Do dreams come true ?

As a child we all imagine ourselves to be somewhere in a much better place. Our childhood dreams include from being a superhero to a pilot, from being crazy rich to getting the Cinderella fairytale.

But then that child grows , reality hits and the child realises that he will have to work really really really hard for that dream and may even still not be able to achieve. Then the child gets demotivated and upset and then either settle for whatever the life has to offer or restart the hustle once again.

Well , life is complicated and chasing the dreams do take complicated turns and sometimes dreams do change . But you know what that doesn’t mean that you are a failure or that you are incapable. It just didn’t worked out , just like the relationship that you thought will forever last and that’s okay . You are still worthy of love .

It’s just one life with limited time . Give your everything, for that dream, for that passion, for that money, for that love , for that power . Human beings are full of possibilities and surprises. Even if you fail , it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you didn’t gave up. You stood up and either nailed your aim or changed your aim, either ways you are winning.

And yes life isn’t always fair we do don’t get everything that we want but we definitely get unexpected surprises and blessings and that’s the beauty of the whole journey. At the end when everything is over and you’ll be in your bed lying closing your eyes , you will realise that you have come a long, long way to a completely different, wonderful and unexpectedly wonderful place and that will be a much better place than the dream that the child saw .

Shreya Biswas

Top 10 future career options in India.

Every few years, the job requirements vary, and old jobs are phased out in favour of new jobs created by advancements in technology and infrastructure. As technology advances, the internet, machines, and automation are taking the world by storm; yet, there are many, many more future career prospects in India that will be opening their doors in the near future.

People frequently study and work toward a job that is currently in demand, but by the time they obtain their degrees or gain sufficient experience, the demand has shifted dramatically. In order to assist you in better preparing, we have created a list of the 10 future jobs that will be in demand in India.

So, without further ado, let’s get down to business with the list.

1. Cyber Security

With the growth of technology and the widespread use of the internet, more individuals than ever are accessing online services, raising the danger of cybercrime. Your data, including your communications, is not safe online unless you have the best cybersecurity. And cybercrime is on the rise, as is the demand for cybersecurity experts.

According to the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), India will have 10 lakh cybersecurity job vacancies by the end of 2021. Furthermore, according to Burning Glass Technologies Inc of the United States, there is a 12X increase in cybersecurity positions globally.

2. Digital Marketing

In today’s world, it’s safe to assume that marketing is one of the most important foundations of any business, especially with the shift in business from offline to online. As a result of this transition, the demand for Digital Marketers has increased significantly.

Even a small business owner is now attempting to sell their products online through various e-commerce websites and online marketplaces, and believe us when we say that with less than half of Indians having access to the internet, the market potential is enormous, and this number is constantly growing. The demand for digital marketers will increase as the number of individuals who use the internet expands.

Offline marketing is usually not measurable, but digital marketing is, and it boosts reach by a factor of ten. A savvy digital marketer should be familiar with web analytics, social networking platforms, search engine optimization and advertisements, e-mail marketing, and search engine algorithms.

A digital marketer can employ both sponsored and organic media to drive users.

Digital marketing has grown tremendously in recent years, to the point where it is expected to generate over 20 lakh jobs in India by 2021, making it one of the most promising career opportunities in India for 2021.

3. Data Scientist

Not only in India, but all throughout the world, data scientists are in high demand. Users are more ready to contribute their data than ever before, necessitating the hiring of data scientists.

A data scientist is in charge of not only finding but also analysing the data needed to start and grow a company. Previously, only behemoths like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and financial institutions would show off their customers’ and potential users’ data, but now every company understands the importance of using consumer data to improve their products and services.

As a result, Data Scientists are becoming a viable future career option in India.

4. Dietician

Although the urge to enhance one’s health and lifestyle has recently gained in popularity, qualified professional dieticians are more difficult to come by than one may expect. Dieticians, often known as nutritionists, are professionals who have studied the human body and nutrition and can design a diet plan that is tailored to your needs.

Many people have probably seen Aamir Khan’s Dangal transformation video, in which he argues that you can work out at the gym for hours a day but still not achieve the results you desire if your diet isn’t ideal.

