Beginning of Birdwatching

It’s one of the first eye-openers for people who are just starting to pick up birdwatching: the experience of hearing a birder call out names of birds in quick succession as a flock passes by, seemingly without looking. But like anything, it’s mainly practice—and it’s surprisingly easy to learn. You can watch (and listen to) birds pretty much anytime you’re outside. You mainly just need patience, careful observation, and a willingness to let the wonder and beauty of the natural world overtake you. Here are some tips on how to get started:

1. Binoculars. Your enjoyment of birds depends hugely on how great they look through your binoculars, so make sure you’re getting a big, bright, crisp picture through yours. In recent years excellent binoculars have become available at surprisingly low prices. So while binoculars under $100 may seem tempting, it’s truly worth it to spend $200 to $300 for vastly superior images as well as better warranties, waterproof housing, and a great feel.

2. Field Guide. Once you start seeing birds, you’ll start wondering what they are. An informal poll of my coworkers showed a clear field guide favorite: the Sibley Guide, in either its full North America version or smaller, more portable Eastern and Western editions. Other useful guides are Kaufman’s, Peterson’s, and the National Geographic guide. Don’t forget that on the Web you can get information and sounds.

3. Bird Feeders. With binoculars for viewing and a guide to help you figure out what’s what, the next step is to bring the birds into your backyard, where you can get a good look at them. Bird feeders come in all types: we recommend starting with a black-oil sunflower feeder. Add a suet feeder in winter and a hummingbird feeder in summer (or all year in parts of the continent). From there you can diversify to millet, thistle seeds, mealworms, and fruit to attract other types of species.

4. Spotting scope. By this point in our list, you’ve got pretty much all the gear you need to be a birder… until you start looking at those ducks on the far side of the pond, or shorebirds in mudflats, or that Golden Eagle perched on a tree limb a quarter-mile away. Though they’re not cheap, spotting scopes are indispensable for getting those last few clues about a species ID—or to simply revel in intricate plumage details that can be brought to life only with a 20x to 60x zoom. And scopes, like binoculars, are coming down in price while going up in quality.

6. Skills. Once you’re outside and surrounded by birds, we recommend practicing a four-step approach to identification. First you judge the bird’s size and shape; then look for its main color pattern; take note of its behavior; and factor in what habitat it’s in. 

7. Records. Birders like the ones who inspired the 2011 movie The Big Year are called listers—people who love (or are obsessed with) compiling lists of the species they’ve seen. But you don’t have to be a lister to reap benefits of writing down what you see—think of notes as a kind of diary with a focus, chronicling the days of your life through the birds you’ve seen and places you’ve been. Many people keep their records online in our free eBird project, which keeps track of every place and day you go bird watching, allows you to enter notes and share sightings with friends, and explore the data all eBirders have entered.


5 tips to improve your communication skills

Communication skills are important as it helps us to receive and give messages and informations. Communication skills are vital in communicating ideas and feelings.

Types of Communication skills

  • Verbal communication.
  • Non-verbal communication.
  • Written, and
  • Visual communication.

Verbal communication involves the usage of words. Whereas non-verbal communication uses facial expressions, eye contact, gestures and body language.

Written communication is the interactions using written words. For example, letters, email, telegrams, postcards etc… Conveying ideas through visual elements is Visual communication.

Why communication is important?

I believe that the most important life skill is to be able to convey ideas effectively. Communication is the root to transfer messages from one person or place to another.

  • With communication skills, we will be able to get better responses.
  • Create an impressive professional image.
  • Strong business.
  • Networking will be simple.
  • Better control.
  • Confident.

Tips to improve communication

  1. Tv shows & Movies
  2. Books
  3. Listen to native speakers
  4. Practice public speaking
  5. Conversation fillers

Believe it or not, series and movies are an amazing way to improve communication skills. This way you get your dose of entertainment while learning. I used this technique to enhance my skills. I will come up with recommendations, do look out for it.

Books are valuable if used wisely one could learn a lot from them. There are plenty of genres to get us started with. When in doubt pick a genre of which movie you will be interested in. Here’s an example, I love thriller movies so when it comes to books I choose thriller and murder mystery.

We have apps, YouTube videos and classes to help us listen to native speakers. In that way, we will get to improve our listening skills too. Native speaker’s tone, way of speaking, body language and usage of words will mould our way of speaking.

