Workouts that are apt for beginners

Sometimes in your life,you have come through a phase that you need to take care of your body.Your vision is always to compete or attain the beauty of people in instagram and other celebrities.You work so hard to look like them but you fail.Your workouts exhaust you rather giving you a joy and mental peace.Thats why I am here with a few beginner workout tips to get to the place where you want.Read on to know what are they

1.Start slow:

Don’t go like I am going to do 1 hour of cardio or run 10 miles a day,seven days a week.Look this won’t work or never work.Even people who are experts in working out ,never exhaust their body with workouts like this.If you are somebody new to workout or someone who is restarting their workout schedule.Banish all those social media and go to your nearby gym trainer or online websites and apps that gives you a workout plan for only few pennies.If your goal is strong and long term.It is okay to spend some pennies on it,because I am sure it will worth it.

2.Good workout plan:

Your workout plan should be able to blend with your regular routines.It should not be something you should work on more rather it should be a part of your life like brushing,eating and much more.Dont put so much stress on creating a workout plan that doesnt even suit you.Listen to your body,analyse what it wants and give it .If we eat so much without listening to our body cues,we will end up puking somewhere same goes to workout dont go overboard.

3.Take enough rest:

Many as beginners,including myself what we do is we workout everyday thinking in that way we will gain more results actually it is not .Workout should be planned with a number of off days that is suitable for your body and lifestyle.Without proper rest we wont gain or lose the proper body mass instead our muscles will be sore and cry for help.Having good rest is important and vital for not only beginners but for even advance trainers.

These are few tips for people who are starting their workout schedule for the first time.Keep these three points on mind and start working on yourself.It is better late than never.All the best buddies ,kick start to some amazing fitness sessions.

5 Ways to Stay Fit During Quarantine

Now that you are spending less or no time outside your homes, it’s more important than ever to prioritize your physical health. Staying active can boost your mood and even reduce stress. How can you stay on top of fitness game without going to your local gym, doing weights and following your fitness instructors? Online challenges and videos, home fitness apps, creative at home swaps and the use of the safe outdoors, if available, can help.

Here are some ways to stay active while also staying home: 

Switch up your running/walking routines

Whether you’re a runner, jogger or a walker, try and keep your routine fun by setting a schedule and small goals. If you’re a walker, map out a different route of your house for each week of exercise or just stay in one place. If you’re a runner and have access to a terrace or a garden, select a goal such as run a 4 KM and set up a training schedule to achieve your goals, and with time you can increase up a notch and challenge yourself.

Check out this 1 Mile walk at home-

Try a bodyweight workout

You don’t have to grab weights to achieve a good workout. You can still feel the burn if you do a low impact cardio, bodyweight strength or a high intensity interval training circuit. 

Check out this 30-minute body weight workout from Greatist-

Try a fitness challenge on YouTube

Want to build core strength? Tone your abs? Tone your arms? Find a fitness challenge on YouTube that targets the zone you want to work on. You’ll be surprised by how much stronger you can become in a week or more.

Check out these videos out

7 day workout challenge by Carly Rowena:
6 minute arm workout by The Uma Show:

20 Min Total Core Workout (Equipment Free Ab Workout):

Try a Fitness Website offers 30-day fitness challenges including push-up challenges, ab challenges and more.

Greatist offers many detailed work out blogs- from workout plans for beginners to expert routines. For a start, check these out-

Follow along with a studio

Many studios offer video easy to follow tutorials, try Zumba tutorials for high energy workouts or go with cardio dance workouts. You can also try free tutorials with simple, at-home equipment swaps like bags of flour or books instead of weights. Although these workouts will be different than the gym sessions that you’re used to, it’s an interesting way to break a sweat and re-connect with your own body.

Check out Keaira LaShae’s  dance workouts-

10 Minute Cardio Dance Abs Workout:

Cardio Fitness Party Workout:

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