She had some dreams- enormous and small but someone tried to kill them all. That someone was no one else but she. For she never had the fortitude to set herself free.

Free from every fear that curtailed her to move ahead, free from the fear of the past, the present and the future, free from the opinions of outer community.

But soon she realised that she had wings to fly and the power to kiss the sky. So the dreams became alive again and she began to thrive In order for them all to survive.

– Isha Chawla

Do dreams come true ?

As a child we all imagine ourselves to be somewhere in a much better place. Our childhood dreams include from being a superhero to a pilot, from being crazy rich to getting the Cinderella fairytale.

But then that child grows , reality hits and the child realises that he will have to work really really really hard for that dream and may even still not be able to achieve. Then the child gets demotivated and upset and then either settle for whatever the life has to offer or restart the hustle once again.

Well , life is complicated and chasing the dreams do take complicated turns and sometimes dreams do change . But you know what that doesn’t mean that you are a failure or that you are incapable. It just didn’t worked out , just like the relationship that you thought will forever last and that’s okay . You are still worthy of love .

It’s just one life with limited time . Give your everything, for that dream, for that passion, for that money, for that love , for that power . Human beings are full of possibilities and surprises. Even if you fail , it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you didn’t gave up. You stood up and either nailed your aim or changed your aim, either ways you are winning.

And yes life isn’t always fair we do don’t get everything that we want but we definitely get unexpected surprises and blessings and that’s the beauty of the whole journey. At the end when everything is over and you’ll be in your bed lying closing your eyes , you will realise that you have come a long, long way to a completely different, wonderful and unexpectedly wonderful place and that will be a much better place than the dream that the child saw .

Shreya Biswas


Hi All,
        Today My topic is about ‘DREAMS’.
What is a dream?
-The occurrence of images, sensation ideas during our sleep.
– Sometimes we used to tell our wish and aim which we want to fulfill also a dream.

But today i am going to share some interesting information about dreams(which occurs during our sleep).
  *Generally dreams last only for 5-10 minutes.
   *Dreams occur mainly in the REM(Rapid-eye Movement) stage of sleep -when brain activity is high and resembles that of being awake.

Lucid dreams:-
   Lucid dreaming is the conscious perception of one’s state while dreaming. In this state the dreamer may often have some degree of control over their own actions within the dream or even the characters and the environment of the dream.

A Nightmare:-
    A nightmare is a bad dream.
It happens because of stress,conflict, fear, trauma, emotional problems etc.
But for a nightmare you no need to worry as it is not a real one.

Many experts say dreams exist to:
*Help solve problems in our lives
*Incorporate memories
*Process emotions.

The following are some  examples of a dreams and it’s interpretation by freud.

1.Dreaming about someone dying is Interpreted as.
      End of something and the beginning of something new.

2.When you dream that you miss your train Or plane is interpreted as.
      You have missed or may miss some significant chances to achieve your goals or objectives.

3. When you dream of being  naked in a crowd is interpreted as.
      Desiring to be noticed.

4. When  you dream, that you’re falling is interpreted as.
   Desiring to return to a state such as childhood where one is satisfied and protected.

5. When you dream, that you’re flying is interpreted as,
     Desiring to be admired.

But many of us may not remember our dreams when we woke up.
If you wish to remember your dream, do follow these ways;
1. Maintain a dream journal every morning after you wake up.
2. Schedule your sleep for a consistent sleep cycle.
3. Make it a habit to actively try to recall your dreams.
4. Try to get good sleep at night. 5. Try to wake up consistently each morning.

The dream concept is a vast. What i shared today, is only a small portion about it.

Hope so it was useful.

Have a cool day

Keep smiling ❣️❣️❣️


Book : The Alchemist
Original Title : O Alquimista (Portuguese)
Author : Paulo Coelho
Publisher : HarperCollins Publishers LLC
Genre : Quest, Adventure, Fantasy

The majority of the people we see are members of a community. In a dynamic and traditional world, When we’re together, when we look around, we notice that most people are doing similar things, even though their priorities are different. However, if we come across someone who matches our criteria when searching, someone who dares to be different, someone who pays attention to their surroundings. I believe we have found the most courageous among us.

The Alchemist is a mystical fable about the importance of pursuing one’s dreams. The tale of a young shepherd boy who longs to travel and discover a secret that no one else has ever found is wonderfully told by the poet. He continued on his search for the lost treasure in the pyramids. He learned a lot on his journey, read a lot of books, battled with those who got in his way, survived the mighty desert, and finally realised that a person’s treasure is where his heart is. He discovered that it is our decisions, not destiny, that determine what happens to us.

The path to find the treasure is jam-packed with life lessons. Paulo Coelho’s – The Alchemist – became an international bestseller after being translated into 56 languages and selling over 43 million copies worldwide. This book teaches us that we are the masters of our own destiny and captains of our own dreams. It’s a must-read for anyone who has ever doubted themselves. So, if you just pick up one book during the lockdown, make it this one.

The dreams we dare to dream.

If we are talking about the present scenario everybody starting from a kid in high school to a working class adult to a pop sensation all of us are suffering from a thing what we call as a conflict of conscience. So in a manner we are asked to grow up when it’s required and at the same time we are also told not to talk while the so called adults are speaking. Therefore we all are in the same page of mental tussle and dilemma that what is right and what is wrong and what does the future beholds for us.

Well if you ask me we all inherit that so called thing called conscience which helps us to differentiate in things and acts which we call humane or inhumane,kind or cruel. If you are still wondering what am I talking about let’s talk about things like a boy can’t wear makeup or a girl should not wear shorts bikinis. Well why is that? Why is it always about you can’t do this you can’t do that what will the people think if you do something like that well what someone else is thinking of me it should not be my problem. As we should always live our lives in a manner that we can embrace everything we are and we can be. As that wise being said love yourself and your decisions and if because of some circumstances things doesn’t work out the way you planned rise up fight again as at least in that way you took your own decision that means that failure won’t be turned into an excuse and that is what makes life a precious thing to behold and beguile. To be frank this society needs some serious reformation as people thinking that a woman can’t do this because they are physical lesser capable or comments like someone is not man enough because of their orientation or developments at the cost of millions of trees who are the only beings keeping us alive from the extinction which is already in effect is not justified.

People will always say stuff like that your dreams are unrealistic,grow up,drinking is a sin, making love is bad and really weird stuff like that but at the end of the day the most important question which we all should ask is what do we want?As that’s all that matters. To do something you love to do is what enlightens our soul. Fight for your dreams and the cause you believe in and live your life in away that you won’t have any regrets and you love each second of your life. As after a storm there comes a light a light of hope justice and Love. Surround yourself with people who actually care for you because there will be a few for sure but don’t dabble with fake ones who are just their to pull you down. As it doesn’t matter if you are associated with one person or a hundred, as long as that one person really cares for you there is nothing to regret .

As at the end you will not need immortality and at that time one life will be enough to touch the stars and to make miracles as we pass to the great unknown together with people with whom we shared this place called home.