Dieticians are in high demand as a result of the growing desire to keep in shape and enhance one’s health, making it one of India’s most promising future occupations

5. Robotic Engineer

Robots will have replaced over 30% of jobs currently performed by humans by 2025, according to Gartner, a global research and consulting business based in the United States. By 2030, according to Ray Kurzweil, Google’s Director of Engineering, human thinking will be hybrid, integrating biological and artificial intelligence.

Even while India lags behind the developed world, it is not far behind; many of the country’s start-ups are primarily focused on robotics and robotic technology development. Robotic engineering will undoubtedly be one of, if not the best, future vocations in India and around the world!

Robots have taken over a variety of dangerous jobs in the defence, nuclear, and even space industries, such as the drones that various militaries use for surveillance and even terrorist strikes. Furthermore, the robots industry is predicted to reach a market capitalization of $ 46 billion by the end of this year

6. Environment Management

Every problem in India is tackled with a new reform that creates new job opportunities in the future; this is the case with the “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.” The demand for environmentalists has risen dramatically as India strives to address its pollution crisis.

Individuals, organisations, and even governments from all over the world are inventing innovative ways to cut carbon emissions and implement renewable energy sources as the world pulls together to combat the growing issue of global warming.

This is where environmentalists come in, devising plans and demonstrating how they may be carried out to resolve environmental challenges. By 2022, the Indian government wants to increase solar energy production by 500 percent, from 20 GW to 100 GW. Wind energy, meanwhile, would grow by roughly 270 percent, from 22.4 GW to 60 GW.

Wind and solar energy projects will produce 2 lakh and 10 lakh jobs, respectively, according to India’s Council on Energy, Environment, and Water (CEEW) and the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC).

7. Event Manager

With life getting so hectic as it is, and individuals trying to maintain a social image, they want their events to be opulent but without devoting a lot of effort to planning and executing them. This is where event planners come in; they can handle anything from a modest birthday party to Olympic-level events.

As a result, this is the career that has witnessed the most development in recent years. They have negotiation abilities in addition to management, communication, creativity, and budgetary expertise, which makes your life easier. An event organiser knows where to find items at a good price and who can get things done.

They take care of everything from the start of the event until the visitors leave, and they make a lot of money doing it since people are prepared to pay money to avoid having to do it all themselves, making it another one of India’s future job chances.

8. Marriage Counselor

Consider when your parents married, and even after such a long marriage filled with fights and other issues, they are still together. However, according to a report by a leading news agency, India’s divorce rate increased by 16 percent between 1990 and 2017. (from 28 percent to 44 percent ). According to Facebook data, there were over 6 lakh persons on Facebook with the relationship status Divorced up to 2016, with over 1 lakh of them being from India.

Individuals nowadays have become accustomed to quitting when things do not work out; this is not to mean that someone is wrong in quitting; rather, what we are attempting to express is that people do not strive to keep to their commitments and simply quit. As the number of divorces in India rises, so does the demand for marriage counsellors.

Consider your most recent relationship that ended in a breakup, then consider a divorce, and consider how much more there is to consider when there is a child involved. There’s victimisation, anxiety, sadness, and other issues.

A marriage counsellor works with the couple one-on-one to try to tackle the underlying problems. They even involve the couple’s families if necessary, and in doing so, they earn a lot of money. This is one of the future jobs in India that one should consider

9. Interior Designer

If you take a deeper look at this occupation, you will notice that it has promise in practically every new household. Because the majority of nuclear families have both members working, there is little time set aside for the stressful and time-consuming task of designing your own home, let alone purchasing all of the furniture and antiques.

Plus, with the tendency toward flats rather than bungalows, you’ll need to maximise the space you have while keeping it open and clutter-free. This is where interior designers come in; not only should they have a high design quotient, but they should also be familiar with traditional architecture techniques such as Vastu Shastra and other religious architecture.

With the majority of people being forced to relocate in quest of a higher standard of living and employment, the demand for interior designers will only grow in the coming years, making it one of the greatest future professions in India.

10. Financial Planner

Finance is something that a person wants to be taken care of regardless of how the economy is performing; if the economy is performing well, you want to invest to maximise your profits; if the economy is performing poorly, you want to invest where your money is secure.

