is often referred to a person, between the age of leaving compulsory education, and finding their first job.” “The Secretory General first referred to the current definition of youth in 1981 in his report to General Assembly on International Youth Year (A/36/215,para.8 of the annex) and endorsing it in ensuring reports it in ensuing reports (A/40/256,para.19 of the annex). However, in both the reports, the Secretory- General also recognized that apart from statistical definition, the meaning of the term “youth” varies in different societies around the world. When The General Assembly, by its resolution 50/81 in 1995, adopted World Programme Of Action for the Youth to the year 2000 and beyond, it reiterated that the U.N defined youth as the age cohort of 15-24. The General Assembly resolution A/RES/56/117 in 2001, The Commission for Social Development resolution E/2007/26 and E/CN.5/2007/8 n 2007 and the General Assembly resolution A/RES/62/126 in 2008 also reinforce the same age-group for Youth.” The Youth is stepping stone for a Country. They has the authority to form latest policies, they are the voices of tomorrow. The difference of youth from childhood is that, they are not qualified enough to take their own decisions for themselves, rather they had to depend on someone whereas the old-aged, though a lot more experienced, lacks physical and mental power. If the Youth section do not approve or appreciate any particular rule, they would protest leading to the downfall of the entire country. It depends on this section to educate themselves and lift up the conditions of the country. As in youth age, a person can always choose his carrier and work on it, as fresh talents are always welcomed by any aspects of the Country. They would contribute more for the benefits of a country, and has immense understanding of pointing out the flaws and drawbacks. Particularly, the young age is lucid and devoid of being influenced easily. They cannot be manipulated as they behold intelligence. The youth section has the privilege to mend himself up, till he reaches the middle age. This age group is not at all rigid to the dynamic changes happening around anyway. They can quickly adopt themselves according to the needs and requirements of the country. The Youth serves the country, the burden lies on their shoulders to level up the conditions of the society. Various activities are to be taken up by them, supporting the cause. The more a youth age involves themselves to hard work, the more a country upgrades. The perfect ‘youth’ not only draws himself close to perfection, but also embraces the inconsistency of working of the country and corrects them. This is obvious and needless to say, that youth is the Generation next and would find regular faults in the surroundings, and would also criticize. “Youth” can bring out a huge amendment or the modifications, for advancement of the Country.

Domestic role of the Husbands

Gender Equality – A much relatable term these days. Gender Equality signifies that all men and women are equal, having the same duties towards the society, in no way one is superior than the other and is equal in all other aspects. This is the literal definition for Gender Equality. Earlier, girls had absolutely no scope to pursue higher educations, were forced to marry at a very young age and they were basically the home markers and treated as care- takes of the Family, and that was a normalized situation that time. Is this the Reality even now? Or do we see emerging mindsets supporting Gender Equality around us? Or is it just preserved in bookish terms. Till this era, our core believes hasn’t changed much. We show ourselves as cool or modern every time, but what about the man-made rules or superstitions of local people? The Hypocrisy tells us that women should cook food for the family, look after the child and is bound to perform much more household chores, even if she is a Chartered Accountant or the IPS Officer. Now why this biasness? The Patriarchal society makes the norms that husbands shall perform the duty of “an earning member” or as “head of the family”. Why is that the female has to be a ‘home maker’, In spite of having a degree or proper education? Just for the sake of the family? or the child? or the society? These customs portrayed long back, cannot be revolutionized in just one day. These are the loopholes of our systems, and we need to identify these as soon as possible for the betterment. Days are changing, the women are going to work outside their homes, they are becoming corporate officials manager, along with being a wife. They are fighting for their freedoms throughout. They are earning for family as well, balancing both the duties. If a woman can do so much why is that a male member just has to earn to contribute to the family. “Gender- assigned” roles should not be followed anymore, The responsibilities shall be shouldered equally. It is not just the headache of the woman to be in charge of the Family. The husband can take his time out to help, to cook for the family, not just for a couple of days, but as a routine. Work should be divided and shared, the husband shall also perform his tasks to support the wife. This will increase the love and affection for the family, ensure that peace and harmony prevails. These are smaller steps taken against the never-changing prejudices of the society. It shows the maturity of the male members to serve their counterparts, the husband shall find happiness from these household chores, and this is the perfect “gentleman” trait. Nothing is impossible on this earth. This small step taken is capable of making a drastic change of things a lot in the long run and is inspiring for the upcoming generations. If the husband starts assisting his wife, all the workings becomes 10times easier, as the burden is not just on one in this case. Suppose, both the parents are working, the wife has to reach her office within a fixed time, she cannot head out before once she is done with family duties, or may even her child could be late for school. In this situation, the concept of being “late” is considered as unprofessional. Maybe she won’t be in a position to pack her own tiffin, which is so much wrongful. If she has her husband as an helping hand, she never has to sacrifice her time or food. Also, the child will also reach his school within a fixed time, really the best solution for any Family. The Child especially looks up to the Father as the Role Model. Not just for the wife, the male member can also do domestic tasks to help their parents, or sister or they can sit down to teach the child. There is no harm in doing something for the family, this will definitely strengthen the bond between all the members of a family.

Controlling Parents – A serious threat.

Parents are the role mode for any child, his primary support system. A parent is a person who guides his/her child and teaches him to be better in life. While a child faces any problems or difficulties in his life he deliberately runs to the parents for utmost care and love. Parents are the one whom a child looks up to. It is the duty of the parents to constantly motivate their children and make them learn social and moral values. Parent’s are the core of a child’s survival, child seeks blessings from their parent throughout. Parenting is a crucial phase of one’s life. Undoubtedly, a parent can make or break a child’s life. Improper parenting can result in the downfall of the carrier or personal life of the child. If the parenting isn’t implemented properly, there is the highest chance for the child to get self-centered i.e., becoming a spoiled brat. Too much care is certainly not necessary though, overdoing anything turns the whole situation toxic. It is mandatory to give freedom to their child, so that he never feels pressurized or overburdened. One of the foremost rule of parenting is to give the child a proper space, and treating him as another individual. In spite of the age of a person we all seek leisure, specially a child would love to spread his wings and fly, literally. This is the time for his growth and enrichment. He needs to get socialized, play outside, meet new friends, talk more, have fun, as this span of innocence is never going to come back later on. It is wrong to take away the freedom from him, in the name of restrictions.

Suppose, two kids are friends, one is having a scheduled time to talk to his peers over phone, and also studies for a fixed time, but for another kid has to study for the whole day, getting absolutely no fixed time. This is extremely wrong on the parent’s part. Due to not getting the time to open up, the child gets cooped up and his voice remains unnoticed. He has not got anyone to share his feelings with, no one listened to him, turning him to become narcissistic and egocentric. This type of Parenting is known as “Controlling Parents”. ‘All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy’ – we all have come across this line. A child should never feel threatened by their parents. If not given validations by the parents, this hurts the child making him more aggressive. To worsen the situation, just as the child grows up, he won’t be in a situation to listen to the parents anymore, out of fear, or would lie to the parents, which is worst, or will become extremely rude. The parents cannot deny the responsibility this time, as they have never allowed the child to bond with others. It is much difficult to believe that such a child would listen to the parent’s scolding and won’t protest against it. If he cannot share his problems like a friend with his parents, he will slowly get depressed and detached from his family, leading to him getting jealous of his peers. The parents can make up a routine for him to follow, scheduling timetables for studies and recreations as well. He can watch a movie, go to gym classes, pursue his passion, or go for some extra curricular activities according to his choice. It is a must for the working parents to take some time out and spend it with the child, or going for some entertainment together outside, this will strengthen the relationship and create dependence, which is beneficiary both ways. It is okay to scold a child for wrongdoing, but locking him in a room and not allowing him to go out and play, is inhuman. If the parents understand the logic that everyone needs some time for recreations, and it is healthier for the child’s mindset, the parents would be trustworthy enough, and would get a lot of respect from the child. It is then the duty of the child to look after the parents and show empathy, dedication and care towards them.

Harry potter – A must read

Harry Potter is a story of a young wizard who fought against the Dark Lord, Voldemort and defeated hs penned down by J.K Rowling. As we are growing up, we are accustomed with choosing to watch series over going through the main Novel. The Novel depicts the characters Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Wealsey played by Daniel Radcliff, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint respectively showing the pure bond of friendship between the three. They stood strong, in spite of all the odds. The Genre for Harry Potter isn’t much specified, as it portrays Horror, Thriller, Drama, Romance, Friendship also Fantasy. While the series influenced the minds of youngsters a lot, this is for Good. There were 7 novels written Part by Part, starting with the Philosopher’s Stone (1997), Harry meets Hagrid, who came to take him away to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, as ordered by Albus Dumbeldore, the Professor. He learns that his parents were killed by Lord Voldemort, but he somehow survived. Harry met his friends here and recognized his talents for Quiditch Game. He met Snape, the Potions master who disliked Harry a lot. the second novel was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (1998), Ginny, Ron’s sister finds out the Tom Riddle’s Diary, through which Voldemort possessed her, she opened the chamber of Secrets. Harry learns that he can speak Parseltongue, snake’s language, with help of which he entered in Chamber to kill Basilisk, the ancient monster. The third novel was Prisoner of Azkaban (1999), Here Harry meets with Sirius Black, his father’s best friend who was a mass murderer, as stated by the Wizarding World, also Remus Lupin, a Defence of Dark Arts teacher, who was a warewolf by nature. Lupin taught harry a few Defences. The forth one was Goblet of Fire (2000), this is basically a tournament which was dangerous, for wining Triwizard’s Cup. He was mentored by Mad-eye-moody. Here, Voldemort tried to kill him by kills Cedric Diggory instead, another student of Hogwarts. The fifth book was Order of the Pheonix (2003), Ministry of Magic refuses to believe that Voldemort has returned, Harry and his friends form Dumbledore’s Army. Ministry appoints Dolores Umbridge, who turns the school into dictatorial regime. Harry had a face off against Voldemort’s followers, Series black dies in the conflict. The fifth novel was The Half Blood Prince (2005), Harry finds out, through a device that Voldemort has split his soul into pieces, and created a series of Horcruxes, hidden in various locations. Draco Malfoy, who was his classmate joined with the Death Eaters and attempted to kill the Professor, who was killed by Prof. Snape instead. The last novel Deathly Hollows (2007) was the final climax. These novels had attracted children a lot due to absurd creatures and magic elements present on, through there was a lot more to understand. How much positivity is incurred in Harry Potter, in spite of being such a young boy. The Wizarding world was related to the Fantasy world, having no practicality as such on its own and mostly based on imagination. According to Rowling, main was death, other than that there was Prejudice, Corruption and Madness. Novel also shows the angle of Harry’s cleverness and focus to remove all evils, whereas without his friends, he was nothing. He was all alone on his childhood, before he came to know his wizarding skills, and no one loved him as such, he was tortured by his Aunt’ Family. Harry potter has been one of the greatest Media Franchise of all times. Harry Potter became widely popular, for all age groups due to relativity. Like something we all face in our teenage, heartbreaks, betrayal, respect, loneliness and such feelings. Though, it is a fact that Positive energy conquers all sorts of negativity, how much powerful it is.

As for many, Prof. Snape was the real Hero of the series because he was exceptionally skilled, Wizard, who was extremely mocking and aloof was initially threat for the Wizards, Snape loved Harry’s mother, as shown later on through, was deeply attracted to Voldemort’s theories, who hated Muggles.

One Plus Nord : An Affordable Premium

Nowadays, we all are obsessed with Smartphones. We cannot imagine a life without it, that is for sure. Due to the Pandemic situation for Corona Virus, i.e., Covid 19, we all are stuck at our homes. As for most of us, we are participating in Group meetings, Virtual Classes, Work from Home or just for making a video call to our loved ones, or to drop a mail to the office. We all are engrossed in smartphones for Studies, Official Work or for Entertainment, for all the other aspects with the help of Smartphones. A Smartphones along with proper Internet Connectivity is a must nowadays. All we do is typing on our smartphones, also for Online Shopping this comes handy. Smartphones are a savior for us, right at this moment. We all cannot afford the Luxury I phones or something close to that, as because we are youngsters and do not earn so much, but we all dream to own a premium quality Handset. This is a sort of Fascination or a Trend revolving around today’s world and we cannot deny that. What if we want a Beautiful camera or better resolution in a much more affordable form? The easiest option is to buy A One Plus Node, much cheaper in rate than a Premium Smartphone. One Plus Nord is an android based Smartphone, which will be launched as on 21st July, 2020s. It will be available in India, off course, also in Europe, Malaysia and in some parts of Hong Kong. Slogan for the One Plus Nord Smartphone is, ‘Pretty much anything you could have asked for’. According to Gadgets Now, that is India’s No 1 Tech news site, One Plus Nord is described as it:

1) Camera: One Plus Nord comes with a quad-camera setup that includes a 48MP Sony IMX586, primary camera, and 8 MP ultra-wide-angle lens. On the front, the phone will feature a deal punch hole camera that will include a 32 MP main sensor and an 8MP ultra-wide.