Public speaking is an art. It can be mastered with little effort from our side. In today’s world, we have technology by our side if used effectively, one can master any language.

Try to avoid conversation gaps, instead use fillers such as “I mean”, ” you know”, “alright”, ” basically“, etc. The most common fillers are hmm and ah. When we use these fillers the flow of the conversation will be smooth.

Tips for effective communication

“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.”

– Peter F. Drucker

When it comes to communication, non-verbal communication is important too.

Deliver simple yet clear messages

Can you listen to someone who uses Shakespeare’s style of language while talking about a pitch meeting? No. It will be tiresome. While communicating one must remember to keep the language simple and efficient. The message should be clear and concise.

Take time to respond

Taking some time to respond doesn’t mean you are in doubt. We can’t be spontaneous in every situation. There might be a heavy and important responsibility if we answer without forethought, it might put things out of order.

Body language is like salt to our food

Too much salt and less of the same is not satisfactory. Body language should be overdone. People tend to notice body language it should show warmth and add a filter to the conversation. “Action speaks louder than words.”

Maintain eye contact

Trying to uphold the eye contact game. But remember, too much of anything is not good. Try not to stare at the person instead maintain healthy, non-creepy eye contact. It will create an impression and acts as a signal that you are indeed interested in the conversation.

Understand their needs and values

People like those who can understand and value them. We all have feelings, bad days and battling our battles. It is better to recognize their side of the story. Try to be more of a listener than speaker.

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.”

– James Humes

Next time you think of communicating with either your teammates or any professional individual. Try to follow these points. Hope you found it informative. Thank you!

Photography tips for beginners

There’s a lot of tips and tricks in photography that can help raise your abilities and take to you a higher level as a photographic artist. From adhering to the brilliant hour for pictures to understanding the standard of thirds, look at our #1 photography tips for beginners beneath:

basic photography tips

Get right upfront. Zoom diminishes your photograph quality, however, your feet don’t. However long it’s protected, truly draw nearer to your subject for a superior photograph.

Practice each day. Careful discipline brings about promising results and photography is no special case. Get out there and begin taking photographs.

Check for lighting. Harsh shadows or the absence of light will seriously affect the vibe of your photograph. Get an outside light source or timetable your photoshoot for the ideal opportunity.

Look out for structure. Photograph organization, or the game plan of visual components, is critical to recounting your entire story.

Keep your batteries charged. Nothing ends a photoshoot quicker than dead batteries.

Plan out your depth of field. What distance away is your subject? It is safe to say that your is subject clear and in the center? These inquiries all need to manage your profundity of core interest.

Watch for the golden hour. The Golden hour is when normal light is diffused and even. This time happens two hours after dawn or two hours before nightfall.

Adhere to the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds will assist you with making your photograph so that nothing is right on target or outlined in an outwardly exhausting manner. Keep your subject or arrangement filling two of three grid lines for this stunt.

Experiment with the filters. Filters can help you snap your picture and make it something extraordinary. Look at our asset on the best photograph channel applications for more data.

Figure out how to function with movement. Peruse our aide on the best way to make a move photographs for assist with this.

Edit your photographs. After your photoshoot makes a point to set aside the effort to alter your most loved photographs. Frequently this will be the progression that makes them remarkably completed ventures. Look to our aide on best photograph altering applications for help.

Keep your photographs coordinated.

nature photography tips

Focus on perspective. In some cases, another point is all you need to make your photo immediately better.

Attempt micro or macro photography. Like the seemingly insignificant details throughout everyday life, and photography. Try not to be hesitant to get very close.

Don’t overpack equipment. Nothing burdens you in your endeavors like weight. Genuinely ask yourself prior to setting out on the off chance that you need that third focal point or heavyweight mount.

Plan ahead. Peruse more about this and other travel photography tips from our center point.

potrait photography tips

Know about your background. Nothing ruins an arranged representation photoshoot speedier than somebody setting up rabbit ears behind the scenes.

Check your exposure. You never need your subject to be either under or over uncovered in the photograph or you’ll chance losing key highlights. Check this early.

Ensure your subject is relaxed. On the off chance that your subject is anxious or vexed, it’ll appear through in the photo. Take a stab at having a typical discussion with them or diverting them between photographs to help set them straight.

