Empathy towards Animals.

Animals – A gift of nature, just as we Humans are. We often come through phrases like, “Man is a superior being” . Man is indeed the best creation of God. God has made man his favorite being along with all the abilities to conquer the world. Are we really superior on any grounds if we cannot treat the other beings of God well? What is the definition of ‘superiority’ then? Superiority means treating all the other beings equally. We can justify our superiority as more intelligent beings by showering love and empathy for those other special creations by Gods like dogs, cats, birds etc. Yes animals won’t speak in your language. They won’t understand your language either. Is this the only reason we don’t understand them? We are not kind enough towards them? We don’t accept them as our mate? You should not only be concerned about your pet dogs or cats, but also towards the stray dogs or cats. They deserve your love too, They need your love for their survival. If you don’t take the responsibility of feeding them, how will they sustain? They are animals they cannot express their pain or hunger in your language. Showing empathy is a lot different from being sympathetic towards them. Your empathy is for each and everyone around you. It is your social duty to care for the dogs, the cats, the birds, feed them, provide them shelter. If you see an injured dog or a cat take them to a nearby vet or give medicines. Maybe this is the simplest way to show your humanity. God gave you the power to serve other beings. You are liable to do this much for the society, at least to be true to yourself. Your happiness lies in treating and serving them as well. Think like this, they belong to you, they are a part of your family. Just imagine if we couldn’t express our pain or have been in such a condition ever, its way too painful to handle. They aren’t capable of understanding what is right/ wrong. So, they cannot Thank you for your service. They cannot ever express their earnest gratitude, not directly so. But if you feed a bird one day, it is going to come home everyday for food. Even if you feel low or unhappy, you have got a friend for lifetime. Animals are so loyal, they won’t stay every time, but won’t leave you either any day. Show them you care, they will love you 10 times more, selflessly. If you go out, you will be surrounded by all the stray dogs, they won’t let you feel alone. They are going to stay by your side no matter what. They can be man’s best friend forever, no doubt on that.

“He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man, by his treatment of animals” – Immanuel Kant. Throwing stones towards them just for fun, being unkind towards them, beating them unnecessarily just because they are weaker than you? Or they cannot fight you back? No animal is going to harm you until and unless you cause pain to them, they sometimes get aggressive due to fear. God will bless you if you treat his innocent beings and all your prayers are going to be fruitful. Several social activists spend their lives making others learn to be kind towards the animals. A very recent incident from Kerala on May 27th, 2020 was thoroughly criticized all over media. An Elephant died, she was pregnant standing in the middle of a river. Report says that she died of an explosive in her mouth, that explosive was being put inside a pineapple and was fed to the elephant. He trusted those people and unknowingly she has been killed. How can someone even think of doing this to an innocent elephant? Is this the world we live in? This is so shameful on our part. Also, poaching is strictly prohibited and killing animals for their skin is a heinous crime and has been declared as illegal in the eyes of Law.