2) Design and Specifications: OnePlus Nord will have a curvy glass back with a vertically aligned quad-cam set up that will be on its top right corner. While the alert sider is shifted to right edge, just above power button. Weight – around 185 grams.

The new entrant is expected to run Android 10 with Oxygen OS on top. It will have a 6.4inch Full-HD+ AMOLED Touch screen display with Corning Gorilla Glass protection. One Plus Nord is one of the first few phones to launch in India having an Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G SoC processor, coupled with up to 12GB of RAM.

3) Battery and Color Options: OnePlus Nord is expected to support 4115mAh battery, can back up to 30W Warp Fast Charging. This is available in three color options like Gray Ash, Blue Marble and Gray onyx.

4) Storage Options: OnePlus Nord is available in three different storage variations – 6GB RAM + 128GB internal storage and 12GB RAM + 256GB internal storage, available at several costs.

OnePlus Nord smartphone price in India is around Rs 24,999. A Survey would be done in which these smart phones will be given for usage to 50 chosen people for a review in US and Canada, the best part is reviewers can keep these phone, depending on the situation. This is a form of Marketing Strategy. One Plus Nord is founded by Pete Lau Carl Pei, and area served is worldwide. There’s a slight difference to OnePlus Nord models sold in India, versus other countries in respect to5G. This is an opportunity to experience something brand new and OnePlus Nord is the Flag Bearer of an affordable premium. Games like Pubg can be played in big screen and HDR video is streamed using YouTube and Netflix. This whole thing is pretty much hyped up and a lot of people are extremely excited to try this model out. It is free from any competitors as such, no companies haven’t made a 5g ready phone yet in such an affordable range under 50,000. This states that One Plus Nord is indeed in a much better position.

Happy Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated as on the full moon Hindu month of Shravana ( Shravana Purnima ) or around July or August every year. This day is celebrated to mark the bond between brothers and sisters. The Expression “Raksha Bandhan” in Sanskrit literally means the bond of ‘Protection, Obligation or Care”. The Sister ties a sacred thread on wrists of the brothers, named as “Rakhi”. Also, the sister prays to God that may his brother stays in high spirits and healthy forever. This is a custom which is being followed for so many years, till date. This is a day for celebration or happiness for all the brothers and sisters across the world. Whether he is a cousin, or a sibling, or someone known, the sister will wait for his day to tie the thread. We also form bondings with someone whom we meet by travelling, or seniors in our office or schools, they also uplifts us so much with heir brotherly instinct. Actually, this is a ritual which depicts the protection of brothers from all the evils and odds, simultaneously brothers also plays the role of Savior after the demise of her father or her husband. Sisters have an immense respect for their brothers, so this “Raksha Bandhan” celebrates the connection of Brotherhood and Sisterhood. Gift plays a very important part in this ceremony. It isn’t about the gift actually but just the soulful connection between them, as sisters tend to demand a lot and throw all the childish tantrums to their brothers only. A sister blesses the younger brother for her well being and prays for his successful life. No Raksha Bandhan is ever complete without a gift In return of the Rakhi, the brother especially pays a sum of money or gives presents to the sisters as a token of appreciation. This attachment stays on for Lifelong. “Raksha Bandhan” signifies togetherness between brothers and sisters. The term ‘Raksha’ signifies Protection and ‘Bandhan’ signifies the Bond. Rakhi is tied on the wrists of Brothers to show care and affection for him. Lets find out the History behind his celebration and how it actually started.

According to the ancient mythology, it has been stated that In Mahabharata, Lord Krishna shared a brotherly relationship with Queen Draupadi, she considered Lord Krishna as her brother. For the protection of Dharma on the Earth, he killed Sishupal, while doing so he accidentally has hurt his finger and it was bleeding very badly, Draupadi could not tolerate this and she had torn a strip from her saree and tiedit on the Finger of Lord Krishna. Amused by her behavior, Lord Krishna promised to protect her from all odds and be by her side forever, which he did so as well later on. Another popular evidence regarding Rakhi is between Rani Karnawati and Emperor Humayun, In medieval era, Rajputs were busy protecting their territories from Muslim attacks. raksha Bandhan that time meant that the priority of the brothers is to foresee the security of their sisters. Rani Karnawati was the widowed wife of a King of Chittor, she got to understand that she cannot protect her Kingdom from Sultan Bahadur Shah’s invasion, hence she sent a Rakhi thread to Emperor Humayun, he was deeply moved by the gesture and started off to Chittor for saving her. The Great Poet Shri. RabindranathTahore used the concept of brotherhood, togetherness and thread o “Rakhi” as a medium to protect against British Partition Policy to prevail harmony between two communities. A Brother from very childhood keeps guiding the sister, by supporting her in studies by sharing important views for her carrier, also the sisters are the source of inspiration for their Brothers. We eventually learn a lot from our brothers, as he shoulders a lot of responsibilities after the demise of Father, he becomes the decision maker of the family. In “Raksha Bandhan” Ceremony, the Brother promises to bless her no matter what and also to protect her. Hence all the sisters are immensely grateful to their brothers for all the help and support. Nowadays, the Sisters also tie Rakhi on another sister’s hand to show affection. This day, make a video call to your brother or write a letter, expressing your appreciation to him if you cannot meet him personally, just to let the brother know that you love him and still stand by him.

Source – Wikipedia

Improving Communication Skills

Communication is the core of a Personality. Having a good communication skill can change your life instantly. What makes us actually attractive and impressive, is our Communication Skill. We say, “First impression is the last impression”. How can you even make a proper impact without proper communication skills? The trick to make a person listen to you and get your points clearly is by showing him that you have immense control on your communication skills. Without this you cannot be a complete achiever, in spite of having all the good qualities you cannot move forward because of not having the best rapport. Whether you are in front of your teacher or an interviewer, your communication skill is the reflection of your capability. You should be sure of what you wish to speak or how much to speak, you cannot let down your opinion just for the reason of not having effective communication Skills. Here are few tips to enhance your communication skill –

1) Choosing a Language – While conversing with someone, it is indeed the best option to use the language you feel comfortable in. Choosing any other language, which you have a little difficulty in speaking, just to make yourself look cool won’t help you much in the long run. The Interviewer is an experienced person and will get a clear idea that you do not know much about that language giving a wrong image, hence to avoid that, start speaking in the language you know better. Just because any one else is choosing a different language, do not go preach for that. If any specific language is mentioned that you have to opt for that particular language to communicate verbally, you certainly have no choice here. Else, if possible choosing the language you had great command on.

2) Speaking Techniques – You simply do not have enough time to think, translate and speak. Even if you do it in your mind, you won’t be fast enough to speak. While an Official is taking an interview or a teacher asking viva is questioning a lot of others, including you or even more qualified than you. So, you have to make your opinions crystal clear and crisp. Change the game by being direct enough, respectfully having supreme control on the way you are speaking and an abundance of knowledge over the points you have to explain or discuss with.

3) Short and Sweet – No One likes to hear a lot of rantings while conversing, listener is going to get bored or tired very soon. He needs simple answers, not much hard or tricks words. If you genuinely want to contradict a point or raise a question, do it politely. Let the other person speak, let him finish his sentences. It is a strictly No to interrupt in between or speaking in between lines, give small gaps, maintain the eye contact to give a picture that you are listening to the topic and glad to be the part of discussion. Just how to talk to someone known, carry the same attitude while interacting with someone else, always.

4) Vocabulary – Having a good stock of words is absolutely necessary. Do not use any word you do not know the meaning of and you are confused. Choice of word is very important – keep this in your mind. Choose the right word and apply it nicely. Do not repeat the words. Know the basics, or learn about them, like how to start the conversation, how to end it up. Just we write down in a letter or mail, few etiquettes are to be followed here as well. You should have a decency in speaking and should observe more. Also, body language plays a very important look in Communication Skills.

5) Learning more – There is no better way to enrich your stocks of words other than learning more about it. Watch movies, seek the inner meanings of the dialogues, take notes, write it down, write a diary, read newspapers, novels, check out interviews of renowned personalities, read any other book of interest, go through dictionary, find out words and write their antonyms and synonyms. You can also start practicing to speak in English as this language is much admired worldwide and known by a lot of people, also it comes lot handy in competitive exams as the 1st language for most of these Exams are mentioned as in English.


Emoji – This term speaks a lot for itself. Emoji depicts pictography, there is an uncanny similarity between the English words “Emoji” and “Emotions”. Emoji is especially used by the youngsters as they haven’t got much time to write a lot and they tend to make it more fun. Emotions can be expressed through these cute and humorous emojis. Emojis are only available in smart phones and very rarely on feature phones. In today’s life, we cannot imagine an “Emoji” less world. It is a must have for we youngsters. Earlier we used Smileys which was a most simplified version of Emojis where punctuation marks were used like full stop, semi colon, exclamation marks etc. Emoji is basically the faces which shows several sentiments. This makes the online conversation much more funnier and easier, not having to type lengthy texts while you are texting someone else. Every year we celebrate World Emoji Day, as on 17th July every year. This is the modern world where chatting is becoming must to carry on day to day activities and for entertainment. Emoji is everyone’s best friend. What we cannot say through a call or even through texting, we can just do it by dropping an emoji. It is a much subtle way to reveal the sentiments without overdoing anything. Sending emoji is a casual and informal way, and is not something dignified or professional. We were certainly very fond of smiley, we repeatedly used to send those smiley to each other. Emojis are more modern way of Smiley, having a lot more varieties. There are happy emojis, sad emojis, exclamatory emojis, angry emojis, also there are flags of other countries, furniture, foods, we have all in our smartphones. Emojis can be tricky sometimes, when used sarcastically, if a person sends a text and an emoji just opposite to it, this signifies mockery. Emojis come handy as to text a friend or in groups. As because we are so deeply engrossed into social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, it is not always possible to write long texts in an informal conversation more than one at a time, usage of emojis makes it faster and easier. Emojis are also handy to use when you are certainly not in a mood to text or chat, just want to end it up without being rude. It is also used to freshen the mood and make it more entertaining. There are several kinds of laughter Emojis. Emojis like casual smile, fun, extremely happy, laughing in tears, laughing heartily as we normal humans do. While in a call you can guess a person’s nature of behavior, but through emojis you cannot very easily get hold of his conduct or instincts, When we are extremely busy and we have to reply and cannot offend the other person, few emojis will easily sort the matter out. Emoji can be helpful during sadness, as it is difficult to express these feelings very easily. Emojis are also relatable for a birthday wish, as it is a more decent and fair way to show joviality, or to wish for any festivities to the close ones. Many people who cannot type or on keypads can henceforth use emojis to express themselves. Emojis are very efficient aspects to use while a person is busy in work or while travelling. Emojis speak a lot more than mere words, what words cannot express, emojis can.

However, a person can understand emojis wrongfully, if it is sent on a hurried note, the person receiving it shall think that emoji is a sign of an ignorant attitude. While texting, imagine you by mistake send a wrong emoji to the recipient, and there is no possibility of correcting it out, like sending any unsuitable emoji to an elderly person or a much younger person, it is very disrespectful on your part. There are various emojis of sports, fruits, veggies and is so much impactful while conversing. No body likes to type lengthy messages or unwanted chatting, also if we are not having the time to type texts separately we can just forward the emoji and the work is done. Without emojis an important part of our life such as chatting which is essential by all means, for official purpose or family group or with friends, it would become much boring and we will start feeling lethargic real soon. Improper usage of emojis can break the conversation even. There are several emojis on our smartphones as gifts to express gratitude and thankfulness.

