SELF LOVE : a step to be yourself

There is nothing wrong with putting your happiness first. It’s SELF LOVE

Self love, the two very beautiful words that opens up a way to fascinating life, not for others but of course for yourself.

Many people take self love as becoming selfish. Let me take the honour of correcting them. Dear, self love dosen’t mean that one is becoming selfish. From the childhood  we have been taught that our action should not hurt others, you can’t be happy if you hurt others, you should keep everyone happy. But what about us? Should we give the responsibility of our happiness to others? Is there any guarantee that other people will definately keep us happy or is there any guarantee that our one action will keep everyone happy? The answer to this is a big no. We can’t keep everyone happy and satisfied. Here not thinking about anyone dosen’t meant that you hurt someone intentionally and justify your action with self love. That’s of course wrong.

Thinking about ourself first, thinking for our happiness first dosen’t make us selfish. It is the most powerful thing that you can do in your whole life. Self love dosen’t give only happiness , it gives us motivation. Strength of facing difficult situations in life, builds up decision making capability because if you have learnt to love yourself then you can easily decide what is good for you and which decision of yours will make you more happy. It is the root of all. If you think that you can keep others happy, can love others unconditionally without loving yourself first then, so sorry dude, you are wrong. You can give someone something only when you own that thing and that’s why you can love someone unconditionally only when you love yourself unconditionally. Everything around you begins with yourself first. Each and every person deserve to be loved, not only by others but by own first. Start appreciating yourself for what you have done, start motivating yourself for what you want to achieve, celebrate your achievements. Trust me you will start feeling better, you will start to live better.

How to keep yourself happy


Start to know yourself. Start working on things that makes you happy. true self love is giving yourself unconditional respect, love and appreciation. It’s reminding yourself that you are worthy, valuable and deserve all the happiness. You can follow the following brilliant tips to start loving yourself first :-

  • Clear your mind : Make yourself clear about what you actually want and try to ignore all if and but. Here ignoring if and but dosen’t mean inviting problems by doing unjustified act. Doing anything with a baggage of doubt or by force can never give you a complete satisfaction and of course if you are not satisfied with what you are doing then you can’t be happy.
  • Follow your passion and hobbies : Start taking out few hours from a day for your passion or the thing what you like to do, thing that makes you feel better. every person have a some kind of hobbies but they tend to ignore those things in the pressure of their job or their hectic schedule. Try to invest a bit of your precious time in your hobbies as well. It will give you mental peace and will also enhance your working capacity.
  • Stop comparing yourself : All the problem starts with comparison. When you compare yourself with another creature, you feel demotivate. You feel like there is a person who is far better than you and for this you start blaming yourself also that why are you not like him/her. Why can’t you think it this way that each person in respect of other is different? Why can’t you think that you also possess some good qualities? Start thinking this way. You will improve. No person in the whole world is just perfect. Each and every person have some kind of good thing or bad as well. So, just accept yourself and try to improve only, not change or like anyone else. Be the improved version of yourself only.
  • Surround yourself with people with you feel good : This is important. Toxic people can destroy our each step towards our happiness. They are the biggest hurdle between us and our happiness. Directly they don’t target but their action does. Pick few people from your squad who are innovative, with whom you feel happy and comfortable. Their company will enhance your inner peace.
  • Accept what you cannot love : Every person have some bad sides, we have talked about this above as well. It’s easy to love what you love about yourself but not for what you don’t. Try to understand this very carefully. You don’t need to force either yourself or your mind to love what you don’t. Accept your flaws and just focus on improvement. Self love dosen’t mean that you are supposed to love everything about yourself. That will definately make you selfish. Just accept that yes, I am bad at this and I’ll improve rather than blaming, ‘oh god! Iam bad at this, now what next, blah! blah! blah!

So dear, take a deep breath, start thinking and start working for yourself as well. Only you can make you happy.

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.