Attempt to include some variety. Regardless of whether this implies switching around the view, their outfit, both, or something different altogether – variety is fascinating. What’s more, intriguing photographs will consistently top plain photographs.

For family pictures, stay organized. There’s a ton that integrates while going for a family photograph meeting. Keep everybody on target so you get the best photograph result.

photography classes for beginners

Perhaps the most ideal approach to master better photography abilities and get a lot of training is to take a photography class. These classes can run in cost (and many are free) and some can be taken on the web, from the solace of your home. Sorts of photography classes and areas to discover them may include:

  • Online Courses
  • Community College Courses
  • Private, Instructor led Courses
  • Community or Civic Center Courses
  • Camera Store Programs
  • Local Club Programs

Basic Makeup Tips and Tricks Every Woman Should Know

Makeup! Numerous ladies avoid it, believing it’s too muddled, that they will not hit the nail on the head. However, with a couple of basic and fundamental cosmetics tips, anybody can up her glitz remainder each day, regardless of whether for office and consistently.

basic makeup tips On what to do before applying makeup

Before we get into posting those essential makeup tips, you need to figure out how to set up your face, in any event, when you intend to wear straightforward cosmetics. A pre-makeup routine is not all that much however your standard basic purge tone-saturate system to scrubs your face of abundance oils, just as keeps it hydrated, so the makeup sit appropriately and equally on your skin.

1. Wash your face

Utilize a cleanser appropriate for your skin type; dry skin types should utilize cream-based cleaning agents while slick skin types should utilize gel-based cleaning agents.

2. Tone the skin

This step is essential for sleek and skin inflammation inclined skin types to decrease the slick appearance. Utilizing a cotton ball, touch some toner over your face and neck.

3. Apply moisturizer

The most significant of all basic makeup tips is to hydrate the skin with a lotion prior to applying makeup. Other than keeping the skin sound and flexible, a lotion accomplishes a smooth completion of cosmetics. While dry, and touchy skin types ought to go for oil-based lotions, slick skin types ought to pick water-based creams that will not obstruct the pores.

tips and tricks for beginners

1: Start With a Face Primer

A primer sets the base for the cosmetics, giving it a smooth appearance, and even makes it keep going long. You could either purchase a face groundwork reasonable for your skin type, or use BB creams, CC creams, and colored lotions. These are the acceptable cross between makeup primers and creams, and come added with sunscreen as well!

2. Conceal Dark Circles and Blemishes

In simple makeup schedules, a concealer helps cover dark circles and blemishes, while in more perplexing makeup schedules, as HD and airbrush makeup, concealer ranges are utilized for shading remedies, and mask any spots, dark circles, flaws, and huge pores. Pick a concealer two shades lighter than your own skin.

3. Apply Foundation Evenly

A foundation levels out the skin tone without making it look unnaturally brilliant. This, obviously, relies upon whether your picked foundation is appropriate for your skin type and appearance. To start, put some foundation on your hand and apply it all over utilizing a brush. Utilize a wipe to mix the foundation equally all over.

4. Sweep a Single-Color Eyeshadow

For a basic makeup schedule, you can clear a delicate eyeshadow tone across the top. You can attempt o in dull pink or naked shades. On the off chance that you are not truly happy with applying eyeshadows, give it a miss, and attempt shaded eyeliners all things considered.

5. Line and Define the Eyes

Covering the waterline, or the lower part of your eyes is basic. Many women, however, discover utilizing an eyeliner on the lash line a serious test. However, a basic cosmetics look needn’t bother with an extravagant winged-liner look or twofold liner style. A simple stroke is all that could possibly be needed to characterize the state of your eyes. You can explore different avenues regarding various kinds of liners to get distinction impacts. For instance, you can utilize a pencil eyeliner for a delicate however thick stroke, while a fluid eyeliner would have a more obscure, more honed finish.

6: Color the Lips

Prior to applying any makeup, utilize an old toothbrush to delicately clean away dead skin close by the lip. Then, saturate your lips utilizing a lip demulcent. At last, pick a lip shading that can supplement your general look. You can utilize a lip liner to make a shape and characterize your lips if they are flimsy and lopsided.