This is where financial planners come in; individuals of all economic levels require financial planners, and this job has been creating jobs in India for a long time and will continue to do so in the future.

A qualified financial planner will devise the most feasible strategy for you to follow, one that involves the fewest risks and yields the best results based on your risk tolerance. A smart financial planner will be able to make money for you without you having to work for it.

How to Make a Presentable Resume

Job selection depends on many things like education, experience, body language and a good resume. Most people do not know how to make a strong resume. So here is an article explaining this.

A resume is a document created and used by a person to present their background, skills, and accomplishments. It is a documentary record of your contact details, educational qualifications, skills and employment history in a nutshell. As it establishes your details, it should be appealing and convincing. A good resume increases your chances to get employed in a company.  To build an attractive resume, you need to find out the best resume format. Resume format plays a vital role while creating a job-winning resume. You should be well-versed about the kind of resume format that suits your current situation. 

Importance of a resume

Employers use resumes to get a deeper understanding of candidate skills, strengths and experience. Your resume should reflect achievements, awards, education, experience and any other outstanding accomplishments that align with your career path and goals. Here are some reasons why you need a resume to get your next job. An effective resume:  

  • Outlines your relevant skills and experience. A well-structured resume clearly highlights your most attractive skills and experience to potential employers. 
  • Displays the benefits you offer employers. More importantly, it should tell employers what you bring to the company along with skills and experience.
  • Grabs the attention of employers. Usually the top quarter of the resume is considered the most attention-grabbing. Make sure to include important summarized information in this part.
  • Matches your skills to the position’s need. One way to do this is by making sure your resume contains the same keywords found in the job description.
  • Can lead to an interview with the employer You’ll likely need to conduct at least one interview to be offered a position, so having a resume is essential.

What does a Resume Contain?

  • Name with contact Information- Your postal address, email and mobile number.
  • Objective: It appears just below the contact information. It briefly describes the type of job you want and also skills that make you the best candidate for the job. The skill related keywords should be present in this section e.g. – Software languages known etc.
  • Education- All your educational qualifications, the most recent first.
  • Work Experience-the company, job title and responsibilities etc. with most current experience on top.
  • Achievements, Training & Certifications if any
  • Other Skills, Interests and Hobbies.

Tips for Writing a Resume:

  • First write down all the details that you want to include in your resume.
  • Select a format
  • Be simple, brief and straight
  • Do not lie about your qualifications and experience
  • Sometimes resumes are filtered by keywords, so see that the words associated with the job are included.
  • Don’t leave unexplained gaps in the timeline. (a year off etc. )
  • Do not copy someone else’s Resume
  • Ask your friend or a teacher to review the content. Revise and Edit.
  • Avoid fancy fonts and colours
  • Print it on one side of the sheet only. Limit it to one page if possible, else 4 pages should be the maximum.
  • Use A4 size paper to write the resume.

The Warrior who played Cricket

In a massively cricket frenzy country like ours;  we’ve never been accustomed to any stint of shortages of talented young cricketers.

In such an ardent cricket admiring nation, making a name for himself is no easy business – moreover leaving a mark is a stunt pulled off by mavericks.

Throughout the years, we’ve had many a players, but the ones who left a mark in our hearts were indeed just a handful.

Yuvraj Singh is a name people of all walks of life will always cherish. The man who rose to occasion when the nation needed him the most, he is nothing short of a cricketing genius; single handedly exploiting the opposition every time, after coming out to the crease down the order with his bat and while fielding at gully.

His hard work, determination and resilience is what made him standout in the struggles, both between the 22 yards and beyond it. He’s the sheer example of the strength of the human character, which has left people across the globe baffled and in awe time and again.    

Being an Indian, cricket has always held a grave importance in my household like in most families. The earliest memories of watching cricket with the family was of the ‘07 T20 world cup.

I guess I can indubitably vouch what would have pounced to your mind. The 6 sixes! Like the millions of people across the world, I was mind blown.

For a kid like me who couldn’t even clear a six at the time in our gullies, this was baffling. I became a fan the very moment and I’m still proud to say that I’m a Yuvi fan for life!

Even though his career was disrupted by the gravest ailment known to mankind, our warrior triumphed gloriously and ever stronger, as quoted by someone: ‘a setback is the setup of a greater comeback.’