You really need to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”

                                                                                          -Lucille Ball

Perks of Maintaining Day Journal/Diary

There are several reasons why we should maintain journal. From travel journals, dream journals, gratitude journals to prayer journals, we keep specific journals for various parts of our life. Earlier, many people used to keep private journals, where they detailed their day’s events and their observations. Without memoir writer like Anne Frank and Samuel Pepys, we would not be able to know much about the personal side of our history. Though people nowadays keep blogs or vlogs, and record their lives on social media, very rare people among us jot in a journal and write down their experiences. So why not give it a try?

There are many perks of keeping a journal. Here are the top 8 reasons why you should start writing a journal today:

Keep your thoughts Arranged.

Diaries assist us to systematize our opinions and make them understandable. We can jot daily events, thoughts and feelings about certain occurrences or opinions.

Help you to progress your writing.

Journaling assists you to train your writing. If you want to rehearse or expand on your writing, one of the finest things to do is to start a journal. You may not have the flawless topic. All you need to do is to start writing your thoughts and opinions in Journey. The more you write, the more your writing improves.

Set & achieve your goals.

A journal is a suitable place to write your goals, objectives, ambitions and new year resolutions. By maintaining them in a diary, you can check your progress and feel driven to continue to focus on your next milestone!

Record ideas on-the-go.

The pros of maintaining a daily journal is that you can record all of your ideas in one place anytime and at anywhere. At whatever time an idea comes to your mind, you can write it down in your journal. You can then re-enter into these ideas later on to look for new links, form conclusions or even get a fresh and new idea!

Releases stress.

Scripting down your feelings and moods helps you to “brain-dump” your worries, irritations and pains on a journal. This can help you to decrease and relieve any stress which you have gathered overtime. A good way to relive stress is to script in the flow of consciousness style first thing in the morning called “Morning pages”. You can also use the mood trailer found in Journey to signify your emotional level. Overall, conveying yourself in a diary is a fine way to let go any tension that restricts you from feeling happy.

Allow yourself to self-reflect.

As Ferris Bueller once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Our fast-paced lives can become even more frenzied as we start bearing on more responsibilities, making us feel the burden as others place high hopes on us. This causes in us getting hectic as we are easily caught up with the day-to-day.

Improves your memory.

Your brain is likely to accumulate information that you have written down in your diary. Your brain will make tougher connections with the information you have learnt after you jot them down in a diary, making it easier for you to remember in the future too!

Hope for the best, but expect less

I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine. -Bruce Lee

A friend’s status update on a social media site: ‘Who hurt you? My own expectations.’

Yes, we all have expectations in our lives: what we want out of life and who we want to become. I believe one of the keys to happiness lies within the management of your expectations of people and circumstances. If you do not have expectations, you can never be disappointed. Often we tend to believe that the way we treat others will be the way we are treated in return. But, unfortunately, this does not always happen.

The biggest disappointments in our lives are often the result of misplaced expectations. This is especially true when it comes to our relationships and interactions with others. You need to make sure you enter into relationship with someone who has as big of a heart as you do. If you do not, you may feel as if you are being taken advantage of. You need to find people who appreciate what you do for them and who will reciprocate those actions.

There are two ways to be happy: improve your reality or lower your expectations. Having realistic expectations will allow you to accept the flaws each person has. We need to learn how to take responsibility for our own lives and our own decisions before we can expect others to do the same.

One of the biggest challenges we face in life is learning to accept people for who they truly are. Once you realize that your expectations cannot change people, the better off you will be. Give without expectation, accept without reservation, and love with hesitation. Unrealistic expectations most often do lead to disappointment. Too many people are obsessed with finding the perfect career or the perfect spouse, and as a result become increasingly frustrated when this does not happen in reality.

Expectation is the root of all heartache. Try to remain confident while maintaining positive aspirations; just remember not to make the aspirations so high that they are impractical or unreachable.

Acceptance is an amazing trait that needs to be actively worked toward. When things do not work out the way we had planned, it is much more beneficial to realize that is how life works rather than becoming frustrated at the situation. Have hope rather than expectations and you will tend not to be as disappointed.