Coronavirus Family vs Humans

Corona virus or Covid 19 has conferred all of us at homes. Words such as ‘Lockdown’, Shutdown’, ‘Isolation’ we have cam across in History Books, is a harsh reality for the world today indeed. Corona Virus has created a havoc worldwide, Especially for the old aged community of people. It is not allowed to shake hands or give a warm hug when you meet or greet someone. Covid 19 has made our lives much more difficult and less happening. A situation of Pandemic has been created by this disease named as Covid 19, as declared by World Health Organization. The symptoms for this disease are cough, sore throat, feeling lethargic, fever just common symptoms for a normal flu, but the strangest part is that it can cause even a loss of life. While it has been strictly declared by the Government that going out and making an crowd isn’t safe but some reckless and desperate people won’t care to follow them. They should know that many rules has been made not just for their own safety, but also to ensure the safety of their loved ones. It should be realized that these steps are taken for our awareness on safety. We are human being, superior to all other creatures so we don’t easily until something really dangerous happens to us. We shall abide by the rules and regulations of the Government and make stuffs like marks, hand gloves, sanitizers the most crucial part of our lives. We shall maintain proper hygiene while travelling by public transport till reaching to a public place and should ensure social distancing. Social distancing means maintaining at least 6feet distance from on other to avoid physical contact. We should also use masks to protect ourselves from the dust and be less prone to viruses outside our homes. Sanitizers are a must have before touching any stuffs also, sprays are also available. Wearing a mask won’t harm anyone but not wearing a mask would surely do. Hands should be sanitized well before eating or drinking anything. Sanitization in all the public places are mandatory. Maintaining personal stuff and washing them properly after every uses shall keep us away from any viruses. Self Quarantining is absolutely essential for a Covid positive Patient for lowering the chance of spreading. We should take proper vitamins and minerals to create that hard immunity which is deliberately needed and must have to fight with the corona family to keep the human race intact. A person having progressive mindset should understand the urgency of the situation and hence act accordingly. He should not go out without having any important reason. It is our duty to give mental support to corona positive patients and treat them with utmost care sot they get the motivation to fight back this deadly disease. If possible, more companies shall take up the initiative to make the employees work from home, to avoid gatherings or official meetings shall be conducted on video calls. Technology should be used more often in this condition and manual works shall be excluded. We should be careful enough not to sneeze or cough openly. We should also refrain ourselves from talking to others or touching anyone without a mask or proper sanitization. Spending a lot more time at home with the family will normalize the situation lot more and would relieve stress and cut down the negative feelings. We all need the constant support of family in this crucial times. The best part we all can do is to educate or acknowledge others about the seriousness of this matter and so they will stop taking human lives as a practical joke. Carelessness is the main drawback of struggling with a pandemic situation as thousands of people are dying everyday because of being not aware enough. Corona virus family will surely leave us someday, if we follow the principles prescribed by the doctors. We should not gather together like we used to do, just to combat the disease. If each and every people starts having this self consciousness we can get rid of Corona virus very soon.

Feature phone: A thing of the Past

Phones are an integral part of our everyday life. We cannot imagine an hour without our mobile phones. Mobile phones connected the entire world together. In case of an emergency or a free chitchat, we just need to make a call or drop a text message. As because we are so deeply involved in mobile phones right from the mornings till going to bed at night. Mobile phones were invented on April 3rd, 1973, Martin cooper made the first mobile telephone call from Handheld subscriber equipment, he called Dr. Joel Engel of Bell Lab, his Rival. He was a Motorola researcher and executive, Motorola was the first company to produce handheld mobile phones. What we see today is a much modified version of Mobile Phones. These days, the kids just have the Idea about smartphones and how it works. Without internet connectivity life for them is clueless. Smart phones supports 5g nowadays which has almost no disruption, was a dream long back. Either we just had 2g or 3g connectivity which was extremely slow. But initially, such was not the case. Primarily, feature phones came into market and gained wide popularity. This phones had a smaller screen, a keypad and not a touch pad. These phones were largely efficient for quick calling or dropping a message. Social media services like Face Book, Instagram, WhatsApp e t c came into being as Smartphones made it much more accessible due to its touch facilities. The technicalities about feature phones were simply and easy to use. Lot of elderly people uses Smartphones nowadays, making Feature Phones a thing of the past. Feature phones were easier to carry around but had a disadvantage that we had to press the buttons a lot more, damaging the key pad. Feature phones were less convenient as compared to Smartphones and hence termed as Backdated. People need faster and swift options for better living. Official works such as mail checking or video calling weren’t possible on Feature phones. Just as the Gallery of Smart phones supports a lot more pictures, because of the high quality camera, such was not possible during the times of Feature phones. Feature phones thus lacked a lot of speediness. We often do a lot of online shopping nowadays, cannot even imagine of going out because of our busy schedules, strangely this was not possible in the context of Feature phones. Feature phone supported a lot less games as it didn’t had a play store to download more games. Though many feature phones had facilities of Music. Feature phone those had a lot of usage still as because we human being always opt something modern with lot more technicalities and infrastructure. The Mobile Companies always seeks to launch a new product with more and more features in order to help people. Also, mostly many keeps mobile as a thing of premium and is ready to spend a lot of money for it. The companies understood this and hence adopted this as a marketing techniques. A lot of promotional activities are also involved in this business, also many other companies collaborate or invest a lot of money for upgrading this market. The mobile companies launches these phones for all over the world, though we also have Indian companies for production of Mobile Phones as well. Many companies bought Feature Phones in to play like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola etc. Smartphones uses systems like Android, Windows, Symbian Operating System. Earlier times, Smartphones were a luxury only richer categories could afford them as those were much more costlier. After, telephones which cannot be carried on from one place to another became a history. Feature phone had a huge sale due to its features. As compared to smartphones, the Features of Feature phones are almost nil. The poorer sections of India especially still use Feature phones. Feature phones is a story for most people now, though it is a reality for those few who use them yet.


This is the art of reading books, as a part of therapy. Therapy is actually a treatment for those who are going through mental pressure or anxiety, and heals them from tensions. Doctors prescribe different therapies according to the needs of patients. Therapy can be performed on a clinic as well as also at home. As we all know, books are a man’s best friend. A friend like a book won’t be leaving you in your worst times, as because it will remain by your side no matter what, you can take during a Journey, or at Afternoons, you can gift it to you close ones etc. Earlier times when there was no form of modern entertainments or gadgets, people used to read a lot to enrich their knowledge. Reading used to be an excellent method for time pass back then, as many were housewives and weren’t allowed to go out or get socialized that much. Reading is an ancient practice which are becoming rare, almost obsolete as days pass by. Now those people only read who is having a fascination towards it. Reading distracts your mind from everything around you, and sometimes it even feels like you are the part of a character. Reading actually needs a lot of focus or one won’t understand the topics properly. When you read you start imagining the whole thing in your mind . You somehow tend to connect with the stories as if it was happening with you. Reading books is a very good habit which needs absolutely no companion and stimulates your thinking and beliefs. This helps you to think more and more which is a good exercise for your brain. You can spend hours and hours reading an interesting book but still won’t get bored of its twists and turns. During childhood the kids are given books like fairy tales which took them to a fantasy world. We all have read Snow White and the seven Dwarfs, Little Mermaid but unfortunately kids nowadays prefer the cartoons over books. Books provides us with an abundance of knowledge. Reading makes you feel more self sufficient and complete by yourself. Books can be of different languages also having variety of classifications like Detective, Horror, Humorous, Romantic. You can choose your favorite Genre and spend time reading, this is definitely going to cure you from any kind of stress or depression by taking you to another word. We do not get enough time to read books due to the busy schedule, but it is okay to take a break sometimes and spend your leisure time reading new stories. Reading is often the best remedy for a lonely mind. It seems like someone is there with you and supporting you throughout. There are several autobiographies and biographies on eminent and renowned personalities i.e., Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, Swami Vivekananda and many others. You get to know a lot about their lives and this inspires you indeed. Reading helps you to become a much better person. You get involved in the book within no time because you are a creator then as you create the scenarios and visualize them all by your own. Hence this is an efficient way to divert your mind from any kind of traumas or depressions.

Reading has almost no disadvantages, you need not have to be a bookworm, if you genuinely love books you will take care of those. Many of the children from this generations do not go for buying books because of its costs rather they download it from the online book platforms directly for free, where the essence is somewhere lost. Library is an abode of books which is an organization stocking ample of books together. These libraries are becoming a matter of past due to the shortage of readers, it is unable to run anymore and mostly getting shut down. No one visits Libraries nowadays to read Story books. Many films are being made adopting the storylines and mostly everyone prefers to watch them over reading the books where the incidents and situations are manipulated according to whims and fancies of the directors. It is good to read to at least pay tribute towards the writers who put their heart and souls it in and spends months on their work. Books can be of various types like Novels, Short Stories, Fiction etc.

Domestic Violence

Firstly, we have to understand that Parents are not Gods, they are also human beings, we all are flawed in various aspects. Just because the fact that they are “parents” or “older than us”, does not justify everything. It is wrong on their parts as well if they go violent on one another. Maturity depends on the kinds of work you do or your mental stability in life, not anything else. No man is perfect on the earth, whether being the father or the mother. There is absolutely no concept like Perfection. If they do not care of the feelings or unable to guess the traumatic experience the child goes through, the whole idea of worshipping Parents and accepting their unnecessarily rude behavior isn’t correct on the child’s parts as well. Parents are not free from all sorts of punishment if they commit Domestic Violence. Parents can be undignified or lack morality in certain cases if they aren’t having a normal mindset. A person reaching the age of adulthood doesn’t mean he holds values, a literate and educated person shall also be involved into domestic violence, without any concrete cause or basics. Home is a sweet place where harmony and peace shall prevail. Domestic violence is a punishable offence. The Protection of Woman from Domestic Violence Act, 2005, this is a civil Law which includes Physical, Emotional, Sexual, Verbal, Economic abuse as Domestic Violence. is enacted by the Parliament of India. It was bought into force by Indian Government from 26th October, 2006. Domestic Violence is toxic and impacts the mind of children a lot. Violence is basically the practice of abusing or torturing a family member member especially the companion either physically or mentally. This is so distractive for all the members of the family and surroundings also. Domestic violence can be for various reasons. When a person attacks on his family members, it is against the Law and disrupts the whole healthy atmosphere. This violence especially happens for a longer span of time and is mostly incurable. This person can be very jovial and happy person on the outside, but at home he fights or beats his family creating harassments. He certainly has no control over his anger, emotions and is desperate in nature. Maybe he has experienced the same in family which he is practicing now. He even tends to hurt his wife or kids by brutally beating them up. This person can also be alcoholic by nature. The person who is going through all the hate or harassment find it difficult to lodge a complaint by fear of society. It is easier said than done. The toxic person keeps on screaming or shouting, also using filthy languages at the top of his voice. this not only toxics the family but the surroundings as well which is embarrassing. A child who grows up in such a family has a hard time coping up with the situation as this is not a normalized behavior. He thinks he isn’t privileged enough like his friend’s happy family is. He grows up to be arrogant and short tempered. His reckless and selfish nature is basically the result of the domestic violence faced by him. The child can also choose to change the whole circumstances by preparing himself for the best and making himself capable of taking the charge of his family. This is the only way he can adopt to change his present situation. Not by repeating the same mistakes his parents did whereas focusing in achieving a lot more and better. Mostly, the Women are victims of Domestic Violence. There has been several cases on torturing on wives after marriage due to money, even killing them which is a heinous crime. A lot of women dies every year in the hands of Husbands or in Laws unfairly.

According to a National Family and Health Survey in 2005, total lifetime prevalence of Domestic Violence was 33.5 percent and 8.5 percent for sexual violence amongst women aged 15-49. A 2014 study in Lancet reports that although the reported sexual violence rate in India is among the lowest in the world, the large population of India means violence affects 27.5 million women over their lifetimes. a Survey carried out by Thomson Reuters Foundation ranked India as most dangerous country in the world for Woman.


