Feature phone: A thing of the Past

Phones are an integral part of our everyday life. We cannot imagine an hour without our mobile phones. Mobile phones connected the entire world together. In case of an emergency or a free chitchat, we just need to make a call or drop a text message. As because we are so deeply involved in mobile phones right from the mornings till going to bed at night. Mobile phones were invented on April 3rd, 1973, Martin cooper made the first mobile telephone call from Handheld subscriber equipment, he called Dr. Joel Engel of Bell Lab, his Rival. He was a Motorola researcher and executive, Motorola was the first company to produce handheld mobile phones. What we see today is a much modified version of Mobile Phones. These days, the kids just have the Idea about smartphones and how it works. Without internet connectivity life for them is clueless. Smart phones supports 5g nowadays which has almost no disruption, was a dream long back. Either we just had 2g or 3g connectivity which was extremely slow. But initially, such was not the case. Primarily, feature phones came into market and gained wide popularity. This phones had a smaller screen, a keypad and not a touch pad. These phones were largely efficient for quick calling or dropping a message. Social media services like Face Book, Instagram, WhatsApp e t c came into being as Smartphones made it much more accessible due to its touch facilities. The technicalities about feature phones were simply and easy to use. Lot of elderly people uses Smartphones nowadays, making Feature Phones a thing of the past. Feature phones were easier to carry around but had a disadvantage that we had to press the buttons a lot more, damaging the key pad. Feature phones were less convenient as compared to Smartphones and hence termed as Backdated. People need faster and swift options for better living. Official works such as mail checking or video calling weren’t possible on Feature phones. Just as the Gallery of Smart phones supports a lot more pictures, because of the high quality camera, such was not possible during the times of Feature phones. Feature phones thus lacked a lot of speediness. We often do a lot of online shopping nowadays, cannot even imagine of going out because of our busy schedules, strangely this was not possible in the context of Feature phones. Feature phone supported a lot less games as it didn’t had a play store to download more games. Though many feature phones had facilities of Music. Feature phone those had a lot of usage still as because we human being always opt something modern with lot more technicalities and infrastructure. The Mobile Companies always seeks to launch a new product with more and more features in order to help people. Also, mostly many keeps mobile as a thing of premium and is ready to spend a lot of money for it. The companies understood this and hence adopted this as a marketing techniques. A lot of promotional activities are also involved in this business, also many other companies collaborate or invest a lot of money for upgrading this market. The mobile companies launches these phones for all over the world, though we also have Indian companies for production of Mobile Phones as well. Many companies bought Feature Phones in to play like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola etc. Smartphones uses systems like Android, Windows, Symbian Operating System. Earlier times, Smartphones were a luxury only richer categories could afford them as those were much more costlier. After, telephones which cannot be carried on from one place to another became a history. Feature phone had a huge sale due to its features. As compared to smartphones, the Features of Feature phones are almost nil. The poorer sections of India especially still use Feature phones. Feature phones is a story for most people now, though it is a reality for those few who use them yet.