People rarely behave exactly the way you want them to. Hope for the best, but expect less. And remember, the magnitude of your happiness will be directly proportional to your thoughts and how you choose to think about things. Even if a situation or relationship doesn’t work out at all, it’s still worth it, if it made you feel something new, taught you something afresh.





Happiness is subjective. There may be nobody manner in which the term can be defined. For special humans, happiness holds one-of-a-kind connotations. For some, it implies a kingdom of thoughts; for others, it would imply a standard of way of life. every man or woman is an impartial, loose-thinking individual. absolutely everyone has an outlook on existence this is distinctive from the opposite. therefore, the definition of happiness is likewise variable for human beings. however, something can be the definition of happiness, there may be no denying that happiness is a vital part of our lives. without it, there is no factor in a dwelling or going about in existence.

There may be a commonplace word that is going: “cash can’t purchase happiness.” to a degree, it could be heralded as being valid. however, a few humans may additionally find it to be fake. For a selected section of society, happiness is defined by way of wealth. those people generally tend to do not to forget wealth as the measuring rod for their joys in life. For them, happiness in life comes from material ownership and properly-being. Riches, money, jewels, gold, and wealth cause them to glad; they remain content with those in their lives.

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.”

For any other phase of society, wealth does now not act because of the agent for happiness in their lives. Many consider happiness to be a non-violent and calm sense of pleasure that occurs within one’s mind. For them, it can not be measured in terms of worldly matters. happiness tends to come to be a feeling, that can be grasped thru the pleasure of the mind and soul, and not via the pleasure of the body. happiness, for a few, can also mean achievement. Being ambitious, hardworking, and successful; regularly turn out to be ways wherein a person obtains happiness in life.



Something is our modes and methods of turning into satisfied, it tends to maintain changing over the years. No feeling is absolute. it’d manifest that the matters used to make us secure for the duration of our formative years, no longer keep the identical importance in our lives. This takes place due to the fact our priorities and our desires alternate through the years. As we develop up, our outlook and imaginative and prescient lifestyles mature, and we no longer base our happiness on matters we used to love formerly.

As a result, the nation of being happy largely relies upon upon what a specific person wishes from life. It relies upon someone’s goals and dreams in lifestyles. specifically and in most cases, indulging in the things that one loves the maximum turns into the important thing to a happy existence. consequently, love and happiness are without delay related. Without love, Happiness does now not persist. Likewise, without happiness, love does no longer persists.

As stated, the spread of things makes an expansion of human beings happy. there’s no proper or wrong way to acquire Happiness. exceptional human beings have unique strategies by which they can derive happiness. all of them are legitimate; none of them are fake or wrong. Judging people based on what they love and what they hate isn’t justifiable. all of us have distinctive priorities in life, and now not all of these are comparable. They can be different, but that doesn’t suggest they’re wrong. Doing something that makes one feel glad interior out ought to be considered as valid and rightful.

In Conclusion,  HAPPINESS can most certainly be found – and not just momentary pleasure, but genuine, long-lasting happiness, which is not something that comes to a person randomly. In fact, most people have to work very hard for a very long time to finally find happiness, to create the best possible version of it.