Vlog is a new age method of showcasing talents. Vlog is a modern term which is extremely relevant to this days as this platforms serves an economic purpose too. Vlog is a system in which a person holds the camera and records himself an speaks simultaneously regarding the content. Vlog is a word created by joining two different words like Video Logging. The process is known as Vlogging. Vlog helps the passionate people in much better ways as many a times due to shortage of time they cannot practice their likings. Also, most of the people fails to get proper recognition in spite of having proper talent or knowledge. It is okay to brush up skills and that is going to separate you from the rest. Vlog has arrived after the concept of Blogging became popular. Blogging is a form of writing regarding various topics. Vlog is different from Blogs in the way that Vlog contains not only texts but also videos and audios. This is a much hyped platform for income these days. You need to have proper internet connectivity to ensure better viewing. This is a programming in which you can depict what you have got exceptionally as the whole world has access o your talents. Vlogs are made up on an international site known as YouTube. YouTube gives you a field to support your raw talents and lot of people gets inspiration from this. Vlogs are a place of income for many people. The content created here is copyright protected and belongs solely to the creator himself. The creator especially makes channels for creating content. Vlogs can be made up on various topics like reviewing foods, dresses which would help and guide you in choosing the better products, also gives you an idea for the cost. A person shoots and uploads these videos on a regular basis, within a fixed time. The viewers are subscribed to the channels for updates, these channel are especially free and not paid. India is having a lot of YouTubers who has opened channels for making funny videos. Youngsters may also learn from YouTube as it provides the study materials as well. The professors and teachers also have these YouTube channels which provides lectures for students free of cost. This is a much easier way for studying as books are not needed here and you can rewind or download it whenever you need. Challenges are also taken up by a lot of people which is an entertainment provider and fun to watch. The kids enjoy these shows in their free times. Vlogs are gaining a lot of popularity over the years, there are so many creators who devote their entire time in this work, i.e., making this their full time job. You need to be consistent and grow your channel for gaining viewers which would pave the path for income. Vlogs also supports advertisements as many smaller companies invests their products to these creators and gets their products reviewed. Vlogs in short benefits the target audience worldwide. A content can also be on Trending if it is of great quality and has millions of viewers. This is indeed a great platform for upgrading skills and as because we are in a modern world, showing off the talents to others is the best part. Also many celebrities makes vlogs to give you a glimpse of their personal life of how they carry out themselves.

Saturday 10th August is going to be celebrated as the “Vlog Day”. Adam Kontras, created the World’s first vlog, while going off to a country road trip to Los Angeles to pursue his interest of being into Show business, he made this to share it with his friends and relatives. Vlogs mainly gained popularity on 2005s. By July 2006, YouTube has become 5th most renowned web destination with 100 million videos viewed daily and 65, 000 new uploads per day. Charles Trippy holds the Guinness World Record for most constructive daily personal vlogs posted on YouTube with over 3000 consecutive videos, under the Internet skilled Television YouTube channel.

Happy Friendship Day

“A friend in need is a friend indeed” – We all grew up listening to this line repetitively. From very childhood, when a baby learns about his family and relatives, the very next thing he comes to know about is Friendship. If Family is the beginning step of one’s life; Friendship is the secondary step. Friendship largely impact one’s life. Just as family teaches the moral value, Friendship teaches the social values. Friendship Day is celebrated on 30th July every year worldwide whereas, we Indians usually celebrate the Friendship Day as on 1st Sunday of the August month. Primarily, when that kid starts going to school, he meets several new children of his age and instantly develops a connection. This sacred bond is known as Friendship. When two kids are like-minded, they talk a lot and hence get really attached resulting in devotion towards each other. This connection entirely comes from the heart and not from anywhere else. Two person cannot forcefully be friends till they don’t develop the connection mutually. Friendships mostly forms between two or more peers i.e., classmates as this essence stays on for a long period of school life. Friends tend to play together indoor and outdoor sports. They discuss about various matters like news, sports, cinema etc. Friends go off to cinema halls, excursions together also visits each other’s houses. They also supports each other at difficult times. Friends can only match up with the enthusiastic nature of one another. Friends also help each other with studies and homework. Friends are punished together for any mischief caused by them. These are some innocent naughtiness which are harmless and is remembered later on as a part of nostalgia later on after school. Every person needs friends in their lives. A child can feel difficulty in conversing with their parents due to the age gap. The child henceforth shares all the complications and problems with the friends as because they won’t judge as like the parents do. The generation gap thing here is excluded. The friends are best companions at the time when a child is facing any confusion or is reluctant to take new decision for life. True friends do it out of selflessness. Here ‘True’ friends means the best ones who would motivate you to be good and stay by your side. There are many such people who will compete with you, or get jealous and will secretly bring you down. You need to be aware of them. Your friends understand you a lot better because they shares the same learnings. A good friend would never let you down and as a companion or partner in crimes, he would stay by no matter what. Friends get to know all your secrets and also makes fun of them. Friends never allows you to get depressed or hurt. you get to enjoy your life along with your friends, by going out to various places, exploring sight scenes, eating out together, having fun etc. Giving exams together is also an important part of life.

Friends can also ruin your life, as it makes or breaks a person. A good company would ensure a better living whereas a bad company would force you to have several wrong habits which would harm your body in the most negative way. This will result in failure in fact, end of carrier or life. Choosing the better company is important indeed. Many people suffers due to a mistake of choosing wrong friends for life. They can drag you into drugs or illegal crimes, if not taken care of.

As we grow up, there is no scope for re bonding with the lost friends once again without special meet ups, because during college life you focus more on studies or carrier and not having so much fun. College life is mainly meant to prepare your self for the future hence, it requires much more responsibilities and seriousness. During college we do not get enough time to watch a movie or eat out together as we used to do in school canteens. In college one mostly has a only few friends. Later, during jobs, a person has just a handful of friends and colleagues. Friendship Day shall be enjoyed in the name of old and golden friends.

Traditional Television vs OTT

Electronic television was originally invented Sir Philo Farnsworth, on September 7th, 1927, who was an American. On earlier days, having a Television was of a great deal. It was considered as a luxury because of its High cost. If one person had a television set, others gathered his home to watch news or sports. Televisions came after radio which became hugely popular worldwide as it provided audio also as well as videos. Television is a media where we ought to find and surf across a lot of channels, films and television shows in various languages, by paying off a fixed price. Shows such as Ramayana, Mahabharata on Cable television broke all the records and attracted a lot more viewers. Traditional television mandatorily needs Cable connectivity. There are several dealers all over India who provides these facilities to people regularly. This media works by sending transmission signals and transmits them through antennas, also Satellite televisions are also available which takes the help of Satellites for communications . Televisions basically confers people to their homes and it is a favorite time pass for many. Various shows all over the world are made specifically for this platforms. The Target audience for media platform is all the age group from children to old age. A person can choose any show according to his preference and watch the same. Televisions created a vast impact on people as because people from all over the world can enjoy these shows if it is live telecasted. Cartoons, Music, games also can be relished on. Televisions serves a great bundle of entertainment for those elders or the housewives who watch particular serials on their free times. T.V. can be used for a student’s purpose as well as it can help as a means of knowledge to children, in a funny way, without going anywhere else, when special classes are provided. Television is probably the best platform for Broadcasting International News.

OTT stands for Over the Top which is in fact a relatively new Technical concept. This is an online media platform which provides content entertainments like Films, Television shows e t c. OTT do not requires a cable connectivity. the best part here is that several latest films are being launched here, or directed and made for this platform only, hence this created an immense trend across the world, and is also adopted by our country. OTT mostly refers to such media field via high speed Internet connections rather than the Cable connections, as used by televisions. By charging appropriate data, these contents can also be passed through smartphones supporting the same. Television was more of an offline Platform whereas OTT is an online platforms. Here you can make your own time to watch a series or even download that to see it afterwards. OTT is so much well-liked and approved by the youngsters because they have a busy study schedule for which they do not have time to watch regularly. OTT cuts off a lot of costs as you get to see only what you pay for, not extras. Also you don’t have to sit and watch unnecessary advertisements in between. You do not have to go to Cinema Halls, just have to download the movie and watch it for free. OTT has encouraged raw talents to show their creativity and gave new life to dynamic entertainment shows. Televisions basically has single handedly controlled the market and distribution o such creations till this day before onset of OTT platforms. OTT holds the copyright of the shows to and is the sole supplier. OTT is also known as Online or Media TV.

According to KPMG Media and Entertainment report 2018, the Indian OTT market is expected to grow 45 per cent to reach R.s. 138 billions by end of Fiscal year, 2023. Reports by Ernst and Young states that number of OTT users in country will reach 500 million by 2020, making India 2nd biggest market after US. 5 most subscribed OTT platforms are Disnep + Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Sony LIV, Netflix and Voot.

Staying fit in lockdown

Corona virus disease which was first identified at Wuhan, China has caused a massive spread all over the world as because this is an infectious ailment, our country has adopted the method of Lockdown to tame down the vulnerable situation of Covid 19. This circumstance is becoming a lot more serious over the days when Corona virus is creating a dreadful impact worldwide. Lockdown basically is a very effective process to ensures the security of people by isolating the positive cases. Government has taken up this solution to break the chain of Corona Virus. Lockdown will help in the reduction of death rate as face to face interactions nowadays is to be avoided. The policy of staying separated from one another is also known as Quarantining oneself. This is relatively a new term which signifies that people should not get much exposed to the contagious disease. World Health Organizations has termed Covid 19 as a Pandemic. Hence, all the other places like Shopping malls, Cinema Halls, Restaurants which provided entertainment to the common folks after a strenuous busy day have been closed down. Also, school, colleges, universities has declared to be shut off till the Graph of Covid spread goes down. Hence it is much crucial for all of us to take proper measures and precautions to protect ourselves at this time. Usage of Masks and Sanitizers has become compulsory as declared by the Government which is undeniable and is the best rule to be followed for the protection of every one around, preventing the spread of Virus. Those who are breaking such regulations are to be strictly punished by the cops. Other than that, Few below mentioned steps can be followed for a happy living:-

1) Mental Health of a person needs to be taken care of and known just as we do to the physical Health. Mental Health is not much talked about and not many considers this as a significant issue. This requires serious treatment too. Mental Health is a time span when the afftected one faces a lot of trauma, starts gets negative feelings and lose all hope of living. A large no. of people commits suicide on a regular basis due to depression. If someone seeks help he should be talked to often or will mandatorily attend a psychiatrist. Understanding the depth of such an ailment in India is practically impossible as they don’t know how to communicate regarding this to another. due to this Covid situation Mental Health is getting hampered as because People are social beings, it is a torture of them to caged down for a very long tenure.

2) As because the Gyms are closed, you cannot skip on your exercises. Exercises are a must for your body, it releases stress and motivates you to get back in shape and keeps away ailments. Even a little bit of working out, or running around would help a lot. Exercising is the best way to work on yourself, plank for 30 seconds, arm and leg stretch is indeed a must. If someone has never been to a gym, this is the best time to indulge yourself in working out at home.

3) Talking to family is a very relaxing idea as it takes away all the boredom of your life and opening up to them is essential for your growth. Family is the foremost place which knows you thoroughly and understands you better no matter what. Spend your leisure time by chit chatting with them or playing indoor games like Chess, Ludo, Cards together just like we did in our child hood days. Family bond makes you feel and live much better. Use this ample of time to strengthen your connections, which was previously lost due to shortage of time by getting closer to your family.

4) Eat properly, take proper vitamins and minerals which are prescribed by the doctors globally. Taking medicines time to time is very essential these days. In taking Junk foods are absolutely a big No No for your health right now. Food should be consumed at regular intervals, Seasonal fruits shall be consumed daily for removing body toxins and it also keeps the body hydrated.

5) Many people can start pursuing their lost passions once again, utilizing this time for your benefit is the best option. Hence those who couldn’t earlier manage time to continue with their likings because of the work pressure can restart by cooking new dishes, gardening, painting, singing, dancing, writing e t c. All these are a part of self care which would enhance your skills once again.

6) Children are getting time to spend with their parents which is in turn a boon for them because both the parents work for a lot of time and do not get the scope to speak to their children, also the children spends a lot of time in Schools. After a busy day, no body has the energy to communicate with each other making the child lonely and irritated. Parents must take the initiative to engage the child and watch a movie or t v shows all together or read out a book to them which will increase their moral values and they will become comfortable while exchanging views.

7) Youngsters should help their parents out with household domestic chores which in turn is going to make the difficult and boring work ten times simple. Also, Teenagers should spend time with the grand parents, hear out their stories of experiences which also serves as a healing therapy both ways. Also they can associate themselves with new Learning courses online which will enhance their knowledge.

The practice of Domestic Violence all over India should be stopped immediately as this will hurt both ou and your loved ones.

