The dreams we dare to dream.

If we are talking about the present scenario everybody starting from a kid in high school to a working class adult to a pop sensation all of us are suffering from a thing what we call as a conscience conflict. So in a manner we are asked to grow up when required and we are also sometimes told not to talk while the so called adults are speaking therefore we all are in the same page of mental tussle and dilemma that what is right and what is wrong and what does the future beholds for us well if you ask me we all inherit a so called thing called conscience which helps to differentiate in things and act which we call humane or inhumane as kind or cruel. Then that’s all morality and stuff like that we are talking about but what about the major life decisions which are becoming a social taboos nowadays because of a majority of people having a so called a pre decided ideology of what’s right and wrong. Well the answer to that question in my point of view is there is no such thing as right and wrong and above that there is only one thing which we call as illegal and an act which may potentially hurt someone(I mean someone close not like any person who is jealous of you or mocking you or whatever if they get hurt be really happy and if you don’t agree then word to the wise stop acting like a hermit). If you are still wondering what am I talking about let’s talk about things like a boy can’t wear makeup or girl should not dress like that well why is that? You can’t do this you can’t do that what will they think if you do something like that well what someone else is thinking of me it’s not my problem always live your life in a manner that you love yourself and your decisions and if any manner things doesn’t work out the way you planned rise up fight again at least as you took your own decision that means that failure won’t be turned into an excuse right? To be frank this society needs some serious reformation as people thinking that a woman can’t do this because they are physical lesser capable or comments like someone is not man enough because of their orientation,development at the cost of millions of trees and the only beings who are keeping us alive from the extinction which is already in effect, people telling you that your dreams are unrealistic,drinking is a sin, making love is bad and really weird stuff like that but at the end of the day the most important question is what do you want or I want, well that’s all that matters as do something you love to do, fight for your dreams and the cause you believe in and live your life in away that you won’t have any regrets and you love each second of your life even though you have to face a hurricane to meet the sun and the clear blue sky but don’t lose hope as we all as know this that hope is the greatest ambrosia we have achieved from the magic of evolution. So in a manner don’t let anyone say what you can do and can’t do, stretch your vision, be bold because destiny will help you to your destination if you are bold enough to take a leap into the unknown. Surround yourself with people who actually care for because there will be a few for sure but don’t dabble with fake hypocrites who are just their to pull you down(literally and figuratively), it doesn’t matter if you are associated with one person or two person as long as those two person really care for you you don’t need any more. Live your life don’t just survive as you have one life we don’t know what’s after this so don’t waste it just by living it for other people. And remember it doesn’t matter where you are from when we all see up we see the same stars so we all can achieve our dreams no matter how big or small.