7 Tips for Hosting a Successful Seminar

In the business world, seminars are freedoms to impart information and aptitude to other people, assembling your validity and attracting future clients/customers. A fruitful course may likewise create income – making it an incredible method to make some additional money.

Facilitating a workshop can take a ton of preparation and great advertising. You need to draw in the opportune individuals to go to your course and you need them to leave feeling happy with the information they’ve acquired, just as the general insight. Here are only seven hints to help you when arranging an effective seminar.

choose the right venue

The initial phase in making a fruitful seminar is choosing where you will have your seminar. A few groups have adequate room in their office or other business area that is allowed to utilize, like public libraries. Ordinarily this choice doesn’t work and you need to discover business space to have your occasion. Picking the correct setting acts to help your image (or reduce it), so this isn’t an ideal opportunity to go modest or save the main alternative you find.

The setting ought to be some place simple to discover, have adequate stopping or admittance to public transportation, and have adequate room so participants don’t feel squeezed. Talk theaters, public venue rooms, and municipal centers are basic spots to hold seminars. A few inns have meeting rooms, which are particularly helpful when visitors or speakers are coming from places requiring an overnight stay, in addition to them regularly offer to provide food administrations, varying media support, and different conveniences that make the seminar more wonderful and lessen your own endeavors. You may likewise need to consider quirkier scenes that may have gathering spaces like historical centers, impressive homes, or even a few cafés and bars.

Invest energy looking at costs. This ought to be completed in a while ahead of time so you can book early and secure the date you need, albeit a few settings book a year or more ahead of time.

target people who you think will be interested

Not every person will be keen on the subject of your seminar. When showcasing the occasion, similarly likewise with some other promoting exertion, center around individuals who meet your destinations. This may mean zeroing in on individuals who may become leads or clients for your items/administrations. Or on the other hand, it may mean finding the qualities of individuals well on the way to go to the seminar.

A fruitful seminar requires an itemized advertising plan that centers around your objective market. That may mean paid publicizing via online media or web crawlers or customary promoting on television/radio. Showcasing a seminar may be pretty much as basic as posting flyers in places your objective market may consider them to be sending the data as a feature of your bulletin to endorsers.

On the other hand, you might have the option to mail individuals straightforwardly through email or letter. This could permit you to send customized welcomes, which could take additional time and exertion to make yet may urge more individuals to join in.

provide proof of your experience

Individuals will possibly go to your seminar and tune in to your recommendation in the event that they trust you are a specialist. When promoting your occasion, offer confirmation of accreditation. This could be the way that you’ve claimed a fruitful business identified with your subject for quite a long while identifying with your theme or that you have capabilities. You may give social verification of your ability as grants won, the dollar worth of benefits, expansion in income accomplished through your recommendation, or have somebody all around acknowledged for their aptitude support the seminar. You may welcome political pioneers, like the civic chairman, to talk and tag on to their organization and believability.

You ought to likewise make reference to these qualifications during your seminar to help acquire individuals’ trust. Obviously, you would prefer not to continue to brag about them, be that as it may, they merit raising (in a perfect world inside the presentation of your seminar, particularly on the off chance that you can get another person to do the presentation).

sucessful seminars are visually engaging

In case you’re basically talking at your crowd, they may get exhausted. Numerous individuals support their seminar with a show so participants are outwardly locked in. The most ideal approach to fabricate a show is to utilize expert programming – this will permit you to utilize showy layouts and liveliness that add information in eye-getting charts without make your participants feign exacerbation at many a screen of numbers. Abstain from utilizing an excess of text and spotlight on giving pictures and graphs that add to what in particular you’re telling individuals. Show, don’t tell.

You may likewise have the option to show how to do certain assignments on screen or even face to face. Then again, you might have the option to play a video during your seminar.

On top of this, consider your own stage presence. Utilizing hand signals and not simply stopping can have a major effect on making your seminar seriously captivating. Keep in touch with your crowd, ideally by visually connecting with participants from various pieces of the room, guaranteeing that everybody feels like you’re talking straightforwardly to them. You may move toward the crowd on the off chance that you’re not kept to a phase or fastened to a sound framework. For example, on the off chance that somebody poses an inquiry, you may draw a little nearer to them during your answer.

encourage audience participation

Seminars are an opportunity for individuals to learn things. Accordingly, numerous individuals have questions. Permit time for steady collaboration so that individuals can pose these inquiries all through the seminar.