The post cancer chapter was largely set aside by him for helping people who treaded down similar paths as his, the grave cancerous path. He launched the ‘youwecan’ foundation to bring about a change and to aid the needy and the ones desperate for help.

For he knew what it was to lose everything at the peak of one’s ife and that the road which lead to gaining it all back is the greatest walk of all; irrespective of the fact whether the ones who once clapped and boasted his bravado weren’t there anymore to lend out a hand or two.

His autobiography ‘The test of my Life’ is bound to leave one gripping on to the book till the end. The book circles around the time when he went from being a world cup winning player to battling cancer and back.

His name is one which pounces one’s mind to the saying “When the going gets tough, only the tough gets going.”

Being one of the very few players in the world to bag all the prestigious trophies he has played; the performance of the champ which helped our nation hitch the world cup will never be forgotten. He’s nothing short of a warrior! A lion! Words fall short to express the man.

His life sends a strong message, that we owe it to ourselves to go get what our soul most yearns for. So it does only due justice to say that ‘when life throws you bouncers, get on the back foot and face it like Yuvi’.

This brave heart might not be the best player in the world but he’ll always be my favourite by leaps and bounds. His life is a lesson to one and many.

He’s a match winner by profession and now a heart winner by his actions.

Landing Your Dream Job

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Did you recognize that an individual referred for employment is 15 times more likely to urge a job? Job boards have just a 0.4 percent effectiveness rate, consistent with a recent Jobvite study, while the speed for somebody who comes within the door via an employee referral is over 5 percent. the simplest job search is that the job search that you simply don’t get to do. while some job seekers seem clued into that fact — almost 35 percent applied to their most up-to-date position through a referral — the bulk haven’t. So, how does one get that referral then sell yourself on the following application? Allow us to see how-

  1. Be prepared before diving into the work search- Although leaving your current job hasn’t crossed your mind, you ought to always have two things ready and up so far — your resume and LinkedIn profile. That’s where employers are getting to search for you. And if the thought of a replacement opportunity has crossed your mind? Before you start applying, know this: In cover letters, most of the people tend to speak about what they need rather than how they will help a corporation reach its goals. Many think the latter is implied, but it’s not — and you’ve needed to draw that very specific line. It’s your responsibility to match those description keywords and show how you line up with the role. There’s a difference between ‘I can contribute to your success in XYZ ways’ versus ‘I’m an excellent candidate, check out me’. The key here is to seem at the success marker for the work then be very specific about how what you’ve done can help replicate that sort of success. Use concrete numbers wherever possible.
  2. Start connecting- As you begin brooding about making a move, prepare a shortlist of companies (maybe three to five) you’d wish to work for and do extensive research on them. you would like to be as certain as possible that the corporate you would possibly jump to will cause you to happier than the one you’re leaving, and it’s hard to understand that until you hear from people that currently work there. Try reaching bent people that work on your shortlisted companies that you simply have something in common with — an equivalent school, major, interests, hometown, or LinkedIn group. Invite a number of them to coffee — your treat if possible — to ask them about what it wishes to work there. People generally will want to assist if it doesn’t cost them much.
  3. Think “relationship” or “networking”- If you’re making a habit to nurture your network along the way, then you won’t be seen as checking out employment. You’ll just be within the right place when an opportunity opens its door. The thought of networking can indeed make some people feel drained or maybe fake. But if that’s the case, you would possibly be doing it wrong. Networking isn’t about you. It’s about the person you’re lecture. Take an interest within the other person by asking about their interests, goals, challenges, and where they’d wish to enter their career. See if you’ll help them. Another key: Do more listening than talking. The irony is that opportunities tend to return faster when people specialize in fostering a real connection. Another pro tip: attempt to avoid getting impatient and feeling the urge to maneuver on if someone isn’t directly tied to the career path you see for yourself. Usually, the one that can assist you is 2 to 3 degrees of separation away, for instance, that person won’t be in your chosen field, but their relative, sister or friend might be. Something else to stay in mind when you’re relationship-building? It’s an ongoing effort. It could assist you to unearth hidden jobs or create custom opportunities for yourself.