Virtual Classes – The Game Changer

The concept of Virtual Classes is relatively new, and this is slowly becoming popular day after day. Virtual classes are also known as Online classes and its trending as of now. This virtual classes basically signifies the classes are to be conducted online using Laptops or Tables or Smartphone whichever is available. The teachers are taking the initiative to educate the students because they cannot compromise of completion of the syllabus as it is mainly associated with the future of the students. It is really not possible for the teachers to go out and gather the students for taking a normal class due to the Pandemic situation; i.e., for the Covid 19. Hence a temporary solution for the problem is certainly an online class. Taking Virtual classes can come under the broad category of working from home. As because all the school, colleges and institutions has been closed for quite a long time right now because of Lockdown, no one is eager to take the risk of taking normal classes. The Parents would not approve it as well. Also, it has been made mandatory by the Government to follow these rules. The teachers are instructed to conduct Online Classes till date the School , Colleges reopens after lockdown. Virtual classes are going to be a trademark for the upcoming generations. Through Virtual classes, a professor or a Teacher can reach out to many more students once at a time. The process of conducting online classes is simple, you just need to have proper undisrupted Internet access, then you need to download one app from various options like Zoom, Discord, Google meet, Microsoft teams e t c. Then you have to attach your smartphone with a Tripod and film the videos. The videos can be recorded and it is of great help for the students to check it out again at the time of requirement. Virtual classes are a lot beneficiary for all the students out there and if this step has not been taken from the start of Lockdown, the entire framework of education would have been broken down. It is comparatively easier for the teachers to take Virtual classes from their homes at any time they may feel appropriate. Upgrading the system of education can be achieved in such a way.

There are a several disadvantages for Virtual Classes too, namely

1) Several media platforms revealed that such applications aren’t safer for usage as it gets the access to personal information, and hence the question of cyber security arises which is undeniable. The Right to Privacy gets hampered if it is not protected with proper passwords and can cause a huge loss to the general people.

2) Virtual classes are much less impactful as compared to the regular classes as the visual effects aren’t created by the teachers which is a core of learning, especially for the kids.

3)Virtual classes never helps in creating interpersonal relationships between the teachers and students as because there is much lesser interactions between peers and scope of discussions related to any other topics except studies is relatively much lesser.

4) Communication enhancements never happens if u don’t interact face to face with a person, skill doesn’t get improved in any ways, only listening to various subject descriptions is not of much help.

5) Maximum no. of people from our country India belongs to poorer sections, in fact many of them belongs to the Below Poverty Line category, we need to look into and improve such basics before continuing with online classes as because they cannot afford proper food, Primary education comes for free as because Government intervenes but Internet connection never comes for free.

6) Many teachers do not know the proper technicalities of taking Online classes, especially the old aged tutors as they never got the official training for conducting such.

7) Virtual Classes increases the Screen time for the youngsters as they tend to get addicted to smartphones already, these choose not to go through lines of textbooks hence such rays affect their minds and body. Much more distractions are caused because of the family disrupting their focus and undivided attention.

8) Many students do not have the habit of understanding Virtual classes well which in turn provokes them to play online games rather than studying.

The Trend of Online Shopping

Shopping is indeed a necessary and integral part of our life. We need to shop for meeting the essential requirements also many people tend to shop just for entertainment and fun. Shopping serves the dual purpose of meeting needs and relaxation. The feeling of buying or getting new things is an excitement of a kind. Shopping actually means buying goods from the market in terms of money. Barter system was introduced centuries ago, even before monetary system was invented, as a method of exchanging goods for goods. This process went through a lot of criticisms and wasn’t that fruitful. After that people implemented usage of money as this was a much simplified process. People hence started taking up the habit of buying by transferring of money. This was widely accepted by people and gained much admiration. Earlier people had to travel a long for buying any particular good, as the availability and choices were much lesser than today’s date. Also, it consumed a lot of precious time just to buy one product or food. We don’t have much time to spend on travelling from one place to another and buy products as this was much tiresome. Our lives have become first paced. The structure of shopping has slowly evolved and updated to catch up with the demands of public. Everything is just one click away nowadays. Hence the concept Virtual/ Online shopping came into place which originally changed everything and made the lives of mankind 10 times easier. It is much convenient for our elders or the old aged community to directly order and buy. If a person is disabled and not have anyone to help them out, they can easily make the most use of this platform. Basically Online Shopping has made people much more self dependent. There are a number of applications provides those life saving medicines which may not be found in the markets. English Entrepreneur Micheal Aldrich, the Pioneer started with the whole idea regarding E-commerce in 1979. The whole trend gained popularity in no time. Online shopping is a casual term for E Commerce. This came to be known as the easiest method where we just need to download a shopping application, there are many such apps which deals with online shopping subdivided into various fields of interests like Electronics, Clothes, Cosmetics and Food facilities e t c. Then we have to scroll down the contents and then choose what exactly we are looking for. They also holds the certificates and claims these products to authentic and 100 per cent genuine. Also, various methods of payments are received by these platforms through bank transactions and most commonly the Cash on Delivery option in which you have to pay in hand directly at the time of delivery at your doorstep.

A random problem which many have already faced is the problem of Consumerism. Here, a person is tempted to buy more and more even if they don’t need those items, its just they get manipulated by the reviews made on the products. Many just buy because they just feel like shopping even if its not required by them. In this way they tend to spend more money for no reasons, this is a serious drawback of Online shopping. The varieties and choices given are much more as compared to normal shopping, also many Brands provides clothes or shoes as a much cheaper prices. Also, Online shopping is just a time pass for many, they just scroll down the products to reduce stress and cut down pressure. It becomes just a state of peacefulness for them. Here, people also gets a proper idea of the prices and costs are sometimes slashed due to stock clearance. Also, those craftsman making such items sells them to the online market in bulk. Online shopping sites will be providing you with the best discount and offers no matter what. We spend a much longer screen time and we cannot meet the salesman face to face which increases the loneliness for many, also you cannot strictly bargain here. Most often, such products can be found tampered and damaged, also some items mostly dresses don’t match up with the expectations or don’t fit perfectly. The practice of trailing before buying is excluded from Online shopping platforms which is a headache in many cases. The delivery person, though ensures but fails to provide proper service. A lot of cases are prevalent all over the media where the Online Shopping sites are accused of cheating on their customers and taking unfair means. As because, the teenagers get a wholesome choice, do a lot of researches regarding branded products a lot they forces their parents to buy them, in spite of the higher costs. If they don’t get these items they become arrogant and ill-mannered. Also, the pros is that, in case of any defects the goods can be returned or refunded as promised by the Online sellers.

Online shopping is a lot more convenient and much relevant procedure as to this day because digitalization is the most crucial aspect of our future. Suppose you have invited a few guests and opting for some food, here if you prepare or go out you won’t be able to entertain the guests which is much disrespectful. Hence you will choose what’s easier, i.e., taking out your smartphone and placing the order, many such online shopping platforms also guarantees hassle free payments.

Contribution of Health Workers – Real Heroes.

The Hero for us is mostly a superstar, for whom we stand up and applaud in the cinema halls. These are our reel life heroes whom we admire a lot and millions of people follows them. Do we ever look back take some time to appreciate what the real life heroes do for us. We are a lot privileged to have these people around us who will stand by strongly no matter what. Real life heroes are mainly the Social service providers like Doctors, Soldiers or Health workers who single handedly holds the Earth together. The systems will break down in no time if these people fails to or if they aren’t competent to do their work seriously. What would have happened if they haven’t served so much for he society? Working towards a national cause is the best policy of serving the humanity. Existence would have seized if these people weren’t available there for contributing towards needs of the society. Heath workers, maybe we don’t recognize them as much as we do to the Superstars, but their contribution isn’t any less. Heath workers are the Pillars of society, they are those people who helps to cure patients and takes care of them so they heals properly. They have to deal with a lot of patients suffering from various physical or mental ailments. They look after those victims constantly and convinces them about the beauty of life, also helps in preventing further problematic situations for them. They in turn contribute to the health workforce. We actually owe a lot and will be supremely grateful for and never disrespect them.

In this present scenario we get a lot of information through media that so many health workers are randomly getting affected by the Covid 19 and also some are losing lives because of this cause. This is so heart wrenching to hear of their demise for such a noble cause i.e., providing service to the public. They are disguised Gods who give a new life to the broken people. A patient who has lost all hopes and is waiting for the end needs a lot of motivation and guidance for accepting that they deserve to live more and fight back. This mental support is very much needed and is very much needed and is provided by the health working. Not just this day, the Health workers are doing this jobs since the starting of the pandemic, all over the world. The health workers initially started their duties with testing to trace the covid 19 patients. It was their primary duty to detect whoever is corona positive. Then they isolate those patients and also provides utmost care and concern to them. It is really difficult to wear those Personal Protective Equipment kits which has been prescribed by the Medical Association of India. We don’t know whether they take proper food or nutrients. yet cannot do anything about that. Health workers also voluntarily fulfills the requirements of those who stays in Home quarantine.

For the Health workers, Work is God, their family becomes secondary to them. As because they are liable towards society they cannot take a leave any day and go to meet with their family. Even if the Family requires them urgently, many a times they are unable to attend social gatherings or meetings. The family deliberately misses them, like we all do and they sadly so cannot indulge themselves in all the happiness either. They are so dedicated towards their work, they rarely takes up holidays. Many health workers have to work 24 * 7 and no body knows when a patient would need a First Aid. They even do not get proper mess or rooms to stay. Random cases are over the media nowadays where frequently these people are abused or harassed due to the fear of Covid. Their families are tortured and thrown out of their homes. This shows that hardly any humanity is left within us any more. They do not get Honors or Prizes ever, they don’t need such but all we can do is provide them with proper empathy and acceptance. They are our real life Heroes and the children should learn and read more about them and get inspired by their work spirits. Children shall look up to them as their role model. They are the strong walls on which the community stands intact.

World Cousin’s Day

On 24th July every year we celebrate National Cousins Day. Cousins are the relatives having common forefathers. This is the day to mark the irreplaceable bond between the cousins of a Family. A bond which defines the sweet and salty relationship between the Cousins. Right after birth, a child gets to know about his Family, here he grows up slowly and steadily. Family is the foremost belongingness of a child. He gets his emotion and basic moral values from his parents. He gets to understand how to deal with the surroundings around us. Now, the awareness of friendship is served by the cousins. Friendship is the core element which joins the cousins together. Cousins are our first friend. Having such a friend as a family member is a blessing from God. When a child takes the first step towards growing up, he celebrates his birthday after inviting all his cousins and blows the candles. He starts enjoying and that sense of association helps him to prosper. As because concept of Joint family is rare nowadays, the cousins come from abroad or from another state to join the festivities. Also, during the get together, they spend the best family time together. Sharing foods, toys, clothes becomes an integral part of this special bond. This also strengthens the relation between the cousins and links them together. Sometimes, the elder ones tend to irritate the younger ones more and they become oppose of each other. All these are the humorous parts of childhood. The elder ones not only annoys them but also helps them in best possible ways. A cousin is your friend, philosopher and guide. Often the elder ones, helps and guides the younger ones in the in their home works. Cousins gets scolding from their mother together. There is no bond on earth as selfless and innocent as the love for your cousins. As the child blooms, it becomes the responsibility of the cousins to guide him in the best ways possible. Elders performs this duty to make him understand the reality of outer world and show him the right path. It is so nice to have someone so close to you. Many a times, our friends betray us, leaves us, abuses us but along with your cousin you stand strong. He will stay with you forever. Your cousins won’t be expecting anything from you. No family gatherings are special without the presence of your cousins. They make the family complete. We all have that one WhatsApp group where we share all the memes and crack jokes along with our cousins. Cousins will realize if you are in any kind of trouble and will make sure you don’t suffer all alone. Cousins are the best replacement of siblings. Things can go somewhat wrong with siblings but it never gets wrong with the cousins. The age of Cousins do not vary much, just a few years of difference. You can talk to them the hole night, watch a movie together. It won’t ever get boring. The best part is our cousins knows all the family secrets as much as we do. During holidays the cousins coming down to visit you home is constant for all the ages and this routine won’t ever change. Getting excited about when they are coming with how many gifts during summer or winter breaks is the funniest thing.