A Guide for your Mental Health

Many teenagers have developed a well-known problem amidst the pandemic- anxiety. It is no lie that many of us spend our time sitting idle in our rooms, just wondering over things and overthinking about life. Gradually we start to sense an uneasy aroma around us. We begin to get overwhelmed about stuff and commence to screech at petty things. However, this is not the main problem; the pain arouses when we begin to grieve over our behavior. We have no choice but to stumble down due to weighing bars of grief. Gradually, teenagers endure panic attacks, anxiety disorders, and perhaps OCD. Hence, let us examine we can deal with it by taking mere footsteps. While the topic of mental health awareness has recently made its way to social media, the origins of mental illnesses operate deep into history. Therefore, our foremost step becomes to study more about it rather than being ashamed of it. It is a common cliche that knowledge is one of the most vital resources, so why not examine mental health disorders? Invest your valuable time in productive activities. Try spending some time listening to cheerful music, watching birds, artwork, reading valuable books, and playing board games with your family, and yoga. Besides all these things, you need to have a good diet and enough sleep. Also, try eating healthy food like salads, fruits, chapatis, etc. Perhaps this may sound challenging, but seek help from your friends and family. Communicate your enigmas through unshamed conversations. This step will help to lay of weighing insecurities. You can always seek help from the experts in this criteria. Numerous emotional factors significantly affect our fitness level, like depression, aggression, negative thinking, anxiety, frustration, etc. Yet, these factors could be avoided with consistency in your routine and faith in yourself. Try making mere changes in your lifestyle today for a vibrant tomorrow. We can not deny the fact that it will take time, maybe a year but keep going. Several people with mental illnesses are now striving to raise awareness of disorders like depression and anxiety, and some claim that the best way to educate about mental illnesses is to teach about them in schools. Hence, schools and colleges should host interactive sessions to discuss the importance of mental health. Via educating about mental illnesses in schools, activists hope to build understanding about the topic and limit teenagers who have mental illnesses from feeling abandoned. This step has the strength to reduce teenage suicide rates. Remember, man; is entirely deemed superior to other animals because of his highly advanced brain. Hence, a person needs to keep both his body and brain fit and well. Both mental health and physical health go hand in hand and are evenly significant for optimum performance and quality of life. Never be ashamed of what you are feeling, do not let your emotions bottled up. “One small crack does not mean that you are broken, it means that you were put to the test and you didn’t fall apart.” — Linda Poindexter.

Quest of self-love

Self-love involves holding a great value for your welfare and pleasure. Self-love suggests considering the care of your requirements and not surrendering your happiness to satisfy other people. Self-love also indicates not settling down for less than we deserve. self-love word indicates on its love for self. But we always wonder what does that means, It is also known as a state of gratitude for oneself. It comprises owing your inner and outer beauty, flaws, and appreciation. Self-love is not just about started feeling well for oneself but it is a much wider term. But we always get confused about its real meaning. Does it only include love for oneself or in self-love everything and everyone is being included? During loving yourself you started having empathy, sympathy for yourself. It’s not including chasing some emotional and physical high. Self-love is that thing which we all should try to build in ourselves. Yes, it won’t come overnight it sometimes takes months to months and years of years.


Do you wonder that why self-love is important?” Many of us ask this question,  for several reasons, we take this as for granted then a necessity. Ironically, self-care might be required several by those of us that serve extremely strong and who are continually attempting to transcend us and apprehend the shape-shifting vision of fulfillment.

It’s necessary to go easy sometimes with self-love and to forgive ourselves in case of some unusual event or about something that we are feeling guilty of. It sometimes gets challenging for us to recognize ourselves and to change some habits that are built in our system. when we face hard times and facing difficulties, it becomes a daunting task to start practicing self-love. But we shouldn’t forget that we all are special and unique from one another. It’s never late to start something new so get prepare yourself and give a promise that you are going to give your fullest to start your journey of self-love. Inhale and exhale and huge tightly and follows some basic steps to reach your journey

  1. Clear all the negative thoughts and emotions which preventing you to achieve your goal, detoxify your mind and soul by taking deep breaths, and by focusing on nothing.
  2. Try to find something about which you can feel gratitude and during those bad days and difficult times find one thing to show some gratitude.
  3. Treat others with kindness and respect even when you are not in a good mood and when nothing is going well.
  4. Try to go in a quest of finding a passion for something, that one thing, which directs your soul to work on every day, day in and day out.
  5. In your busy schedule find some mean time to meditate and listen to some calming music to relax your mind.
  6. Self-love is a lifetime mastering skill, it will evolve slowly by slowly so be patient and persistent because this is the key.
  7. Just embrace and love what makes you different from others, remember god makes us.

Power of Happiness

Happiness is a feeling of love that you feel and express through different medium. In our current situation many have lost their smile on their face that lead to depression. Is that you really want in your life? Nobody wants to be unhappy in their life. There are solutions where you can find happiness.