You could discover other fun approaches to get individuals taking part as well, which may assist with making your seminar really captivating, just as making the data showed more significant. This could incorporate getting sorted out a test to test individuals’ information, doing reviews to find out about individuals’ conclusions or in any event, encouraging individuals involved (this would in fact make it a workshop instead of a seminar).

rehearse your seminar

Likewise with any discourse or show, it merits practicing to guarantee that a) you don’t invade or end excessively fast, and b) the entire seminar streams well. You don’t need to remember it in the same words – while a few group track down this the most straightforward system, you may chance running over somewhat wooden in case you’re essentially recounting lines. Nonetheless, it merits going over it to rehearse your stage presence and to realize when to change slides to guarantee an effective seminar.

give out your contact details to take away

It worth giving out a business card toward the finish of the occasion so that individuals have your contact subtleties. Assuming anybody needs any additional data, they can reach out. Giving participants a simple method to reach out to you is helpful for producing leads, and, having gone to your seminar, individuals might need to prescribe your administrations to companions by passing along your card. Business cards are the simplest method to trade data, in spite of the fact that you might have the option to utilize different things like flyers or marked pens.

Additionally, consider gathering business cards from participants as an approach to guarantee you’re ready to stay in contact with them, for example, adding their contact data to your email list. A few speakers urge participants to give a business card by offering a prize attracting to the individuals who gave a business card.

Life – changing Tricks

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy” – Dalai Lama. So, implementing certain good habits in our daily life won’t certainly do any harm. The key for betterment of living lies entirely in your hands. Leading a normal and simple life along with a few tricks here and there helps you to achieve your goal. Enhancing your lifestyle in every aspects of life is a answer for proper subsistence. Lets start following these tips from today onwards –

1) Drinking enough water – This is the first and foremost point to start the whole theory with. At least 8 glasses of water is mandatory for a day. You just cannot ever compromise on this part. Drinking less water is a serious issue for sure. A person who often drinks a lot of water everyday stays more healthy and fit rather than the rest. According to doctors, around 60 per cent of human body consists of water. This basically hydrates your body and helps in getting rid of all harmful toxins. Hydration for your body is a must. Water is such a fluid which helps in proper digestion and also helps in assists you in the weight loss game. Do not harm your body consuming alcohol, cold-drinks e t c , replace those with Water from today onwards.

2) Exercising everyday – This is such an essential step to be followed daily. You need not join a gym or workout like a beast no you need not do that. Just take a few minutes out from your schedule and just perform some free hand. Also, try to stretch in the morning before leaving the bed. This is going to make a lot of genuine difference in your life. This is not only makes you physically fit but also boosts up your confidence, improves your focus towards the target. Exercising motivates you to get better everyday. When your body says you No, your mind says you to push yourself further. Exercising is the most crucial steps for the aged group of people too and this helps to remove pain or stress.

3) Cleansing, toning, moisturizing – Let me tell you this step is Not just for the girls out there, very much for the guys too. As they seem to do absolutely nothing for the skin, just know that skin is the largest organ of your body. You are liable to do this much for your skin. This process is simplified as follows… 1stly, apply a Face wash, any one of your choice to remove the dirt and debris. After that apply to tone down your skin a bit. Now apply the hydration, a Moisturizer to your skin to lock in all the goodness. I promise you this is life – changing.

4) Applying sunscreen – Another step for treating your skin, applying a sunscreen. Won’t take even a minute but this has a hundreds of benefits. Protect your skin from the harsh sunlight and keep it safe. Whether you go off to your workplace or playground. Apply some sunscreen before leaving and make sure it is of a good brand. Keep reapplying your sunscreen after every 2-3 hours if you can manage to do so. Skipping a sunscreen will make you pay a lot as it will worsen your skin condition. Sunscreens with UVA and SPF protections is the best.

5) To-Do-List – Yes, maintaining a To Do List and pre-planning everything beforehand makes your life way more easier. Suppose you have got a meeting the next day, sort everything out, the timings, the work and jot it down in a paper or in a diary. Now make a list of all necessary things to be done and check the list after you have finished tasks of the day. The more you will write the more you finish. You can never go wrong with a To Do List. This routine will give you to explore more scopes of life. Also, write down all your dreams, aspirations, your needs so that you have the urge to finish each one of them within a given span of time. Being unpredictable and having no ambitions won’t certainly help anyone in the long run.

