How NGO can help in improving the lives of poor

“You will discover that you have two hands. One is for helping yourself and the other is for helping others.”

By Audrey Hepburn

This quote is only for NGOs and their volunteers who work selflessly and priceless for others. They are next to God for the one who get benefited from there services. Actually NGO’s help people for doing some worthy or deserving things in there life. These NGO’s are working so nicely because of the people who are associated with them and give their heart and soul for betterment of people, culture and environment.

NGO’s plays a significant role in providing services, relief and other amenities to individuals or community who are suffering from various problems like poverty, certain type of disease, child labour, etc. The main problem in our country is poverty as our country’s population is second largest in the world but these NGO’s are really doing great work by providing various opportunities to the people like employment opportunity, providing them training on various courses like plumbing, tailoring and beautician course and by forming self-help groups. These NGO’s are providing consistent benefits to many families both in rural and urban areas. NGO’s contribute in several ways to ensure that India sees poverty eradication, sustainable growth and empowerment of underprivileged section of our society. And these all can be achieved through following these points:

  • Sustainable Development- This idea is to help the present day community to grow and advance without affecting the resources of future generation as we have to pass these valuable resources to our coming generations. And this can be done with the help of our NGOs.
  • Poverty Alleviation- As our country has shifted towards developing nation and is showing tremendous economic advancement and is now access to clean water, sanitation, housing, quality education, healthcare and nutrition. But then also some sections of our country are deprived of these valuable resources and that’s why NGOs provide these information by spreading awareness, sensitisation and development programmes.
  • Children Empowerment- As they are considered as the future of our country and a well educated, happy and prosperous child will turn to be a responsible adult in future so providing them the essential services they deserve should be our priority and support is given by our NGOs. Some examples of well known NGOs are Goonj, Child in Need Institute, Katha, Help India, CRY, Lepra Society, Smile Foundation, Rural Health Care Foundation, etc.

But these NGOs face some challenges too they are lack of credibility, getting the right people on board, getting people to support an NGO, lack of funds and resources, absence of strategic planning, poor governance and networking, limited capacity, etc. So as these challenges are coming as a hurdle in front of the NGOs which we have to erradicate by taking some steps like spreading awareness, tracing the one who can donate, establishing network, etc.

Finally, with every passing day new NGOs are coming into existence but only a few of them are able to survive and are becoming successful as they are seriously doing their work as it is ultimately reflected from there work. Everybody should actively participate in these NGOs as they are also one of the part of our society. NGOs have bought a holistic change in socio-economic landscape of India. So lastly,

” No one has ever becoming poor by giving.”- By Anne Frank


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