The most important thing is to love yourself first. The feeling or sense of happiness towards yourself can bring positive changes into your life. If you are happy then you have the power of making another being happy.

Different people express happiness in different ways. Someone happiness is to travel and explore the world while some other people love to cook, dancing, singing and many other things. You must do what makes you happy. Spend times with your loved ones whom you care about. Life can be in difficult situation sometime, but never lose hope. It’s ok to cry or feel sad for sometime. But not too long, try to kick away those bad moments and try to create happy and cheerful surroundings. If you are being happy, you have the power to attract nice people into your life.

Happiness is a miracle that it reduces stress and problems that are attached to your life. Researchers have found that a happy person is the most successful people in life. Successful doesn’t only mean money, it also means to living a happy and meaningful life with your closest ones. It is also very important to cut out those people who try to bring you down and makes your problem bigger.

Those who have an upset mood of sitting bored at home,not going anywhere. Try to make them happy and spend your leisure time with them. A person trying to make others happy can reflect him back with a smile which will also make his day better. Helping a needy person can also create happiness to you as well as for them. Create wonderful moments and never stop being in life. It is you who decide what to you make to lead a happy life. Light up your world and it will give you the power of Happiness.

Learn to Say No

We all have that kind of behaviour where we put others first than ourselves. Our priority changes with people who are more important to us. But don’t you think keeping oneself to backseat every time will not help in a long run process. We have to prioritise thing for our own self too. Sometimes the most empowering decision is also the most painful decision.

Pleasing people attitude is be rooted in us since childhood. We might have been raised to be a good girl or boy, praised for being “mummy’s little helper”, or we might not have been given enough attention, and so sought it by pleasing others, even at the expense of ourselves.

Sometimes we just get so used to it that we are not answerable to our own-self what we want? Let us thing why we can’t say a simple word ‘no’ is it so hard to express it is a word with only two alphabets easy and too simple to understand but then to we just can’t speak it as we have a fear of rejection, we have a feeling that they will be disappointed by us, angry, hurt their feeling, unkind to them or rude.

We have been to many coffee dates with a person which we are not that interested in but, we just said yes as we can’t say no keeping our time, money, feelings on stake.

Learning how to cure the ‘people pleasing’ urge is a day to day process. But it is important to do it, to put boundaries and set limits, so you don’t end up living in other’s terms, but in yours.

How to set boundaries step by step

  • Realize the importance of boundaries

The first step of this journey is to realize how having no-boundaries affects our daily life and personality. Pleasing people all the time, putting them before our health and our life is the main reason of our exhaustion, stress and lack of self-esteem.

  • Be prepared

You will meet people who will try to break your boundaries but you have to mentally, physically prepared for such situation. You will have to be strong and confident on your values.

  • No guilt or fear

We mostly forget that the first person’s feeling we have to take care for is our own self and that the fear of losing others will make us lose ourselves.

  • No justification

Justifying their negative attitude towards you, will keep you ‘under their spill’. Try to be rational about this. If a friend keeps putting you down, keep blaming you for their own failures, is he/she really a friend? We should draw the line between being a good friend, and letting toxic people run your life.

  • Change your behaviour

You cannot change others, but you can change your behaviour towards them to step on all your values, they continue to do so. But when you take charge and stop them from doing it, there’s not much choices for them.

  • Make your statement and a request

After you have come to the conclusion, make sure to calmly talk to the person that made you feel uncomfortable. Take this step when you are calm enough to be rational, not when you are filled with anger and pain.

  • State the consequences

If the other person is unable to meet your request the next step is to take care of your-self. You now let the other person know how you are going to deal with the situation. It’s important to plan how you are going to behave before you make your boundary request. That’s means that if they don’t accept your terms, you have thought of some consequences on their relationship with you.

  • Mean it

If there is no persistence then the boundary doesn’t even exist. Remind yourself of the importance of your physical, mental and emotional health and how putting these boundaries is helping you protect them.


Choosing yourself doesn’t always feel good yet you must learn to find the wisdom that lies within the ache. The ache is where you meet your power.