Struggles of being the ‘Weird One’

If there was a ratio analysis between a normal mundane and the ‘Weird one’, what would it be? Some would say it is half of the other or some would find being weird as abnormal, so naturally the count for the abnormal or the ‘weird one’ would be more. Because everyone in this world is weird in their way. Being weird is not being abnormal. It is being the most random version of yourself. To you, it would be something you do in your everyday life, whether it is biting the end of a pencil or singing and using your hairbrush as a mic. It is the perspective of the other that makes you weird. The other person would look at your pencil and would probably not use it thinking ‘what a weird person would do something like this, or someone would walk in your room while you are singing with your hairbrush and judge you by calling you a ‘weirdo’. That’s when you realize I am the weird one.

The struggles of being the weird one is nothing but a simple complexity of your own doing. Being weird is the new normal. It is good to be a different person; a unique idea that makes you stand out in the crowd. But that’s when the word ‘weird’ gets you thinking. Not being weird is a task that you hold every day. It is difficult for the weird one to not get judged. People judge and criticize those but do not think that they too have the struggles of being the weird one.

Everyone has their own battle that they have to face, their own obstacles they have to overcome. In such times being weird is the only sane way out. Whether it is using your signature dance moves which only you can do or if it is reading the spoiler of the book before reading it entirely. That is the hit you get by considering weirdness. Sometimes or for some people most of the time being the weird one is a compliment. It is what makes them different from other human beings or even aliens for that matter. The most interesting fact about being weird is that it is original. It comes from within a human, it is not made up to live up to anybody’s expectations. It is yours and yours to keep. Every individual has their weird abilities and they have full copyright to let them be theirs.

So to all the weird ones out there, be whatever you want to be. Be the weird neighbor who listens to old classical music. Be the one who moonwalks but not in reverse. Be the one who wears unmatched outfits to their office. Be the weird one because the struggles of being a weirdo are not much as they seem. They are just mere distractions to not being yourself. The struggles of being the weird one are not just struggles, they are trophies of being the best version of yourself.




Ever thought about your self-esteem level. Follow these journal prompts & write up to find yours! This is going to help you improve your self-esteem and discover yourself.


Answer these questions honestly <3…..

1.Best compliment you’ve been given.

2.What is a unique talent you have?

3.Write about a time you were recognized for your accomplishments.

4. Five things you did right today.

5.Three reasons you deserved to be loved

6.A time you regretted your decision.

7.Describe a mistake you made in the past week.

8.Write about the word confidence.

9.List of goals to accomplish in the next year.

10.Devise a plan for your three priority goals.

11.Talk about your favorite role model.

12.Your best personality trait.

13.Five things you are grateful for in your life.

14.What is the most negative thought in your mind right now?

15.What does the word ‘courage’ mean to you?

16.A past fear you were able to overcome.

17.Thank you letter to your body or mind.

18.Something you want to change or improve to feel better about yourself.

19.Ten things you are thankful for right now.

20.Favorite self-esteem or confidence quotes.

21.Something you need to tell someone negatively affecting your life.

22.Discuss your support system.

23.Playlist of mind-boosting songs.

24.How could you make your life positive?

25.Do you compare yourself with others?

26.What unique traits do your friend envy?

27.One thing you can do right now, your future self love you for.

28.What does the word ‘brave’ mean to you?

29.Five things you have done for others that made you feel good.

30.What does it mean to have High self-esteem?

Celebrate life!
Celebrate life!

I hope this helped you guys to figure out something about you, you’ve never seen for yourself. All I need to tell you is, you are not low or high, you are just yourself what you think about more.