6) Enhancing your skills – if you really want to achieve bigger and better in your life, you have to have some skills. Not stressing on the part of scoring good marks, but having any particular skill is a MUST for the youngsters. The skill can be anything, knowing more than 1 languages, mending parts of a car, knowing computer well, making new paintings or whatsoever. the point here is… brush up your skills, your passion and never leave it in the midways. if you can excel in this part, you surely will make a huge difference. Your skill is what makes you recognizable in a field of work. This will also cut down your laziness and make you happy.

7) Believe in yourself – If you cannot practice this, the above mentioned points won’t come handy for you. ‘Believing in your self is the 1st secret to success’ . You have to keep faith and keep believing that you can be better, you can do better. Make your mindset so determined from the very beginning that life is going to thank you for the same. Start working hard from today onwards and make no more excuses. If you fail to believe in yourself today, you are being answerable to your life after 30s for sure.

8) Read a lot – Nowadays, the kids do not practice proper reading. Going through the School text books or Course books before exams does not justifies the term “reading” . This concept is vast and cannot be achieved only by reading subtitles of Netflix or surfing google. You have to slow down a bit and go through some world Class- literatures or Novels. Reading new journals or news everyday will become your best friend someday only if you get addicted to this. This is going to help you so much by increasing your command on the language, enhancing vocabulary. Reading is like doing something productive to yourself.

9) Organizing your closet – This is a grooming tip for our generations as we certainly get no time for this and keep everything way too dirty especially if someone stays in a hostel or a mess. Cleaning your shirt, Ironing them properly adds so much more dignity to your overall personality. We often hear the term , 1st impression is your last impression, hence this is evident that whatever you wear, it should be fitted and taken care of. You won’t have to wear a high end gown for the same, the trick here is to be clean and real. Appearance is the game changer and never ever mess this up in your life.

10) Help them out – Helping never signifies doing something for someone expecting anything in return, or to show yourself superior in any ways. Helping out means genuinely coming to someone’s rescue and being empathetic. Just help out of your own willingness, help your family, your friends, show love to the plants, feed the animals. Doing all this is in turn serving God indirectly. Having a golden heart is rare- make sure you are one of the few.

8 habits on how one can be more productive

We all know some or the other person who is a do-er, always getting things done. They know how to do their tasks effectively and on time. The one who manages to finish 2 hours task in just 30 minutes. You could even describe them as robots because no one can work the way they do.

Ever realized what makes them so different? How come they are so productive? Well, one can’t be that in one night, it will require building certain habits.

Habits of Highly productive people

  • Always do the most important task first: No matter how difficult an important task is, always make sure to do it first. This will help in reducing your procrastination level and help you in time-management. It’s easy to spend the whole day ticking off the small tasks from your to-do lists, but it won’t help. As you might cross the deadline of the tasks that were supposed to be done urgently.
  • Be away from distractions: It is not necessary to pick every phone call. Your friends can wait but your work can’t. Make sure to cut off from social media when you are working. Turn off all the notifications if you think it can disturb you.
  • Know your work habits: Are you more capable of doing things alone? Are you more efficient in working during the night instead of the day? How much break you need in a day? Analyze it, figure things out, and do the tasks accordingly.
  • Get bored: You must have never thought in dreams that being bored can also come out as a productive habit. Being comfortable with boredom is necessary. Get more comfortable doing nothing or sit idle. This period can be helpful in thinking- can be an idea, situation, or anything. Be at ease during this time.
  • Use 80/20 rule: 80% of the results will come from 20% of the efforts. This rule is been followed by most entrepreneurs and businessmen. Highly productive people identify 20% of the most important task that they have to do in a day in increasing efficiency. Then, they look for ways to cut down the rest 80% of the task or schedule it for later, to find more time for things that make a bigger impact.
  • Break tasks into smaller pieces: Break your large to-dos into smaller ones. Set more small goals for every task. This becomes more specific, will give you the best results, and reduce your stress.
  • Work before you get inspired: There are a lot of people who come across saying they need the motivation to do the work. Highly productive people instead focus on getting the work started, no matter they are inspired or not. Taking action is what leads to motivation. Start working and the motivation will follow.
  • Don’t be a multi-tasker: When you multitask, you aren’t doing multiple tasks at once, instead, you’re switching your focus between things. Every time you switch the task, you have to refocus on others. Although multitasking is ok sometimes, try to avoid it most of the time.




