Controlling Parents – A serious threat.

Parents are the role mode for any child, his primary support system. A parent is a person who guides his/her child and teaches him to be better in life. While a child faces any problems or difficulties in his life he deliberately runs to the parents for utmost care and love. Parents are the one whom a child looks up to. It is the duty of the parents to constantly motivate their children and make them learn social and moral values. Parent’s are the core of a child’s survival, child seeks blessings from their parent throughout. Parenting is a crucial phase of one’s life. Undoubtedly, a parent can make or break a child’s life. Improper parenting can result in the downfall of the carrier or personal life of the child. If the parenting isn’t implemented properly, there is the highest chance for the child to get self-centered i.e., becoming a spoiled brat. Too much care is certainly not necessary though, overdoing anything turns the whole situation toxic. It is mandatory to give freedom to their child, so that he never feels pressurized or overburdened. One of the foremost rule of parenting is to give the child a proper space, and treating him as another individual. In spite of the age of a person we all seek leisure, specially a child would love to spread his wings and fly, literally. This is the time for his growth and enrichment. He needs to get socialized, play outside, meet new friends, talk more, have fun, as this span of innocence is never going to come back later on. It is wrong to take away the freedom from him, in the name of restrictions.

Suppose, two kids are friends, one is having a scheduled time to talk to his peers over phone, and also studies for a fixed time, but for another kid has to study for the whole day, getting absolutely no fixed time. This is extremely wrong on the parent’s part. Due to not getting the time to open up, the child gets cooped up and his voice remains unnoticed. He has not got anyone to share his feelings with, no one listened to him, turning him to become narcissistic and egocentric. This type of Parenting is known as “Controlling Parents”. ‘All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy’ – we all have come across this line. A child should never feel threatened by their parents. If not given validations by the parents, this hurts the child making him more aggressive. To worsen the situation, just as the child grows up, he won’t be in a situation to listen to the parents anymore, out of fear, or would lie to the parents, which is worst, or will become extremely rude. The parents cannot deny the responsibility this time, as they have never allowed the child to bond with others. It is much difficult to believe that such a child would listen to the parent’s scolding and won’t protest against it. If he cannot share his problems like a friend with his parents, he will slowly get depressed and detached from his family, leading to him getting jealous of his peers. The parents can make up a routine for him to follow, scheduling timetables for studies and recreations as well. He can watch a movie, go to gym classes, pursue his passion, or go for some extra curricular activities according to his choice. It is a must for the working parents to take some time out and spend it with the child, or going for some entertainment together outside, this will strengthen the relationship and create dependence, which is beneficiary both ways. It is okay to scold a child for wrongdoing, but locking him in a room and not allowing him to go out and play, is inhuman. If the parents understand the logic that everyone needs some time for recreations, and it is healthier for the child’s mindset, the parents would be trustworthy enough, and would get a lot of respect from the child. It is then the duty of the child to look after the parents and show empathy, dedication and care towards them.