A the child tends to become a teenager, he faces a lot of difficulties in sharing the problems with parents, hence cousins then becomes more easy going. Cousins knows you the best and provides you a lot of inspirations within no time. Cousins influences to become better also punishes you for wrong doings. They listen to you without judgements, share their own experiences, and motivates you all the time. Your misdeed reminds the of all their mistakes and makes sure you don’t repeat them. You can always trust them no matter what, they won’t harm you in any ways. They can pass your thoughts to the parents so you don’t feel embarrassed. All needs to work nowadays hence gets a very less time to unite, hence arranging family gatherings more often will help you to get social and feel nostalgic once again. Never hurt your cousins or fight with them, they are your personal rare attachments, never lose them. Hence, Lets do something special this day, make sure to call your cousins or drop a message, just remind them they are important and mean a lot to you. Show them you are grateful for all their love and support throughout. Also, love the children of your cousins as much as you can, they are dearest to you.

Men sorrows

When we talk about the concept of “Gender Inequality” – It clearly states that sometimes men and women are not considered as equal. These inequalities has been passed on from ages and is still very much prevalent. According to the norms of society, There is a vast dissimilarity of how the men or women shall be treated. Either of the Gender gets harassed in one way or the other. Many people certainly don’t understand the definition well and they probably get the idea of Gender Inequality wrong i.e., only the harassments towards women are unjust. This is true that the women face a lot of discriminations on a daily basis across the country. They get abused in their homes then gets insulted in their workplace. This is way too shameful and is a criminal offence in the eyes of Law. Several regulations has been created to ensure the protection of females. But can we say such similar kinds of principles has been made for the Male communities as well? We don’t get to hear a lot about the pressure that has been burdened on Men from the very childhood. They also go through a lot of trauma, they too feel low or disgraced often. Why do men have to maintain an image of being “strong”? Why are they overloaded with so much of responsibilities and is meant to fulfil all of it silently. Why don’t they cry and vent out their sorrows.? Men tend to bottle up their emotions right from their adolescence and that is considered as a “Manly” trait. Society has decided that a Man shall remain silent and aren’t allowed to cry. A boy when gets hurt while playing, the mother hushed him up and said that injuries are obvious for the boys. Such is not the case with her attitude towards the Girl child , they can express their thoughts easily with their mothers. The struggle of a man while growing up remains unnoticed for generations and they won’t get to admit anything to their family. They just have to serve the family according to their whims and fancies. Women are expected to be emotional beings while a Man has to be the “Guardian of the Family”. They have to be successful in life and hence to work day and night for providing a better life to their parents, also to their wife or children. We rarely talk about the sacrifices our father makes for our livelihood. Maybe the “MAN” in our homes never expects recognition, he just goes on working selflessly. A child grows up in such a way that he keeps demanding everything from the father. If a Man cries it is considered to be “Womanly”. A man might not tell you but secretly he needs praises and guidance for his excellent work. Why does a man gets up every time to let a woman or a child sit in seat of a bus even if he is completely exhausted? What about our gratitude towards the Father or his never ending “fatherly love”?

‘Men only likes to count his troubles, he doesn’t calculate his happiness.’ – Fyodor Dostoevsky. In India the suicide ratio of a Man is much higher than that of a Woman, amongst all age groups. Why do the men have to take such a drastic step like suicide? As of 2015, almost two thirds of worldwide suicides (representing about 1.5 per cent of all deaths) are committed by men. This statistics clearly revels that man battles with a lot of depressions more likely, and talking about mental health this is much evident that the Male member in our family seeks support and guidance too. This is a serious issue, Just don’t ignore their problems, this will in turn make them more arrogant. This is the sole reason why the Men become more violent and frustrated, because their voice remains unheard most of the times. They feel hurt and betrayed because they have seen female counterparts receives much more care and concern, even for negligible reasons. Everyone is not greedy or needy, some can be a “Gentleman” too. It is wrongful to shame the whole Men community this way. What about the domestic violence that is happening to Men? Don’t we come across such cases almost everyday? When a man gets tortured or beaten in his own home, does he receives the same remedy a woman receives? Do Courts pay attention in hearing his part as well? Society plays a huge role indeed. There are a lot of cases in which the Husband’s family has been tormented repetitively by the wife and still he was unable to do anything about it? Many a times, there have been false accusations made against a man for any selfish purpose, or just to defame him. Even before the judgement, the man receives criticism and death threats all over the social media. He already becomes a culprit for the society, though nothing has been proved. This demolishes his entire carrier or forces him take away his own life.

Empathy towards Animals.

Animals – A gift of nature, just as we Humans are. We often come through phrases like, “Man is a superior being” . Man is indeed the best creation of God. God has made man his favorite being along with all the abilities to conquer the world. Are we really superior on any grounds if we cannot treat the other beings of God well? What is the definition of ‘superiority’ then? Superiority means treating all the other beings equally. We can justify our superiority as more intelligent beings by showering love and empathy for those other special creations by Gods like dogs, cats, birds etc. Yes animals won’t speak in your language. They won’t understand your language either. Is this the only reason we don’t understand them? We are not kind enough towards them? We don’t accept them as our mate? You should not only be concerned about your pet dogs or cats, but also towards the stray dogs or cats. They deserve your love too, They need your love for their survival. If you don’t take the responsibility of feeding them, how will they sustain? They are animals they cannot express their pain or hunger in your language. Showing empathy is a lot different from being sympathetic towards them. Your empathy is for each and everyone around you. It is your social duty to care for the dogs, the cats, the birds, feed them, provide them shelter. If you see an injured dog or a cat take them to a nearby vet or give medicines. Maybe this is the simplest way to show your humanity. God gave you the power to serve other beings. You are liable to do this much for the society, at least to be true to yourself. Your happiness lies in treating and serving them as well. Think like this, they belong to you, they are a part of your family. Just imagine if we couldn’t express our pain or have been in such a condition ever, its way too painful to handle. They aren’t capable of understanding what is right/ wrong. So, they cannot Thank you for your service. They cannot ever express their earnest gratitude, not directly so. But if you feed a bird one day, it is going to come home everyday for food. Even if you feel low or unhappy, you have got a friend for lifetime. Animals are so loyal, they won’t stay every time, but won’t leave you either any day. Show them you care, they will love you 10 times more, selflessly. If you go out, you will be surrounded by all the stray dogs, they won’t let you feel alone. They are going to stay by your side no matter what. They can be man’s best friend forever, no doubt on that.

“He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man, by his treatment of animals” – Immanuel Kant. Throwing stones towards them just for fun, being unkind towards them, beating them unnecessarily just because they are weaker than you? Or they cannot fight you back? No animal is going to harm you until and unless you cause pain to them, they sometimes get aggressive due to fear. God will bless you if you treat his innocent beings and all your prayers are going to be fruitful. Several social activists spend their lives making others learn to be kind towards the animals. A very recent incident from Kerala on May 27th, 2020 was thoroughly criticized all over media. An Elephant died, she was pregnant standing in the middle of a river. Report says that she died of an explosive in her mouth, that explosive was being put inside a pineapple and was fed to the elephant. He trusted those people and unknowingly she has been killed. How can someone even think of doing this to an innocent elephant? Is this the world we live in? This is so shameful on our part. Also, poaching is strictly prohibited and killing animals for their skin is a heinous crime and has been declared as illegal in the eyes of Law.

Black skin matters

Racism- The belief that a person with fairer skin or practicing any particular language or belonging to a race is superior than the others. This is one of the most peculiar and disturbing norms of our country- India, also very much prevalent till now , even in today’s world and probably this will again be carried on from generations to generations. Our society is dynamic and adopts new methods of survival but what about the ancient rituals? Shall we get rid of those any day? Abolishing those customs or faith is definitely going to change the conditions of society for better. Racism begins from home, yes, and has everything to deal with our own individuality. Right from birth, a girl with relatively darker skin is to be criticized by the parents or their relatives as , ‘yeh toh kitna kala haain’. It is unfortunate that the father or mother may say all these to their child as if having a dark skin is some kind of a curse. Why is Dark not considered as beautiful? Why should a child be humiliated for his/ her skin, for something which isn’t his/ her fault at all? A person who is rich in melanin content will automatically result in her skin color. This phenomenon is 100 per cent genetic and has nothing to do with God’s grace or something close to that. Being dark skinned needs no treatment to be fairer or be beautiful, she is already beautiful enough In her own skin. As if being fairer will have a huge impact on the carrier or success of a girl. She has to be fair to prove herself to be beautiful even if she is an IPS Officer or the greatest actress. Eminent personalities like Priyanka Chopra, Susmita Sen are a few World class Indian beauties who aced their tanned skin tones and made our country proud. Still, the mindset of commoners hasn’t changed. No one can defame you on your skin color or disrespect you, its high time. India needs to make racism illegal and punishable. As because, there are so many different types of skin colors in India, with so much variations of cool and warm undertones as well… namely, Olive, Brown, Dark, Black and a lot more. We should be proud of our distinctiveness, protect our uniqueness and not to disregard these variations randomly. We should be ashamed of how guilty we all are to embarrass someone of their skin color. The term “Dark” metaphorically means Evil whereas “Fair” means Good. Being dark skin doesn’t signify evilness or being fair skin doesn’t signify goodness. This is actually very important to embrace your own skin tone, as having any skin color is a blessing and this is exactly the way you look or the way you shall carry yourself. Black men or women shall start loving their tones and be proud of that. Just accept the way you are and no need to feel unhappy or shy about it. Your ambition, determination defines you and not the color of your skin.

“Dipped in chocolate, bronzed in elegance, enameled with grace, toasted with beauty, My Lord, she is a black woman” – Yosef A.A. Ben- Jochannan. Unfortunately, each and every dark skinned girls had either been insulted, harrassed or called out for their skin color. It really hurts to see such kinds of mindsets still exists in qualified and educated communities of people. At least once in their lifetime, the dark skinned beauties has been abused in spite of how successful they are. The acceptance a fair-skinned woman gets during marriage is very much rare in case of those dark skinned beauties, in a country like India. Often they are rejected directly on their face which breaks their self confidence within a minute. This custom is a disgrace for the society. The guardians should teach our Youngsters to treat everyone equally and not to be partial towards any particular category.

The most annoying part is that the Magazines And Advertisement literally slaps us with n number of Skin- lightening and brightening Products. Fairness creams or foundations won’t ever do any good to your skin, this won’t even help in lightening your original color. It is useless to put so much of harmful chemicals directly on your face. You can be beautiful and glowing without being light and that is the actual fact. Even the home remedies promoted by the actresses are just not worthy as it won’t make your skin 10 times lighter in a week. You just don’t have to apply those whitening products for “whitening” your skin, you can do without wasting so much money on those or undergoing treatments. These kind of advertisements lays a huge impact in the lives of teenagers or children as they get influenced and brainwashed easily by the concept of “fair is pretty”. Racism is a social problem which needs to be cured real soon. India won’t develop as a country if it fails to look into this crucial matter. Lastly, the most hypocrite outlook of people reflects into worshipping Goddess Kali while making fun of a girl with dark skin, this is just strange and way too disheartening.

What I do when I fail

My favorite quotes on failure is this: “If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” — Ken Robinson

I fail at all of that stuff, and it feels just as horrible for me as it does for anyone else. I get down on myself, feel guilty, try to avoid thinking about it, would rather hide it from everyone else. Failing at things can really suck. And yet, I get back up and try again.

I fail at eating healthy on a regular basis, but I keep trying again. I’m pretty good these days at sticking to an exercise plan, but I failed and tried again, regularly, for years and years.

I fail at loving myself. But I don’t give up on that.

I fail at being a good daughter, sister, girlfriend, seemingly multiple times a day. But I continue to try, and sometimes I succeed. When I try over and over again, once in awhile I succeed. So what’s the secret? Well, there isn’t any. You just have to keep trying.

That said, here’s what I’ve found to work:

  1. I learned a more flexible mindset. When you are rigidly trying to stick to a plan or achieve a goal, and things don’t go according to plan, then you feel like crap and things can get derailed. But if you have a more flexible mindset, and think, “I might not be able to go according to plan but that’s OK because things change,” then it’s not a disaster when you get off track. There’s no single track that you have to stay on.
  2. I came to realize that every attempt is about learning. When you fail, that’s actually really good information. Before you failed, you thought that something would work (a prediction), but then real-world information came in that told you it didn’t work. That means you now know something you didn’t know before. That’s excellent. Now you can adjust your plan, figure something new out, try a new method. Keep learning.
  3. Ask for help. When I’m struggling with something, I know that I can either give up, or I can figure out a better way. But it’s not always easier to figure out a better way, so I reach out to my wife, friends, trusted family members, and I ask them. They might give me simple, obvious, why-didn’t-I-see-that advice that I need, or brilliant tips, or accountability. Whatever happens, my friends and loved ones never seem to fail me.
  4. I give myself a break. If I’m struggling, sometimes my mind or body just needs a break from the discipline. So I’ll take a day or two off, or a week, or even more. There’s no set time that’s right for every situation, so I’ve been learning to go by feel. For some things, I’ve taken a month or two off from trying to learn something.
  5. I remind myself why it’s important. It’s easy to give up on something, because not doing it is always easier. But giving up means you’re losing something important, like helping someone, and so if my reasons for doing something aren’t just selfish (pleasure, vanity), then I will renew my vigor for the struggle. This alone is often enough to get me going again, especially if I’m doing it to help someone important, like my kids.

Well unfortunately, for most people who try something and fail, that failure actually reinforces their feelings of regret. They think, I never should have done this. Why did I even try this? How stupid can I be? It reinforces their insecurities and fears. They return to a rut. They get negative. They might never try anything again.

I think the biggest obstacle to success for most people is they never do anything. They just exist and go through life and never take a chance or do anything different. They go from one day to the next and just exist in life because they’ve failed in the past and are afraid to try again, or because they’re too scared to take a chance in the first place.

The most successful people in the world are only successful after so many failures; you wonder how they ever kept going. If you really study their failures, you think, How could they survive that?

The best way to deal with failure is to focus on what’s next. Move forward, chart a new path and get excited about what’s next.

Two of the great emotions in life are excitement or enthusiasm. It’s easy to get down, where your attitude is that nothing’s working and life is terrible. Keep your excitement and enthusiasm about the future and about where you’re going.

How do you do that? Talk about that next thing. Write it out. Share it with people who can help you get excited. Post it on your mirror every day, if that’s your thing. But make sure you place your thoughts on the next goal, the next journey, and stop rehashing that last failure in your mind.

Beating yourself up for your lack of success or declaring yourself a hopeless cause leads to unhelpful feelings, like shame or resentment. And it can lead to unproductive behavior, like staying inside your comfort zone.

The key to recovering from failure is changing the way you think. When you think about failure differently, you’ll be able to turn your biggest setbacks into your best comebacks.  

Always remember: you have more than one shot to create the life you want

You will screw up at some point in life, and that’s okay so long as you learn from them and figure out a different path towards the same goal.

The biggest screw up you can make is to just give up and accept that you can’t succeed because of you who you are or where you come from. If you are going through hell, don’t stop. And if you catch hell, don’t hold it.

So start again when you get it wrong. People who overestimate what they’re capable of are far more likely to actually, get off their ass and try. You will stumble, you may fail, but you are not your failure!

One thing is absolutely certain, if you REALLY want to succeed in life, if you want to do something special, something incredible, if you want to fulfill your dreams… failure is inevitable.

Life – changing Tricks

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy” – Dalai Lama. So, implementing certain good habits in our daily life won’t certainly do any harm. The key for betterment of living lies entirely in your hands. Leading a normal and simple life along with a few tricks here and there helps you to achieve your goal. Enhancing your lifestyle in every aspects of life is a answer for proper subsistence. Lets start following these tips from today onwards –

1) Drinking enough water – This is the first and foremost point to start the whole theory with. At least 8 glasses of water is mandatory for a day. You just cannot ever compromise on this part. Drinking less water is a serious issue for sure. A person who often drinks a lot of water everyday stays more healthy and fit rather than the rest. According to doctors, around 60 per cent of human body consists of water. This basically hydrates your body and helps in getting rid of all harmful toxins. Hydration for your body is a must. Water is such a fluid which helps in proper digestion and also helps in assists you in the weight loss game. Do not harm your body consuming alcohol, cold-drinks e t c , replace those with Water from today onwards.

2) Exercising everyday – This is such an essential step to be followed daily. You need not join a gym or workout like a beast no you need not do that. Just take a few minutes out from your schedule and just perform some free hand. Also, try to stretch in the morning before leaving the bed. This is going to make a lot of genuine difference in your life. This is not only makes you physically fit but also boosts up your confidence, improves your focus towards the target. Exercising motivates you to get better everyday. When your body says you No, your mind says you to push yourself further. Exercising is the most crucial steps for the aged group of people too and this helps to remove pain or stress.

3) Cleansing, toning, moisturizing – Let me tell you this step is Not just for the girls out there, very much for the guys too. As they seem to do absolutely nothing for the skin, just know that skin is the largest organ of your body. You are liable to do this much for your skin. This process is simplified as follows… 1stly, apply a Face wash, any one of your choice to remove the dirt and debris. After that apply to tone down your skin a bit. Now apply the hydration, a Moisturizer to your skin to lock in all the goodness. I promise you this is life – changing.

4) Applying sunscreen – Another step for treating your skin, applying a sunscreen. Won’t take even a minute but this has a hundreds of benefits. Protect your skin from the harsh sunlight and keep it safe. Whether you go off to your workplace or playground. Apply some sunscreen before leaving and make sure it is of a good brand. Keep reapplying your sunscreen after every 2-3 hours if you can manage to do so. Skipping a sunscreen will make you pay a lot as it will worsen your skin condition. Sunscreens with UVA and SPF protections is the best.

5) To-Do-List – Yes, maintaining a To Do List and pre-planning everything beforehand makes your life way more easier. Suppose you have got a meeting the next day, sort everything out, the timings, the work and jot it down in a paper or in a diary. Now make a list of all necessary things to be done and check the list after you have finished tasks of the day. The more you will write the more you finish. You can never go wrong with a To Do List. This routine will give you to explore more scopes of life. Also, write down all your dreams, aspirations, your needs so that you have the urge to finish each one of them within a given span of time. Being unpredictable and having no ambitions won’t certainly help anyone in the long run.

6) Enhancing your skills – if you really want to achieve bigger and better in your life, you have to have some skills. Not stressing on the part of scoring good marks, but having any particular skill is a MUST for the youngsters. The skill can be anything, knowing more than 1 languages, mending parts of a car, knowing computer well, making new paintings or whatsoever. the point here is… brush up your skills, your passion and never leave it in the midways. if you can excel in this part, you surely will make a huge difference. Your skill is what makes you recognizable in a field of work. This will also cut down your laziness and make you happy.

7) Believe in yourself – If you cannot practice this, the above mentioned points won’t come handy for you. ‘Believing in your self is the 1st secret to success’ . You have to keep faith and keep believing that you can be better, you can do better. Make your mindset so determined from the very beginning that life is going to thank you for the same. Start working hard from today onwards and make no more excuses. If you fail to believe in yourself today, you are being answerable to your life after 30s for sure.

8) Read a lot – Nowadays, the kids do not practice proper reading. Going through the School text books or Course books before exams does not justifies the term “reading” . This concept is vast and cannot be achieved only by reading subtitles of Netflix or surfing google. You have to slow down a bit and go through some world Class- literatures or Novels. Reading new journals or news everyday will become your best friend someday only if you get addicted to this. This is going to help you so much by increasing your command on the language, enhancing vocabulary. Reading is like doing something productive to yourself.

9) Organizing your closet – This is a grooming tip for our generations as we certainly get no time for this and keep everything way too dirty especially if someone stays in a hostel or a mess. Cleaning your shirt, Ironing them properly adds so much more dignity to your overall personality. We often hear the term , 1st impression is your last impression, hence this is evident that whatever you wear, it should be fitted and taken care of. You won’t have to wear a high end gown for the same, the trick here is to be clean and real. Appearance is the game changer and never ever mess this up in your life.

10) Help them out – Helping never signifies doing something for someone expecting anything in return, or to show yourself superior in any ways. Helping out means genuinely coming to someone’s rescue and being empathetic. Just help out of your own willingness, help your family, your friends, show love to the plants, feed the animals. Doing all this is in turn serving God indirectly. Having a golden heart is rare- make sure you are one of the few.

Retention Policies

Repository Administrators can define document retention and archiving policies. A retention policy allows repository administrators to permanently delete (purge) older documents or documents that meet a certain criteria. For example, a policy could be created to mark documents of a particular matter type for deletion when a specified number of days or years has passed after the matter closed date. 

Retention Policies will support policies based on matter type, matter closing date, and other criteria. Administrators will have a chance to confirm a mass deletion before purging documents when retention policies indicate they should be purged.

Creating and Activating Retention Policies

When the document retention policies feature is enabled, a link will be available on the Repository Administration page:

The “Document Retention Policies” page will appear as follows:

Click “Add a new policy” to define a new policy:

The policy’s fields are described below.

After defining a retention policy, click OK. The dialog will close and the underlying page will update to show the new retention policy. 


The policy name field will allow only letters, digits, spaces, dashes, and forward slashes. The maximum name length is 25 characters.  


Administrators can add a description to retention policies in the description field on the Retention Policy dialog. Policy descriptions are limited to 120 characters.

“Policy is active” defaults to unchecked. 

Document Criteria:

The document criteria dropdown contains the names of all the repository’s custom attributes except for Notes type field. There will be an additional entry for each attribute with “ Type” appended to the attribute name. 

If there are no non-Notes type custom attributes in the repository, a message will display saying “Profile attributes must be defined before retention policies can be added.”

Retention Period:

The first field on the Retention Period line will accept numeric entries between 1 and 9999.  The first Retention period dropdown’s values are “years” and “days”; the default is years. The second retention period dropdown’s values are “last modified date” and “xxx closing date”, where xxx is the attribute selected for Document Criteria.

Using Parent-Child Attributes

If a linked parent attribute is selected in the Document criteria dropdown of the Retention Policy Definition dialog, an additional set of fields for the child attribute will be displayed:

The child attribute drop-down lists the child attributes of the selected parent attribute plus a blank entry. The 2nd Retention period drop-down will include a closing date entry for the child attribute if one is selected, and a closing date entry for the parent attribute if no child attribute is selected.

Using Lookup Buttons

On the retention policy definition page you will be provided with a lookup buttton.  The retention period is keyed off the workspace attribute’s closing date even when the workspace attribute is not used in the selection criteria.

The lookup button on this dialog acts like it does on the Advanced Search page. If multiple values are selected, then each value is automatically surrounded by parentheses and an OR operator is automatically inserted between values.

If workspaces have been enabled for any cabinets in the repository the trigger date listbox will include an entry for the workspace attribute closing date, i.e. “Matter closing date.” If the document criteria attribute is the same as a workspace attribute, the attribute will not be listed twice in the listbox.

Activating Policies

When “Activate selected policies” is clicked, all the marked policies will be set to active.

When “Deactivate selected policies” is clicked, all the marked policies will be set to inactive.

When “Delete selected policies” is clicked, a confirmation message box will display asking if the user is sure he/she wants to delete the selected policies. If he/she confirms the deletion, the selected policies will be deleted.

When you click OK on the Document Retention Policies page, all the changes will be saved.  Clicking Cancel will discard the changes.  You will be returned to the Repository Administration page.

Retention Policy History

An unalterable record is available of all changes made to purging rules.

Each activation and deactivation of a document retention policy is recorded.  Edits and deletions of active retention policies (but not of inactive deletion policies) are recorded.  Each of these records will include the current date/time, the user who performed the action, the name of the policy, and the policy’s criteria and retention period.  If the policy name is changed both the old name and the new name are included in the log entry.

A link to view the Retention Policy Log is found at the bottom of the Retention Policies page:

A Retention policy history will look like this: (with records sorted chronologically)

NOTE: A repository’s retention policy log is deleted automatically when the repository is deleted.

KERALA MODEL – The Trail and Error

The Kerala model was established in 1970. This received world wide recognition and applauds for its immense development of two most crucial aspects of humanity – Health and Education, also ensured high female literarcy rates. Much prior to today’s situation, the measures taken by Kerala was a milestone and also proved deep insights in the matter. The upliftment of The Health and Education is the treasure of a state. On the early March, Kerala and Maharashtra had the most number of cases all over India. Inspite of all all the necessary precautions taken beforehand, the question here lies is… Whether the Model was successful enough to combat the Pandamic- Covid 19? Was this Model efficient enough to be implemented nationally? Can a Pandemic be controlled by any specific Model or theries? Initially during the outbreak of Pandemic in India, Kerala a state with population over 35 Million, has reported 4189 cases of Covid – 19 as on 30th June, 2020 and 23 deaths with a stirring recovery rate of 51.7 per cent. hence, this Model got praises all over India. BJP Government in Madhya Pradesh has leant and adopted Kerala’s strategy of tackling Covid 10 infection. Kerala actually emphasized on various key factors, firstly educating or alerting the citizens on the gravity of the situations and hence dealing with it on personal levels, this is the primary step as it is mandatory for the citizens to understand it is safe for them as well as for safeguarding other’s interests. After that, as recommended by the World Health Organizations the 4 T’s Test, Trace and Treat, Kerala followed the same. Thirdly, Isolation that is Quarantining the infected ones specially and not allowing them to roam. Kerala played a very significant role in treating the issues of migrant labourers hence tackling them properly and this was a remarkable achievement of India. Kerala was the first state amongst India to conduct exams as well for students of Class 10-12. A lot of controversies were triggered upon across the media as to who will guarantee the protection of the students? due to the speedy recovery rate has there been a sense of carelessness and over confidence in the mindsets of Kerala Government?

Commissioner of Police Vijay Sakhare, Kochi, Kerala was the chief architect of Kerala’s brand new policy i.e., Triple Lock Strategy in Kasaragod District. This was actually made on the basis of Three relevant lock down stages for the people, separately for each sets of people strictly for their security. 1) The General Lock – the 1st lock was implemented on 25th March, 2020. This is the primarly lockdown for all the people to remain confined in their homes and not to roam around. Self quarantining is absolutely essential for restricting the movements. Rule- breakers were hence widely punished by the cops. 2) Containment Zones – the 2nd lock was implemented as on 28th March, 2020. This is the segregated places with the most number of Covid – 19 positive patients. Only the service for most essential goods very provided as the rest shops, industries, market places were closed down to avoid gatherings. 3) Home Quarantine – the 3rd lock was made especially for those who were affected and also their contacts, they were isolated and their treatments were to be done in the house itself. wearing masks and repeatative sanitizations is a must of those who were isolated. This led to around 75 per cent reduction of new cases which was commendable.

Unfortunately, Mass Spread of Covid Infection was confirmed in the state of Kerala on 17th July, 2020. Silent community transmission happened in Thiruvananthapuram at over 50 percent rate in Covid- 19, says Kerala Health Minister. This created a terror amongst the common people. Around 10 large community clusters has occurred in the state. The costal neighbourhoods of Pulluvila and Poonthura is coping with the stage of community transmission, as declared by the Chief Minister of Kerala, Sir. Pinarayi Vijayan in a press conference. The community transmissions has also been found in Kerala, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh. Hence, the Government is answerable to the people that whether a Model of a state can actually help to combat with relatively world-wide issues such as a Pandemic.

Creativity is Imagination with Responsibility

Human creativity is what drives us forward as a species. It is this unique ability to harness our thoughts and ideas that has been responsible for some of the world’s greatest inventions, from the wheel to the microprocessor.

Despite our incredible capacity for creativity and imagination, many of us actually understand very little about the creative process.

“Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.”–. Edward de Bono

The very phrase “creative thinking” gives rise to associations connected with something mysterious and new. How can we define creative thinking? How to improve and develop creative thinking skills? This kind of mental activity is associated with a special brain function – imagination.

Imagination is not part of any of the mental functions (memory, perception, attention). It unites them and becomes a transitional form between all structures of holistic intelligence. What is actually the definition of imagination? What techniques and exercises can we use to develop it? And what benefits can we get?

Generating reality in images is the physical ability of the human brain only. Its peculiarities are that it has a connection with organic, semantic and mental components of thinking and unites them. It is still unknown where the neural structures of the brain responsible for its appearance are located. Therefore, in general, the word “imagination” justifies its mystery and phenomenality, it is the essence of the creative principle. With its help, artistic and cultural masterpieces are created: literature, painting, sculpture. All these achievements are realized by mankind due to this phenomenon.

In the imagination there are hidden opportunities that create unlimited the processes of knowledge in our world. The reflection of reality in the mind with the help of imagination is essential both for the intelligence and for the psyche:

  • a person with the help of imagination plans his further actions and can mentally imagine his behavior, think over the preliminary result of his actions;
  • due to imagination, a person can be transported in time – into the past or the future, randomly evoke long-gone events from memory, relive these feelings, extracting material for creativity from them.
  • in the imagination tasks are solved when the immediate real action in practice is unavailable or is not completely clear; with its help the missing details of the information ca be refined

“Creativity” is not the miraculous road to business growth and affluence that is so abundantly claimed these days. And for the line manager, particularly, it may be more of a millstone than a milestone. Those who extol the liberating virtues of corporate creativity over the somnambulistic vices of corporate conformity may actually be giving advice that in the end will reduce the creative animation of business. This is because they tend to confuse the getting of ideas with their implementation—that is, confuse creativity in the abstract with practical innovation; not understand the operating executive’s day-to-day problems; and underestimate the intricate complexity of business organizations.

The trouble with much of the advice business is getting today about the need to be more vigorously creative is, essentially, that its advocates have generally failed to distinguish between the relatively easy process of being creative in the abstract and the infinitely more difficult process of being innovationist in the concrete. Indeed, they misdefine “creativity” itself. Too often, for them, “creativity” means having great, original ideas. Their emphasis is almost all on the thoughts themselves. Moreover, the ideas are often judged more by their novelty than by their potential usefulness, either to consumers or to the company. In this article, I shall show that in most cases, having a new idea can be “creative” in the abstract but destructive in actual operation, and that often instead of helping a company, it will even hinder it.

Suppose you know two artists. One tells you an idea for a great painting, but he does not paint it. The other has the same idea and paints it. You could easily say the second man is a great creative artist. But could you say the same thing of the first man? Obviously not. He is a talker, not a painter.

That is precisely the problem with so much of today’s pithy praise of creativity in business—with the unending flow of speeches, books, articles, and “creativity workshops” whose purpose is to produce more imaginative and creative managers and companies. My observations of these activities over a number of years lead me firmly to this conclusion. They mistake an idea for a great painting with the great painting itself. They mistake brilliant talk for constructive action.

But, as anybody who knows anything about any organization knows only too well, it is hard enough to get things done at all, let alone to introduce a new way of doing things, no matter how good it may seem. A powerful new idea can kick around unused in a company for years, not because its merits are not recognized but because nobody has assumed the responsibility for converting it from words into action. What is often lacking is not creativity in the idea-creating sense but innovation in the action-producing sense, i.e., putting ideas to work.

Hail Zidane

Zinedine Zidane- A man of inspiration for the upcoming generations. each and every football lover should know his story really well. Zidane can be defined as the Come back king, a True Coach and a perfect man. Probably one of the greatest player of his era. Zidane’s story is an inspirational theory of exactly how sportsman shall be. His victory of La Liga 2019-2020 is very raw and particularly relevant these days, after defeating the arch rival Barcelona indirectly. He never failed to shine in the role of a complete sportsman. Not only just as a player but his hunger for recognition as a coach is commendable. He proved to entire world that a greatest player can be a greatest coach too. To start the story with, Zidane was born on 23rd June 1972. He got his inspiration from the Argentine sportsman Diego Maradona whose techniques “were on another level” for him. Lovingly known as Zizou, he was a French Soccer player who mainly performed as an attacking midfielder. He was an asset for his team, often served as the backbone and has contributed a lot for the enhancement of the football fraternity. Zidane debuted professionally and scored his first goal for Cannes against Nantes. He was devoted to his national team of France where he received a lot of respect. His contribution in Euro Cup 2000, was unforgettable and he also was claimed as the Player of Tournament. He also had a great contribution for FiFA World Cup 2002,2006 and Euro 2004. He was also rewarded as the FIFA World player 1998, 2000 and 2003 also Ballon d’or 1998. He was a one man army who served his team so well and proved himself to be the greatest of all times.

Now lets come to the not-so-famous part, that such a responsible and disciplined person like Zizou, headbutted Marco Materazzi right to his chest, in 2006 World Cup. In the last world cup match of his life, he was shown a Red Card. Seriously was it heroic? or a bizarre act? This shocked the entire world and this was probably one of the worst act for breaking the rules. This drastic step was highly criticized by the media and questions were repeatatively asked to him. This became the most controversial headline. Zidane later accepted his fault and stated that, ” I am not proud of what I did to Materazzi “. Actually, Materazzi revealed that he spoke something worse to Zidane.

An advice for the future fast paced generations is that You have to compete with yourself, your primary competition will be with you and no one else. That very day Zidane had probably taken a vow that it is not okay to lose, or to accept the unfair game. He was of really a challenging nature so he promised to himself that being coward is never an option. you have to show the world your capabilities and what you deserve. Even till now, his aura of an elegant soccer player is still intact. Zidane ruled the Real Madrid club as a star player along with teammates like Cristiano Ronaldo and David Bekham (both supremely stylish players) primarily. Just as a brilliant student evolves to be the Principal. When he returned to Real Madrid as a Coach nobody thought that he is going to flourish so much on the upcoming days, however… He proved his excellence as a manager and was successful on his part. Though some people continued to criticise him whether he deserved to be in the position or not. Zidane was gifted with huge honours namely, Three Champion Leagues, Two European Super Cups, Two Spanish Super Cups also Two Club World Cups. He left his Coaching when he was questioned on whether he was capable of the position or not. The thing was his eligibility was constantly tested in all phases. After that the conditions of Real Madrid coaching really degraded and the previous coach was sacked. Zidane came back again as a King, and for concluding this story… he won the La Liga title after 2017. 34th La Liga Title, 2020 was hoisted by Real Madrid players defeating Villareal, under guidance of Zidane.


REFERENCE: Zinedine Zidane – Wikipedia.


Did you ever involve yourself in something very trivial , when you had an important assignment submission or work? Did you ever regret not doing the job right?. If yes , then that’s what we call procrastination. Procrastination is the act of delaying or postponing something that needs to be accomplished within a given period […]



Did you ever involve yourself in something very trivial , when you had an important assignment submission or work? Did you ever regret not doing the job right?. If yes , then that’s what we call procrastination. Procrastination is the act of delaying or postponing something that needs to be accomplished within a given period […]


How NGO can help in improving the lives of poor

“You will discover that you have two hands. One is for helping yourself and the other is for helping others.”

By Audrey Hepburn

This quote is only for NGOs and their volunteers who work selflessly and priceless for others. They are next to God for the one who get benefited from there services. Actually NGO’s help people for doing some worthy or deserving things in there life. These NGO’s are working so nicely because of the people who are associated with them and give their heart and soul for betterment of people, culture and environment.

NGO’s plays a significant role in providing services, relief and other amenities to individuals or community who are suffering from various problems like poverty, certain type of disease, child labour, etc. The main problem in our country is poverty as our country’s population is second largest in the world but these NGO’s are really doing great work by providing various opportunities to the people like employment opportunity, providing them training on various courses like plumbing, tailoring and beautician course and by forming self-help groups. These NGO’s are providing consistent benefits to many families both in rural and urban areas. NGO’s contribute in several ways to ensure that India sees poverty eradication, sustainable growth and empowerment of underprivileged section of our society. And these all can be achieved through following these points:

  • Sustainable Development- This idea is to help the present day community to grow and advance without affecting the resources of future generation as we have to pass these valuable resources to our coming generations. And this can be done with the help of our NGOs.
  • Poverty Alleviation- As our country has shifted towards developing nation and is showing tremendous economic advancement and is now access to clean water, sanitation, housing, quality education, healthcare and nutrition. But then also some sections of our country are deprived of these valuable resources and that’s why NGOs provide these information by spreading awareness, sensitisation and development programmes.
  • Children Empowerment- As they are considered as the future of our country and a well educated, happy and prosperous child will turn to be a responsible adult in future so providing them the essential services they deserve should be our priority and support is given by our NGOs. Some examples of well known NGOs are Goonj, Child in Need Institute, Katha, Help India, CRY, Lepra Society, Smile Foundation, Rural Health Care Foundation, etc.

But these NGOs face some challenges too they are lack of credibility, getting the right people on board, getting people to support an NGO, lack of funds and resources, absence of strategic planning, poor governance and networking, limited capacity, etc. So as these challenges are coming as a hurdle in front of the NGOs which we have to erradicate by taking some steps like spreading awareness, tracing the one who can donate, establishing network, etc.

Finally, with every passing day new NGOs are coming into existence but only a few of them are able to survive and are becoming successful as they are seriously doing their work as it is ultimately reflected from there work. Everybody should actively participate in these NGOs as they are also one of the part of our society. NGOs have bought a holistic change in socio-economic landscape of India. So lastly,

” No one has ever becoming poor by giving.”- By Anne Frank

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