  1. You don’t need to be peer pressured to do anything you aren’t comfortable with.
  2. Being trendy doesn’t count for much and instead, it is  feeling confident in whatever you wore that mattered.
  3. How important it is to stand up for people you love.
  4. To do what scares you. If you think you wrote a great story, stand up and read it in class! You’ll never know unless you try it.
  5. Don’t ghost. Remember that friend you’ve drifted apart from? Don’t blow her off, instead ask her what’s going on with you two from her perspective. Confrontation is what will get you through Senior School.
  6. Saving Journals. Just look back on how you saw the world at 12, and I bet you’ll have a day full of laughter.
  7. Significant others will always come in time. Right now it might seem like everyone you know is having the time of their lives with their best friend and that your life would improve if a best friend was by your side. But take it from me- Concentrate on good friendships first, if a closer relationship comes out of it, great and even if it doesn’t, then connections that will last won’t make you regret anything.
  8. You’re going to change so much, you might as well accept it now. You might be thinking that who you are now is who you will always be. But the world is ever changing and you’re going to grow for better. So, go with it!
  9. You don’t have to always fit in. Let individuality take the wheel.
  10. Don’t tolerate white lies and don’t tell white lies. The more you get caught up in lies and made-up stories, the more difficult it will be to survive in school. 
  11. Go (slightly) nuts! This is your opportunity in life to be slightly stupid, to be the life of the party. Because it turns out being slightly nuts in board classes isn’t as socially acceptable.
  12. For the love of everything, please stop making a puff. You’ll realise this when you look back at your pictures and cry for 5 days straight. Also hair straight down or pulled back is a hundred times better.
  13. You create the definition of happiness. Not your fake friends. Not your classmates and not even the society.

5 Ways to Stay Fit During Quarantine

Now that you are spending less or no time outside your homes, it’s more important than ever to prioritize your physical health. Staying active can boost your mood and even reduce stress. How can you stay on top of fitness game without going to your local gym, doing weights and following your fitness instructors? Online challenges and videos, home fitness apps, creative at home swaps and the use of the safe outdoors, if available, can help.

Here are some ways to stay active while also staying home: 

Switch up your running/walking routines

Whether you’re a runner, jogger or a walker, try and keep your routine fun by setting a schedule and small goals. If you’re a walker, map out a different route of your house for each week of exercise or just stay in one place. If you’re a runner and have access to a terrace or a garden, select a goal such as run a 4 KM and set up a training schedule to achieve your goals, and with time you can increase up a notch and challenge yourself.

Check out this 1 Mile walk at home-

Try a bodyweight workout

You don’t have to grab weights to achieve a good workout. You can still feel the burn if you do a low impact cardio, bodyweight strength or a high intensity interval training circuit. 

Check out this 30-minute body weight workout from Greatist-

Try a fitness challenge on YouTube

Want to build core strength? Tone your abs? Tone your arms? Find a fitness challenge on YouTube that targets the zone you want to work on. You’ll be surprised by how much stronger you can become in a week or more.

Check out these videos out

7 day workout challenge by Carly Rowena:
6 minute arm workout by The Uma Show:

20 Min Total Core Workout (Equipment Free Ab Workout):

Try a Fitness Website offers 30-day fitness challenges including push-up challenges, ab challenges and more.

Greatist offers many detailed work out blogs- from workout plans for beginners to expert routines. For a start, check these out-

Follow along with a studio

Many studios offer video easy to follow tutorials, try Zumba tutorials for high energy workouts or go with cardio dance workouts. You can also try free tutorials with simple, at-home equipment swaps like bags of flour or books instead of weights. Although these workouts will be different than the gym sessions that you’re used to, it’s an interesting way to break a sweat and re-connect with your own body.

Check out Keaira LaShae’s  dance workouts-

10 Minute Cardio Dance Abs Workout:

Cardio Fitness Party Workout:

Check out the link to read more on at-home equipment swaps-

8 Household Items That Double as Workout Equipment for Your Makeshift Home Gym: